In-Game Update: Homer the Heretic

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well good morning to everyone…and what a Godly morning it is in Springfield as the Homer the Heretic mini-event, the event about Homer sampling a variety of religions, has hit our games!

We’ve all been waiting, and waiting, for the items teased before Christmas to hit our games and the time has finally arrived!

Let me note first that the Mystery Box is gone, as is the Gnome in Your Home Game, as the in game timer has finally run out on both of those.

And one more note, this event will trigger for you if you’re at Level 15 and have started Is There An Al Coholic Here Pt 1.  (the questline to get Marge)

Things get started with some dialogue between Homer and Marge followed by a 6s task for Homer.  This will launch the mini event, and will be followed by a 4hr task for both Apu and Homer.  (this will unlock Sunday Morning Homer)

So now let’s take a look at the rest of the details for this mini event….


Remember this is an automatic update in your game.  Nothing to download.  So if you’re not seeing it, and you’ve reached Level 15 or higher and started Is There An Al Coholic Here Pt. 1, try hard closing and restarting TSTO (and your device).  If you still don’t see it try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO.

The Homer the Heretic Event Ends January 18th


This event is laid out like the previous mini events we’ve seen, (Most recently Thanksgiving 2016 (Most Dangerous Game))  .  Where you follow a series of tasks to unlock prizes.  The prizes could be items, they could be skins for a character or they could just be animated tasks for existing characters.  We’ll cover the rundown of how you unlock each prize in the Turbo Tappin’ Post (I’ll have that up later today).  First, let’s get started with the new items that appear in the store…

New stuff…

charactersets_brotherfaith brother_faith_vanBrother Faith and his Van- 110 Donuts

faketollboothFake Toll Booth- 30 Donut



Father SeanFather Sean- 135 Donuts, 35 Donuts rebate. Net 100 donuts.  Yes, Fr. Sean makes a rare appearance for this event.  Fitting.  Should I Buy (thanks to a few of you in the comments for confirming and telling me about the rebates)

churchflipped_decorated_transimageSponsored Church- 10 Donuts. This is a facade for the First Church of Springfield.

For those of you looking for Rabbi K (as is shown in the Character Set AND the event panels) he’ll be hitting our games in about a week.  He will be premium, so save up those donuts.  Right now he’s projected to cost around 150 donuts, BUT EA can change that at any time before he’s actually in the store.

Now let’s talk about the prizes…. (and again I’ll have the breakdown on how to get each one in the Turbo Tappin’ post, which will be up later today)

homer_sundaymorning_menuSunday Morning Homer 100ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg

Greet Animal Friends Animation 260ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg

Perfect Beer Truck 460ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg

ico_priz_xmas2016_homer_sundaymorning_dance_lgDance in Underwear Animation 700ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg

ico_priz_xmas2016_hamburgerheaven_lgHamburger Heaven 980 ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg

ico_priz_xmas2016_crystalcathedral_lgCut-Glass Cathedral Tasks

You may have noticed I used ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg for the prizes, this is Karma and the item you’ll need to collect to unlock the prizes.

How do you earn Karma?  Well just like other mini events you can earn Karma by sending various characters on 4hr tasks.  Freemium characters earn 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg each task and Premium characters earn 20 ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg each task.

Brother Faith, the new premium character, will help earn Karma. (Crazy Cat Lady is the other Premium character that will help)

I’ll break down who can help earn for each task in the Turbo Tappin’ Post. But for Part 1, which will be 4hrs, you’ll need Homer, Moe, Apu, Kirk & Bart.

After you complete Pt.1 you will also unlock the Penny Fountain (for free)


This will earn you 1 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg every 5 minutes, and will max out at 60ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg over a 5hr period.

And that’s it my friends, all there is to the Homer the Heretic Event!

What are your thoughts on the mini event? Anything you’re excited to see? Not excited to see? Ready for a nice low key fun event? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

137 responses to “In-Game Update: Homer the Heretic

  1. My Homer seems to be broken, I haven’t seen a task for the unlocked animations. I checked the storage box and they weren’t even there. Am I missing something?

  2. Cut glass cathedral wouldn’t give it to me went to krustyland came back and game ended

  3. Hi
    Does anyone know if Fr Sean generates karma. I didn’t think he did but when I stored him in my inventory it said he did.

  4. You have Hamburger Heaven at 980 karmas and then the Cut-Glass Cathedral Tasks but no amount. Does this just get awarded after you complete the tasks? or will it cost Karma or Donuts?

  5. How do we get the Rabbi? Shows in character list but can’t find him anywhere, not in premium characters or in prizes for the Homer the Heritic

  6. Love Homer’s Sunday outfit and look forward to the patented space- age out of this world moon waffles!

  7. Father Sean is back at a 35 Donuts discount (time to complete my Churchy Joe’s category) …. an I will do my best to forget about EA’s Wheel of Moans Easter Spectacular (who am I kidding! EA’s Facebook and Forum is proof that no Tapper will ever let them forget this! (lol) 😇👌

    A turned over Beer Truck, Hamburger Heaven, Cut-Glass Cathedral (I hope all of these come with permanent – and amusing – character tasks) a Penny Fountain (thanks EA, I don’t need that Fake Toll Booth now!) …. can we all start 2017 being more cheerful then December? I think karma says YES 💜👍

  8. I bought Brother Faith and his van but in Feel the Powah Part 3 it gets stuck on 3hr 57mins and doesn’t progress any further. The Brother Faith symbol in bottom left displays stop sign throughout. Any ideas how to progress please?

  9. The penny fountain is brilliant! I love the ability to gather as little or as much event currency as I need from it. It’s nice to be able to wait a few minutes if I just need a few pennies/karma to get a prize. Thanks EA, and thanks for bringing Father Sean back! And while I’m at it thanks so much for all you guys do Alissa, Patric, Bunny and Wookie!!!

  10. This seems like it would have been a good time to bring back the Devil Donuts cart. I really want one or two of those.

  11. I haven’t yet received my fountain. Am I the only one? I have already contacted EA about it…

  12. Could somebody explain the fountain? Should one just keep collecting karmavor let it build up? Happy and peaceful New Year everybody

    • Either way is up to you. It’ll max out at 60 Karma, but you can collect on it as often as you want before the max.

    • Warning, every time you collect before it reaches 60 it will reset the time. So if you collect and wait the 5 minutes collect that one, the clock will restart at 4hrs 59min. So just wait till it is at the max and collect then.

      • It doesn’t matter if you collect before the time is up or not. You are still collecting the same amount of event or game currency. Do the math. It actually makes more sense to collect before the time is up, so it’s constantly generating event or game currency.

  13. Does the rebate on Father Sean (100 donuts net) change your opinion from the original SIB? Because otherwise I’m leaning toward Brother Faith at 110 donuts.

  14. My karma is getting better already….Just won a mystery box for completing 5 days of daily tasks…inside was 30 donuts!!
    Wooo- Hooo!!

  15. Brother Faith riding a cloud makes me smile.

  16. Quiero dinero

  17. Do we know if Karma rolls over from prize to prize? After sending everybody on the first round (including Brother Faith), I earned 90 Karma. Since I only needed 10 more for the first prize, I was hesitant about sending everybody again. Often in mini-events, your counter resets back to 0 after each prize earned, and I didn’t want everyone earning 80 wasted Karma when they could be earning money, exp, or railyard junk.

  18. I’m hoping to harvest enough donuts from my KEM garden to get both Brother Faith and Father Sean in the 14 days plus hours remaining. I really want Brother Faith and his van more, since the van has a 3% bonus and pays out as a building. But to get both, I will probably need to get Father Sean first because I’ll need his full 135 donuts to get the 35 donut rebate, which then can give me a head start on Brother Faith… It’s going to be a squeaker, I splurged on four elf houses and other stuff in the last event and was down to just a few donuts. Will just keep harvesting and decide what to do next week, depending on how lucrative the daily challenges are donut-wise. Decisions, decisions.

    • FYI, Brother Faith’s van does NOT generate $ and XP – it’s just a decoration with 3% bonus. I don’t know if I would have bought him had I known, but it’s still not a bad deal.

  19. I’m really hopine the turned over beer truck comes with an animated task where Homer dances gleefully through it. If not, I sure hope somebody gets fired for that blunder.

  20. I can’t believe I finally have Father Sean. My Churchy Joes collection is now complete. Never thought I’d see that check mark.

  21. Do we bank the Karma ?
    For instance if I have 110 Karma & then obtain Sunday morning Homer does the 10K carry over or does the total reset to zero ?

  22. There also appears to be a rabbi character and an idol Apu is praying to. What is known if these?

  23. Any idea how many sprinklies for Rabbi K? Brother Faith would put me under 100.

    • It has been “rumored” that he is 150. So…not exactly “Sophie’s Choice,” but sounds like you’ll have to decide.

      • Oof, thanks. About to cash in on a 10 donut daily bonus, and another 5 from monorail, but I doubt I can cover the next 35+ before the end of the event.

  24. Fake toll booth makes me upset. The little swing arm doesn’t go over the road!!

    I’ve been waiting on an item like this and I feel it’s just a missed opportunity.

    Why make a toll booth and the swing arm
    Doesn’t go over the road?!?? I know it’s fake but still.

  25. Moe also has a task that generates Karma

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Moe and Bart generate Karma at the KEM. If you donut farm by building KEMs, be cautious that they aren’t in your Farmed buildings lest you cancel their Kama Tasks as you Sell and then Re-build.

      • Good to know, thank you 😊 I have them on glass recycling duty at the moment but once this week’s monorail task is completed, I’ll set them onto this. Be nice for them to have a different job to do 😆

  26. Are you going to do a WIB for the other premium items please?

  27. Not here for the Gil-bashing tbh. I love his deals. I hope we get another one soon.

  28. Nice I only just got Crazy Cat Lady, she’s helpful and funny now.

  29. This event is better than the Christmas event :))

  30. I felt right away that Father Sean was back in the store: As though millions of voices squealed out in excitement, and then just wouldn’t stop.

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