Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: S2 E9 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

What do we want?!! When do we want it?!! NOW!
Too bad, you’re are getting a Throwback Thursday Post instead :p
I want to start with an angry letter:
Dear EA, your lack of cartoon violence is upsetting to me… Just kidding, it’s fine BUT I want the two characters the fight and bite in our game as real playable characters. I might go on strike… I might make other empty threats… I might be writing this as partial filler to my post to set the mood to the theme… In closing, The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts is a power and voice that you can ignore, but if you continue to ignore, Our Empty Threats might get Louder, like one Simpson family member (from this episode).
“Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”
Marge fights and bites/writes to get cartoon violence off TV

As mentioned in this episode, Violence has been around even before cartoons, In fact the first credited cartoon didn’t exist until 1908 (called “Fantasmagorie”) and there is some cartoon violence in it (mild by today’s standards, but there). Famed Cat and Mouse team Tom and Jerry started in movie shorts in the 1940s. Itchy and Scratchy first appeared on The Tracy Ullman show and then on The Simpsons (S1 E4). So before anyone writes me angry letters, I’ll move on with the post. This is the 22nd episode of The Simpsons. December 20th 1990, season 2 episode 9.
Sideshow Mel, Roger Meyers Jr., and (since it’s in our game) the first tumbleweed (unless there is one from the Tracy Ullman show… I can’t confirm/deny that). Also the first time for Milhouse’s House (exterior). Now there is three guys in our game (if you have the Escalator To Nowhere) and those three fellas are in this episode as Itchy and Scratchy Animators/Writers (if you are a True “The Simpsons” Nerd you’d recognize one but with a different skin tone), I’ll leave it at that (the Escalator To Nowhere didn’t appear in this episode), but the guys did (as I said).
There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:
Possible NPCs: Corporal Punishment, (there were lots of kids playing outside, but Brooders might send Corporal Punishment after me if I didn’t mention:  ) …treehouse pirate boy? (Since Brooders wants a pirate event). Also though I strangely wished it to be a skin, Squirrel Marge (that would say “Don’t do that! Don’t do that!” when tapped)
Possible Decorations: Statue of David (with or without pants), Air Napoli plane, The as-seen-on-tv Handyman gizmo, and various possibilities from the Kids Playing Outdoors sequence (I’ll let the commenters, list their favorites, if they have them).
Possible Skins: Tourist Dr. Marvin Monroe, Krusty with sailor hat? (maybe the comic book villain “Silly Sailor” would be better), Pied Face Krusty, and if they ever come into our game skins for Itchy and Scratchy (football players, baseball players, chefs, Porch Pals, telegram messenger Itchy, and Grim Reaper Scratchy) COME ON EA, I&S have lots of skin possibilities!!!! (and a couple no skin possibilities) :p
Possible Events: ITCHY AND SCRATCHY EVENT (Come On EA!!!), Outdoor fun and play mini-event, Fine Art event, a town taking sides vote/protest event?
Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: other animators/writers or boardroom people, Meyer’s secretary Miss White, Random protesters, postal worker and mail trucks, Italian museum coordinator, moving men, reporters, Janey Powell’s mom and various kids that I haven’t mentioned in Season 1 posts.
some Highlights:
Even more highlights:
Seriously MORE highlights (I must have really liked this episode):   :p
Some other things to think about:
The first Highlight collage, contains a spoof on Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”  and honestly it has to be watched, the screen grabs don’t do it justice (do yourself a favor and watch the episode for that sequence if nothing else). This episode is the first to show Maggie with a violent streak (including her in possession of a suction-cup gun) imagine what would happen if she ever had a real gun in her hands… Wait. Never mind.
It’s established that The Itchy and Scratchy Show comes on at 4pm (they are a part of Krusty’s show, does he come on at 4 or 3:30 and just happens to play I&S at 4?) and Bart wants to watch cartoons right after dinner (assumingly referring to Itchy and Scratchy, so the Simpson family eats dinner before 4 pm?)
Krusty still struggles with reading. He also is seen doing his show without his white makeup (still has the nose on, but his face looks yellow, a little weird) which means he still hasn’t gotten the pigment surgery yet.
There are other observations and nitpicks but I need to leave some room for you folks (the commenters) to comment on. Before I go, if you want to check this episode out quote by quote on Frinkiac, they are missing a bunch of (dialog/written sound) stuff, (excluding the kids going outdoors and the controversy over Michelangelo’s David statue) and if that bothers you, you should write an angry letter, actually while your at it write an angry letter to EA for not releasing characters we really want, and maybe write an angry letter to Matt Groening asking why retired characters can’t be in the game and why the series has dipped in quality (as some people feel).
Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Ever write/send an angry letter? Ever go to a protest? Ever watch Tom and Jerry? Ever reenact something you’ve seen on television? Are you soft on full frontal nudity? Which do you prefer (honestly) violent I&S or Porch Pal I&S? Can you imagine a world without cartoon violence? Sound off in the comments and have a violent/pleasant journey back to your current space/time (depending on which side of the argument you are on) :p

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  1. They love, they share
    They share they love they share
    Love love love share share share
    The itchy and scratchy show!

    (Actually, i think its changed to itchy & scratchy program, or something?)

    This runs through my head nearly every time I use a scratchR!

  2. “Lemonade??” “Please.”

  3. REALLY want Itchy & Scratchy as full characters in a Krusty Reboot (mini?)event that would include Lois Pennycandy, Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie playable characters and MORE krustyland items!!

  4. LOL! It’s 5:23am, need to leave for work shortly, but don’t want to go. Can I call in and say “My baby beat me up!”?

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