Addicts Open Thread

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

After a month + the Sci-Fi Event is finally winding down.  Act 3 ends Tuesday morning.  How are you doing with the Act 3 prizes?  Unlocked them all?  Ready for what’s next?

Speaking of the Sci-Fi Event…what are you planning on doing with your event items?  Remember we’ve got our Showoff planned for the Sci-Fi Event, so don’t forget to show us your designs!

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Not a ton going on here in Jersey this weekend.  Just enjoying a quiet weekend at home 🙂

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


257 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Does anyone know how to add friends in the game not to sure on how too as its all changed! Thanks!

    • Mark, I actually had a hard time with that yesterday myself! As always…EA didn’t make it obvious or EAsy. Click on the regular visit Neighbors Icon. Then, Click on the new icon that looks like an ID card (the one on the extreme left of the five icons on the bottom right). There you will see the option to “invite” by several options. Hope that helped!

  2. RIP to my friends nephew, who took his own life! I feel like it’s becoming an epidemic! I’m so sad! I’ve personally known 5 people who have committed suicide and have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts myself. I’ve also seen so many people suffer from the loss of a loved one. Check out your local AFSP (American foundation for suicide prevention) and maybe donate and take an out of the darkness walk. I just walked last Sunday.

  3. Hi, I just sent an email to you about the scifi show off and I want to know if you have or will be receiving it. If not then this will be a reminder. lol.

  4. Put on a pot of coffee Marge, this is gonna take awhile.

  5. Hi all, I’ve just spent the last couple of days getting all I can out of the Sci Fi event (trying to spend future bucks) only to find I’m now behind on the new event! I thing I’ll be ok though as it’s sort of a mini event and only one lot of prizes to get through.
    I’ve just read the SIB on the beach hideaway. It’s a must buy for me, especially the bonus 20%
    Sandra, I just saw what you did with yours in your SH area. It looks AMAZING !!!!!!
    I’ve just come back from a holiday in Bali. My husband and I went on our own. The first holiday together for 20 years. We stayed in a magical place in Ubud and got upgraded to a private villa with its own pool. Needless to say, we didn’t want to come home. The views were stunning, overlooking a green valley.
    Oh well back to reality, cleaning the house and looking for a job. But I really have to start designing my sci fi area and playing the new event. Hmm what to do next……
    Oh dear, the life of an addict. That sci fi area really is messy😉

    • Thank you, suerees! 😀

      It was really hard to figure out how to use all those pieces together (especially given the constraints of the stuff I already had in the water there.

      That was just two, fully upgraded ones…you can see why I’m struggling to figure out where/how I would place three more! But, man….I do want the rest of those bonuses!

      • I’ve already bought all 5. I lashed out and bought a boatload of donuts. Something I’ve never done before and could never envisage doing but I figure that I’ve been playing this game for so long that I will use those donuts. It’s also a cheaper way of getting them. (I’m trying to justify my expenditure here) Also, we need to support EA financially to keep the game going. I certainly don’t think that everyone is in the position to do this. I totally get that there are some players who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on there games.
        Anyhow, back to the hideaways. I managed to upgrade 2 hideaways completely with SH chairs, coffee, pills etc. as I already had a full supply of these items. I keep these items full. It’s much easier to do this than let them deplete and start grinding from scratch so I’m currently topping up my supplies to finish upgrading the hideaways.
        I also hate having those icons hanging over each building.
        I can already see the difference in income from cash and XP’s
        I think it’s about an extra 50% so far.
        As for placing them, I think I might have to have a number of items hidden behind other items. I already bought all the water on the SH beach and most of the water on the Springfield side so I’m shuffling other stuff there. I don’t have a huge amount of in-the-water things. They don’t earn anything anyway. Although they do add to your percentage, I suppose.
        By the way, Sandra, are you at the last level? What happens then?
        Good luck with the rest of your upgrading and purchasing all the hideaways.😀

        • Yeah – I was glad that, ages ago, I had topped up my supplies in Springfield Heights, so I was able to fully upgrade two beach houses and upgrade another one to level 3 before I started to run short. (I had enough to upgrade the other two at least once level, but I decided to fully upgrade the third beach house before upgrading the other two at all, so I can remember what all the pieces are and start planning where/how I’m going to place it all. But, one good thing about having to go back to grinding in SH is that it will give me something to do while I’m on the treadmill for the first time in months tomorrow…anything to take my mind off the fact that I’m hot, sweaty, and probably a bit sore!

          I look forward to seeing what you’ve done…I tried to finally get back to doing regular neighbor visits tonight, but, man, it crashed my game a lot, even after rebooting my iPad. If EA wants us to be able to go trick-or-treating in my neighbor’s towns this Halloween, they better fix this crashing problem!

          So, about your question…do you mean what happens when you reach Level 939? At that point, your XP meter jumps from needing $500,000 to fill it to needing $1M to fill it, but the bonut boxes come back, giving you the potential of earning 3 donuts each time (if you’re lucky). I used to pay to pick boxes until I got the 3-donut one, and then I started only doing that if I got 1 on the first try, but now I don’t do it at all, because the $50,000 it costs to pick another box pays for a lot of Quick-E-Marts!

          • Ok, good to know that XP’s still count after the last level. I suppose it’s more lucrative to potentially earn 2 or 3 bonuts per 1Million than 1 bonut per 500,000
            I’m getting kicked out of my game now too. Possibly because I have so much stuff I’ve collected after the past few events.
            I haven’t had the huge issues that you guys in the U.S have had, probably because I’m playing when you’re all sleeping.
            As far as grinding for SH currency, I’d rather do that than pay at the Googelplex. $150,000 seems a bit steep for 5 pills.
            Those hideaways are very popular. Maybe EA will put up some more bargains that earn high percentages in the future.😀

  6. Hey hey tappers! It’s late in the week and I’ve been super busy so I’ll be holding off on my update until this Sunday (lots has happened since I last checked in so be warned, it’ll be a long one). Just popped in to read some comments and share one tiny thing: I won my first premium scratcher jackpot ever today! For some reason, I felt like I was going to win big and had a couple bucks left on a gift card so I gave it a shot and it paid off 🙂 Now I have more than enough sprinklies for the laird lad combo I’ve been eyeing. Yay! Have a great rest of the week everyone!

  7. Anyone else having the problem of having to re-skin their Kill-E-Marts and Casinos? EA, leave my skins alone!

  8. General observation:

    Since TSTO did that update a few weeks ago when they fazed out the functionality of the older devices….I haven’t noticed my game running any more smoothly. If anything it’s actually been more laggy.

  9. I’ve just noticed the “likes” bit of comments. Just going back over all recent posts, er, hi EllieG… I know an Ellie in my face-to-face instead of virtual life, are you the same?

    • I don’t think so. But we are neighbors in the game. 🙂

      • Hey EG!
        Cool, kinda figured that 😉 Like ya Springtania, the planning looks well thought out…

      • Ah crudness…
        Many ‘pologies EG, when scrolling round your beautiful Springtania I accidentally graffitied (?!)…

        • It’s okay. It doesn’t bother me anymore and doesn’t affect my rating. 🙂

        • PS I love visiting your town. It’s so nicely decorated. 🙂

          • Awww ta muchly! I try to space and plan where I can… I think I’ve been playing way too long though, I know I’ve spent endless hours trying to make / fit / sort an area, especially when new events start pouring out content 🙂 I’m glad someone else takes the time to appreciate all the great Springtania designerinos out there! Thanks again 🙂

  10. I had a *maybe* 1% chance of something happening. I won the 99/1 bet at the Springfield Downs betting on Obedience School Dropout. I feel amazing.

  11. Hello fellow tapperoos,
    I’ve noticed from many posts over previous months that a number of you tap away on an iPad 2, well with the release of iOS 10 it is obvious now that Apple has finally cut the iPad 2 adrift and will no longer be supporting it as it has been left on 9.3.5… obviously we can still use the device until our favourite apps demand upgrading to iOS 10, in which case we will be left with the conundrum, do we stop using the app or do we upgrade our devices?
    It was only a little over a month ago that EA limited the use of TSTO to iOS devices running 7.x or later so I guess there is still plenty of life left for TSTO on an iPad 2, well as long as that device still works.

    All this just reinforces the fact that there is no such thing as ‘forever’, maybe this also reinforces the fact that I don’t like change, but there are those that would tell you that change is inevitable, just like I’m sure that one day, far far away our favourite app, TSTO will cease to exist, and we will just be left with our memories… and DVDs of the best times of our lives. YES Pat I’m still in your camp, The Simpsons will leave a lasting legacy with all of us, even those of us that don’t believe it is the BEST TV SERIES EVER.

  12. Been wanting to ask not that you all don’t have enough to do for us on this wicked awesome and addicting game but seriously needs to be a dating addicts site nothing better than dinner conversation and playing tsto
    Couples that tap together stay together 😝😉

  13. The full-proof way to make people stop complaining about acts being too long or too short or crafting this or that or having acts and not another format or just complaining about the events in general is to not release the next event for like 4 months. By then players will just be happy to have an event.

    • They’ve done that before and people complained that the game was boring or they stopped playing. EA just can’t win.

    • Taz, unfortunately, there will always be the complainers. It would be nice if people would realize that they aren’t the only ones playing and that is only a game. There is always good and bad in everything. Enjoy the good, don’t worry about the bad. I think EA is makes this game better all of the time. That is my 15 cents worth.😀😀😀

    • Foolproof? Or was it deliberate alliteration?

  14. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed with this update. Yeah, it was a fun concept and I definitely enjoyed a couple of the prizes, but as far as using currency to craft prizes, I feel like I wasn’t given enough time to upgrade to level 19 and then have enough currency to craft all the items. Maybe I went about it wrong, I don’t know. I was just anxious to reach level 19 and I assumed the only way to get there was to pay the 1,000 some robot parts. I didn’t realize you could level up by crafting too. That’s probably where I went wrong. Either way, I wish we had extra time to craft all the prizes (or convert future bucks to robot parts because honestly who needs 22,000 future bucks…)

    • For me the third act has proved difficult and will be spending many more donuts but I like cause my family is a big fan of the back to the future movies and a lot of this reminded me of stuff from the second movie 👍🏻

  15. … and managed to finish my final Aspirational upgrade (the IRS final ;), and fit all SH content in SH (bar the dollar makin’ buildings)… All I have in my inventory is the perpetual addition of rail, cane and pumpkins (finally!!!). I’ve never been a Springtania farmer (I have a Collider but being really Freemium never can afford to use it, my duplicate brown houses are for my neighbourinos and I have under 20, and only have technically 3 sets of fast food joints).

  16. I thought I’d share my bit on this event, as it seems to be from general comments in this and other threads that EA missed the balance on this one…
    I’m still on the fence.
    I’m really freemium (why do I need to say really… 😉 and my general TSTOtapper mantra is to complete character sets (and yes the recent multiplicitude of NPCs has been doing my head in) and to up my tapping percentage; even after three years I’ve still only reached 90.85%. But I digress.
    This event EA once again pushed boundaries with our new “ingamegame” whilst also trying to incorporate previously reasonably successful concepts.
    People like crafting, and more importantly they want to choose what they craft, and EA again came up with a unique way to do it, and it was pretty fair.
    They like leveling up, a mainstay in most games, and despite previous glitches (two of my COClones reverted to level 1, and still are 🙁 ) the level up and different Acts favours this.
    I tapped 3-4 times a day on average, I visited only what I needed to from neighbourinos (I did not see any other benefit to do otherwise, another bonus with this event having to find robots in other towns expanding the normal time per town spent, but reduced as the towns delivering event currency diminished, but not so much as previous events…) and that was every two days or so, I admit I just managed Lisa, and only just acquired Homer’s Dream House, but with semi regular tapping, and semi frequent visiting, I achieved all content.
    And with the Railway at the start, sprinklenuts from neighbourinos, Maggie, debris, I’ve managed nearly 210 of them so far in this event alone. Around a month and a half (from the start of the Railway reboot until now) and that managed to get me the much coveted Future Burns and Smithers combo.
    I was tripped up being one of the recent Supercollider purchasers whom DIDN’T receive a blackhole (mild Dark Stare at A/B/C/W… I know it wasn’t regular content and you all probably bought the SC when it first came out and missed it, but I was caught out by a delayed story line…). I do think the black hole is a bit of a wasted TSTO opportunity. How cool would it be to tap on one in a neighbourino’s town and be sent randomly to ANY TSTO players Springtania 🙂
    So I have to be honest, after sitting on the fence until now, I don’t think EA did too bad at all on this one, and more importantly when they realised they did screw things up (with Act 2… 🙂 they tried to balance and fix it.

    • No it comes with a black hole…you just have to do the questline for it. My information was not incorrect…you just had to do the questline.

      • Er, I purchased the Supercollider in a previous event, at the time it didn’t have the questline attached, nor the blackhole (not the first time it was available, the second time. This being the third time it’s been available).
        The questline only “arrived” when the Supercollider came up for purchase towards the start of this event, but when it “appeared”, so did the blackhole hole for 10 sprinklenuts and I jumped at the chance, BEFORE the questline kicked in…

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