Turbo Tappin’ Homer the Heretic: Main Questline and Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Sunday Morning in Springfield! Gather up those religions because Homer wants to sample them all!

Of course, as with all events, a questline comes with it to help move us through the ins and outs of the event…and unlock all of the prizes.  As was mentioned on the rundown post this mini event is similar to the previous mini-events (like Homer’s Chiliad and the Most Dangerous Game before it), in that you’ve got to complete various tasks to unlock the prizes.

So let’s take a look at the questline to see just how to unlock all the fun Homer the Heretic inspired prizes and explore these religions with Homer…


Before we get into the walkthrough there are a couple of things I want to point out…
1) You have to be at Level 15 and completed Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 1 to see this event.
2) From what I’ve seen Karma (ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg) will NOT carry over.

And now on with the walkthrough….

Homer the Heretic Intro
Auto starts

Make Homer Survive 24hrs- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

This will launch the event…


Homer the Heretic Pt. 1
Auto starts

Make Apu Teach Homer About Karma- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Homer Learn About Reincarnation- 4hrs, Earns 10 ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 100 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send:
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Apu- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Moe- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Bart- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Kirk- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Completed Awards Sunday Morning Homer


Homer the Heretic Pt. 2
Auto starts

Make Marge Use Religion As A Cleaning Excuse- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Homer Rest on Saturday- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 260 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send:
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Skinner- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Willie- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Selma- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Marge- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Completed Awards Greet Animal Friends Animation


Homer the Heretic Pt. 3
Auto starts

Make Ned Give Up Worldly Possessions- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Homer Rest on Sunday- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 460 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send:
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Ned- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Snake- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Rev. Lovejoy- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Chalmers- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Completed Awards the Perfect Beer Truck


Homer the Heretic Pt. 4
Auto starts

Make Homer Celebrate All Things- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Lisa Miss Band Practice- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 700 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send:
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Krusty- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Cletus- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Paris Texan- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Lisa- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Completed Awards Dance in Underwear Animation


Homer the Heretic Pt. 5
Auto starts

Make Lisa Attempt to Measure Mass of Non-Physical Entity- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Skinner Burn the School’s Now-Obsolete Science Books- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 980 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send:
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Lisa- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Skinner- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Comic Book Guy- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Martin- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Database- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Completed awards Hamburger Heaven


Homer the Heretic Pt. 6
Auto start

Make Ned Put Out Fire On Homer- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Join Class Action Lawsuit- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Completed awards the Cut-Glass Cathedral

When it’s all over the Penny Fountain will continue to pay out Cash every 5 minutes.  It’ll max out at $200 after 5hrs.


You’ll also see these message popup:


Once you hit ok your game will restart, BUT you’ll still see the Homer the Heretic items in the store.

And that’s it!  All there is to the main prize track for the first event of 2017, Homer the Heretic!

What are your thoughts on the Homer the Heretic mini-event?  Any prizes you’re excited about?  Any premium items have your interest?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

89 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Homer the Heretic: Main Questline and Prizes

  1. Hey guys

    Has anyone noticed that when you get to Feel The Powah PT. 3 When asked to make Brother Faith Preach With Song And Dance, it shows him as unavalaible (pic of him on left side with a red circle), i have deleted my Simpsons and reloaded it, i have signed out and back in snd also actually done the task (as part of collect karma).
    Bit nothing never says task done and still shows unavailable even when he is available.
    Any ideas or anyone else have the issue?

    Thanks guys

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Is he off earning mini-event currency? Use your Town Hall or the mini-event icon (top right corner) to find out. The red circle indicates he is busy on another task or the task requires other characters to be free.

    • Going to krustyland and back sometimes fixes wierd things. It however is not clearing my fairy ice palace task. I won/have fairy skin but no ice palace 😞

      • That won’t get cleared at least until they do the event takedown (when you have to go to the app store and install the update), which won’t happen until after this mini-event is over.

  2. Homer the Heretic – let’s give this Mini Event a try …. you get enough Freemium Buildings / Decor (Father Sean is back in the Store with a 35 Donuts discount!) 👍

    Yes, the Springfield Characters who collect Karma change at each Level (I keep track of how much I earn total every 4 Hours – including the Penny Fountain – an place ALL on 4 Hour Tasks in case they will be needed for the next Task Level) 👌

  3. Since each act has 4 characters that change, I have tried to tap those characters first when I am getting close to reaching my Karma goal for that level. I put them back into the tasks that earn Karma before I reach the goal, then finish tapping the other three characters that earn Karma in all the acts (Homer, Brother Faith, Cat Lady) and tapping my fountain. After the goal is reached, I can start the 4 new characters collecting Karma also. This way, you can have up to 11 people collecting Karma for a while, rather than just 7. Every little bit of Karma helps….

    • Sorry guys, this little trick has been nullified. All Karma collecting characters are now located at the church together and can’t be pulled out separately (early)…rats…

    • Going to try this instead…at the end of the next 4 hours, I’ll put the four “varying” characters back to work first, wait 2 minutes, then put Homer, Brother, and Cat Lady to work. The “varying” folks will end their jobs first, giving me the option to put them back to work before I reach the next level (which would nullify their jobs). Should work…really want to get 11 working on Karma instead of 7…(sorry, maybe a little obsessive?)

    • Karma does not “carry over”, but you can stagger collecting it. My fountain took me over the limit. Started the new task at 0, but was able to collect from toll booth and characters from the previous task at the beginning of the new task.

      • Exactly…at the last turnover I was only over by 10 and lost that, but then had 11 folks earning Karma for the next four hours. It only works at turnover, but that is 40 extra Karma coins for each act.

  4. A job for Paris Texan? I’m glad EA is exploring its deep bench for this event, although I imagine including Paris Texan might tick off tappers who have not reached $1B in Springfield Heights.

    • No reason for tappers who haven’t earned her to be ticked off. Paris Texan has been available for roughly 18 months, so it’s on the tapper themselves for not obtaining her by now.
      I, personally, believe that Paris Texan should be included one way or another into every single event. The tappers that put in time and effort grinding to finish SH and obtain her should be rewarded with a little extra. It would also serve as an incentive to do so for the tappers who have not finished SH.

      • I think he may be referring to penalizing newer players who haven’t had the opportunity to gain that much wealth in the Heights yet.

        • Yeah, I thought of that too.. but if she was involved in every event then the newer players could take solice in knowing that she would help in each event once they do unlock her. Extra motivation.

          But, no matter, since that’s not the way it works. I just think it would be good.

        • I started playing TSTO a few days after christmas (after playing it for a while two years ago) and I still manage to finish the event, I am lvl 17 right now.
          You can easily get the required karma without Paris Texan or any premium characters.

    • It seems that the event is going smoothly, especially with the addition of the penny fountain. I don’t think anyone would have trouble completing the event without Paris Texan. I was surprised, but I’m glad she is being included.

  5. So after leaving my fountain alone for 5 hours, I received only one penny in total. Anyone else having this issue?

  6. I hear people talking about “KEM” whats that?

  7. Rabbi krustofski is in the heretic character collection.


  8. So Father Sean is totally useless during this event , but Crazy Cat Lady brings karma . Ok…. logic ^^

  9. Do we have to get on every 5 monites to collect the pennies? I am confused about the fountain.

  10. Heads up: after completing the requirements for Homer the Heretic pt. 2 nothing happened. i had timed it exactly so that I would get exactly enough karma, and delayed other characters’ karma earning tasks to make sure they’d be available for the 3rd act. No luck: I had to quit and restart the game before the prize was awarded. After that, the characters needed to gather karma for act 3 were different from the ones used in act 2. So their karma may be lost after all, not sure. In any case, I “lost” about 8 hours since all the required characters were just sent off on their nightly 8-hour tasks… At this rate however, I’ll still have a lot of time to spare to finish the event. #1stworldproblems

  11. When is Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky going to be available?

  12. That was strange. I completed everything for the first part, but nothing happened. I closed out and went back in now I have that first prize. Just posting this in case someone else has this little issue.

  13. So far I haven’t seen rabbi krustofsky in the game or post, yet I do see that he is one of the characters is thee any word if he’s freemium or premium and when he’ll be released?

  14. Thanks Alissa for putting this together so quickly. Very helpful.

  15. Reloading the land? What does that actually do? What changes occur when it reloads?

  16. OOPS! I have all Karma earners at the monorail except Homer, Apu & CCL. I just reset it too. Oh well, I’ll start in 3 hours! 🙂

  17. Do you know if “reloading the land” at the end of the tasks will remove the snow? If so, can we wait till the 18th to hit the “ok” button?

  18. Thank you for writing all of this out! It’ll help with planning who to use during the event.

    One character that is not on the list is Father Sean. He is listed as ‘Earns Karma’, but does not show up on the task list. Is this glitch, or will he show up later?

    Thanks again!

    • I did not see him when I ran it, and I own him in all of my games. So not sure what the case with him is. But If he pops up in my A game i’ll adjust this post.

  19. A nice mini event to end winter with. Some great prizes and excited to see what the characters have to offer

  20. I noticed that when I click the Do it button next to Collect Karma that it only shows characters if they are free. I thought in past mini events it would show all characters that can earn currency with the busy ones listed but indicating they are busy on something else.
    Am I right or is my memory shot and I’m imagining things?

    • Nope you are correct, the characters only seem to be on the list for collecting Karma when free.

    • FRANKD- You are correct & it was so much better & helpful. Had I not read this blog I would have been none the wiser about Selma in part 2, especially as she lives in her 24hr smoking task.

    • Well, that explains why they aren’t all on my list. That’s an irritating change.

  21. Great post as per usual, father Sean sold it for me great start for 2017

  22. As a freemium player, a simple mini event that gets me a couple of additions to Springfield that will make me $ and XP is a-okay with me. Besides, I always did like that Hamburger Heaven building from way back when so I’m happy to have the chance to get it.

  23. Can you earn donuts after you complete the prize track like winter and halloween events?

  24. I’m looking forward to an animation for the cut glass cathedral involving Marge, Homer and a hot air balloon. 😉

  25. Gosh, uses quite a range of characters I don’t recall being commonly used before. Nice to see.

  26. No premium items interest me. I’m mad that the event started in the middle of the night and I lost all the elf money i was collecting for a mystery prize 🙁

    • I am sorry to hear that. Always pay attention to the timers EA have posted during and through out events. I hope that will be of help to you the next time.

    • 2 am central time is a very common event start time for them. Sorry you lost the elf cash 🙁

      • I woke up this morning thinking I’d fallen asleep before redeeming my vouchers, then I remembered I did — and had gotten Plow King, which tells you how unexcited I was by that.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      You might still be able to craft items. If you have an item, place it in storage then click to,remove it, and keep “clicking and placing”.
      I crafted three chicken coops that way – before I realized what was happening.

  27. Solid prize track for a mini event.

    Good skins/animations, and I like the buildings. It’s a shame both new characters are premium but not surprising I guess.

  28. So let’s hear it……..For the holy spirit…..

  29. Wonder when the splash screen will change.

  30. Love simple mini events ♡

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