Halloween 2016 101: Who Can Trick or Treat? Who Can Fight Monsters? (Act 3)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So seeing a number of questions in the comments asking which characters can Trick-or-Treat and which characters can battle Giant Monsters.  So now that a new Act has launched, and new tasks have unlocked, I figured now’s the best time to lay down a comprehensive list.

So here’s the breakdown of kids who can Trick-or-Treat and Adults who can Battle Giant Monsters….

ico_battlehub_monster04 ico_priz_thoh2016_trickortreat_lg

As a reminder, both tasks are 4hrs long…

Let’s start with the kiddos…

As of Act 3 here’s all of the characters who can Trick-or-Treat WITHOUT MAG Points unlocking more…

bart_go_trick_or_treating     Bart

Squeaky Voice Teen Trick or TreatSqueaky Voiced Teen

Shauna Trick or TreatShauna

Sherri and Terri Trick or TreatSherri and Teri

Kearney Trick or TreatKearney

Jimbo trick or treatJimbo

The following kids unlock with MAG points (in order they unlock):

Milhouse Trick or TreatMilhouse

martin_go_trick_or_treating Martin



Ralph Trick or TreatRalph

Rod Trick or TreatRod

Todd Trick or TreatTodd

dolph trick or treatDolph

And finally when you finish the Act 3 questline you’ll unlock…

lisa_go_trick_or_treating Lisa (again, her job won’t unlock until you’ve finished the Act 3 questline…)

Now that we’ve got the kids Trick-or-Treat jobs down, let’s breakdown the Adults that can battle Giant Monsters.

As of the start of Act 3 here’s who can battle Giant Monsters (again remember this is a 4hr task)..

ico_battlehub_avatar_large_skinner ico_battlehub_avatar_large_spacemarshmallow ico_battlehub_avatar_large_willie ico_battlehub_avatar_large_revlovejoy ico_battlehub_avatar_large_marge ico_battlehub_avatar_large_krusty ico_battlehub_avatar_large_crazyiguanalady ico_battlehub_avatar_large_comicbookguy ico_battlehub_avatar_large_cletus ico_battlehub_avatar_large_apu ico_battlehub_avatar_large_blinkyfromtheblacklagoon ico_battlehub_avatar_large_deathico_battlehub_avatar_large_herman ico_battlehub_avatar_large_moe ico_battlehub_avatar_large_gravediggerbilly ico_battlehub_avatar_large_werewolfned ico_battlehub_avatar_large_frinkenstein ico_battlehub_avatar_large_homer

Homer’s Job unlocks AFTER you’ve finished the Act 3 questline

Prizes: Space Marshmallow (Act 1); Death (Act 2); Werewolf Flanders (Act 3); Frinkenstein (Act 3)

Premium: Crazy Iguana Lady (Act 1); Blinky Monster (Act 2); Gravedigger Billy (Act 3)

Everyone else is a regular character in Springfield…


OH and as a reminder (we covered this back in Act 1, but doesn’t hurt to say it again), Count Burns, Space Mutant, Booberella & Suzanne the Witch all help you earn Event Currency via the MAG Building (Training task).  It’s a 4hr task and earns 50  ico_cur_thoh2016_megaphone_lg each.

mrburns_countburns_menu Space Mutant Booberella Suzanne_the_Witch

And there you have it…everyone that can actively earn you event currency every 4hrs…either via Trick-Or-Treating or Monster Fights…or bonus tasks.

What are your thoughts on the currency earning tasks?  Enjoying seeing the kids dressed up?  How about the Monster Fight animations?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Halloween 2016 101: Who Can Trick or Treat? Who Can Fight Monsters? (Act 3)

  1. Is anyone else noticing a major decline in the spawn rate of the big monsters? I only had 2 monsters, then 8 hours later, I cleared them and there were only 2 available again.

    I thought it was a fluke this morning, so I purposely didn’t touch my game at work all day. Now it’s 10 hours later, I just cleared the two from this morning, and I only have 2 monsters available to fight again!

    Did the spawn rate drop, or is it just me?

    • I run a B game – occasionally. It has been full of not just more monsters, but higher level monsters to boot. I speculate it is a way for EA to make sure people who don’t play as much still get a chance at the top end prizes.
      The A game me hates it, but the B game me appreciates it.

    • I was under the assumption that monsters spawned (2) every 4 hours. So if you fight them every for their 4 hour time limit then you would only get 2 more new ones.
      If you only play a couple times a day you would see more. There are a total of 8 monsters per day. If you didn’t fight at all you would have 8 to fight every 24 hours.
      Sometimes depending on when you release a fight will depend on how many monsters you get at that time. But you will only have a total of 8 per 24 hours.

    • Meant to say 10 monsters a day not 8

      How Do I Get Monsters? What’s the Spawn Rate?

      Monsters appear in your Springfield 2 at a time, and they spawn every 4hrs. So every 4hrs you’ll get 2 Monsters to battle.

      They max out at 10 monsters, which means you can leave your game for up to 20hrs before having to clear it of Monsters to get new ones.

  2. Finally finished the Lisa quest line and now I have her for trick or treating (she makes 14 for me) and Homer for fighting monsters. The only two I don’t have to fight are still waiting for me to get them as prizes. only need a 100 or so mega phones to get the Odol pack and then collect to get Werewolf Flanders.

  3. I like this event, but I am finding it really hard during this time of year to complete everything. I missed out on Death, which I blame on the darn login failures, it took out a good two – three login’s for me! Now I can still get him, if I spend 130 donuts… but really? who’s going to do that? lol

    Act 3 has some really nice prizes!

  4. Hi Addicts

    I got the 4th monster today for which a player can send upto 4 characters to fight (to get extra bonus currency). You can also send only 1 character to fight it as well

    I’ve emailed 2 snapshots of it to you at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

    Please feel free to use the pics on the addicts blog/website = ))))

  5. If you want to try amd get more obols then stat denying your daily tasks. I x off the single donuts, money, or heights stuff until I get something better. Just today I xed off a task for the second day in a row and now my prize is 160 obols. Sometimes it doesn’t work and you end up auto winning a stupid prize, but it seems to me the more you deny a task the better it gets. I have even gotten 6 donuts as a daily task prize after denying several. Anyway, it’s worth a try. Also, as long as you finish the prize track you should get all the mag points you need to complete the final step. I finished mag points ages ago, but that was from buying premium items. Since then I’ve been “collecting” what seems like plenty with each new prize in the main quest.

  6. Need advise, should buy Boobetella/Gravedigger or save the donnuts for Gils Black Friday offers???

  7. For everyone worrying about be able to collect enough obols: did you even realize that the big obol pack is really…big? I mean, if you could grab all the act 3 prizes alone, you will have 900 free obols. Plus, one of the last prizes in the MAG line is another pack of 200 obols. And you still have obols coming from the kids AND the monsters (flying rats mostly, but sometimes that big worms too).Each coin that fall gives you not one but 2 obols. So, I need around 2000 obols to get the shipwreck too, but I am pretty sure I’m gonna make it.

  8. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m really enjoying this event! It will be fun to finish & reorganize so I’m not taking up half my Springfield 😂😂😂

  9. Question: Is it better to send all possible charaters to trick or treat/fight giant monsters or allow some to recycle materials to progress monorail construction? In my case I have been repeatedly presented with the need to produce recycled materials or allow monorail progress to be totally idle. This of course slows progress of the Halloween event. Your input will be appreciated.

    • In my mind, finishing the event. But it depends on where your priorities are…

      You should be able to stagger both

      • That is what I have been doing. If you are getting over run with large monsters focus on them. If your Springfield has the large monster population pretty well under control then focus on recycling but balancing both is doable. Although I keep the kids on permanent trick or treat status. Poor them… 😛

    • Event tasks should always come first in my book. Of course, you can do both things at the same time. Send all relevant characters on event tasks, send the other characters on monorail grinding tasks. It will take you a bit longer to finish the weekly monorail tasks, but at least you won’t be taking characters away from the event.

    • I’ve been able to do both without any problems. I send all kids on trick or treat. I send all characters to fight monsters, and then send remaining characters to recycle. I finish the recycling tasks and get the donuts by Friday or Saturday, and then just use the remaining days to stock up to get a head start for next week.

    • I struggle with that question myself..there are 2 strategies.. One is you focus on finishing monorail over one to two days time then continue with your event which spans over two weeks. Remem monorail resets every week. Two is my current strategy.. Focus on event then whoever is not used go and recycle your materials.. Do both same time.. This works if you have many characters though..

    • I share your dilemma. In my case I tend to do monorail recycling until I get the 5 donuts. This usually takes no more than 2 days. I then spend the other 5 days ignoring the monorail. Even while doing the monorail I still find most of my characters can be on event duty without slowing down the monorail too much (e.g. If you are needing to collect metal then you can send you glass characters on event duties).

    • One tip is to when assigning characters to fight monsters, choose ones that don’t have any recycling tasks first. For example, Apu, Death, Crazy Iguana Lady, Space Mutant, etc. Then choose ones that have recycling tasks that you may be full on or need less of (such as Marge if your glass recycling level is full). By doing this I am currently done with this week’s recycling tasks AND I’m ahead of the calendar on the event prize track.

  10. Alissa,

    Has anyone mentioned how incredibly awesome your are recently? I just think it is worth mentioning considering all the work you put into this site.

    Seriously, two thumbs way up!

  11. Ok, Halloween is in its final act but there’s another real life event going on that I’m curious about, is there any word on a mini event for the circus that is the American presidential election? Both Trump and Hillary have appeared on The Simpson’s show, there was even a reference to President Trump when Lisa was seeing her future. I’m enjoying the Halloween event, but no election stuff would be a missed opportunity here.

  12. I seriously can’t get over how awesome Sherri and Teri’s costume 😆

    Anyway, my daily challenges says it’s locked.. any idea why that would be? ☹️

    • Is it locked all the time? My next DC always unlocks at 1am PST. I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about, but thought I’d throw it out there.

  13. Is frinkerstein a skin for sideshow Mel or professor drink or a separate character?

  14. Can’t even get onto game yet missing out on all the good things so unfair been a week now and still waiting for fault to be fixed

  15. Boobarella or Shauna or Gravedigger…
    I have enough donuts to get one…
    Any suggestions?

    • I love all the Scottish characters, so I would choose gravedigger. My second choice would be shauna, fun character that’s not tied to a specific time of the year event.

    • If you have troubles getting all the prizes for the event, then maybe Boobarella as she will boost you by 50 Megaphones per visit. If you only care for aesthetic appeal, then get whomever you like the look of best. If your town if short on the female complement, you may want to try either Boobarella or Shauna. Shauna may have more option to contribute to future events by fitting in the ‘kids’ category.

      I have all three and haven’t decided which I like best out of the bunch. I’m leaning toward Billy because he is voiced, I like his animations and I like the burial plot to add to my wild west grave area.

      In the end, go with your heart or wallet.

    • I like Booberella the most, but I’m the kind of guy who turned his Springfield Heights into a Halloween town.

    • If your determining factor is event impact, I’d probably go with Shauna. She collects both Obols and Megaphones while trick-or-treating, and at least one player has suggested that the Obols are harder to come by. (I’m not having too much difficulty myself… but then, I’m playing with several premiums already.)

      If your determining factor is simply coolness… well, personally I’m planning to harvest some Rat Trap Trucks this weekend, so that I can buy Boobarella. So, obviously you can figure out my opinion pretty easily… 😉

  16. Do we know if we will be able to set the kids on trick or treating after the event, like the spooky forest can from last year? I hope so, as it’s a way to get more costumes for free!

    • Likely not, as that’s the purpose of the premium nightmare pile. A lot of people will be upset if they did that..

      • I would love if they re-released the nightmare pile after Halloween (timed for people who are sad they can’t trick or treat anymore) and that it gets upgraded for everyone to be like the zombie sandwich so you can send as many characters at once as you like.

  17. The kids walk all over the town, it is hard to catch a glimpse of them.

  18. Ummmm…i dont think im gono make the cathedral(i know its the wrong place to mention it)but yeah any tips

  19. Oh. Just realised I’ve ran out of items that give me mag points and I have to throw away 660 obols to unlock the ship. Damn

    • TechnoTrousers0

      Buy 11 spooky houses at 60 obols each and you’ll unlock it the ability to craft it. Plus they’ll earn money for you all year long.

    • I’m going fencing when I have to choose for that stuff.

    • Put some of the craftable items in your storage. This will free up the mag points so that you can craft more of the same item and get more mag points.

      • No, you won’t. The wording changes to make it look as though you will, but many people (including me, for one item) have tested it and you don’t actually get any additional MAG points.

  20. I’m getting worried I won’t be able to collect enough obels to complete all the crafting.
    I have the last 2 to get at the moment but will need over 2000 obels for that.

    • There are 2 large obol packs in the prize track which will help with this. For me, it will be the only way to get the shipwreck, which Alissa says is underwhelming. But I am an event completionist, so will continue plodding away, and will only panic about the obols on the last day. Good luck, to both of us!

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