From the Mouths of Addicts: Kwik-e-Mart Farming for Free Donuts!

Note from Alissa: So one of the popular requested items on my “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” post was more details about Donut/XP Farming.  What it is, how it’s done…and what the heck Kwik-E-Mart Farming is.  And of course everyone’s favorite site contributor…Safi…stepped up and offered to write up the post!
Safi reached out to me and we discussed writing up the post.  And in true Safi fashion he stepped in with loads of details, charts, tables and figures!  Full disclosure, this post may be a little daunting for newer tappers or casual Tappers.  There are some great tips in here for those looking to earn free donuts.  Just remember to take your time figuring it all out and go at your own pace 🙂
And now here’s Safi….

“Hi Everybody!” (Hi Dr Nick Safi!)

With the recent release of Level 60 and the end of all levels, the games concept of leveling up has shifted slightly. Once you complete Level 60, you’ll be able to continue to level up to Level 61 and beyond. There’s just no questline, character, or building associated with those levels (Homerlayas excluded).

Initially, you can level up from Level 61 to Level 100 each time you fill up an XP bar of 40k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 40 donuts.

You can then continue to level up from Level 100 to Level 939 each time you fill up an XP bar of 500k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 839 more donuts.

Beyond Level 939, your Level does not go any higher. However, each time you fill up an XP bar of 1 million XP, you have the opportunity to choose one of three boxes for a chance at 1, 2, or 3 free donuts.

TSTO Bonus level up

So there is potential for premium and freemium players alike to score thousands of free donuts as a result of leveling up by continuously filling their XP bar.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and strategies that go into XP Farming…

So how do you fill up your XP bar quickly and efficiently?

There are two great ways to earn XP: Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming (Quickly) and Kwik-e-Mart farming (Efficiently).

Both methods obviously will work better the higher your XP bonus is, and work best with the XP Collider turned on as you get 5 times more XP when the XP Collider is active.

XP_ColliderA) Quickly

Well when it comes to filling it up quickly, farming Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks has been used for a couple years. Wookiee wrote a wonderful post on the subject over two years ago:

This method requires a pretty decent in-game cash fund that you can blow through to purchase and sell as many Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Trucks in a short period of time.

bloodmobile rattrap

Each Bloodmobile cost $132,000 and earns 13,200 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). Likewise, each Rat Trap Delivery Truck costs $150,000 and earns 15,000 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider).

The pros of this method include:

  • You only spend 5 donuts to activate your collider for one day
  • You only need to spend a short concentrated amount of time to farm XP (don’t have to be a regular tapper)
  • You don’t need too much land to farm
  • You earn a lot of donuts in one day

The cons of this method include:

  • You need a large amount of in-game cash in order to maximize your donuts
  • You deplete yourself of your in-game cash

B) Efficiently

Many of you may have noticed a lot of comments recently regarding the term “KEM (Kwik-e-Mart) farming”. Most noticeably brought up by Tapebelt and then discussed heavily by the 6 S’s (Sillyboy, Sparkinsac, SwissWavey, Sandrashill, Simp7fan, and myself Safi), MAB the Great, and Josephine Kick@$$ from June 10th to June 15th on another post by Wookiee:

The pros of this method include:

  • You don’t need a large amount of in-game cash in order to use this method
  • Arguably the biggest benefit is that you don’t deplete your in-game cash
  • You earn more XP per in-game cash invested than farming with Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks
  • You continue to earn free donuts on a daily basis

The cons of this method include:

  • You need to invest a lot more time as this is a long-term strategy (works best with addict tappers who check in multiple times each day)
  • You continuously spend 25 donuts to keep your collider on for stretches of ten days
  • You need some land to farm your Kwik-e-Marts

Now everyone generally has one Kwik-e-Mart in their Springfield, which brought Apu into their game when purchased for $220 during the tutorial levels. This original KEM can no longer be sold.


Subsequent KEM have dynamic pricing – in that the price increases for each additional KEM you purchase from $220 for the 2nd to $12,400 for the 25th KEM; and than remains constant at $14,400 for every KEM beyond the 25th.


The resale value of KEM is the same as all other items, 25% of the purchase price. So if you spend $100,000 on KEM farming, you’ll get $25,000 when you sell them all back.

After completing it’s build in 4 hours, each KEM generates 2,000 XP (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). This ratio of in-game cash to XP is far superior to the 10:1 ratio of Bloodmobiles ($132,000 for 13,200 XP) and Rat Trap Delivery Trucks ($150,000 for 15,000 XP).

With your XP Collider activated, you can earn a lot of donuts depending on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is. The table and graph below show how many donuts you can earn based on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is when you are between Level 100 and 938, with an XP bar of 500,000.

Click Table to view larger

(Note from Alissa: These tables are SUPER detailed…this is the best way to “display” them.  Click on them to make them larger, and see all the details….)



The table and chart look nearly identical at Level 939. However, as the XP requirements have doubled from 500,000 to 1,000,000 XP, the amount of donuts earned is halved. Below is the table for donuts earned at Level 939.

Click Table to view larger


Now the biggest difference with KEM farming versus Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming is that you don’t lose any money if you farm the ideal number of KEM. But how do you know what the ideal number of KEM to farm is?

The ideal number is one that maximizes XP whilst minimizing change in income.

In order to not lose money whilst maximizing XP, the amount of income you earn in four hours should equal the amount of income you spend on KEM. Your income whilst farming will come from two main places: 75% will be generated by your characters and buildings while 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. To illustrate how many KEM to purchase, I will use my own situation as an example.

In order to calculate how much income I earn in four hours, one morning I woke up cleared all character tasks and building incomes. I then sent all my characters on a four hour task. At this point, my in-game cash was $1,240,920. I then returned four hours later, cleared all character tasks and building incomes. My income was now $1,393,900. So my four hour income is $152,980.

So let’s say every four hours my characters and buildings earn $152,980. This will account for 75% of my income whilst KEM farming, as the other 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. So we take this $152,980 and multiply it by 4/3 to account for the other 25%. $152,980 x 4/3 = $203,973. So $203,973 is how much money I should spend to farm the ideal number of KEM for me.

Now that I know my four hour income and ideal number of KEM to farm, I can turn on my XP collider and start KEM farming.

For $203,870 I can purchase 32 KEM for farming (if I only have one in my town at baseline). So 32 is the ideal number of KEM I should farm. So lets say I spend $203,870 farming 32 KEM. While those 32 KEM undergo their four hour build, I send all my characters on a four hour task. When I come back four hours later, my characters and buildings will again earn $152,980. And when I sell those 32 KEM, I’ll earn $50,968 (25% of $203,870). So my four hour total income is $152,980 + $50,968 = $203,948, while my expense on 32 KEM is $203,870.

In summary, after a four hour round of KEM farming, I had no significant change of in-game cash (gained a measly $78), but at the same time gained some major XP from 32 KEM (a base XP of 64,000 or 320,000 with the XP collider turned on, not including any bonus percentage). Now I’ll continue doing this every four hours, amassing large amounts of XP, yet not losing any in-game cash.

Depending on your ideal number of KEM and your XP bonus percentage, you can be earning multiple donuts every four hours. At 25 donuts to activate the XP collider for 10 days, even if you only have the time to earn three donuts a day farming KEM, you will have a net profit of donuts every ten days, without losing any in-game cash.

Well, I hope this comes as good news for some of you and something to look forward to for others.  I know not everyone has a huge bankroll of in-game cash, and have been looking for alternatives to Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming. What are your thoughts about KEM farming? Have you already been using the technique? What is the ideal number of KEM you can farm? What is your bonus XP percentage? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

605 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Kwik-e-Mart Farming for Free Donuts!

  1. How do I turn my Xp collider ‘on’? Where do I access this feature?

    • The XP collider is a building. Do you have it? If you have it, just click on it and spend some donuts to turn it on.

      • Has anyone done the math on fast Fleet-a-pita truck farming? it’s a cheaper buy than bloodmobile and rat trap truck, but still cranks out a lot of xp, esp with bonus and collider. i usually do this method now.

        • The math has been done. Nothing beats blood mobiles and rat tap trucks (with the latter allowing for more efficiency, although the rate of return is identical for both). Best strategy is to spend your farmed donuts on the Burns mystery box to get items with bonus multipliers (hiding excess items behind buildings and such), increasing your yield of donuts from farming, until you reach a high enough percentage that you no longer need to farm anymore, because you earn tons of donuts just from collecting “ripe” buildings and tasks.

  2. Is my Springfield glitching? My KEM now always cost 14,400???

  3. ChemicalFusion

    I’m at level 101 and I was doing ok selling kems until the level increase but the whole time even before the exp amount to level up increased I could barely afford it, I don’t think I fully understand how to KEM farm while actually having enough money to do it, at this rate I’ll be lucky to get 1 level up every few days, please help

  4. When I was KEM farming in the past, I skipped the math to make it simple. I set an arbitrary base level of in game cash, say 5,000,000 (That number can be anything you want). I would collect income from buildings, characters, etc then I would buy KEMs until I ran my cash down to 5,000,000. I never had to calculate or add up how many KEMs that was. I hope that helps anyone who doesn’t want to do the math. lol

  5. Hi sorry I know this is mentioned somewhere else on this site but I can’t find it….

    I’m at level 939 so I get a chance of 1,2 or 3 donuts when I fill up the XP bar, what’s the “optimum” bonus percentage to have to not have to keep tapping to get the 3 donuts each time? – like, when does it become pointless to try for 3 cos your percentage is so high? (Hope that makes sense??)

    I’m on 1001% right now.

    I know I’ve seen the answer to this somewhere but I can’t find it. Thanks!

    • Uhm…never?
      It comes down to how much cash you need to stay in a state of parity (you earn as much with each cycle as you spend). So it’s not as much about how many donuts to take on each earning stage…but how many KEMs you are farming (along with the cost to replant them. I always take the three…always. But I only farm 60 or so KEMs.

  6. The table where it tells you donut earn / by # KEMs farmed / % bonus you have… 34 KEM @ 300% bonus it states 1.02 donuts a pop (this working off 500k per level). At 2k XP x 34 KEM x 5 from the collider only equals 340,000 XP so its not even a donut.

    Also earning 3 donuts a day won’t give you a net profit after 10 days when spending 25 on the collider.

    Starting to farm now it seems the earning potential is a bit exaggerated or am I missing something here??

    • ignore – also earning 3 donuts a day won’t give you a net profit after 10 days when spending 25 on the collider

    • What you are missing: (1)You can KEM farm 4 to 5 times a day. So that would be a minimum of 3 donuts per day or 30 donuts (+5) (2) The collider works with buildings and characters. So that will earn more donuts. (3) You use the extra donuts to increase your %, allowing you to farm more KEMs and earning donuts faster.

      • As your bonus % increases, your money and exp will increase, making more money to spend on farming and gaining levels much faster. There will come a point where your bonus% will get high enough to pay for the collider with just the increased return on regular gameplay (non-farming activity). At that point, any farming you do is just free donuts!

        • Thank you!

        • Once you get to level 939: The problem with the KEM analysis is that it doesn’t include the cost of trying to get more donuts for $50k after filling the XP bar. If you have a 900% multiplier, it takes 10 KEMs to fill the bar at a cost of $144k. On average you win 2 donuts (72k per donut). If your first selection is only 1 donut, you can spend 50k for a second chance, which will earn 1.5 donuts more. Since this is only 33.3k per added donut, it is far better to spend the 50k. If your second selection is 2, again it is best to spend 50k for the third donut (vs 72k per donut by farming). However, if your first selection is 2, it is a losing strategy to select again as it will cost 75k per donut on average to get that 1 extra donut. (Note that it is always a losing strategy to spend 150k for extra selections in the Find Maggie game.). Finally, your multiplier doesn’t really matter. If it, say, increases to 1900, the number of KEMs to fill the bar goes down to 5 but your income doubles. So that 50k per selection is earned with half the number of tasks / taxes as the first case, exactly offsetting the reduced cost of the KEMs. The bottom line is that the average cost per donut is not 72k in the first case. It is (144×6+50+100)k/6/2.66=63.53k but your total cost is 21.5% higher (144×6+50+100)/(144×6) so you must lower your spending of KEMs by this amount to keep your net income constant.

  7. I have a few questions please.
    I’m sorry if this is redundant or I seem silly, but I’ve read all the posts I can over and over regarding KEM farming and I just don’t seem to understand.

    A little about what I’m doing…
    My XP collider is always on.
    I KEM-F about 3x a day for a year now.
    I earn about 33 donuts a pop with 185 KEM’s.

    Some people here are saying they’re getting many, many more donuts every 4 hours (unless I’m misunderstanding), what am I doing wrong?
    Please suggest what I should do and answer if possible some probably lame and already answered ???’s 😊….

    1. I sort of understand how to get more XP. But how do I find out my XP number?

    2. When I buy mystery boxes, do I need to then place the item I won in my town to get my XP higher?

    3. When/if I buy/earn SH buildings etc…, do they need to be in my town somewhere and not in inventory?

    4. Anything else I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help!

    • (1)In the lower left corner there is a box it shows level and stars. Click on the stars and the Conform-o-meter box pops out. It shows the total bonus.
      (2) Yes, unfortunately, any item containing a bonus must be placed. You can hide them behind buildings. Some use the billboards as walls for Krustyland.
      (3) see above. SH buildings are good to hide vans and billboards.
      (4) As you get bonus higher you will see it will take a lot less work to earn donuts.

  8. Assuming I haven’t made any mistakes, the first 25 KEM should cost a total of $75,770. This should make your calculations faster if you are updating your farm and you already know you can build more than 25. Afterwards just take the $14,400, multiply it and add the total cost of the first 25 to help work out how many KEMs you can build.

  9. Something glitched in my tablets kem farming. Yesterday I was getting 2000xp per build. When I reached lvl 16 the collider dropped with the free 24hr multiplier. I am now getting only 1 xp * 4% * 5 after the 4 hour build. How do I fix this on my 2nd acct?? I’m trying to level it up quickly. Anyone else having this problem.

  10. Dial Z for Zero

    Glad I researched what the heck KEM farming was. I’m going to farm 140 KEMs with a bonus of 1978.92% and the 5x collider. My math says I should bring in 58 donuts per hour until I reach 939 (I’m currently on level 384).
    Can you spend money to get more chances for the 3 donuts after level 939?

  11. I have $300M of in game cash and not trying to use the collider… will I still yield decent results despite not using donuts to fund my farming?

  12. Can you guys help me with a plan of attack? I have been KEM farming for a cpl of months now. I do not get anywhere close to the amount that some report turning around as far as doughnuts. I am hovering around 4 million game cash and 360ish bonus %. How can I maximize what I am getting…
    Whats best at this point? Stopping and building up my game cash? My bonus % ?
    Any help/advice/input would be awesome.

    • The best way to increase your percentage (next to getting all 5 Springfield Heights beach hideaways and accessories) is by purchasing Mystery Boxes for 6 donuts. Typically for every 100 donuts you spend on Mystery Boxes, you’ll get enough Itchy & Scratchy Billboards and Channel 6 News Vans to raise your XP bonus 8-10%.

      So what I would do in your case if you were looking to increase your XP bonus:
      First, cut down the number of KEMs you are farming if you are running out of in-game cash.
      When you cut it down, you may find you’re only earning fewer donuts/4hr for now.
      After a few days or a week, you’ll have earned 100 donuts.
      Now spend those 100 donuts on Mystery Boxes raising your XP bonus 8-10%.
      Now when you farm, you’ll earn more XP per KEM and start earning more donuts/4h without losing in-game cash.
      Eventually, as you keep repeating this sequence, going up 8-10% every few days, you start decreasing the number of days it takes to get to 100 donuts.
      Pretty soon, you’ll be earning 100 donuts/4h.

      • Makes sense. Thanks a lot!

        • Can someone tell me how to get to the mystery box? Totally drawing a blank and would like to use it to raise my percentages. Thanks

          • In the Store, click on the arrow on the right of the three icons on the left that represent Characters, Buildings, and Decorations. This will open the Store menu with all the subcategories. Click on the Gold Buddha Homer, representing Premium items. Scroll all the way to the end and you’ll see Mr. Burns and his 6 donut Mystery Box.

      • I have a question Safi, isn’t the yearbook a more reliable way of increasing the XP multiplier? The mystery box odds are 5% for a premium item if i remember correctly. But, what if i instead spend my donuts to get high XP% items in the Yearbook such as the whales and other 4%> items, atleast until the remaining items only give 4% with 4/5 items. Then i know for sure every 30 Donuts will give me everything between 3% and 7%. I recently spent 150 Donuts and got 9% increase in XP multiplier. If i was lucky maybe i would only have to spend 90-120 donuts.

        So in conclusion. Am i stupid for spending 150 Donuts and being 100% sure i will gain a 10% increase, or is it better to gamble and hope that i will get 8-10% for only 100 donuts in the Mysterybox?

        • Burns’ mystery box is the way to go, unless you have a large store of donuts because, in addition to having items with bonus multipliers, you can also win donuts, so factoring those donuts in, it has the best donut-to-bonus-multiplier ratio. But, if you have essentially unlimited donuts, then, sure, you can just buy the bonus items outright.

          (I’m not Safi, but I am an experienced player who has amassed a bonus multiplier of 2,316.47% and have more donuts than I can spend now.)

          • I forgot about the possible donuts you could get in the Mystery box. I will from now on buy the mystery box instead.

            Thanks for the answer :).

            • Just a little update for anyone curious, in these 10 days i have increased my xp multiplier from 220% to almost 240%. Burns mysterybox really is the way to go.

        • There really is no gamble. The mystery boxes following a large cycle.

    • FWIW, this is what I did. First, as others have explained so well, I found out what # of KEMs I could buy/sell while preserving my game cash via character tasks. (Both on the 4-hour cycle.)
      Then I started upping my percentage by getting the high-return items like Jet Engine Bikes, etc. I probably did less of this than many folks, because I refused to sacrifice the look of my town. If I couldn’t use it, or hide it, I skipped it. That being said, lots of JEB can be hidden behind some buildings!
      And I always have the XP collider running. That pays for itself within a day or two (or less!) via increased earnings. (There are lots of posts suggesting buildings with large payouts, like the resorts.)
      After a few months, my percentage had climbed noticeably, which made everything else easier.
      Just my story, YMMV.

      • Thanks for sharing… I don’t want to ruin the look of my Springfield either so this helped heaps!

        • Another thing you can do, as you buy the ridiculous number of bikes, etc to increase your bouns… As you get lots of land tokens, go to the far bottom or right of your town. Buy a chain of expansions leading away from Springfield, into the un-purchased land. When you reach the outer limit, but land there and hide all your bonus % items that you don’t want cluttering up your town. Out of sight, out of mind… until your town becomes much bigger.

  13. Ok, I’m a novice at this. I turned on the collider, completed building about 30 KEM’s, gained 4 donuts and 3-4 levels. Sold them, rebuilt 12 (because I read to do that somewhere in these replys), and am waiting for the next harvest. I’m retired and a frequent tapper. Question- should I buy MORE KEMs? I can afford to. Or is it better to stick with the 12 and sell/rebuild each time? Don’t get into alot of calculations because my mind doesn’t calculate! LOL! Thanks!

    • I’m at level 227, donuts 43 right now.

    • You need to do some math. With the collider on… how much currency are you earning with each full cycle of sending everyone on 4-hour task. If you want to use Safi’s method…you need to figure that out first, as that is kind of your “expendable income” to keep cash parity in the game. If you have a TON of cash that is unused, you can buy more KEMs in one cycle, or spend them on Rat Trap Trucks once, to make the process go faster.

      But, in the end…as you settle in to the concept, you are going to spend as much as you can afford in that 4-hour cycle. Right? I am currently buying 40 KEMs…every four hours…and selling/replacing them…as that is how many I can afford for what I earn in a 4 hour cycle from my character tasks.


      • yup, I have a cycle going on buying 30 every 4 hours and my selling and tapping replenishes this amount. I do keep 50,000 because I am at the level where I can get 1,2 or 3 doughnuts every level up. I get 2 or 3 every 4 hours with this.

      • You’re a gem, Patric! Thanks for the speedy reply! Now, after each farming, do I sell and buy them all over again? (BTW, you look like Paul Hollywood on the Great American Baking Show; and that’s a compliment!)

    • You wrote you are gaining levels, so you haven’t reach the maximum and getting the 3 donuts box. If you have a lot of cash you should buy more KEMs to buy more Burns Mystery Boxes (6 donuts) to increase your bonus.

      Each additional KEM will cost you a net 10,800. (Your current cost is about $81,000 per donut). The alternative for your cash is to buy land or farm houses to generate cash.

    • Ok, since you said ‘no math’, here’s the REALLY easy answer.

      Buy your 12 KEMs for this round, and make a note of how much in-game cash you have. Send everybody you can on four hour tasks, wait four hours, and get tapping. Once you’ve sold your KEMs and collected everybody’s tasks, start buying KEMs. Keep buying until buying one more will make your cash dip below what you had four hours ago. Send everyone on tasks, and repeat. Voila! No math! 😁

  14. Hey guys, have only just started farming and I can’t believe it’s taken me so bloody long as it’s so easy!!!
    One quick question though, my bonus is currently 277%, which items are the best bang for your buck to gain % increase???
    And Thanks again to you all for all the hard work you put on here!!

    • Burns Mystery Box (6 donuts)

      • New to KEM farming. Where is this Burns Mystery Box, how do I buy them, how to they ramp up the donut collection? Thanks!!!

        • You click on the Homer Budda (Premium) then slide to you find Burns (Mystery Box). It will give you donuts, Lard Lads, Billboard (1%) and Vans(2%) (plus a few others). Over the long run you will get 1% for every 9 donuts you invest.

  15. Has anyone had issues releasing a whole whack of xp and the game reconnects and you know you are due several level up bonuses but you receive 2 and the xp bar is left on zero??
    On a new device can be sitting right next to my wifi router, if I build more than 12 rat traps I’ll collect maybe a couple bonus out of 20+ Expected level ups and game resets has been happening regularly last 3 days prior to that would build 20-40 at a time no problems ( yes this has cost me hundreds of donuts/lost cash) multiplier is over 2500 so to many this might seem like a first

    • That is a new one….but, I’m guessing EA support is going to be less than helpful to help you keep winning free donuts with a 2500% bonus. But, I get it. Frustrating for sure.

    • It has happened to me multiple times. When I RTT farm I limit myself in the number (usually 4 or 5) at a time if I care about losing the cash. It is one of the reasons KEM farming is preferred if one has a large area of land available. I also have lost the expected XP, getting one round instead of two.

    • Yes, I’ve had this happen with both KEM farming and Bloodmobile farming. It’s not new, but it’s definitely a bummer when it happens. I’ve had it happen twice today for some reason. Both of mine today happened with the server reconnect that you mentioned, but I think it can also happen if your game randomly crashes during the XP collecting process.

  16. I cannot locate my xp collider in my town. My Springfield is very large. I tried ghosting the buildings. I spent a lot of time looking in my storage for it too. Do I need to locate it, or can I activate it with my credit I earned on one of the daily bonus tasks?

    I am at a high level but want to try the kem farming since I spent a lot of my earned donuts on a mystery box trying to get a particular character.

    • A couple of things that may help, either now or in the future. First, I can tell you that the XP collider is a decoration, so turning everything else off may help. After you find it, I suggest choosing a place to keep it that works for you. That is, somewhere convenient for use, and easy to find. I suggest any of the following:

      1. If you have Springfield Heights, you could put it near the passage through the mountains, so you know what direction it is.
      2. Put it as far in one direction (up, down, left, or right) as you can, moving it as you acquire more land.
      3. Put it near the Simpsons house, or the current event items (meaning wherever you are when you launch the game) and move it as needed.
      4. If you have transporters, put one with the collider, and keep another in one of the places mentioned above. I have 4, so I always keep one at my collider, one at Springfield Town Hall, and one wherever I am when the game starts.

      Hope this helps.

      • I never thought of moving the transporters near go-to places like town hall. I’ve just been using them to go from end to end on my map… thanks for the idea!

    • _ (@MattiNescio)

      No , you don’t need to know where the xp collider is to be able to recharge it.
      You can locate the rechargers in the end of the Currency section in the Store.

  17. As I have been hit by this massive rollback glitch, any tips how to go about without a functioning character select button ? Perhaps use the Employment Office and add the fees to my over costing ?

  18. I have been farming 30 KEM 4x a day and usually get 6 or 7 doughnuts for the day. With the cost of the multiplier I am netting about 3 doughnuts a day. Is this a good rate? Also with the 30 KEM the money earned every 4 hours usually balances out.

    • Let see, 3 a day. A 4 week event = 3*7*4 = 84. That is not enough to buy premium items, especially when some events can cost you a thousand donuts or more. Is that good enough for you? Only you can decide. However it is possible to earn enough to buy all available premium items.

    • An update…thanks to all who posted about raising the percentage and going for 3 doughnuts, I am now consistently getting 18-21 doughnuts daily. I continue to raise my XP percentage (now about 225%) and continue to raise it daily. Thanks to all for the info!!!

  19. Personally I wouldn’t entertain this idea without the XP multiplier in place, but with it this is a very worthwhile strategy. Currently I’m farming 13 KEM`s about 4 times a day and averaging about 2 donuts every 3 days. I could farm more but still saving some of my cash for other purchases and the KEM s start to get really costly over the 13 mark

    • I know this is an old subject but a few questions I saw asked, but not answered (I was looking for some of the answers but worked them out myself in the end)
      The best way to prepare for farming is build as many houses as you can to get a decent income, while also building up (S)pringfield (H)eights, there are 5 buildings there you can buy for the SH currency (not donuts) that give 1%,2%,3%,4%, & 5% bonus each and you can build 10 of each. Netting a total 150% bonus. at this point, as long as you are able to make 60k every 4 hours you will be able to make 25 KEM at a time and 625k xp when complete. Which should make enough donuts to pay for the collider and more.

      The first items you should pay donuts for are NOT mystery boxes. You should buy the private islands. They give 2% bonus for 40 donuts, but you can upgrade them for SH currency which adds more bonus, totalling 20% bonus each, still for only 40 donuts. You can buy a total of 5 for a 100% bonus. After this mystery boxes are good.

      Finally someone asked at what point it’s not worth trying to upgrade the donut prize…
      Technically once you hit 2667% it will cost you slightly under 50k for each level up so it would be cheaper to just get another level up than to try for a better prize. But that would take 4 hours and by then, you probably have more than enough cash to give it a try

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