Where Did THAT Come From – Big Digi-Ben, Future-Proofed Home, Hover Street Sign, Cryo Stasis Memorial, Dome-icile, and Parked Hover Car

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?



By Hawking’s chair and wowza! The 2016 TSTO SciFi Event is in full swing. Stephen Hawking, black holes, multidimensional visitors, and lots of sciencey futuristic stuff to figure out where to put in our games. I’m loving this like a nerd in a space rock candy store but I know a lot of this new stuff might have you wondering just where the heck it all comes from. Well no fears inter-quantum dimensional guys and gals, that’s where this walking carpet gets to reminisce about his favorite cartoon for all of you. For this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at:

Big Digi-Ben – premium item for 115 donuts in Act Two
Future-Proofed Home – premium item in Act Two, price depended on your Frink status – 45 donuts stand-alone or 100 with Lady-bot
Hover Street Sign – Level 2 craftable
Cryo Stasis memorial – 5th Act Two Prize for 23,900 chronons
Dome-icile – Level 3 craftable
Parked Hover Car – Level 11 craftable

Our first glimpse of Big Digi-Ben, an unclever name basically stating what’s obvious, the the analog clock of London’s landmark Big Ben has been replaced with a digital format is in “Lisa’s Wedding” (S6:E19) when Lisa goes to meet her new beau Hugh’s parents in London.


It appeared later in “Holidays of Future Passed” (S23:E9) next to the St. Beatles Cathedral. This version looks more like the TSTO one but instead of telling the time, actually is a digital countdown since it is also a rocket of sorts. Maybe since it’s right next to Skyberdine Systems it’s the beginning of robotic domination by our new overlords? I for one welcome them.


This episode also had the first glimpse of the Future-proofed home to the right of the Simpson house. I suppose this building is the next evolution of the brown house. Curious that the house occupying the spot where Flanders lives looks quite about like the Elysium Project. Not enough to say that’s what it is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it inspired it.


The same episode started off with a Christmas card picture montage that showed the Hover Street Sign. I’m not sure how a sign marking the South Pole translates as a street sign in our futuristic towns but oh well.


The Cryo Stasis memorial also sort of appeared at the end of this episode when Homer takes his grandsons there to illustrate that all sons dislike their fathers. I guess this is a running trend in the Simpson clan. Homer put Grampa there when he came down with an uncurable disease and kept him there after the disease was cured because its cheaper than the Retirement Castle lol. EA certainly took this imagery and created a semi-unique building.


We next head off to “Days of Future Future” (S25:E18). Homer keeps dying and Frink has more clones than the Tuleries has benches. There’s a fun montage of the many deaths of Homers 2 thru 76 (not all of them but a lot) and we finally find ourselves 30 years in the future at the funeral of the last clone. Frink has run out. The Dome-icile is right there in the shot. Also the hover car you can now park in your town. There’s lots of hovering cars in future Simpsons episodes but this is clearly the one we got for the game. No surprise it’s from a quick blip that also brought a craftable building.


Fortunately Frink can still download Homer’s brain into a flash drive. In the episode, Bart gets a neural implant in his temporal lobe (for any Barts out there… a dream/memory upgrade) so he can get over Jenda but the end result is him meeting a lot of ladies and ultimately getting back (sort of) with his ex-wife. I did say memory upgrade so none of that actually happened and if you want to get technical… neither did this episode since it’s set in the future and the future is far from certain. Speaking of stuff that never happened, this future has lots of stuff I’d have loved to see like Cretaceous Park, a Zombie Rescue Mission, Hard Lad, and Moving On.


But enough salivating over items we didn’t get, the Future-Proofed Home appears in this episode also in the same brown house vicinity as before. This looks closer to the version in TSTO. I’m also in love with the futuristic look of the Simpson home being revealed to be a hologram. Makes me laugh every time. I sort of wish this was the version we’d earned in the game.


So there you go friends… items brought into our games and other stuff not in the update but all of it things to geek out about lol. Is it too much to want interdimensional dinosaurs? What are your thoughts on the items/episodes? Did you buy the premiums? Craft a ton of dome-iciles? Sound off in the comments and here’s to your future.


TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Big Digi-Ben, Future-Proofed Home, Hover Street Sign, Cryo Stasis Memorial, Dome-icile, and Parked Hover Car

  1. Stone Cutters 2! Stone Cutters 2! Stone Cutters 2!

  2. I wanted Cabbie Kearney from Holidays of Future Past. He’s actually one of the only three premium characters I have.

  3. It’s clear there is room for another Future Event in the future. Also a Dino/prehistoric event.

    Would be neat to see the Alian Pet Homer and Marge gets in (photos) of “Holidays of Future Passed”

    Stay tuned to today’s Throwback with a reference to one of the buildings that haven’t been released yet. 💀

  4. I want the St. Beatles Cathedral!

  5. Days of Future Future was also a great episode! I rEAlly want TV Homer with animated tasks like “screensaver mode” and “load” because they were hilarious jokes.
    I guess they could add him as a character, that rolls around Springfield, along with Zia, Zombie Milhouse, that memory loss place, Hugh, The Benny Hilton, Jenda and SO MUCH MORE with a sequel.
    Or will EA not do that because Superheroes 2 wasn’t that popular?

  6. Sooo many items came from this episode! Has to be a favourite episode 😊, glad they did an event based on the future episodes as I love them all – apart from Bart to the Future.

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