Sci-Fi Event Act 3 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to the wee early morning hours…at least here on the East Coast. It’s just after 3am on the East Coast of the US…but who can sleep with Stephen Hawking conspiring to take over our Pocket-sized Springfields with an army of deranged Robots?!  Act 3 of the Sci-Fi Event is upon us….so have at it my friends!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Hawking will start this for you with dialogue from Stephen Hawking and the Robots.  This will be followed by a task to play the Sci Fighter game and defeat Mecha Hawk, the newest Robot. (I’ll warn you it’s not as easy as you think.  Some details below).  This will then be followed by a 4hr task for Hawking at the Polyvac.   Oh, and you will have to complete the Act 2 questline (Smack to the Future Pt. 10).  So if you didn’t complete it yet, you won’t see the new questline.

Act 3 runs until September 20th

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

sci-fi icon

New Prize Currency for Act 3.

indicator_scifi_matter Anti Matter

So the ability to earn Chronons is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 3 has reset to zero because you have zero Anti Matter.  So forget about the Chronons and now it’s time to start over with Anti Matter.

You’ll earn Anti Matter very similar to how you earned Chronons in Act 2….


-Tapping Robots in your town (They drop 1 antimatter, robot part and future buck each ) (REMEMBER: Playing the Mini Game/4hrs clears your town of ALL the Robots..and you get credit for them.  Confused?  Read this post)
-Sending the Multiverse Homer’s on tasks at the PolyVac (Premium sending Rocker Maggie, Lady Bot & Frank Grimes on tasks there)
-SciFighter Mini-Game
-Tapping Robots in a Neighbor’s town
-Tapping Anomolies/Cubes in a Neighbor’s Town

Everything pays out the same as it did in Act 2.

There’s also a new Robot to tap in the mini game


He gives the other robots a power boost and attacks from afar.  So when you see him popup near the PolyVac (usually about 10 seconds into the game) you need to tap him, several times, in order to defeat him.  But you have to be careful to try and tap the robots as they’re invading your PolyVac at the same time.  Otherwise they’ll defeat you before you clear Mecha Hawk.  BUT you can’t really tap them while Mecha Hawk is there.  So tap Mecha Hawk quickly (I believe it’s 10 times) and quickly move over to the robots.

Hint: It’ll be good to use those flashes with this one, to use after you’ve cleared Mecha Hawk or when it first appears if you have a bunch of robots about to attack your PolyVac.  And quickly.

And unfortunately for this act you’re going to have to do a LOT of defeating Mecha Hawk at the PolyVac for the questline.  So it’ll take some practice.  It’s really not as easy as it looks.  I’ll try to do a quick video later today demoing it and when to use the flash for those who are confused…

Act 3 Personal Prizes

As you can see…this prize track is very short.  As Act 3 is only 1 week long..

mech_robot Mech Robot- 2,750 indicator_scifi_matter (some of you may remember seeing this animation in some friends towns…now it’s finally here)

crazy_plane Crazy Plane- 5,500 indicator_scifi_matter

mecha_hawk Mecha Hawk- 8,250 indicator_scifi_matter

Bonuts are still there after prize track is complete.  Chance for them with every 3000 Antimatter.

Act 2 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT TWO PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)

Act 3 Crafting

Crafting remains, as it was during Act 1 and Act 2.

You can view the details on how to craft…including using Future Bucks…here

You can view the prize breakdown details here

New Items in the Store..

ico_stor_scifi_robotsalvagelicenseRobot Salvage License- Price as dropped to 30 Donuts…still not worth it

apevotebillboard_menuGive Apes the Vote Billboard- 15 Donuts

rockettoyourdoomflipped_transimageRocket to Your Doom- 80 Donuts

ico_stor_single_homeoftomorrowbundleHome of Tomorrow w/ Chester Lampwick Bundle- 160 Donuts with a 60 Donut Rebate so NET 100 Donuts

tsto_home_of_tomorrowHome of Tomorrow- 40 Donuts


cremobot_menuCremo-Bot- 30 Donuts Should I Buy

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopterHover-Copter- 70 Donuts Should I Buy (not worth the donuts IMO)

Holo-BundleHolo-Bundle- 70 Donuts Should I Buy

Giant_RobotGiant Robot- 75 Donuts. Should I Buy

Yes, before you even ask, we’ll have Should I Buys out on all the new premium stuff  Might not be immediately, but they’ll be up. 

Questline Tip:

In case I don’t get the Turbo Tappin’ up before you’ve finished the first 4hr task with Hawking…

The next part Homer starts and it’s a task for the Alternate Homers at the PolyVac (it’s different than their regular 4hr task, so you can’t pre start this prior to triggering the task), you’ll also have to collect 1500 antimatter, and use the PolyVac once more to defeat Mecha Hawk.

Evil Homer

After you’ve unlocked all 3 prizes you’ll get a task to send all the Multiverse Homer’s back to where they came from..(well really about 3 tasks to send them back…it takes awhile) And then another task with Homer.  At this point you’ll unlock Evil Homer to keep in your Springfield.  Except he’s an NPC.  So no tasks for this guy…if you tap him he’ll have some animation and that’s about it.



And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 3 Calendar
-Act3 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content
-And more!

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Sci-Fi Event Act 3!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through Act 3 ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.  If you need help with the basics check out the Sci-Fi Event Page in the meantime.

Thoughts on Act 3?  Just like Act 2?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 2 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

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  1. All my homes are now on fire? Why? How do I put out the fires?

  2. In the character bit where you can see how many of each character family you have the robots you are destroying as a character to unlock. Do you know how you can get this?

    • I am interested to find out the answer to this question as well. I have the 3rd battle robot but when you go to the characters menu into the interdimensional category the last 2 robots are blanked out. Was there something that I missed……Thanks

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