SciFi is Over…Mostly- UPDATED


Alissa is tied up today (Not literally. Really. I wouldn’t do that), and asked me to hold down the fort for a bit today. The BIG NEWS is the end of the SciFi update.

Whoohoo!!!!  Or…Ahhhhhhhh…. Depending on what you thought of the update.

Again…while the timer has run out, and most of the events options for earning Event Currency have stopped working, you are able to “suspend time/space” (appropriate, right?) for a little while longer as long as you don’t do the update from the App Store to flip the switch.

UPDATED on the Update- It is LIVE in the App Stores…but not forced takedown, yet!


Most of you will just play the game “straight,” which means that after the timer runs out, you will start searching the App Store like a terrier looking for a mouse in the cupboard. When it shows up…you will update, and all will be well with your tapping world.

UPDATE- AGAIN…IT IS LIVE NOW. So update to clear the SciFi out of your town, if you choose to.

You can still continue to “game the system” by NOT doing the app store update. And while the chances to earn prizes are now suspended in the game…you may be close to earning Bonuts…and will continue to try and tap robots. Go for it. No harm. No foul. Get as much as you can for as long as you can.

We are all speculating at best. Truly.  But, the chances lean toward a Tie-In update for the new Simpsons Season hitting later this afternoon, or tomorrow (PDT).

Bottom line…when the game is in transition, you are in Limbo…and can do what you want…until you can’t. So, do what you want. Right?

Keep us posted on what you are seeing in your game!  Let us know if YOU see updates hit. OK?  We are a community…and with Alissa off for a bit, I don’t have access to the “behind the screen tools” that she does. I’m still new here…and there is clearly a key missing from the key ring!! LOL!

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  1. I updated me game nd got lenny to finish the task..When i tap on polyvac it tells me you are at the cap for one or more resources to earn prizes nd whether i wish to continue…i hv selected no right now. What does dat mean?

  2. Does anyone know what resources the polyvac is referring to when it says they are capped? I want to play the polyvac minigsme but don’t see any point without the resource reward at the end…

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