Mini Update Hits Our Padular Devices! Break Time is Over!


Well…we knew it wouldn’t last long! Β And a mini-update has rolled across our padular devices to snap us back from our breaks. But, this time, it’s Homer that is looking for donuts!

More on this soon…

But, if you haven’t done the update from the App Store to Kill SciFi update, you will have to do that first!

For the rest of you…Homer starts, with a three hour task.

More, as we unravel the fun! Check back soon! Click below to see new Premium Content!

Yes…this is the much-expected New Season Tie-In…and Yes…as with most of the mini-updates, there are loads of Premium Items available in the store.


We will do a “Should You Buy?” on each…but there are some retreads as well. A little new, a little old, a little Springfield Heights…sounds like a wedding!

Check back soon- we’ll have more details about this update when we can unravel them.

75 responses to “Mini Update Hits Our Padular Devices! Break Time is Over!

  1. I like it that DigiBig Ben now acts as a digital clock!!

  2. Sorry if this has already been asked but… do I have to do anything special to get this update? It’s already half-way through September 23rd where I live… and this update still has not dropped for me :-/

    I have already rebooted my device, opened the Play Store multiple times, and ensured that the Kill SciFi update has already been downloaded.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  3. I’m curious, since I updated last night the scifi game still had the icon but every time i click on it, says that I already have some rewards and if I play i won’t receive anything. What’s going on? This has been going on for a day now.

    • Notes that the event is over, the sci-fighter game pays out in mobile devices (the ones you use in Springfield Heights) and trash (for the rail yard). It’s telling you that you’re already maxed out on one (or both) of those, so it won’t award you any for playing. However, even if it didn’t reward you with either of those, it’ll still give you a healthy amount of XP, so you might as well play, anyway.

  4. My game updated and now this quest is gone. Did this happen to someone else. My building is already gone too.

    • Yep, mine has updated and the quest has gone along with the building….hope it’s not permanent !

      • Hard close your game, clear your cache, uninstall TSTO, restart your device, redownload TSTO. That should correct it. If it doesn’t contact EA.

        Don’t sit on your hands, otherwise you may miss out on it. If the uninstall process doesn’t work you’ll need to contact EA. They can restore the items to your town.

        This is almost always caused by a corruption in the download…usually clearing your cache and fully uninstalling and reinstalling solves the problem. but make sure you restart your device in between

  5. Beach hideaway will be perfect for my Quimby mansion by the sea. I was getting bored with the extended jetty I previously built, including jetski and Knightboat (the crime-fighting boat!).

    Again, raises two questions:
    1. Why can’t ocean-based things be placed in inland lakes?
    2. why can’t we have a boardwalk piece that allows access from the beach? Squiport and Ornate Pier are the only ones.

    And a third question: What is the deal with some stuff only able to be placed on grass? If I want to place my smashed up UFO/laser cannon on dirt, then I should be allowed to #fwp

  6. Shhh. Hush hush for the beach house. In case EA sees our pots and realized it’s a mistake!

    Excellent tip! Can use a % boost anytime! Thanks!

  7. Betty aka UFgator89

    I’ve got a quest line going with Grimey and his grave right now. Don’t know where it’s leading but will I lose it if I update?

  8. This update has not hit my spingfield?
    Am I missing something ??
    I had a task for Lenny at the printer and that was it?

  9. Retro Lard Lad is sooooo cute! Snapped it up immediately for both my premium and freemium game. Couldn’t resist a super cute building and a full character at that price.

  10. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy I love mini events! Lol

  11. I’ll wait until my next round of Sci fi bonuts before I update

  12. During the sci fi event, I stockpiled on holo bushes because I wasn’t sure how many I would use while building my future town. I got a warning that I’m nearing the decoration limit and that I’ll start seeing performance issues. Well, I have seen a slowdown in my game. Does that limit also count what I have in storage? Cause I know a lot of the event items you can’t sell back and there doesn’t appear to be a way to just delete them.

  13. Glad there’s new buildings. This mini event won’t involve too much tapping so I can forgive them for bringing it out so soon after the event ended!

    Tempted by retro lard lad but I was nearly halfway to saving up for the crazy cat lady so I’ll keep doing that.

  14. Lots of new buildings to consider. I have lots of donuts, more than 500 and more than $22M in cash to buy land to place buildings. I may hold off spending until the Halloween event but the bonus for beach houses sounds good.

  15. The beach house is an awesome deal!

  16. What is the new character called. Is he voiced?

  17. We need new land…there is no space in my springfield for these new building

  18. Oh man. I’m going to be going on a buying spree. Good thing I have lots of doughnuts (from farming), and lots of game cash (to do the RTDT trick). I just have to make sure I have enough doughnuts for Halloween.

  19. Don’t know if that came through:
    Really wanted the Mapple Store for ages now! Thanks EA

  20. & the beach house has a 2% bonus.

    20% for 40 donuts
    100% for 200 donuts.

    Not bad.

  21. The Retro Lard Lad info icon says it awards gift cards. What I want to know is which kind, donuts or in game currency.

  22. IS it bad the first hing i dd was buy the Quick mart HQ. Sadly you can place it in the Mounties

    • it’s not bad, everyone has their own opinion on these things. personally though, it’s probably the only thing from this update that i will be passing on.

    • I never finished the quest for the HQ so I can send everyone in town on a premium 1 hour task using the job manager. That building has earned me a lot of in game cash. In part 2, don’t ever send Apu on his task. πŸ™‚

      • ellie i just wanted to thank you for this tip! i remember when we first discussed it, and i was whining about leaving tasks in my task bar… but i didn’t forget what you said! so when i bought the she-she lounge and saw the opportunity to leave patty’s “drink at moe’s” task incomplete to keep making springfielders party at the lounge for a premium 4 hrs, i couldn’t resist. and man, was that the best decision ever! sends all characters there, save kids and animals. makes it so easy to collect, and as you said, it has made me a boatload of in-game cash over the months. plus, now i don’t give a crap about how many tasks accumulate in my task bar (which is a good thing, because i never intend to upgrade my redwood to the last level)!

  23. FYI…

    The beach houses (40 donuts) have a BIG BONUS. Each new item has a 1.50% bonus.

    Hideaway Deck (2) – 3%
    Hideaway walkway (3) – 4.50%
    Hideaway stairs (1) – 1.50%
    Hideaway Hut (1) – 1.50%
    Hideaway bridge (2) – 3%
    Hideaway platform (1) – 1.50%
    Hideaway Gazebo (1) – 1.50%
    Hideaway Pool (1) – 1.50%

    18% for 40 donuts is a sick deal.

    • WHAAAAA…???

    • Oh, this is amazing. Just got one and fully updated it with all of the SH surplus currency I have. Boom…jumped up 18% for my bonus.

      Tempted to pick up another one…

    • This is probably a stupid question, but do the beach houses go on the beach (sand)? This sounds like a great deal, but I have no available land left in Springfield Heights, except a little bit down on the beach.

      • All are placed in the water

        • Thanks, Becca!

          Now, if I only had more water space available in Springfield Heights… Well, I guess I can probably squeeze at least one in…so I’ll give it a go….can’t pass up an opportunity to add that much to my bonus multiplier!

          • I absolutely LOVE what you did with your beach houses Sandra! I’m ready to lay out there you, the Simpsons family and some exotic drinks right Now!
            I’m also jealous that you already have your sci-fi buildings so beautifully organized already. I still have a lot of work to do. Also your digi-Ben is making me wish I’d bought one, especially since I see it adapts to the viewers time zone. Nicely done πŸ€—

            • Wow – thanks…that really makes my day! πŸ˜€

              The beach house pieces were really difficult to arrange (at least given the number of them and the space I had)….I felt like I was doing a big, creative jigsaw puzzle. I’m glad I hadn’t seen any of the other pictures yet when I did it, because I didn’t realize how much more “neatly” it could be done, which probably ended up making me be more creative with it. I was also happy when I figured out that they really could go along with the two private islands I already had. I want to buy the rest of the beach houses (the bonus is just irresistible!), but that would mean putting them over in “regular” Springfield’s waters, which had a very different vibe. But maybe I’ll explore some more “compact” solutions for over there (without it looking like I’m just warehousing the pieces…I don’t play that way).

              And thanks for the comment about my Future World….I spent quite a bit of time figuring that one out, too, to make it look kinda “realistic”….it would have looked better with a bit more breathing room to it, but in have a limit as to how much land I’m willing to turn over to any one event/design.

              And, yeah…hearing that it was gonna tell time after the event was over is what made me buy the Big Digi Ben in the first place… I’ve decided that my “thing” is getting things that do things (which is why I’m now eyeing that Quimby billboard…). Oh, and was it at all obvious that that area is meant to be a college campus? That’s what I was going for there…

              Thanks, again, for the compliments…. I’m certainly nowhere near the best designer among my neighbors, but I do try, and, for the most part, I’m kinda fond of my little town. πŸ™‚

      • the beach hideaway can be placed anywhere in the water and on both beaches (regular springfield and SH)

      • They can go in the ocean too (including in front of the original land, not just the SH expansion ocean). And it’s 20% total bonus, including the 2% for the Beach Hideaway itself πŸ™‚

    • AMAZING deal for us tappers, so surely someone at EA will get fired for it. πŸ˜‚

    • Beach Hideaway has a total of 18% bonus??? Saw on another page we have to level up. Is it similar as how we level up for other Springfield Height Items? What do you use to level up?

      If so, then this is a must-buy for me. 18% bonus for 40 donuts is simply amazing!

    • I’m confused…so is it 18% once you’ve fully upgraded it and got all the items? How much Heights resource does it cost to upgrade? Thanks!

      • 2% for 40 doughnuts (pretty standard), plus each upgrade gives three additions (like the SH mansions) that give 1.5% each. Total bonus = 20% with all 13 items placed, wowza! I can’t recall upgrade amounts but I started with just over 300 of each SH currency and after upgrading one beach hideaway I’m still over-full on everything.

    • Super-helpful info…thanks!!

      And, unlike the other Springfield Heights buildings, which have only “hidden” XP multipliers, these seem to be regular multipliers (cash and XP), reflected in the Conform-o-Meter. I think that, when I’m fine upgrading, I may finally break 300% mark on my visible multiplier! πŸ™‚

  24. I have updated the app and have Homer free but no task starts

  25. Is it terrible that I got the Fancy Farm right away? I couldn’t help it! I love the look of it! Goes great in the Springfield Heights Area! I’m def. NOT going to pull the trigger on the Retro Lard Lard combo. It’s very pink!!! If I would’ve gotten the Donut store and Boat I might’ve but the RLL looks a little out of place :/ And those 40 Donut SH Buildings…. I love the look but I don’t want to spend more donuts right before Halloween and Christmas. It looks like they’re permanent though, maybe later in the future! I can’t wait to see what all the new skins are! I’m so excited!

  26. Looks like I won’t make my personal goal – buy all available demos from the 3d printer. Still two of the teleporter signs missing. Might get one, but I know I won’t have the patience to wait for both. I want new stuff! Now!!! But I have about another hour of work, then a half hour to get home, longer if I stop for shopping. But who needs to eat if a new update is waiting πŸ˜‰

  27. Holy cow…look at all the new buildings!

  28. Aw man, for a second I thought we were going to get the donut-delivery guy!

  29. Going to have to resist the urge to get the Retro Lard Lad, especially since Halloween is right around the corner. I know I’ll spend 120 donuts, only to find that something I’m missing from a previous THOH event is making a return…

  30. I’ve always wanted this mini-event! Do you get a giant Lard Lad?? Because I wanted that for THOH
    Actually really excited πŸ™‚

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