Where Did THAT Come From – Sunday Morning Homer & Perfect Beer Truck

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

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Woo hoo! A new mini-event is upon us and boy howdy is it fun so far. It’s all about Homer celebrating all religions in an attempt to rest every day. Pretty cool in my humble opinion. This batch of new stuff brings lots of items and that’s where I come in. I know everyone doesn’t have the same knowledge of the Best. Show. Ever. so it’s time to dive into the TV series and find this new item. This post takes a look at the Sunday Morning Homer skin, the Perfect Beer Truck, and all the great animations available as a result. All of these can be earned as prizes for tapa-tapa-tapping and earning karmic pennies. Let’s head right to the episode that this mini-event claims its name from… “Homer the Heretic” (S4:E3).

This episode comes from what is the best season of The Simpsons in my humble opinion. I truly love so many of these episodes and this one is no exception. Just seeing Homer in his furry slippers brings me untold joy. But I’m putting the cart before the horse… let’s check out this edition of the show. Homer is dreaming about the good ol days of being in the womb and then his dream forces him out just like Marge is doing by waking him up to go to church. Homer decides not to go even though it upsets his beautiful Marjorie. He’d rather just lay in bed wrapped up like a Cinnabun, whizz with the door open and sing “Delilah” in the shower. Meanwhile, the congregation of the church gets to freeze because the furnace is out while they listen to the long version of the book of Jeremiah. It’s hard to watch Homer dancing in his underwear to the short shorts jingle and not wonder if he has the right idea.


Gotta love a good Risky Business spoof that’s now a TSTO animation. Homer makes his “patented space age out of this world moon waffles” while Marge and the kids warm themselves to the hellfire and damnation talk of Reverend Lovejoy. Sorry but that always makes me giggle. At the end of church, the doors to the First Church of Springfield (apparently the only exit, don’t tell the Fire Marshall) are found to be frozen shut. Uh oh. It doesn’t help that once Willie gets the doors open using an acetylene torch that the Simpson station wagon won’t start.


It’s all aces for Homey though. Football and finding pennies (hence the karmic earning of the mini-event). Homer thinks it may be the best day of his life.


Gotta love him thinking about what the perfect day would be like. His first thought is his marriage to Marge but we see what the best day ever would look like when his thoughts stray to dancing in a crashed beer truck.


So basically Homer has a great Sunday morning unlike his family because he played hooky from church and decides to never go to church again. He’s giving up his faith. God is everywhere, right? Homer’s new decision to worship in his own way isn’t helped any when he dreams that God visits and is okay with his new path. In case you’re wondering, this is also our first appearance by none other than the Almighty (five fingers and all). This is why the Creator (no… not Matt Groening) appears in dialogue sans head.


So Homer’s new path is being a “heretic” of sorts as he starts his own religion. He even has animal friends that visit during his walks. I laugh that they hang out during his shower too.


Truly this is a really fun episode and I don’t need to ruin any more of it. Homer’s heathenism is resolved and there’s Moe the snake handler, singing Flanderseses, the Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns, and more. I’d recommend watching the rest of this hilarity if you’re so inclined. It even ties into a different mini-event that dealt with the Volunteer Fire Department. Fun, fun stuff friends. What do you think of this prize and animations? Is the beer truck perfect? I think it’d be fun to dance in but wasteful lol. Do you like this episode.mini-event? Sound off in the comments and happy classy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

21 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Sunday Morning Homer & Perfect Beer Truck

  1. There is only one task in TSTO that matters now: Homer dancing in the beer rain

  2. Sending Heretic Homer to dance in a rain of beer in his chonies (oh the hilarity)😅 👍

  3. Best episode ever.

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    I love the truck, Homer dancing in the raining beer was the 1st task I sent him on when he was free, total hilarity 😂😂😂

  5. The waffle wrapped around a stick of butter !!

    • mmmm waffle runoff

    • I’ve seen something in real life like that at a fair, deep fried. My soul was willing, my body drooled for it, but my stupid brain said something about living beyond my 30s. Adulting is hard. If only we could all live more like Homer without the consequences.

      • Always wanted to go to the Texas state fair and eat one of every fried item there.

        • I guess that’s where the safe line between wanting and needing falls. I draw the line at the deep fried oreos I adore. Also tried Doritos but they were weird. I say that we should exercise moderation but then remember a time I ate a whole stick of cream cheese so I’m gonna go scrub my arteries now and buy a plot lol.

  6. Just for your information: the link to the Baby New Year Grampa seems to be broken. If I try to open it, I always get “page not found”

  7. Love the episode! I also noticed Homer wearing the same dressing gown and slippers in other episodes – shall I find out the name of a few for you to add?

  8. This is a good episode. I remember it well.

  9. Theres a quick episode tie in update that just downloaded on my game…..

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