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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

All new episode of The Simpsons airs tonight…what do you think will happen in the new episode?  How do you think the episode will tie-in with the items we got in our games earlier this week?

The Thanksgiving/Most Dangerous Game mini event launched last week.  What are your thoughts so far on the mini-event?  How are you doing with prizes so far?

ICYMI…Episode 3 of Addicts Live! aired yesterday.  What are your thoughts about our take on the Thanksgiving Event?  Christmas Ideas?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Compared to last weekend, we had a fairly mellow weekend.  Gearing up for Christmas decorating next week! (and Thanksgiving of course)

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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172 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Did anyone else’s game just push a 1.2 GB patch? It’s only been a couple hours since I last launched it. Wondering if this is actually game related or just my phone freaking out.

  2. Just going to randomly post this…. A screencap of Fat Tony relaxing in the hot tub at his compound. I imagine him having over-the-top taste when it comes to decorating/landscaping:

  3. Not sure if anyone noticed, but there’s now a one day sale…well one day and a few hours, on a Thanksgiving balloon bundle, and a Sacagawea with Puritan Flanders bundle. Might be others offered as well, but I could already have them idk.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Eve😋

  5. Available for purchase is the pet mutant plant since i dont already have it. It is on special. It costs 45 donuts but bonus you get 45 donuts back. Is this really a free item or is this a glitch? Seems too good to be true.

    • It’s true. But it’s an NPC, and lives in my inventory from when I got him for free during an event.

    • It really is free, after you confirm your donut spend, you get a “free donuts” message, and your net payout is 0 donuts (so your count is unchanged).

  6. I see in the list of thing to buy the pet mutant plant which cost 45 donuts with a refund of 45 donuts. I play in french is it a translation mistake or it is really free?

  7. I just swapped out a money earning task for an 8hr task to make Ned pray for Homer’s redemption… worth 6 donuts…not sure if I’ve ever seen a task worth that much!!

  8. Love the shirt 😉

  9. Have Homer eating at the Turkey stuffer today in honor of upcoming Turkey day is the US, funny animation.

  10. So ummm, with regards to the Nightmare Pile, if you don ‘t have all the children, do the quests for it just stop until you acquire the ones you need and then start up when you do get them? Assuming this is the case, but not sure, as I don’t have Sheri & Teri.

    • I think the order shifts…and it’ll just skip them. If you purchase them the quest will come up.

      • Thanks for confirming. Just finished the last quest for the kids that I have in my town, but missing at least one that I know can wear a costume. The quest just stopped abruptly, so its good to know it should start back up again.

    • I had completed all the Nightmare Pile quests for the kids I owned. I just recently bought Jimbo and the quest for him popped up, so it should do the same for you when you get Sherri and Terri.

  11. I now have Big Claw walking around my Springfield. All other evidence of this event are now gone. I thought there would be more things to gather,earn,win… maybe some Bounets!(sp?). Do I need to reinstall TSTO?

    • Nope. That’s all there is to this event. It’s a mini event. Typically (as in just about every time) mini events don’t come with bonuts. They’re designed to be quick events…easy to do, easy to finish. They’re just something to keep you tapping..but generally considered “down time”

  12. What is the “fox face” that I am seeing in my neighbors towns? It just floats over an item and does nothing when I tap it.

  13. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Is in town and I barely have time to check in and “clear the board” .
    I shan’t be visiting neighbors, but I will try to clean visits so y’all can stop by. I’ll do what I can.

  14. I originally posted this a few weeks back during the Halloween event.

    There are two additions to the “Buildings That Can Be Placed On Squidport / Ornate Tiles” List, in the form of those pre-fixed with *NEW* – , below.

    *Everything is alphabetised and, if a building begins with ‘The’, I have it listed based on the next word*
    *Generic descriptions most likely pertain to buildings earned during the Wild West event*
    *Those listed with the descriptor are non income generating buildings*

    Ajax Steel Mill
    Alley McBalls
    Aztec Theatre
    Banana Dictatorship
    Beer -N- Brawl
    Best Snowman Ever
    Big T Theatre
    Bloaters at the Squidport
    Britannia Casino
    Burns’ Casino
    Calmwood Mental Hospital
    Cannon Control Building
    Classy Girls Strip Club
    Coconut Babaloo
    Crypto Barn
    Dead Lobster
    Der Krazy Kraut
    Donut Store
    Duff Brewery
    Egg Nog Bar
    Exotic Petting Zoo
    Fancy Farms
    Ferris Wheel
    First Bank of Springfield
    Frying Dutchman, The
    Gas and Grub
    Gate to Nowhere
    General Store
    Giuseppe’s Workshop
    Go-Kart Track
    Gridiron, The
    Happy Sumo, The
    *NEW* – Havana Private Home
    Herman’s Military Antiques
    Hootenanny Barn
    House of Evil
    Hungry Hun, The
    Impulse Wedding Chapel
    It Blows
    It’s A Wonderful Knife
    Itchy & Scratchy Store, The
    Jake’s Unisex Hair Place
    Java Server, The
    Johnny Fiestas
    Just Rainsticks
    Kamp Krusty
    KBBL Radio
    King Toots
    Little Black Box
    La Belle Frottage
    Lincoln’s Cabin
    Malaria Zone
    Mapple Store
    Moe’s Brewing Co.
    Monorail Cafe
    Monroe Family Therapy Center
    Much Ado About Muffins
    Municipal House of Pancakes
    Museum Of Swordfish
    My First Tattoo
    Mylar Baggins
    Nero’s Palace Casino
    New Lard Lad
    Noise Land Video Arcade
    Lotto ‘n’ Liquor
    O’Flanagan’s Pub
    Official Halloween HQ
    Old Abandoned Warehouse
    One Week Wonder Films
    Opera House
    Ordnance Express
    Orphan Alley
    Outdoor Opera Stage
    Overpass Diner
    Part and Parcel Postal
    Peacock Lounge
    Planet Hype
    Portal to Rigel 7
    Radioactive Man Movie Scene
    Reindeer Burger Truck
    Retro Lard Lad
    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
    Seething Sisters
    Sequel Stop
    Sham Rock Cafe
    She-She Lounge
    Shuttle Hangar
    Skip’s Diner
    Sneed’s Feed & Seed
    Soil ant Red Factory
    Simpson Laser Tag
    Space Training Center
    Spirograph Factory
    Springfield Asylum
    Springfield Books
    Springfield Fire Department
    Springfield Glenne Condos
    *NEW* – Springfield Hunting Supplies
    Springfield Hyperstadium
    Springfield Pet Shop
    Springfield Wax Museum
    Springfield YMCA
    Swanky Fish
    Top Chop Barber Shop
    Turban Outfitters
    Vast Waistband, The
    Vesuvius Pizza
    Vulgari Jewelry Store
    Wall E. Weasel’s
    Waverly Hills Elementary
    Was Doobner’s Rib Huts
    Wholesome & Sons Publishing
    Wild West Film Set
    Wilted Rose
    Zenith City Apartments
    Zenith City Condo
    Zenith City Offices
    Zenith City Penthouse
    Zenith City Store Front
    Zenith City Times

    Big Box (Daily Challenge Hub)
    Exclusive Resort (Heights)
    Log Cabin (Christmas)
    Marketing Agency (Heights)
    Stable (Wild West)

  15. In light of other posts recently, general question what makes one get addicted to this game? For me I am not sure as I have to admit l have never watched the show as my husband was the long term watcher & addicted fan of the show . And I love the game & after a year of playing am sure I am addicted to the game.

    • For me it’s a few things…the whimsy they’ve built into it (whether in the animations, the dialog, etc.) the combination of designing and strategizing, the fact that you can play as freemium or as premium as you want, the Simpsons memories (for the episodes I’ve seen), and, possibly contributing the most to its longevity for me, this site (which makes it possible to know what the heck is going on in the game sometimes) and the community I’ve become a part of because of this site. To give up this game would mean to give up this community, which has kept me playing at times when I’ve considered whether it would be better to give it up and get a good chunk of my time back to do other things I used to do pre-TSTO/TSTOAddicts.

      • Yes agree the animations & designing keep me in the game. Also this site enjoy all the information & general comments from everyone. I played for many months without neighbors or knowing about this site. Having this site makes the game more interesting & enjoy seeing what others do with their towns. Thanks

  16. Non related TSTO -Pokemon moon is pretty damn awesome. The only downfall is not being able to use the bank. On PS4 ffxv is finally coming out in a wk after 10 years which is also totally awesome.
    TSTO – I love the new decos for the thanksgiving mini event

  17. I hit the dreaded item-limit warning over the weekend. I guess it’s time to start pruning trees. On the bright side, I’m just about out of land, so I can’t add many more items anyway!

    I do see some repetition in housing that I can delete; I don’t really need four brown houses. If anyone has an tips on managing space and decorations, they would be greatly appreciated.

    • I combine commercial buildings together into shopping centers or strip malls as much as possible, which seems to save a lot of space as well as eliminating a few decorations. It can be tough to get the buildings to fit together, like putting together a puzzle that isn’t necessarily meant to fit together. If you’re interested, I can post some examples of what I mean.

      • (I’m hovering around 6700 items after three years of playing, btw.)

      • I’m at 6,000 items. I have a few strip malls, but I tend to overdecorate them with trees, benches and fountains. Also, I think I have too many parking lots, especially in relation to the number of vehicles in the game.

        I’d love to see your pictures, if you have the time to post them. I think I may need to forgo some realism in my design.

    • If you have fences and/or hedges you can store the portions that would be displayed behind buildings.

      • I’m a fanatic for fences and hedges! I really like using them as borders between buildings and around lots, but you are right that I can store then ones behind buildings. I had forgotten about that. Thanks!

    • Wouldn’t worry to much Gregory im over the 7200 mark and have a ton of trees in my town.

      • I’m seeing numbers 6000,6700,7200. I’ve been playing about 3 yrs and have not received a limit warning, just wondering how you know your total or if it can be found in-game somewhere? A risk sounding like a silly question, but I should relay that after all these years, just realized that I don’t need to tap the “tap to continue” button at the splash screen. Simply touch the screen anywhere, so please be gentle with any reply. 😉 thank you

        • There’s nowhere to find that number, short of physically counting what you have (or nuking your town and adding up what’s in your inventory). The only way to know is when you reach one of those item levels that give you a warning message.

          • I already spend enough time tapping, so I don’t think I’ll be counting each individual item anytime soon😃. Just thought maybe I was missing something. Going to keep tapping and collecting blissfully unaware of item count. Thanks for the reply

      • Thanks Mark! I figured I still had some leeway, but I was caught off guard when the warning popped up because I didn’t think I had that many items to begin with. Moving forward, I’m going to edit my design a little more.

  18. The turkeys are coming out of the sea in my Springfield already brined 😉

  19. Switched at my job from part time to full time. My job will be overnight hours. I don’t think I’m going to get to be on here or the game as much anymore. In April I get to decide if I want to switch back to part time or keep going on the full time (it is union so it is a bid month). Our hope is to pay off all the remaining bills (medical from our lo birth) and then I can switch back.

    In game I am still redesigning. I bought the popsicle tower and the giant magnifying glass. Excited for Black Friday sales and cyber Monday

  20. Does anyone have any info/backstory on the items in The Spingfield Dump as well as Burns’ Gold mountain?
    Too many unique things to be just random.
    Just curious.
    Tapping out

  21. There is one thing I’d like clarification on if I finish the mini event before black friday will tge rebate on buck McCoy still be in my store afterwards as I want to see gils offers that day to decide where to spend the doughnuts

  22. Joke of the day.

    My ex wife took the house in the divorce .
    The dog catcher took my dog .
    The IRS took my bank account .
    The repo man took my car .
    But there is one thing they can never take away from me .
    That is 4 outstanding warrants in 3 states .

    See ya bye . Shine on you Crazy Diamond . 👽

    • No worries neighbor. Im sorry your phone died. I’ve been through that problem. My phone died during Halloween and I had to get a new phone. I won’t delete you. You’ve been one of my best neighbors for a long time. Visit when you can. thanks for the info.

      • Thank you for being so inderstanding! The lady from my phone network assured me it would be fixed by the end of next week – I so want that to be true but I won’t hold my breath!

  23. Hey there, I need to post a HUGE apology to all my neighbours for not having visited their towns in ages. The phone I tap on died a death and I’m having to use the world’s oldest, slowest phone to play. I’m lucky if I can get in to do stuff, but neighbour visits just aren’t possible at the moment – please accept my unreserved apologies. I completely understand if any of you delete me, but I’ll be back on it as soon as I get my phone back. Hopefully before the Christmas update! Thank you for your patience!

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