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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Sci-Fi Event hit our games this past week, and holy smokes Stephen Hawking is in Springfield!  What are your initial thoughts on the event?


Well after 11 weeks we finally have our Bracket Challenge Winner!  What are your thoughts on the winning character? Think EA will listen to the will of the Addicts and add any of the characters?

Don’t forget about the contest!  We’ve been dropping words in posts for the last week…have you collected them all?  Submission for will be up early this week.

Planning on watching the Olympic Closing ceremony?  How’d your country do in the medal count?  Which event did you enjoy watching the most?

How was your weekend?  Summer is nearly over, do anything fun and exciting to soak up those last few weeks of those summer nights?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. Finger on the trigger

    😃 🇬🇧

  2. Just realised now that I’ve finished my Chocolate factory complete with twirly Towers, expanded my Soilent factory which includes the Pipeworks, and moved the Supercollider, Oil pump and Parking building to my Zenith Future city, my Springtania is technically without a Power Station anymore…
    Might have to invest in solar panels, any one else, inadvertently or otherwise, going for a “green” Springfield?

    • Mine is almost green, only have buildings have to have for high character tasks. I also try for a non violent SF, same only buildings I need.
      You can earn solar panels in Heights😉

      • I was thinking to incorporate the panels from SH into my small house farm (purely kept for neighbourinos to tap only… :), and maybe creating a small solar farm somewhere, already have a bit of a 12×12 design for one, but mats are so hard to come by!
        I never liked the idea of the Nuclear Power Plant as part of my Springtania, and have always tried to have them separated but incorporated…

        • I’ve never liked the power plant in town either, always try to keep it on very edge of town. Going to have to do some rearranging now that we got strip in back.

          • “strip in back”? Not sure your meaning. ..
            Even though I appreciate the need for Nuclear power, I also appreciate that power comes with great responsibility, and Springfield is way to, er, corrupt 😉

  3. Hey Everybody happy Saturday.
    I was signing out & went to main friend list to sync my game when I noticed a friend with all zeros for the event, checked & they hadn’t played in 12 weeks D’oh, went through and found 8 others, so thought I would write and say this is a quick way to update your friend list. Zeros and they aren’t playing……for those of you with 100 friends and waiting list might be worth a check. I now have some openings for the pep that I talk to here that aren’t yet on friend list😉
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Our house is finally quiet for the most part so all here are spending the weekend catching up on rest and relaxing. I myself have a couple of dates in mind with my bath tub and Dr Who on IPad for company. Time to feed kids (doggies) can’t say boys as one of Chewfred’s is a girl.

  4. Got Sgt today a few days of down time now.

  5. What triggers Reverend Lovejoy to start the Buddha’s Back quest line?

  6. Homer and the Barbarian version, Bart and Hugo, future Burns and Smithers and their present selves, many dichotomies, no wonder TSTO physics broke 😉
    Like the little EE’s with Hpmer’s skins, waiting for what’s next!

  7. Question long term players what do you do when you do not have any other land or they say you cannot add anything.?
    I have not been playing for more than 18 months & have got those messages that I should keep my town down. I like to have a lot of decorations for my town which probably counts. Then I think it is a oxymoron since they want us to spend donuts but not too much. Thanks for your input.

    • A couple of things…make sure that you’re not unnecessarily placing items that can’t be seen (like, if you’re putting a fence around a building, skip the fence pieces that would go behind the building and be hidden). Also, if you can replace, say, two short bushes with one longer one, do that.

    • For myself, I have a couple of suburbs (not house farms 😄) so when I run out of land I store some houses and use that space. When they give us more land I take the houses out of inventory again to earn some money…

      I haven’t reached the point of not being able to add anything without first removing something. Currently sitting at 5850 items and not noticing any lag etc but if I have more items out and start to notice it then I first go around removing any walls or items which are hidden by buildings so really don’t need to be there. Next if I have things like lots of small tracks I replace them with the longer tracks because it covers the same distance but uses half the items. Same works with replacing rows of single flowers with double flowers or replacing small hedges with large hedges etc. Same look, half the items.

      If I still need to remove more items then I often remove fences that aren’t totally necessary for my design or thin out some of my trees…

      Good luck 😃

      • Thanks for the advice & currently at about 5900, so will look into it. I already store items that did not like already from past events. Hate to give up the areas of my town I am very fond of.

  8. Is anyone else having problems posting comments?

  9. There’s no other very relevant place to put this (maybe Evil Homer or Rockstar Maggie threads), but wuth seperation of skin and character, now would be a great time for EA to ch-ch-ching cash in on a donuts for skin removal service (where skins become characters in their own right).

    I think i’d doulbe my roster overnight.
    Obviously this could have some server / device issues, but I’d be for it.

  10. I read somewhere in the comments (but cant remember which post), that someone besides Herman has a task at the dome-icile. I thought it was wise guy but I can’t figure out which task. I have two and wanted to see if I could light them both up. It’s a very nice animation! Can anyone help? Thanks!

  11. I just won $2,500,000 at the Go Kart track for the second time today! It looks like it’s time to farm Kwik-E-Marts again! So I’ve been betting 2-1 at the dog track every time and winning most of the time and betting 49-1 at the Go Karts every time for the past week. Each dog track bet helps me recover the losses at the Karts plus $1000 so I haven’t lost very much in the long run, but today I won big! Hope this strategy can help my Addict neighboreenos.

  12. SO ANNOYED!! This is two days in a row that WE decided to issue an update in the evening, when I have no Wi-Fi and now can’t send my characters on their lucrative overnight tasks! @$/&@!!

    (Thanks for listening…I know only you folks would understand.)

  13. I’ve been so busy with work… I haven’t had time to “work/read” the thread… so I apologize in advance if anyone has mentioned this – but the robots remind me of white walkers (especially on my phone where everything is miniaturized). Winter is here. 🙂

  14. I’m going to just take this moment to say, Bill Nye IS a Science Guy, not an actor.

  15. Oh I forgot to mention the other upside to how things have been going lately.
    I had a huge win in a battle with a travel insurance company. I ended up getting the full amount of a claim that was originally refused because they wouldn’t compensate us for a trip cancellation because of mental illness. It took a year to finally come up trumps.👍😄
    Btw, does anyone have any tips on the latest method of KEM farming for XP’s ?
    I gave it a whirl but couldn’t get the gist of it. Ended up selling a whole lot of KEM’s for a massively reduced price (the selling rate kept going down and the purchase rate kept going up)
    Much appreciate some advice from those who have been successful.😍😄😛

  16. These events are coming thick and fast lately. Im really enjoying this one.
    So glad to have more land. I’ve bought up nearly all of it with the intention of doing some redesigning and clearing up a stockpile of stuff from the Casino event but can’t seem to find the time to do it.
    There are heaps of free donuts too with levelling up so quickly, Maggies game and the monorail. Plus the little treat from EA😄
    Life is going well for me at the moment. My husband and I are going to Bali next week for some much needed sun and relaxation after a cold winter down under.
    I haven’t been visiting open thread much over the last couple of months. Been tied down to a horrible job that I quit so I won’t have to come back to it when we get back from holidays. Coming home in tears every other night after being bullied by the boss and one co-worker was not what I had in mind when I started.
    Apparently I have the memory of a goldfish (probably not far from the truth) and I do about an eighth of the work I’m supposed to be doing. Mind you I haven’t had any experience in this work which they knew when they hired me.
    So back to tapping and reaping those sprinklenuts. Happy tapping y’all😛

  17. Gil showed up today. I was excited that maybe the Frink deal would be offered. Sooo disappointed with the Maggie Rockstar and Colloseum deal.

    Frink Me!!

  18. fineyoungknives

    First day back on the West Coast and I already love the difference in time for the game. PDX hasn’t changed all that much in 7 years.

  19. So frustrated! No Wi-Fi in the cabin and didn’t get to spend the evening at the rec hall (where there is Wi-Fi) as I had expected. Was gonna use some more cellular data (which I’m really not supposed to do to play games, because it’s my work account) to at least put my characters to bed , but, when I tried to go onto the game it said that it needed an update and asked if I wanted to use cellular data to do it (side note: I think that was a wonderful thing for EA to do…is that new?). Of course, I had to say no, so I can’t put my characters to bed, harvest my Kwik-E-Mart farms, etc.

    Does anyone know what this update was for, anyway?

    • nothing worthwhile, trust me….

      and sorry to hear about your misfortune with the wifi, gotta get that tmobile prepaid data plan! 😉

      • ITA there is a $10 data plan for a week not sure on the quantity

      • It’s a work device – I can’t choose the carrier or plan for it. (On the plus side, don’t have to pay for the days I do use…just have to be careful not to use much, so as not to raise any flags at work). My personal device is my Kindle Fire HD, which is not cellular capable. I don’t own a smartphone, just a dumb one.

        But thanks for the reassurance! 🙂

        • i was just referring to that previous back and forth we had about cell plans. but i still gotta say, it’s pretty crazy that you’re still going around rocking a dumbphone… for someone that comments on here as much as you do, i honestly wouldn’t have expected that.

        • Wow! That phone is reeeeeeaaaaaally outdated. It looks a hell of a lot like the first phone I ever had. That was so long ago I don’t even remember which year.
          How long have you had it for? The company you work for doesn’t believe in keeping up with technology then?

          • My company doesn’t provide cell phones for most workers (only some managers and above and many people who work in Distribution), but provide up-to-date iPhones for those they do, but they can only use them for work.)

            And I’ve had that phone since it originally came out. (Well, actually, I’ve had that *model* since it first came out…a few years ago, the earphone port stopped working and I got a new one of that model on eBay. It fits nicely in the cellphone holder I have on my leather fanny pack/purse, and it’s all I really *need* (although, if I had the money for a good data plan, I would be very happy to get a smartphone).)

  20. Crazy weekend of craziness is over! One dad married, and one kid with a successful birthday party. Exhausted is putting it mildly, but I’ve still kept up with my tapping. I’m so excited for things to come this event, but clearly I need to get donut farming. Right now, when I need donuts, I activate my collider for one day and buy and sell rat trap trucks, but that can drain an account pretty quickly. I’ve been hearing that KEM farming is the way to go and that you can keep your in game cash at almost the same level. Wondering if anyone can detail this out for me better? (i.e. better to activate collider for a day or longer, how many to build at a time, is it still profitable if I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, do I sell them all off as soon as they’re built……etc.) Have a great week Tappers!

  21. Oops I didn’t refresh the app when I opened it and didn’t see your post Alissa. My bad.

  22. Did anyone else see a pop-up about free donuts for playing TSTO recently?

  23. I just want to say, again, how much I love the area select tool. The new land and new buildings mean I’ve been doing some designing and rearranging this week, and it’s such a joy to relocate my intricate landscaping in one step. What might have once taken days only took me about an hour. Might be the best thing to hit the game since I’ve been playing.

  24. i watched the closing ceremonies and I am already super excited for Tokyo! It is going to be AMAZING!!!

  25. I came across an issue with the cube (otherwise known as the Frinkahedron) when visiting neighbors during this event. I typically use the arrow keys on the top left of the screen to jump quickly to the next Springfield. Sometimes I go too fast and I catch up to the 24-hour timer, which will not restart while you are sitting in a town; it just ticks down to zero and stops. So I hit the back arrow and wait a few seconds, then proceed.

    But the last two times I did this, the cube popped up when I returned to the previous town. Unfortunately, because I had already visited the town, and I could not tap the cube.

    Anyway, I think the solution is to tap the friend button to exit the town instead. I thought I might pass this tip on to my fellow tappers who like to speed through their friend visits.

    • It happened because collecting a cube is part of your three taps. Since you were going backward, I presume you had already done your 3 taps in that town, and that’s why you couldn’t collect the cube. If I had to hit the friends button everytime, I would never bother with friend visits anymore.

      • Yeah, it’s unfortunate. I don’t know why the cube would pop up in a town I already visited. It’s kind of a waste, because I could really use the extra event currency.

        Speaking of which, if the cube pops up after your first 30 friend visits, it doesn’t give event currency, only cash and XP. Bummer.

  26. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone here has seen bart ridding a robot in the town? I visited a friends place and I saw that. Now Im starting to think that its just my imagination after reading the giant robot article that says nothing about bart ridding a robot. Can I get some sense here please?

    • This is the problem with EA’s decision to set indoor characters on random visible tasks when neighbors visit. Sometimes you see a task that isn’t currently available.

      • is it really a problem though? i enjoy seeing them…

        • I just wish they would confine the random visuals to standard tasks to cut down on confusion.

          • knowing what’s in the files would cut down on that confusion… 😉

          • Not really. Knowing what’s in the files just leads to a lot of hacking accusations.

          • All you have to look at is this very site, and the multiple statements that “the task isn’t available yet, therefore that player is a hacker.” Even Alissa was saying so, repeatedly, until she realized that it was likely a randomly generated visual task because multiple players said they were seeing the task in their own second town, or towns that had been inactive for a long while. So knowing what’s in the files doesn’t necessarily cut down on accusations. Being absolutely sure that something isn’t available yet might, in fact, lead to more accusations of hacking. This can cost someone neighbors when they’ve done nothing wrong.

  27. While adjust my town for the new back strip of land, I decided it might be a good time to reconfigure the monorail to go to Springfield Heights. When doing this I realized that we didn’t have a new dedicated station for Sprignfield Heights, maybe with a new update? In addition a switch track piece would be nice for the monorail so we could make spur lines.

  28. I do not have Frink available for purchase in my store. I’m hoping this is a short lived absence…

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