Error Logging In to TSTO

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you have been reporting about issues you have getting into your game.  It tells you that you’ve been logged out and then when you try to log back in it tells you there’s an error and you can’t get back into your game. (And Patric wrote about some issues over the weekend)

We’ve seen this before…just a few months ago.  And it impacted a certain segment of the TSTO Server.  EA is aware of this too…in fact last week they made a post on their TSTO Facebook Page to indicate what to do if you’re impacted:


Those links are:


Initially I didn’t think too much of it (which is why I didn’t post about their post over the weekend).  As it’s happened before, and usually once EA is aware of it it’s resolved quickly.

However…it’s now becoming more widespread.  I’m seeing loads more reports of the lock out happening.  And in fact it just happened to me about 30 minutes ago.  My game worked fine all day…and then all of a sudden I was locked out.

However, I was able to get back into my game, by following the reset password method.  So I do recommend trying that.

It is concerning that it’s becoming more widespread, and hopefully EA can resolve the issue soon for everyone impacted.

And I know the question on everyone’s mind is….are they going to extend Halloween?  At the moment, I don’t think it’s widespread enough to cause them to extend the event.  It’s very rare that we see them extend an event unless nearly every player is impacted.  So the best thing I can tell you to do is try resetting your password, or contacting EA to get back into your game as quickly as possible.


39 responses to “Error Logging In to TSTO

  1. Ever since the latest update, I have had to redownload the updates and relog back in every time I have wanted to play… It takes forever for the 713.2MB to download… Is there any help out there or reason why this is happening?


  2. So this is only affecting one of my devices (I have 2 android tablets an android phone and an ipad) only the newest android tablet is doing this
    This started after the take down for the Christmas event. I was hopping the next update would fix it.
    every time I try opening my game it signs me out
    trying to log back in instantly gives me the bart screen
    I tried the change password trick and no luck there
    I tried factory resetting the device and it worked until everything auto updated that evening
    tried resetting again and turned off updates for every app in the play store and it stopped working immediately
    the next day at work i was playing around with a vpn and decided to try it on my tablet and the game works however only within the vpn as soon as i sign out of the vpn and relaunch the game it signs me out.
    I am in Canada there should be no reason I need to vpn out to get my game working any advice would be appreciated.


  3. When I leave my game for more than a couple hours, it seems like my TSTO files are completely cleaned out, and I have to log in and spend 5 minutes downloading my Springfield again. I know this happens occasionally but it’s happened a lot in the last couple of days. I play on one device, an iPhone 6, and everything is updated. Is it a problem with my phone? Do you know of a setting I could change to keep from having to start from scratch every time? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  4. It happened to me twice so far in the last 24 hours but after a few tries I managed to log in without changing my password


  5. This game is starting to get annoying. First the long in error but now for the past week my game disconnects ever 5 seconds and takes 30 minutes to work again. I have been doing neighbor tapping for 2 hours and only got to about 9 neighbors.


  6. The game sometimes says I am logged into another device, but I only play on one device. Today after many crashes, it told me the other device hadn’t saved my progress and I should log onto that. None of the options worked or made sense and I gave up because I didn’t know how much progress had been lost (minutes? days? years?). I lodged a support ticket, then saw the suggestions on this site. So I reset my password, logged onto, and out, of the EA site, then got into the game OK. But, each step took a few goes because the various bits aren’t working very well, and in-game warnings were just the same.
    Also, had far fewer flying rat monsters, dwindling since the big fat ones showed up. Turns out there were many stuck right at the back of heights, hidden behind big buildings. Several wingless spitting ones, been there a while. Now these are gone, so monster numbers and behavior are better. Think this has caused me to be behind in obols. We’ll see.


  7. Today I can’t play with the game. Yesterday near Midnight (I live in Italy) everything was fine, but starting from this morning, I can’t start the game anymore. I am not connected with an EA account,I play stand alone.
    When launching the app, the splash screen starts, it says “Synchronizing….” (In italian) but never reaches the “tap to enter without an account” screen, because the app exits, sometimes asking to send an error report.
    I opened an EA support ticket. I hope it will be solved soon.


  8. Happened a few days ago. Finally uninstalled-reinstalled. Seems to have fixed the problem. Loved the Cubs win!


  9. Yes I have this problem and every time I just chance my password .

    Problem solved.

    The cathedral has cobelstone in front. Maybe we get cobelstone also not only as a road. O I hope!!!!

    Do you anything about the cobelstone in front of the cathedral???

    Is it a coincidence or something special to looking forward to???

    I hope you know the answer.

    Yours jade pleepc


  10. and, I just found out that my user name in was changed and I can’t change it back because “id is already registered” . it looks like ea has been hacked.


  11. i have little bit different problem. i can play normaly on two devices, on other two can’t log in. already reset password, and always on this two devices: when i try to log in I got: wrong user name (name looks like my email and some numbers) and level 1. I didn’t “go” into game. just log out and tried again and again. i also reset both ipads, deleted game and reinstalled. nothing worked. any suggestions? thanks


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