4x Payouts in Springfield Heights Available for a Limited-Time!

Update 10/3: And hopefully many of you will look at this…there are LOADS of comments about it ending early.  Yes.  There’s a glitch impacting some players…not all.  But rather than copy and past the same response t0 100+ comments, please see this post


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So something new rolled out this morning in our pocket-sized Springfields….4x payout on all Springfield Heights currency!

What does this mean?  How does it work?  Let’s take a look…


4x Rewards are only available until October 4th…

When you log into your game today you’ll see (or you already saw) this conversation popup:

2016-09-30-12-43-15 2016-09-30-12-43-19 2016-09-30-12-43-23 2016-09-30-12-43-29

And then the message above about Springfield Heights paying out FOUR TIMES the normal rate.   So what does it mean?

Well it means that whatever the payout for anything that awarded Springfield Heights currency it’s now multiplied by FOUR…

For your Buildings (Furniture Shop, Coffee, Pharmaceuticals, etc..)…they’re all now paying out FOUR for Freemium and EIGHT for Premium (instead of 1 and 2).

For the Googolplex…it’s now paying out TWENTY for all movies, instead of 5.  And as an added bonus, right now all movies are FREE to play!  It appears that the free option on the Googolplex has been patched. This means you don’t need to spend in-game cash to earn the currency.  Basically, EVERYONE that has the Googolplex should be utilizing it over the next few days to earn as much currency as they can! And remember, using the Googolplex is the only way you can add over your storage capacity of currency…in other words.  Use the heck out of it!

Also mini games that pay our SH Currency, like the Insanity game or the Sci-Fighter game..are now paying out FOUR times the regular reward you may earn!

Basically this is a fantastic way to stock up on SH currency, max out those hideaways…and maybe finish SH if you haven’t already done so..

(oh and for those stuck on 2 billion Real Estate…that appears to be the max amount of Real Estate points you can earn, which is why you won’t see it increase)

Remember…4x rewards ends October 4th

What are your thoughts on the four times value for SH currency?  Will you be running it like crazy to stock up while you can?  Utilizing it to finish off heights? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



405 responses to “4x Payouts in Springfield Heights Available for a Limited-Time!

  1. I wish the Springfield heights bonus was still going on , I was only 300 million from billionaire haven. It would be nice if EA did this more often or a least added more characters to interact with Springfield heights or maybe some more buildings with heights currency.


  2. Definitely need more land for SH. Hopefully we get more in the next update. Right now it’s ridiculously small


  3. Well this has actually made me use SH. Before it was just unplayable for me. Everything needed multiples of everything else and it was just annoying. With this, in a brief time, I’ve got to actually achieve something and clear out a lot of building and the annoying quests that cluttered up my taskbook (and for some reason wouldn’t ever go in the box).


  4. Twistedelementx

    What time does it end? At like 3 am central time on oct 4th?


  5. I’ve been seeing the little 4x pop up banner but I’m not getting the point of getting more SH cash. What am I missing lol?


  6. The one good thing about this mistake is that we get to see a lot of the folks who normally just lurk here….so many new names posting here now! 🙂


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