Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E7 Bart Vs. Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving time travelers!

The American Thanksgiving has it’s origin all the way back to the year 1621 as you probably learned in grade school. NOW (as it was in this episode of the Simpsons) Thanksgiving is about family, gluttony, football, parades, discomfort, and guilt (but what they didn’t do then was get ready for Black Friday Sales – good times). But this isn’t about my thoughts about the more awkward of holidays, it’s about the Simpson family and their family awkwardness.

“Bart vs. Thanksgiving”

Bart’s poor behavior is the centerpiece to this Thanksgiving episode.


November 22nd 1990, which Was Thanksgiving Day and the first time THE SIMPSONS were represented in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (with the Bart on a Skateboard Balloon)!! This is the 7th episode of season 2 and the 20th episode of The Simpsons.


Jacqueline Bouvier as herself (not a young dream/flashback version).

There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

previously requested Characters: Bill and Marty (their first physical appearance).

Possible Skins: Blue Suit Kent (but I don’t really want it), Bill and Marty’s winter wear (if they ever come into the game as characters, Come on EA, I’ll be Thankful :p )

Possible NPCs: Released hounds (independent from Mr. Burns’ 12 hr task)


Possible Events: Soup Kitchen event (with homeless type people as Event-Tappable-Critters, if EA wants to combine it with the Future Zombie soup kitchen that is fine). Thanksgiving parade mini-event, Guilt nightmare mini-event (with exaggerated nightmare skins of the Simpson family) or call it Skyfinger’s nightmare event with pointed fingers popping up in various places and you need to tap them away (I really love the unique animation in this sequence). Also I have mentioned Spy Camera events before and there is a possible decoration I’d like to see be apart of it (Mr. Burns’ security camera statue).


Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: America’s Uncle Sam (though he is possible for July 4th), Retirement Castle’s administrator and oldies, people seen in the Tv football game (including Hooray For Everything and their Mini-Globe Set piece), Mr. Burn’s peacocks and Base Command security guys, Skid Row people and soup kitchen people, channel 6 crew. (Boy that’s a long list, but there are also buildings) Pawn shop, Mail Bonds and Billiards, Dentist and “Massage” Parlor, Liquor store, also Rich side of town houses/mansions, Springfield Plasma Center, and rescue mission.

some Highlights:


Some other things to think about:

Homer mentions Tom Turkey, whom appeared in a THOH episode (later). Mr. Burns’ mansion is seen located on the corner of Croesus and Mammon. One of the Base Command security guards is reading “Les Miserables” which is a book Lisa has on her book shelf (side note: if you look at Lisa’s bookshelf throughout the episode you’ll notice some of the dolls and items change). Lisa has an “End Apartheid Now” poster on her door (four years later -1994- Lisa get’s her wish). Mr. Burns has high security and a large gate but Bart can sneak in through the bushes. There was a heavy handed joke about being on the wrong side of the tracks which is nothing but cartoon logic, why would a wealthy neighborhood be right next to the railroad tracks? Bart has a fake I.D. with Homer’s name. Officer Lou and Eddie switched voices. Patty’s dress turned blue (matching Selma’s) for a moment. All the toys on the Simpsons’ roof haven’t been seen in earlier episodes (to be fair it seems to be mostly the back of the house, which we don’t see as much). With all these nitpicks I’m going to forgive and forget and just be Thankful for this episode.

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Do you like Thanksgiving (any memorable ones you’d like to share?)? Ever have meatballs, and trout almondine for Thanksgiving? Ever donate blood? Ever been to a soup kitchen (volunteering or there for the free meal?)? Any favorite Thanksgiving parade floats/balloons? What’s your favorite American football team? Do you know the number for 911? Can you imagine a world without Thanksgiving? Sound off in the comments and have a thankful journey back to your current space/time (why should you be thankful? Because there isn’t any left overs). :p


18 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E7 Bart Vs. Thanksgiving

  1. I want to make a special shout out to Bunny for making the “Totbox with tongue” image that appeared at the end of this post. (It is a Thanksgiving post after all, so I wanted to say “Thank You”) 😛

  2. Thanksgiving has nothing to do with Football, its meant to be a religious day and thanking God. It got hijacked by the same corporate companies as Christmas did! Lol! On the point of the episode it was ok, ended too wierd for me, I mean Marge and Homer didn’t seem to care that Bart came home. Always like the old episodes they seem to have better story lines and the characters sound differently or even they can be a completely different colour like Smithers when he was black in the first episode!

  3. What do you think should I buy Lampwick or Frank Grimes?

  4. Do you know the number for 911? – Yes: it’s 999.

    Can you imagine a world without Thanksgiving? – Again yes, because I live in the United Kingdom, where we don’t celebrate it.

  5. LOVE THANKSGIVING!!! For the last 18 years my wife and I have a Bloodies and Bagel party for around 50 people. We serve Bloody/Virgin Mary’s, Mimosa’s, juice etc along with bagels and various cream cheeses we make ourselves, plus other finger foods. We start at 10 in the morning and go to about 2:00pm. Our friends would get mad if we stopped this tradition and many comment it’s their favorite part of Thanksgiving Day. So if your in the neighborhood stop on by!!!!

  6. Thank You Safi that was very thorough. 🙂

  7. My brother and I still call cranberry sauce out of the can “Cranberry Sauce à la Bart” in honor of this episode.

  8. “Do you like Thanksgiving?”
    No. I honestly dread it every year. I work for a grocery store, in the catering department and Thanksgiving is my eighth day working in a row at crazy, insane early hours, long shifts with little breaks and when I finally get my butt home, I have to cook dinner for the family. For the past four years, I have actually fallen asleep at the table. I hate it with a white hot passion. I have some many stories with rude, entitled customers. Thanksgiving is a great sentiment and I wish I could fully enjoy it and embrace it.

    • I feel a slice of your pain. I don’t favor the holiday either. My suggestion, if you can ask your family to celebrate it on a different day, or week, or month, or every other year, or never again 😛

      • I’ve tried that. The Saturday after works perfectly for me as I basically sleep all day on Black Friday and I rejoin the ranks of the living. I’ve also tried to get my mom to scale back on the amount of food as there is only four to six people each year. We only need turkey, potatoes, gravy, rutabagas and pie.

  9. Do you remember this episode?
    Of course I do.

    What was your favorite moment?
    Either Bart ‘making the cranberry’ or everything about Mr. Burns in this episode.

    Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like?
    Hard to argue for or against any of your situations. Easiest fit would definitely be a Thanksgiing mini event.

    Do you like Thanksgiving (any memorable ones you’d like to share?)?
    I like Canadian Thanksgiving in October. That other one in November, meh. Though nice to get to watch three NFL games midweek.

    Ever have meatballs, and trout almondine for Thanksgiving?
    No. Thanksgiving = Turkey.

    Ever donate blood?
    Many times. Every 8 weeks.

    Ever been to a soup kitchen (volunteering or there for the free meal?)?
    No, but I’ve sent on many TV shows including The Simpsons, Yes Dear, The Big Bang Theory, etc.

    Any favorite Thanksgiving parade floats/balloons?
    No, don’t usually watch the parade.

    What’s your favorite American football team?
    FC Toronto in the MLS. But technically, that’s a Canada
    Ian football team. And double technically, that’s not the type of football you’re talking about. So to answer your question the way you meant it, I’ll say the New Orleans Saints. The fleur-de-lis on their loo brings out the francophone in me.

    Do you know the number for 911?
    Of course I do, because “I am so smrt, S, M, R, T!”

    Can you imagine a world without Thanksgiving?
    A world without Thanksgiving? Yes. A world without roast turkey at least once a year? Noooooooooo!

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