In-Game Update: Great Phatsby Mini Episode Tie-in

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A super quick episode tie-in hit our games this afternoon.  This is for this Sunday’s upcoming 1hr episode “The Great Phatsby”.

This really is super quick…

If you don’t already have the Burns Summer Mansion (from Superheroes 2), you’ll have to build it. (for free)


That will be followed by a quick 6s task for Mr. Burns.

And that’s it…you’ll then see this message:


And that’s it.  All I’ve come across anyway.  Really short, really simple.  Really just a reminder to watch on Sunday…and a nice way to get the Mansion if you missed it during Superheroes.

Oh and this update should fix the Princess Nerd questline issue for Martin and the Ice Castle.

That’s it my friends.  What are your thoughts on this super short task for Sunday’s episode?  Think there will be more to it?  Excited for a full 1hr episode?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


65 responses to “In-Game Update: Great Phatsby Mini Episode Tie-in

  1. Anyone else had a glitch with the daily task to play Sideshow You? I’ve completed that task 6 times and it doesn’t get recognised. Any ideas how to fix it?

  2. Does the mansion come with the 2 upgrades if you buy it?
    I have it from the superheroes event but i couldn’t reach the last upgrade

  3. I hope they give us the Snoop Dogg character it would be really cool with him tokin up around town.

  4. Didnt fix my Martin task

  5. Worst update..ever.

  6. Well, that was an anticlimax. I was really hoping for a small quest-line with something meaningful at the end. It was small, I can’t deny that. All it really achieved was to get me to start my Ebenezer Burns quest-lines. He normally lives in his Gorilla Vest, I just love the extra revenue.

    I’m seriously hoping for a massive fire sale soon, I’m not going to be tempted to buy more donuts when I have so many sitting in the bank, if I’m going to be tempted to spend some real cash they need to give me something to spend my stash on!
    I even bought all the NPCs just cos I was bored of not buying anything new. Yes, even the Funzos!
    I fear donuts are not the precious items they once were. That’s a major change to the game that I find a little sad.
    I know some of you will think I’m crazy saying that but give it time, in 6 months or a year, if you play the game a lot, you’ll be earning donuts quicker than you can spend them.

  7. I have a problem. It won’t let me place Burn’s Summer Mansion. It goes red even when I place it over an empty space.

    • You can use the area select tool to double check there is nothing there. Reboot your device and try placing it again.

  8. Queue 6 second task – commercial tie in for the next episode of THE SIMPSON’S (an hour long episode, too) …. and that’s all Tappers got today – a tease! 😅

  9. Why are so many people continuing to be surprised that Ice Princess Martin’s task is still there? Alissa has said repeatedly (including as a full half of a recent post….not just in the comments) that the soonest it’s likely to come down would be with the next app store update. This was not an app store update…it was just a small update pushed out for the episode tie-in.

    Patience, people! In the scope of things that could be wrong in the game, this one is really pretty minor…

  10. Beep ! Beep ! Beep ! Beep !

    This is a test , only a test.

    If this had been a real emergency .

    You would have been told to RUN LIKE HELL .

    See ya bye . Wish you were here . 👽

    • I like it. Although “Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep” is what you’d hear from me in a real emergency. But then again, like Sea Captain, my language can be a bit salty at times.

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