Sci-Fi 101: Act 1 Missing Robots

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with some super quick information about ROBOTS!   Many of you are worried they’re missing from your town, or they’re not spawning properly because when you open your game in the morning you can’t find them.  Well…the good news is your game isn’t broken!  The even better news is…you’re getting them all cleared for you with the tap of 1 button!

Need more explained?  Let’s break down these robots below…


So first let’s talk about the Robot spawn rate…just to get that out of the way.

2016-08-19 13.26.49

Robot Spawn Rate:

The Robots spawn at a rate of 1/3minutes.  There can be a MAX of 30 in your town at once, with a bank of 50.  So an 80 Max Total.

So your town is COMPLETELY full, bank too, in 4hrs. 

Ok so now that you know the spawn rate many of you are now saying…So if I slept for 8hrs my town should be crawling with robots I don’t see any!

Here’s the deal…as explained by Pat (Cranky Old Guy) in the comments:

When you first open your screen in the morning, it may seem that your town has no robots in it. I had that happen this morning. HOWEVER- when you play your first Mini-Game you will see a notice at the bottom of the screen pop up, that says that you have cleared 80 robots/collected 80 Parts. So…YES…it does clear every robot in your town, the max being 80 showing and in reserve.

The PolyVac…it’s very purpose…is to clear the Robots AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

That flash you see when the SciFighter Mini Game starts?  That’s the flash to clear every single Robot in your town.  (I demoed it several times and explained it, in the fighter video from yesterday.  You can view it here)

You’ll notice when it goes off you usually get a little thing that appears saying +80 dark matter etc…that’s the credit you get for each and every Robot that was currently in your town PRIOR to starting the SciFighter game.

So in the mornings, or really any time.  You DO NOT NEED TO FIND AND TAP THE ROBOTS!  You will get credit for tapping all of them (plus what’s in the bank) every 4 hrs just by playing the mini game.

Coincidence?  No.  The game actually explains to you this is what they’re doing:

From Dark Matters Pt. 6

2016-08-19 13.27.24 2016-08-19 13.27.34 2016-08-19 13.27.45 2016-08-19 13.28.01 2016-08-19 13.28.13 2016-08-19 13.28.24 2016-08-19 13.28.30 2016-08-19 13.28.39 2016-08-19 13.28.48 2016-08-19 13.28.54 2016-08-19 13.29.31 2016-08-19 13.29.38 2016-08-19 13.29.48 2016-08-19 13.29.57 2016-08-19 13.30.07

So there you have it my friends…no you aren’t going crazy.  No your game isn’t broken.  Yes, we have a fun tool designed to help us tap those crazy little things wandering around our towns every 4 hours!

FINALLY you can get every last one of the tappables, without even breaking a sweat!

Just log into your game every 4hrs and fire up the Poly Vac.  You’ll kill all the Robots wandering your streets AND you’ll get bonus dark matter for playing the SciFighter mini game!  Good stuff right?

What are your thoughts on the PolyVac and it’s robot clearing power?  Were you one of the ones getting confused on this?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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69 responses to “Sci-Fi 101: Act 1 Missing Robots

  1. I have to agree with Sharon. I figured it out a while ago myself that playing the mini-game wiped out the robots in your town without actually tapping on each of them. I saw the 80 dark matter / 80 spare robot parts / 80 future bucks. It appears on the bottom left side of your screen once you prep the mini-game. However, for roughly 2 or 3 days now, each time I have gone to play the mini-game, it says +1 for those items (instead of +80) and there are literally ZERO robots in town. So, without doing the mini-game every 4 hours, sending your Homers (and Grimey) on their 4 hour quests, and visiting your neighbours, you’re going to fall short people. I’m fortunate this Act because I went pretty hardcore before this “no robot business” started happening. I’m roughly 1600 parts short and I should be able to come up with that in a day’s time.
    I hope the rest of you find your way to the end as well. Seems a little unfair that you tap and play regularly and there’s a good possibility that you won’t get all the prizes.

  2. Hi thanks for explaining that which is happening on my game but after 2 and a half hours i would expect to see more robots but there are none, it has been like this for 2 days now at this rate i won’t get lisa, not happy

  3. I have no problem accumulating chronons and staying ahead there. But I can’t even get close to getting enough robot parts to get all the items there. I foolishly went one by one through the list. I have only one hovering car now, need 3 more and a bunch of these mega items requiring tons of robot parts. Really discouraging because I am playing a lot actually.

  4. Does anybody get the “Polyvac Flash” when visiting a neighbor’s springfield? I have 3/3 activities but my neighbor’s town is empty of any robots. It doesn’t happen with each of my neighbors only a few of them. It’s appears as if I’m activating the “Polyvac Mini game” in other towns.

  5. Thanks for your help with this (as usual) – you answered my concerns – still lagging behind on the calendar though, so I hope I make Sgt. Skinner, or I may have to sacrifice some donuts…

  6. Jeremy Brummitt

    My daily challenge is ” Tap the Anomoly” sends me to friends town. What is the animoly?

  7. Please help, I have an issue. :((( My Radioactive Man statue is gone. It is not available for the future conflict task (that you can trigger for Pie Man, Popper and so on), so it’s definitely not in my town. I also don’t find it in the inventory. Do you have hints what I can do?

    Another question, 5 minutes ago I received a push message on my smartphone that told me to play now for free donuts (I think it was 15 or 25). I opened Springfield but nothing happened.

    Is anyone aware of issues like this?

    Please help. 🙁 Thank you in advance.

  8. Is the game supposed to crash once you unlock the future bucks. I haven’t been able to play the last two days because if it 🙁

  9. Today my daily challenge was to win scifi without sustaining damage … I did win but task was not completed … am I doing something wrong?

    • I have the same question. What is “damage” in the minigame and how do I avoid it? I thought I was winning but must be sustaining some sort of unseen damage so that I can’t execute this challenge. Any help out there in tappers land?

  10. For those who hunt robots while the polyvac recharges… using the upgrade button in the 3D printer without sufficient parts will find the robots for you. The “do it now” button jumps right to them.

  11. Does anyone know how to spend the Future Bucks? I have a quest that requires me to spend them and I can’ t find anything to spend them on. Thanks in advance.

    • Future bucks are used once you’ve crafted the maximum alotted amount of items that will still help you level up the printer. For example, I crafted 11-12 (forget exactly) holo tulips using robot parts. After I hit the max number, any future crafts of that item will cost future bucks and will not go toward leveling the 3D printer. So, basically, just craft out the alotted amount of an item with robot parts. Then you can use future bucks to further craft that item.

    • Haven’t spent it myself either, but I believe you have to craft the same item multiple times with robot parts until you hit the demo limit for that item, then it takes future bucks to craft them. Each item has a different demo limit. Alyssa’s crafting post explains it better.

  12. So this makes the event even more boring than I thought it was. All my characters are free to do whatever I want. No need to collect the robots. Just log into the game every 4 hours, play the polyvac and send the homers back on tasks. Hmm

  13. The flashes collected from the power plant and used during robot battles are much more useful than I thought. Yes, I have no problem defending the Polyvac and usually end up with about 40 robots tapped (42 is my record). However there are always a couple of robots left at the screen border at the end of the game. So today I have fired a flash in the last second of the battle. Result – 52 robots killed. Apparently the flash kills not only those robots visible at the screen border, but even those that did not enter the screen yet.

  14. WanderingCaveman

    EA keeps making it easier, first with the tap radius, now with the device that collects everything. Newer players don’t know the struggle of hunting down and tapping every last critter EA has unleashed on their town… Or hunting down eggs that their neighbors hid behind buildings… Or *shudder* prize wheels…

    Blurg… Now I feel like an old man ranting about “Back in my day…” I really do prefer the one tap collect all method.

  15. I just upgraded to level 5 where you needed 400 some such amount of parts and when I did I was left with only 81 parts, so it does take away robot bits when you upgrade….

    • Yes but if you build stuff with those parts it upgrades you at the same time. Don’t hit the upgrade just build or you may not have enough parts to build everything.

  16. OK, I was slightly confused before, now I am really confused. I always seem to have a lot of robots to find and tap after playing the minigame…

  17. I saw it mentioned in the comments somewhere that you can receive more dark matter, etc. if you have your XP Collider turned on!
    I searched the site, but can’t find any mention of this…
    Wishful thinking on the XP Collider, or does it help with the SciFi event?

  18. Well I guess I was wrong then. Thanks for proving me wrong. This is one time that I’m glad that I was wrong. 😚

    • Hello my fellow tapper! If I’m u Der standing correctly, it is not the ‘
      XP Collider that gives e’s the black hole it is the Super Collider available for purchase (donuts). On each built it will off dialogue and have Bart do something with throwing paper towels I to the black hole. I learned this after reading previous/earlier threads. HAPPY TAPPING 👇👇👇

  19. Polyvac would be Latin for…. “attract many” or something along those lines ……while we’re getting edumacated ……
    on the splash screen, Homer’s right hand is an example of the spaghettification I mentioned in an earlier comment

    🍝 ♿ 😃 🇬🇧

  20. Josephine Kick@$$

    Awesome!!!! Thank you everyone 😊😊😊

  21. Is anyone else having problems with this new update? My game is constantly crashing after only a few seconds.

    • Actually, I’ve noticed that my game is much more stable since the update came out. I used to have crashes every once in a while, especially when I was tapping friends’ towns. Now it almost never crashes.

    • Unfortunately the crashing that started with Hero’s update still haunts my game. :'( No amount of uninstalls, reinstalls, cache clearing, signing on or off, even complete removal of all files via cpu has solved it.. like a true addict I keep playing with regular restarts… Smh.

  22. ….less talking more Hawking! 😀

    The storyline in this event is making me laugh out loud! ☆☆☆☆☆

  23. Is anyone else having a problem with the game constantly crashing with this update?

    • Yep, sometimes multiple times in a row which is rather frustrating

    • Nope, it runs fine on my iPad2, iPhoneSE and iPadAir2. Maybe an Andriod issue?

      • It was an Android issue. Specifically with one of my other mobile games, Hearthstone, was bogging it down because it wanted access to my contacts. The issue is resolved and now it’s running great again. Thanks! Sorry for the multiple post of the same question. It didn’t look like it posted on the page originally, so I tried a few times.

    • Maybe you have older device? It said the older device won’t be supported anymore.

  24. DOH!! (Slams head against wall repeatedly) I noticed all the robots were gone after I ran the polyvac last night. So this morning I made sure to tap them all first so as not to lose them. I did not notice I got credit for the missing ones. (Passes out from head injury and tapping exhaustion)

  25. *faints* …I’ve been tapping those darn robots every hour! Phew…thanks for the restful information ♡ …and relax…sets timer to four hours 🙂

  26. With this latest update, my game is constantly crashing. Is anyone else having this problem?

  27. Boy I feel dumb wasting all that time and energy, not to mention not picking up on this fact sooner. Thank you for this post, it is a big help!

  28. I like the clearing feature. Better than the last few where you had to keep upgrading the tap radius.
    Just worried about the spawn rate. Seems to be taking longer to earn the prizes than before. I’m only a little over 6000, and that includes 1100 from a daily challenge.

    • Agreed, I’m a little worried about the rate I’m getting dark matter too. Soon I won’t be able to collect the dark matter I get from the main quest line, and rely mostly on robots, mini game, and neighbor visits. I really like we only have to use the alternate homers for collecting event currency, but it’s also a negative. In prior events they would unlock more characters to help with event currency collection, which helps increase your daily rate as the event moves on. But maybe the poly vac helps offset that since you don’t miss as many taps like in prior events. So far I’m still on pace with Bunny’s calendar so I’ll try not to worry.

  29. I thought this was obvious…did nobody else see when they started up the PolyVac that they got +80 dark matter, robot parts and future bucks?

    • I’ve never started the Polyvac as soon as I got into my game, I usually do some tapping first. So I just assumed that it took out the robots within a radius of the Polyvac, I had no idea it did the whole town.

      Anyone else have a problem trying to read all the little words after you’ve tapped something? A lot of the time mine is all piled up making it a blob of words. 🙁

    • My thoughts exactly. Do people play this game without looking at it or reading any of the dialogue?

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