Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E15 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Hello, you Bast… (Whoops, I mean) legitimate children. Brothers from another mother, and Sisters from a different mister. Aren’t we all related somehow? (Though secretly wish we weren’t)

Long Lost Relative stories are relatively interesting. 🙂  and this one is not that much different. Let’s pull the curtain back, and let me REUNITE you with this episode:

“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Homer finds his long lost half-brother and that’s just the half of it.


‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’ is originally from a film within a movie  “Sullivan’s Travels” (1941) (which if you know about it, there may be some foreshadowing about Herb’s financial future). The Simpson’s were the first to use it as an episode title and other tv series have used it after. The title/quote was also used as a feature film title (2000). This episode aired February 21st 1991, (at long last) the 28th episode of The Simpsons.

Herb Powell, Powell Motors and Powell mansion. The Homer (car). Also first time Mona Simpson appeared (as a flashback and was not the voice we are used to, but it was Grandpa’s memory so perhaps that is what messed up her voice). :p
There are also items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:
Possible Skins: Wedding Day Abe and Mona, Baby Homer (if not just an NPC). Malt Shop Itchy (if we ever get Itchy and Scratchy as characters), and there are other outfits that I feel are a pass (that I won’t bother mentioning). Maybe include Lisa in swimsuit and still hold off on Bart (still want the MilPool cast Bart). Also maybe a Hospital gowned Grandpa. Kumatsu Motors facade for Powell Motors?


Possible Decorations: exploding Gasoline truck (from McBain movie), 35 speed limit sign, pot holes, Powell hot-air balloon, Dunk the Clown -carnival stand (maybe come with Herb’s Birth-Mom). Also (shown in the next collage) a penguin enclosure.

Possible Events: Long Lost Family member event, they can do this with just Simpson family members but I’d also like to see Larry Burns, Sarah Wiggum (even though she isn’t missing from the show). Hibbert family event (including missing family member Bleeding Gums Murphey), Carney Event, fun by the pool mini-event, and (because of the Abe and Mona wedding day skin idea) a wedding event.

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Senator Mendoza, and other McBain characters (including Heroine I’d like to call “McJane”). Herb’s Birth-Mom (unless comes with the Dunk the Clown tank as mentioned earlier). Hibbert’s Shelbyville Brother (and the Shelbyville orphanage). Powell Motor’s employees and spectators (even the Pope). Detroit people (Police officer, restroom guy). Aztec Theater employee and theater goers. Unknown Shelbyville folks and gas station, grocery store, Guido’s Pasta Villa. Wedding attendees, carnival goers, nurse and “Now Leaving Michigan” sign.


some Highlights:


I auto-motivate you with a few more highlights:


Some other things to think about:


Once again McBain throws someone out a window. I understand it’s a movie but was he built into the table that he burst out of? -lol. Grandpa complains the movie cost him $2.50.


Herb is a year older than Homer yet obviously looks younger, is it Herb’s birthmother’s good DNA or Herbs upbringing which we know nothing about (maybe it was less stressful)? Who is Herb’s adoption parents (the Powells)? Also strange note: Herb had a little 5 O’clock-shadow as a baby. 🙂


I’m not sure how The Homer car bankrupted Powell Motors, unless they blindingly went into mass production. If that was the case the Simpsonverse should have a number of them on the roads (unless they were scrapped for parts).


Homer wanted a cup holder to fit the large Kwick-E-Mart’s “Super Slacker” cup (which he is seen with a couple times in the episode). I’m guessing it’s something the Kwick-E-Mart discontinued. Also where did Homer obtain a Detroit phone book (while in Springfield)?


Since this episode provides a Homer and Dr. Hibbert relative/doppleganger there was another familiar face. The safety inspector that Burn’s tried to bribe in S2 E4 must have a twin in Detroit that works for Powell Motors as an engineer (unless he got fired, moved out there and dyed his hair… But not likely). Also a Shelbyville man had the same voice as (wise guy) Raphael (but that’s not as strange).

My Pointless Opinion:

Even rewatching this episode it was hard wiping the smile from my face. Homer designing/creating The Homer car is best of all. I could have included more pictures in Highlights such as Homer in the wind-tunnel and his sketch and him saying “SORT OF!!” After his brother’s pep talk. I also liked the McBain film (end credit) theme song, and the sibling bickering between Bart and Lisa. At the bottom-right of the first Highlight collage I included a quote from Dr. Hibbert who says “You’ll bury us all Grandpa Simpson” – with Abe cryogenically frozen in the future he might end up doing just that (well if Gravedigger Billy doesn’t stick around). Dr. Hibbert’s trademark laugh was sort of there but still in a caterpillar phase. There are still quotes/lines and images that keep popping up in my mind (from this episode) but I didn’t want to over-do the picture collages, to leave somethings as surprises when you rewatch it. So in closing, the episode was good, Homer’s stupidity really pays off well and there is more enjoyment from this episode than what I provided in the collages.

*the following pointless opinions do not reflect those of the admin of the site nor any brother or sister that I may or not have.

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Did you find something odd about the mirrored car window (this first picture of the post)?  Do you have a brother or sister (do you stay in contact or are you distant)? What kind of car would you design? Can you skip a stone across a pond? Can you imagine a world without Siblings? Sound off in the comments and have a legitimate journey back to your current space/time 🙂 and don’t ask “if we are there yet” or I’ll turn this post around.

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  1. Interesting possible family event option – which would tie in nicely with a Christmas/Holiday/Winter event…

    Brooders’ obsession with NPC’s definitely gets a boost from your posts

    • Rabbi Krustofski is an estranged family member of sorts (true he is dead) but there could be a reunion with such an event or maybe Hanukkah this year (fingers crossed)

  2. Great post, Totbox. I love this episode. I love Danny Devito and think he was perfect for Uncy Herb. Have you ever seen the whole McBain movie?

    • I saw this few years ago. This movie was epic.

      I like hidden stories like the McBain movie. The show Community did something similar where the Character Abed appears in the background several times of the episode, often unnoticeable on first live watch. But when you put it together, he helps deliver a baby. This is later mentioned in a future episode.

    • Thanks for the clip, I never put them together – but that made sense 🙂👍

  3. Hey Alissa !
    I’m a French TSTO addict guy and I don’t get what the meaning of the term Totbox you often use is ?!!
    I Googled it without any result 😉
    Please, could you quickly explain it to me ?
    Thanx a lot

    • Totbox is the name of the person who writes these posts. I believe it stands for Think Outside the Box.

    • Totbox is the person who does all these amazing stuff. Alissa didn’t write this – Totbox fid

    • More info about Totbox can be found at:

    • Smellycat, Smellycat, what are they feeding you in France? Yes Totbox’s Throwback Thursdays are my (Totbox) Throwback Thursdays 😜

      The name Totbox is what I call myself and there is a long story about it but short version it means different things to different people (Think Outside The BOX, (tot) child box, Toy box with a “t” instead of a “y”). But in the end it’s a name for people to identify me without reaveling my real name (though have contemplated legally changing it) 😜

      Hope that answered your question Smellycat 😷😺

      • “Merci beaucoup” for these explanations ! I should have guessed ´think outside the box’ !!
        Or course in my question quickly ment shortly !
        But it was quick and short 😉
        Tanks a lot

    • Thx very much everyone who answered my post !
      I’ll go to bed tonight a little less ignorant !

      • Lol 😂Smelly Cat, it wasn’t ignorance, let’s say it was a curiosity. Luckly curiousity didn’t kill the Smelly Cat 🐱. Your questions are always welcome.

        I’m glad I could clarify your post/comment in my Post 😜

  4. These are going so quick! I can’t believe we are here already. Love reading these and I would love a family event with Sarah Wiggum and loads more family members throughout.
    We are coming up to my favourite episode!! Does anyone know what it is? My favourite episode is actually a tie between 2 episodes because I couldn’t choose 1 favourite

    • I must admit I’ve been falling a little behind, I think I’ll have the next episode written for this Thursday but the week after is Thanksgiving and I think I and others would be Thankful if I skip posting that week.

  5. Another great throw back Totbox 🙂

    …my particular favourite parts of these recaps are the NPC possibilities! The more the merrier ♡

    • I try finding those NPCs and anything Monkey/Pirate/Zombie related.

      Just about any character/critter in the Don’t Mention It sections could be NPCs. I put them in there so people could try to convince me and others if they’re worthy for the game.

  6. are the ea/origin servers down again? i’m unable to login

  7. Are the EA servers broked again? Keep getting the old ‘logged out/can’t log in’ messages.

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