Character Tasks at Halloween Buildings

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in real quick with a full list of all the buildings during the Halloween  Event that have character tasks there, permanent character tasks.

You guys liked that I did this for the Sci-Fi Event, so I figured let’s do it again! So here we go…

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So the list below breaks out every item available from the event and which character will use it.  If it’s not on this list it’s because the building doesn’t have a task there….

Building/Item Character Task Length/Earns
Battle Dome Lisa, Bart, Milhouse, Martin Practice Hungry Games 4hrs, $260, 70xp
Bell Tower Moe Size Up Imaginary Targets 4hrs, $175,45xp
Burns Family Crypt Mr. Burns Sweep Some Dust Leave the Rest 4hrs, $175,45xp
Catacombs Bart Explore the Darkness 12hrs, $420, 100xp
Count Burns’ Castle Mr. Burns Have a Drink 4hrs, $175,45xp
Hellementary School Bart Get Straight A’s in Evil 8hrs, $420, 105xp
House on Scary Hill Bart Spend the Night on a Dare 4hrs, $260, 70xp
Large Mausoleum Comic Book Guy Cosplay as a Dark Knight 4hrs, $175,45xp
Mad Doctor’s Castle Willie Straighten Up the Lab 4hrs, $175,45xp
Medieval Cathedral Rev. Lovejoy Fill the First Two Rows Only 8hrs, $275, 70xp
Shinning Hotel Willie Catch an Axe in the Back 4hrs, $260, 70xp

Note: It does look (according to the files anyway) that there will be tasks AFTER the event at the MAG Building, Construction Yard and Rich House.  Once the event ends and I can confirm them I’ll add those tasks to this post.

And there you have it…a full list of tasks available at the Halloween Event Buildings!

Thoughts on the tasks?  Any you weren’t aware of?  Any you’ll regularly be sending your characters on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

27 responses to “Character Tasks at Halloween Buildings

  1. The Best thing they could attend to the game at this point is click on a building and see who has tasks and an option to start people on this tasks. Way to hard to remember all the tasks for all the different buildings.

    • Yes! I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. It would be great to tap on Moe’s and send everyone who has a task there in the task!

    • I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD TASKS UNTIL THIS POST! I spent the ENTIRE event just fighting giant monsters, tapping feral beats, going trick or treating, and sending Count Burns to do a task. WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! EA did not make this clear AT ALL! i spent almost 40 days wishing the event would end because it was so boring, and i don’t even wanna think about how much event currency I missed out on!

  2. I have know idea what is going on….

  3. Ok guys, how do i get more mag points? I have cant get any more mag points by building stuff, I have built all, and the thing says I can’t get any more mag points?

    Iv done all of section 2 and section 3 of the event, unfortunately I was sick and missed a few days of the first section, but I did get the first two things from the first second…

    • At this point, dropping sprinkles…
      All act events and the majority of the crafting items (or vice versa) would be enough to get all the MAG points you need, but without, you’d have to get some premium if you have any left that would give them.

  4. Everything has a job or earns cash except the stables…hoping for an XP bonus after the event since I am using my last bunch of extra obols for a second one.

  5. Due to the glitch in act 1 which didn’t populate my town with monsters, I lost out on a lot of event currency and didn’t get all of the prizes in the first act. Sucks, but “oh well” at this point, right? 😉

    Since I don’t have enough MAG points to finish the prize track and get the last up grade to the medieval gate, my question is: IS THE MEDIEVAL GATE WORTH IT? Should I look into buying a premium item (I’m 45 MAG points short, btw), to put me over the top? What does it do, exactly? Thanks!

    • It does nothing. Personally, I prefer the gate version with the lamp (third version), so you are really not missing anything.

    • Don’t waste your hard earned donuts to get a gate that just sits there as a decoration! Seriosuly, it’s not worth it, and this is coming from someone who loves Halloween, loves this event and all the prizes/craftables and bought multiple premium items. Only go for a premium item if you really love it and have a place for it on your town. Not for a gate.

    • Heck no. It’s just a slightly bigger skin for your current gate – it has 3 sizes you can switch between. It doesn’t do anything else… it’s just a gate decoration. Have you spent all your obols yet? and have you checked that you’ve got all the multiples of items that pay out mag points (i.e. the ones that say “the first X items pay MAG points”)

    • Lol, im in the same boat, i only got to unlock the first two things on the first second…

  6. I love these sort of posts. Thank you!

  7. Hellementary School animation is one of my favourites.

  8. Comic book guy as the dark night, disappointed its not visual

  9. I like the fact that now buildings come with tasks as we have so many that don’t. Good move forward

  10. Thank you! I didn’t know most of these!! LOVE it…makes me wish I bought more of those premium building though 😛

  11. Thanks Alissa ♡
    It’s always great to know how to light up those buildings. .. 🙂

  12. Jane Gulledge Freeman

    I have a question? I got all of the mag points I could get and didn’t have anymore to get so that I could move forward in that part?? How was I supposed to get more?

    • You should have been able to get all of the MAG points needed to upgrade your gate all the way (believe that happens at MAG Level 20), all without spending any donuts.

      There was a pretty thorough Alissa post about it at/near the beginning of the event.

  13. Love this list. Thanks Alissa. Would be interested to know if any of the tasks are visual.

  14. How about a new post on changes rather than updates to this post?

    • While that’s likely to happen when the removal update hits…more people are likely to come across this post 6 months from now when they do a search on the site for who has a task at the Construction yard than the removal post.

  15. Very helpful 😁! Thanks so much Alissa

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