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Today’s our very own Patric’s Birthday…be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday, here. 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Happy 2017!  How was your New Year’s Eve?  Do anything fun and exciting?

No new episodes of The Simpsons this week, but we are expecting a new mini event this week.  So be sure to brush up on Homer the Heretic…

The Winter Event is over.  Much as been discussed, many opinions have been made…what were your thoughts?

What do you think 2017 will hold for TSTO?  What would you like to see in the game this year?

Christmas was last week, how was your Christmas?  Get everything you wanted under the tree?  Hanukkah is over, how was your celebration?  Any other holidays you celebrated?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


192 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. By all means steal the pic Alissa.

  2. Often after an event you can buy the specialty characters that we tap on to get points, the Halloween skeletons and zombies, the bear, etc. I wanted to buy one of the Druids but I don’t see them in the store anywhere. Am I missing something?

  3. I’m very sad today. My dog, a lab, husky, shepherd mix, is 12 years old. She had a tumor grow in her right eye several years ago and has been blind in that eye for years. Yesterday she woke up blind in her left eye. She’s walking into walls! She’s also almost deaf. So getting her from one room to another is a task now. I’ve read online that older dogs (especially females) can get sards. And she has those light blue husky eyes, also more prone to problems. I don’t know what to do. Anyone have this happen to their dog before? I can’t afford a huge vet bill for an untreatable problem in an older dog.

    • I’ve seen mention online of blind dogs with seeing-eye dogs. I don’t know how difficult/expensive it would be to get a helper dog for your dog, or if you would even want another dog, but it might be something to check out. There may even be training programs or equipment for blind dogs to help them get around without running into walls. Another option might be surrendering her to a no-kill shelter or pet foster program that can offer ’round the clock care. I’m sure that would be hard, but I would guess that long term boarding is too expensive. I haven’t dealt with this specific problem, so I apologize if my suggestions are kind of vague. It’s so difficult to deal with health problems in our furry friends, but there may be resources for you outside of the vet.

      • Thanks for the input. Another dog is not an option. I couldn’t give her to a shelter, she doesn’t do well when we’ve been on trips, even when we have someone she knows watch her at home. She is 12 years old and probably doesn’t have much time left with us. She is actually adjusting very quickly. She’s finding her food and water and the back door when she needs out. My husband hid a couple treats and she found them.

        • Hi DJ, I sympathize completely, and feel your pain. The only thing I can offer as haven’t dealt with exact problem, is dogs adapt to limitations on their own. In time your furry baby should be getting around.
          Dr. Tyler had a good point, when my older doc was ailing we got Bogey (who was a puppy). He watched out for Buster right away and comforted and played with him.
          I also have an incredible vet, you might look around and see if there is a vet around that is a vet for love of animals. My vet doesn’t charge me a fortune, heck last time only charged for Hank’s new meds. He also will talk to me on phone, no charges for phone advice.
          Lastly I would go on Internet and research dog blindness. Should be lots of info and tips. It’s natural for your older dog to not want to be away from you especially given condition. Try to stay happy & calm around her. Enjoy the time you have left. I know it sucks and my heart goes out to you.

          • I don’t think another dog will make her happy, she gets jealous of the hamster. She also hates puppies. I don’t know why but she always has. I think it’s like the other eye. Blue eyed dogs get it. The vet called it cancer but not spreadable. My vet is not outrageous but his goal is eye removal surgery. Thank you for caring about Rocket and me! She is my daughters childhood pet and the only dog I’ve ever owned since puppyhood!

            • Your welcome and I do care. I love my dogs and am struggling with Hank, so I understand.
              If you have faith in your vet, follow what he/she suggests. My vet only does what he feels will improve their life or make them comfortable, he doesn’t do needless tests that stress them. Like now he could have run up bill with ultrasound, but he said treatment wouldn’t change we would just know how bad his heart is, but danger with that as they would knock him out. What’s the point, unless it helps him and it won’t. He is on heart & kidney meds and doing great, wouldn’t even know he is sick except for the heavy breathing when he gets worked up. Moral of story, give them lots of love, if they know how happy they make u seems like they stay longer. Only problem with our 4 legged furry babies, they don’t live as long as we do. Take care!

  4. Has anyone noticed that when the daily task first appears it says that you have collected everything needed (5/5 or 10/10 etc.)? If you close the box and open it again it says 0/5 or 0/10 as it should. It seems to just be a visual problem.

  5. Soooo…
    Hey neighbourinos! Just did a round of friendly visits to all, seems at the moment it doesn’t tell you with the normal flag type thumbs up. But I noticed random buildings when tapping for normal “clear all mode” popped up saying you all have been tappin’ away 🙂
    I did pretty well in the recent just expired update over November and December (ish), I managed to collect enough sprinkly goodness to collect the Wiccans and FINALLY (look, it’s big for only being freemium…) collect a set in the ACTUAL EVENT! @#$?#/!*@! (OK, ‘pologies… 😉
    So I bought Kevin, in that stupid 10 minute count down period I logged in and realised I had. 10. Minutes. Left. Er…..
    Pull up premium / content totals. That freaky elf running behind content can’t make full use stupid condensed content cramming craw cuddling cucumber cutting…
    But I digress.
    910 or so tickets, one item left in the $1k ticket range, the Animal Sanctuary.
    So, for 30 sprinklenuts (40-10) I get a place to er, accessorise (???) the Animal Centre with some recently and past, er, appropriate accessories.
    And I finally managed the ClausCo. for my future ville Skyscraper collection, never managed it (90-45) another 45 nuts and then the 100 sprinklenuts for the three Wiccans. So I have the Candy-cane Man, just need the Grumple.
    I fleshed out my “Springfield Forest” with more tents, stalls, and a lumbermill, now placed delicately between “Springfield River” and the Irregular Xmas Tree Yard. So Happy 😛
    Looking forward to having a chance once the snow goes away to snapshot my lil’ neck of the woods, too msny events coming thick and fast!

    • Eyetwitch…
      shake. sweat. whimper…
      I started shuffling…
      help, no, please no, gulp, no. no? Er. Crud.
      well, there goes the next 13 hours, staring at a screen, poking dragging dropping regretting shuffling swearing….

  6. Patric saw a neat post on Facebook this morning g and thought of you. Look up Great Train Story diorama at the museum of science and industry in Chicago. Thought you would enjoy the pics.

    • THANKS!!! I’ve been there…soooooo cool! I am a freak for good model railroads. It is very similar to building a huge monorail in my town. It’s all in the details.

      • So cool 🙂 I’ll know who to ask when we go on our cross country trip in ’18. My two year old is obsessed with model trains. We got him a wooden train table for Christmas. He has four train sets now plus my dad has a old set that we will get when our little guy is older.

        My brother in law moved into a house about ten years ago that had a model railroad in the backyard that was worked into landscaping. It had a mountain with tunnel, bridges and two working trains. He took it down to have just a lawn and tossed the train :/ have you ever seen one like that on personal property? I always thought it was super cool

        • Those are G scale… I had one for a while… gave it to the grandsons.

          I,ve seen some pretty elaborate backyard layouts…. and there are the “live steam”guys who have those little trains you can sit on. Crazy expensive…

      • Patric, have you heard of an ex-pat Brit now Aussie Brian Smith in your circle of trains?

    • I live near Chicago and have been to the museum of science and industry many times. I took my daughter a few years back when they had the myth busters display. Next is the museum of world history. My group, on a field trip in HS once set the alarm off there,

      • I’m jealous 🙂 my hubby and I love/d mythbusters. Sounds fun. I’ve only been to the field and art museum. We are supposed to go for thanksgiving so hopefully we can go the museum then 🙂

        • The museum of science & industry is great. It takes all day to fully see and do everything. The trains, the coal mine and watching the baby chicks hatch. I hope you get to go and have lots of fun!

  7. Can anyone explain to me (or provide a link) how exactly bonus XP from different sources is calculated?
    For example, what happens if I’ve got 351% “Total Bonus from Conformity and Decorations”, 153% from SH buildings and activate the XP Collider? Is there a formula or even a calculator somewhere? Or is it just as simple as “baseXP * 6.04 * 5”?
    The best thing I could imagine would be a calculator that lets you enter all these variables plus an amount of money and your current level to calculate how many bonuts you could earn when buying RTDT/BldMb (min/max after level 939).

    Sorry if that is something already described or discussed anywhere else but I couldn’t find anything useful.

    • Your simple formula is correct! 🙂

      • Great, thank you!

      • Happy New Year Sandra! I’ve just sent you a neighbour request (Friday 6/1/17@ 14.20 GMT). Look out fir me please. Thanks (an……cor). I don’t wish to put my full handle out there. Thanks ELLA…💜X

        • ….ps. I’ll also send my B game. Same level of dedication etc just not as much premium stuff (mar…..66)….Much appreciated….ELLA💜X

          • Thanks for letting me know…. That one may have to wait a bit, because I only had one definite open slot. I’m waiting until after the event takedown to check on a couple of other neighbors who stopped playing during the winter event….I didn’t mind deleting the “stranger” neighbor who stopped playing during the winter event, but, for folks I knew from here, I’m gonna give them a chance to rejoin the game once the coast is clear of religion-based humor.

            (Although I’m still honestly perplexed by anyone who has trouble with having their religion made fun of….I would think their faith is stronger than that. I was thinking about this the other day…usually, the only insults/ridicule that hurt me (and most other people, I think) are the ones that I (they) perceive to have some truth to them. For example, having someone call you a “fat pig” usually hurts when you’re already feeling self conscious about being overweight. But, if someone were to call me “stupid,” for example, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, because I know I’m not. So, I would think that, if I were a religious person and my faith was strong, it wouldn’t upset me if people insulted it, since I’d “know” that what they were saying wasn’t true. It makes me wonder whether people who do get insulted by it might not have some, at least subconscious, doubts of their own about their faith. But I digress…)

            • Your faith can be strong it doesn’t mean it’s not offensive or you’re not offended by it.

            • That’s cool Sandra. Was just chancing it. I’ve deleted a fair few from both games & could do more. They’re all people from this site too…not so addicted!!! I’ll look out for your tag!….💜X

            • Sandra, just so you you know I’m not visiting because of constant crashes

        • Welcome to the neighborhood! 🙂

          I’ll check out your town tonight when I do my neighbor visits. (Apologies in advance… I’ve been finding I’m only able to visit 1/3 to 1/2 of my 100 neighbors each day, so, in general, I may only visit every 2-3 days or so…if that’s a problem, I’ll understand if you want to drop me. Also, I don’t absolutely promise not to graffiti you….I don’t usually do that unless there’s nothing else obvious to tap, though (and I don’t mind a bit if you tag me!).

          • Hey Sandra. Thanks for your first visit! Whenever you can manage is fine by me. I know you are usually ‘on point’ during events & my visiting schedule is similar to yours…..sometimes rl gets in the way of tapping☺️! Regarding graffiti, I’ve just one thing to say…tag away! I’ll usually look around for 1) High turn over buildings 2) Cletus farm 3) Tagging….and not necessarily in that order, depending on my time (today, for example, I was in a hurry so tapped at the landing screen). I’m going to look around your town tonight. I must say, at a first glance, there’s lots to inspire me (well poach)…I love where you’ve put your toll booth….may well do the same🤔☺️…..💜X

            • Thanks! My town isn’t as fancy as some (i’m not clever enough to do the 3D design stuff, for example), but I do try to make it look nice and semi-realistic, with touches of humor/wimsy here and there. And, off my town provides you with any design inspirations, feel free to borrow away! 🙂

              I usually avoid tapping Cletus’ farm in people’s towns if there’s something better to tap on, because it’s one of the last helpful things to tap on (because you’re not helping them restart a timer). But, at this point, my town is “mature” enough that it didn’t make a big difference to me what people tap… I’m not that desperate for a few extra in-game bucks, or whatever.

              I did visit your town yesterday, but I was a bit in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to do a thorough look for any little “gems” you might have in your design there. I’ll try to give it a better look soon!

              • SANDRA- nothing 3D or fancy in mine either! Re Cletus Farm: It’s worth tapping, as I do, if the crop has ‘died’/passed collection time. The symbol will look differently. You can save it/revive it for a neighbour by tapping on it. The neighbour would lose the crop from their end. I’ve saved a lot of corn crops for my family members who tap, but infrequently. Will have a thorough rummage around your town this weekend as I have finished the questline & actually have a fair bit of free time this weekend. Happy tapping!…💜X

              • Oh, yes…agreed about withered crops…just wasn’t thinking of those. But, when I do see them (which is pretty rare), I do the same thing, too! 🙂

  8. I got Plow King, though I wanted anything else. But the first time I got Krusty’s daughter!

  9. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    I noticed that I keep acquiring Broaches and Runestones
    With no way to spend them.
    Then, I pulled my Chiken Coop out of storage and I kept “pulling them out of storag” until I received a message that I was out of currency.
    So apparently I was crafting items that I already had crafted.

    Maybe someone already posted this and I missed it.

    Forty minutes, my Gnome comes out of hiding one last time and I’ll be ~25 tickets shy of Platinum, costing me a couple of donuts.
    Yes guy
    North Pole Station
    Any are worth a couple of donuts.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Yea! I got Sofie Krustovsky!
      Now we see if the Gnome keeps visiting.
      The new event initiates.

  10. So, I know it’s not the popular opinion on here ( and I’ll probably totally regret it) but I’m seriously thinking about nuking my town and doing a complete redesign. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I feel like the game has gotten a little “meh” for me here lately, but I think I need to find something to make this game interesting again before I get burnt out. Plus it’s been almost a year since the last time I’ve nuked my town, based on my history it’s overdue😂

    • WanderingCaveman

      If you have the free time to work on your town from scratch, I say go for it. I nuked my town a while back, and between the events and work getting busy I haven’t really had the time to put everything back together.

  11. I had to pay 50 donuts but I finally got Krusty’s daughter as the last prize in the most expensive box. And just in time!

  12. Ugh! I figured if I finished going through King Winter’s quest line it would get rid of the useless event currency payout but it hasn’t. I guess I can only hope the mini event update fixes this glitch. 🙁
    I’m getting annoyed that his only paying task is ONE HOUR long, grrrr. Lol. Every other task “pays out” brooches. Boohoo.

  13. Great event, Amazing bonuts……glad it’s over.😛

  14. I tried to refrain from watching bad movies. But these are the few movies I have watched and found their into my short list of worst movies of 2016. They are spoilers free.

    4. Suicide Squad
    I came across many bad reviews before watching it but it was still a must watch for me so that I am set up for future Justice League. Also, I wanted to see Harley and Joker and they delivered for their scenes. The rest of the movie was not good for me.
    3. Independence Day Resurgence. The first ID4 was great fun and I went to this movie with high expectations without reading any reviews. I paid good money for Atmos surround theatre. In the end, I feel so empty and dissatisfied.
    2. Ghostbusters 2016. I love the original Ghostbusters and I knew this movie had a lot of discussion about people hating the female casts and hence boycotted it. I am unbiased and wanted to see it for myself. Overall, it is not that funny and not a good movie.
    1. The Fifth Wave. I watched this movie because I was too free at that moment and tickets were available. The poster looked exciting and Chloe Moretz was in it. I love her Kickass movies. Movie was promising initially but the next two thirds were terrible. It was like watching a low budget B movie made for tv.

    So did you watch any bad movies for 2016? 😀

    • I didn’t care much for Suicide Squad, either. I’ve been a fan of the Suicide Squad comic books for years because of the great storytelling. I was hoping for a smart movie, but I was disappointed.

  15. So much like the Loch Ness Monster, it seems the Wiccans and the Parsons golf cart go straight toward the wild west area and never leave. Anyone else notice this

    • My Nessie and golf cart seems to go everywhere…haven’t noticed any location skews. Your town looks great, by the way. Your Wild West area blends into THOH seamlessly and The Heights is so nice, it puts my area to shame. All the work really paid off!

    • Hi Cardsflyinhigh!

      My Loch Ness Monster and Parsons golf cart goes there too. My Loch Ness hasn’t left and the Parsons golf cart goes directly there when I’ve choosen that task. I’m not sure why?

      Hi Ebron, your town looks great too! I love looking around towns that I know people have worked so hard on.


  16. Happy New Year Tappers! Does anyone know a good app to stich screen shots of my town together?

    • I’ve tried all the ones in the App Store…in my opinion, they all failed miserably. Lots of time involved and then glitchy when it came to joining the pictures. (There used to be a better app called Stitcher, but it’s not there anymore.). I’ve heard that Microsoft Publisher does a good job…I’m just not ready to pay that much for now. Also, you may have better luck working on a PC… I am using an IPad.

    • What I’ve found works best is to just do it yourself in photoshop. When I do stiches, I save the screenshots from my device to a dropbox, access it on my pc and put them together in photoshop. The basic Paint program that comes preinstalled on my laptop works too, just not AS percise

    • I use AutoStitch on iOS and it’s generally works well but I can usually only stitch together around 5 pics (sometimes 6 if I’m lucky). The free version will only allow you to do ‘Low’ quality but it does allow you to try it before spending money…

      • You’re right, I think it is the best of the bunch for IOS. I keep getting error messages, tho, when I try to stitch stuff…if I keep trying, it eventually works, but super frustrating.

  17. What the hell? I’d planned to buy the icebergs today and get some vouchers as a bonus, but now they’re missing from the store. I really wanted the otter and polar bear cuteness 🙁

    I guess I could buy the Duff Center Arena instead (was debating getting all three anyway), but I’m so disappointed to miss the icebergs. Anyone else see things vanish from the store?

  18. I love Addicts! You guys do a wonderful job…and helped me enjoy this game so much more. Some of the past updates had been a little confusing, but I come here, and you have it all sorted out. So some feedback?

    I love the “should you buy’s,” and the update game explanations (your videos have been quite helpful, Alissa!”).

    I enjoy the show off section too. I love designing my town and enjoy seeing the creativity of others.

    The only suggestion I would make would be to create a section of “how to” ideas on making your town really unique. I remember once you had a post on how to create a 3D effect. Maybe some other ideas on how to take certain items in your inventory and create completely different illusions.. And ideas on how to place things creatively.

    For example.. I have my retirement center next to the cemetery with the “die” sign, I have one of those freaky horses with utters in a pen in my rendering plant, I created a hospital helicopter landing pad by making a “h” out of pavement and enclosing it in a wire fence, and I have created my own maze out of bushes leading to the arboretum. One of my neighbor’s created train tracks out of benches.

    As flow things I don’t like? Not much.. You do a great job. Maybe the one item I don’t read are the episode recaps, but I do enjoy everything else.

    Thanks for a wonderful and helpful site. Happy New Year!

  19. Half of my characters have a new job Attend the Pagan Carinval, this sends them to the town hall. I noticed this when using the job manager. Not sure if this is permanent . I finished the main quest track in Act Two. Just wondering if others have this also.

    • Yup, and, surprisingly, it’s the task the unemployment office sends them on when I choose the 4-hour option (even though usually the unemployment office doesn’t choose “speciality” tasks). I find it somewhat annoying that it sends them to the town hall for that when I have a perfectly nice Pagan Festival area set up elsewhere. (Although, since that’s an outdoor festival, I guess it would be hard to send a huge bunch of characters there, because they’d have to create visual animations for all of them. But still…Town Hall??)

    • Yup, I think they are diverted to town hall because I already stored my festival banner/sign…do you still have yours up?

  20. Happy New Near!

    Last day to tap the Gnome! I’m getting tired of logging in every four hours, but I’ve earned a lot of gift vouchers just by tapping the Gnome. I reached 1,000 vouchers twice, and each time, I splurged for the platinum box by paying 50 doughnuts. I won the Yes Guy and Sophie, both of which I had wanted. I should have 1,800 vouchers by the end of the event, and I’ll try for the platinum box again. I’m hoping for Costington’s.

    Did everyone else get what they wanted from the Mystery Gift? I know some premium tappers were disappointed when it was introduced, but I liked the gifts.

    I was surprised that EA ended the crafting ability so quickly. Fortunately, I had cashed in all of my runestones the night before crafting ended.

    I noticed a few coding issues as the event began winding down. For instance, King Winter is still paying out prize currency, I’m hoping that changes when I finish his quest line. But by then, the event will be over anyway.

  21. So, still no app update. I’m ready for the stupid gnome to hit the road already!

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