Hey EA… it’s been a while but WE still want things!

Hey there Addictereenos! So I’m texting with Alissa the other day and she’s all “hey Wook… you think you’d have time to do a What the Addicts Want post?” and I’m all “Sure thing boss.” I think if I’d known (or remembered from the last time) what I was getting in to, you might not be reading these words right now. I dredge through the site looking for the last post to use as an example and realize it’s been two years minus a week since we did one. TWO YEARS!!! The horror!

Why would the Wookiee be so remiss in compiling what people wanted? Well the answer became quite clear to me as I did just that. From January 2015 to now, wading through comments and writing down what people asked for, there’s words to describe my efforts that aren’t PG enough for here. Then I remind myself how much I love this community and just get through it. Jebus knows I’ve gone through tougher things than compiling a list. Long story short… truly, all of you really have some great ideas as evidenced by the last list and this one. If you’re interested in what I highlighted this time… click more.


So ugh and woo hoo and fart. Getting this all sorted for viewing was a pain in my fuzzy behind. I’m glad it’s done though. All of the ideas here come from the previous wish list post and other posts where I saw the suggestion and typed it down. I even included some of your ideas from various What a Wookiee Wants. By no means is this a perfect system (especially the cull from unrelated posts) but I do the best I can. If your idea got missed or written down wrong, I apologize but you can always comment on this post and add it again. Trust me when I say this is a time and brain-intensive process so any failures are the author’s but I do the best I can. I’m more than willing to add your name to items if it was missed AND the addition is important to you.

As for EA… I sincerely hope you read posts like this because there are some boffo ideas here. Seriously, the awesome readers of this site hopefully make your lives much easier. If you’re not reading, than you’ll miss me say I wrote Santa to give you coal for pissing off so many people with the topic of religion during the holidays. Said coal might just be averted in the future by guaranteeing you’re on the NICE list next year, and helping others is the first step. Do unto others or something like that. Also, I have it on good authority that the jolly old nog hog is neighbors with the Krampus who is much more unforgiving. I saw a whole movie about it that renewed nightmares given to me by my grandmother. Please EA… for the sake of Christmas give us some of the list.

It should be said that items from previous wish lists have made it into the game. Some examples would be 02sb13 mentioned a Sci-Fi Event, Totbox had CHUM, Omar Smith had the group movement option, Paul O’Borne mentioned the Olympics, Marianne and babypatootie mentioned more land opposite the ocean, several mentioned a bunch of international flags, Sandra Shill had Dr. Marvin Monroe, Theron Zimmerman included the Lil Lisa Recycling Plant, RandomWest had Rancho Relaxo & Ling Bouvier, alunited1961 basically predicted the Superheroes events, Someone stole my burrito™ had cacti & boulders, JMLGG mentioned Shelbyville stuff, Enda Sheehan had Johnny Tightlips, bilbocatuzzi included Springfield Gorge, and chippyfan even prognosticated Stephen mother trucking Hawking. That’s a lot and I didn’t even mention everything like the monorail (alunited1961 and me say thank YOU EA) and Maggie. We’re like TSTO Nostradumbasses or something. Well, at least I am.

Anyhoo… I broke down the ideas by category again. You’ll see that a lot of folks had the same ideas, that we STILL want a lot of things and people are wonderfully creative. Just the list of characters blows my mind. Speaking of characters… it’s a new rule of mine not to ever put Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, or Lyle Lanley on these lists any more. We get it… you want the characters of Phil Hartman and while I hold out hope someday it could happen even though the show runners have publicly announced the retirement of the characters in respect for Mr. Hartman, I don’t think we’re gonna get them and I’m sick of seeing them suggested. Obviously they were requested and I guess that’s enough to show the impact of Hartman’s comedic genius. We got a brief taste of Lyle during the Monorail 2015 and it hurt to see him for such a brief moment only to disappear into the ether. The other character excluded was Bleeding Gums Murphy. The Addicts voted him as the most desired character so once again, to avoid typing tons of names, I excluded him. If any of these are your one true wish… then do that in one hand and then poop in the other. Hopefully no one has a cow, man. If you’re mad, let’s agree to disagree or we could always play a game of  Dejarik holochess… Wookiee vs. you. Basically we sit down and then you agree to let me win.lylelanley_victory_pose_image_5To avoid further words in what is certainly a long post, let’s take a look at this January 2017 version of what the Addicts want:

NOTE: Just for fun, Alissa, Bunny, Pat and I went through and picked a few (no more than ten each) favorites which are indicated by BOLD. Alissa’s favorites are in BLUE, Bunny’s in PURPLE, Pat’s are in RED, and mine are GREEN      (I wanted Simpsons yellow but Alissa said it hurt her precious eyes. I still think she’s wrong but she’s the boss. I guess looking at this maybe she’s right or left or something like that. Mental note… women are always right except when they aren’t which is hardly ever according to Alissa). A tie between at least two of us is indicated by a COLOR COMBINATION. Agh… that’s like watching colorized Gilligan’s Island, isn’t it?

Fit Tony – Happy Tapper
Eduardo Barcelona (Homer’s Pen Pal) – Max
Itchy – Totbox / The WackyWombat / rudolphovanwijk
Scratchy – Totbox / The WackyWombat / rudolphovanwijk
Poochie – Totbox
Mrs. Vanderbilt – Totbox / The WackyWombat
The Nahasapeemapetilon Octuplets – Totbox / An / The WackyWombat / onslaughtrm
Chazz BusbyTotbox / The WackyWombat / CardsFlyinHigh / Lissa53
Ernst and Gunther – Totbox
Los Souvenir Jacquitos Leader – Totbox
Leon KompowskySaturnday / Bsapp66 / Scott / mrsbadkrumble / DrTyler
Benjamin Franklin – Ackbar48
Shakespeare – Ackbar48
Caeser and Ugolin – Ackbar48 / Natalie
Adam West w/ Batmobile – alunited1961
Really Tall Guy & his Volkwagon – alunited1961
BenderEtamni / aabcampos2 / DrTyler / RUsum1 / onslaughtrm
Ozzie Smithfineyoungknives
Rita LaFleur-Simpson – Kevin Leigh Gerhardt
Mary Wrestlemania SpucklerAn / nitramz / raimiek
Allison Taylor – An / CardsFlyinHigh
Alexandra ”Alex” Whitney – An
Kearney Jr. – An / aabcampos2 / Homerandthebluehairedlawyer
Gloria (snake’s girlfriend) – An / ddfromatlanta / NixonvBurnsGolf
Judge Constance Harm – An / BA_brisk / NixonvBurnsGolf
Vicki Valentine – An / Lissa 53
Playable Gil – An / RUsum1
Lady Gaga – An
Sarah Wiggumbarleecreations / ciarathomp988 / Percival / aabcampos2 / SBGIBBS / BA_brisk / onslaughtrm / ebbie
Wendell Borton – ciarathomp988 / Percival / justinmwat151 / aabcampos2 / BA_brisk / SheBear / Bugman / Limwell / onslaughtrm / Totbox / Amy
Ned Flander’s Parents – raimiek / c0mpu73rguy
John Waters – kimberlyah794 / DavidBo33
Lieutenant L.T. Smash – CardsFlyinHigh / ellieg40395 / DavidBo33
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo – Joseph / NixonvBurnsGolf / Bugman
The Yakuza – NixonvBurnsGolf
Mulder and ScullySheBear / ellieg40395 / MercuryCrest / tomswifter
Señor Ding Dong – CardsFlyinHigh / Bugman
Roy – Kurtwc / Bugman
Lewis Clark – ciarathomp988 / Limewell / Amy
Julio and Grady – CardsFlyinHigh / barleecreations / justinmwat151 / ameliaxyz / Robobot / Homerandthebluehairedlawyer
Adil (The Albanian kid) – Natalie
Russ Cargill – David Crim / onslaughtrm
Dr. Hibbert’s kids – onslaughtrm
Benovan Stanchiano – DavidBo33
Robot Itchy and Scratchy – Randy
Larry Burns – CardsFlyinHigh / DrTyler / NixonvBurnsGolf
Mr. Bont – NixonvBurnsGolf
Mr. Burn’s Mother – NixonvBurnsGolf
Ronald ReaganNixonvBurnsGolf
Pepi – SheBear
Lester & Eliza – SheBear
Richard Dean Anderson – SheBear
Seth and Munchie – SheBear / rudolphovanwijk / DavidBo33
Shifty Eyed Dog – SheBear
Green Day – Elothean
Paul McCartney – Elothean
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Elothean
White Stripes –Elothean
Metallica – Elothean
Frank Zappa – nitramz
Aerosmith – Bugman
Rachel Jordan – kimberlyah794
Sideshow Luke Perry – kimberlyah794
Colin – kimberlyah794
Benjamin, Doug and Gary – ciarathomp988 / Bugman / RUsum1
George Bush – RUsum1
Mesmerino – CardsFlyinHigh
Francine (Lisa’s Bully) – CardsFlyinHigh
Menthol Moose – Moosganz54
Man & Woman from Screaming Monkey Medical Research – barleecreations
Wolfguy Jack, Meathook, and Ramrod – SBGIBBS
Laddy – barleecreations
Jacques Brunswick – Enrique / ELLA / mrsbadkrumble
Dr. Budgie the Veterinarian – barleecreations
Comptroller Atkins – justinmwat151 / BA_brisk
Lou the Cow – barleecreations
Mr. Costington’s Daughter – The WackyWombat
Trent Steele – The WackyWombat
Hollis Hurlbut – The WackyWombat
Barflies Sam and Larryellieg40395 / barleecreations / ciarathomp988 / aabcampos2 / BA_brisk
Kent Brockman’s Daughter – ciarathomp988
More Spuckler kids – Percival / aabcampos2 / nitramz
Leonard Nimoyalukejgwesley
Harper – SBGIBBS
Leopold – BA_brisk / Bugman / Homerandthebluehairedlawyer
Nikki – BA_brisk
Maggie’s squirrel friend – DrTyler
Llewelyn Sinclair – Sandra Shill
Wall-E Weasel Mascot – Bugman
Jay Sherman – David Crim
Mr. Bergstrom – RUsum1 / mrsbadkrumble
Gay Colonel – Homerandthebluehairedlawyer
Linguo – Tony Da Tiger
Hugh Jass – lain
Santa – cjbrown.lv
Don Brodka – Ronan Jones
Zelda (Grampa’s Girlfriend) – Robobot
Taffy – Robobot
Return of Kumiko – Saturnday / Percival / kimberlyah794 / raimiek / Uncle

Paranoid Bart/ Ritalin Bart skin – mattstrasser
Bill Clinton & Al Gore (actually Bob Dole) skins for Kang & KodosThatGuy
Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag skin – CentralCali559
Flaming Moe’s skin – Rob
Uncle Moe skin – CentralCali559
College skin for Marge – Kimberlyah794
Sadgasm skin for HomerKimberlyah794 / Andy
Cop Marge – Kevin Leigh Gerhardt
Breast Implant MargeKevin Leigh Gerhardt
B-Sharp skins – David Crim
Other Pin Pal skinsDavid Crim
King Homer (jewel encrusted, solid gold homer) – Bugman
Party Posse skins – SheBear
Krusty the Clown skin for Homer – Randy
Malibu Stacey Musical skin for Smithers – Totbox
Cabaret Moe skin – Totbox
Rocky Horror Hibbert skin – Totbox
Flaming Moe’s Phantom of the Opera skin for Homer – Totbox
Future Phantom of the Opera Martin – Totbox
Gentleman Nelson skin – Robobot

Springfield Tapas – Max
Springfield International Airport – Charlotte
The League Of Extra Horny Gentlemen building – chartschwat
Springfield Mystery Spotfineyoungknives
More housesKimberlyah794
Springfield UniversityCasey / FlawfreeYo
Springfield A&M – FlawfreeYo
Sandpaper & Pillow Factories – Kimberlyah794
Greasers Cafe – SBGIBBS
Poppa Wheelie’s – SBGIBBS
Jewish section of town/buildingsAudreeSnow
More Springfield Mall Shops – Owen
Squidport station for monorail – beann50746
Casa Nova Apartments – Robobot
Saint Sebastian’s School for Wicked Girls – CardsFlyinHigh

Buzz Cola billboard – Scarfy
More flowers – Ang
Individual squares of grass, dirt, stone, and brick roadsAng / tapebelt
Gravel and sand optionsjonbecker123 / ThatGuy / Someone stole my burrito™
Time-traveling Toaster – RobertoRod470
A stairway to heaven so dead characters can be in the game – Enda Sheehan / Ackbar48
Narrow paths – Bangles Dupree / Sandra Shill / maborder
Bends for rivers/roads/pavements – maborder
TSTOAddicts.com sign – Etamni
Water for Krustyland – dianespurr
Connect rivers and ocean – hanjov / maborder
The cars from Krustylands’s parking lot in Springfield – Kimberlyah794
Telephone poles – Someone stole my burrito™
Pool Mobile – Someone stole my burrito™
Homer’s trambopoline – mikey398
Green Day bargebizzahch
Lil Bandit – Randy
The Eliminator – Randy
Marge’s car with Pretzel-Wagon skin – lee3472 / Randy
Bleeding Gums Murphy Hologram – BA_brisk
The World’s Largest Toilet (finally)Bart1pr
More boats – Judy
More water – mrolson81 / Judy / J / Italian Beauty / c0mpu73rguy / Jesse D / alquilts
Swartzwelder statue – ryan

Dangerous stunt for Lance Murdock & Monorail – Rhubarb_Runner
Permanent 4 hour tasks for Lisa, Martin, and Database to “Visit the Botanical Garden” – need000it000and000want000it
You Don’t Make Friends with Salad conga linelekittynoir
Party Posse task on Open Air Stage for Nelson, Bart, Ralph & Milhouse – Katch2200
More outdoor tasks in Krustyland – Louis Trapani

Walking Dead eventpinkpixy22
Futurama EventInOs / Nella / scowor / Delenn / JoshLindemann / donsakers
A Blazing Guy Festival event – datastorm / FlawfreeYo
Flying Hellfish eventAckbar48
Cosmic Wars eventAckbar48
Summer event – Someone stole my burrito™ / aabend380
Movementarian event – Bsapp66 / SBGIBBS
Outlands event – JMLGG / Randy
Who Shot Mr. Burns event – Dave
Take My Wife Sleaze episode event – SBGIBBS
Homer to the Max episode event – The WackyWombat
Simpsons Movie Under the Dome eventRandy / Amy / happytapper
Celebrity Event – Randy
Cultural theme i.e. Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman or Greek, or a Parisian theme with famous monuments – Jamie Borman
Fairy tale/enchanted themes – Jamie Borman
Flaming Homer/Flaming Moe event – lain
Harry Potter/magic themed event – happytapper / apache 539 / Robobot
A Murder Mystery Event – happytapper
A NYC Broadway/Stage Show event – pat / happytapper
April Fool’s mini-event based on Bart’s pranks – Robobot
A Simpsons Game event – Robobot
A Mini-Event based on comics and things missed in previous Superheroes – RoboBot
An International Waters event – mrolson81 / Judy
Weasel Island/Barnacle Bay expansions to Squidport – Adam Rysio / KimberlyH
NYC Event – COG

Day/Night ModeMax / s. / Etamni / Rob / Happy Tapper
Increase decoration limit – Bayrho
Cars on roads – Bart / Ang
Ability to go to next Krustyland in neighbor menu – Shawn / 9hazel / Rasa
A way to choose notifications – babypatootie / Louis Trapani / Etamni
The option to enable/disable selling items as you are storing – babypatootie
An option to delete event/limited time items – babypatootie / Kelly
The ability to nuke Squidport only – Mr. Auto Correct
The return of community prizes – Mr. Auto Correct
Ability to place stop signs on the sidewalk – Ang
Ability to place cars on the parking lotsAng
Bigger payouts for Scratch-Rs – Stephenyah
Ability to zoom out completely – babypatootie / Beekaboogs / tapebelt / Ralph Saunders / maborder
Earn past event items that were missed in the mystery box – BlaqueWidoe
Ability to place more items (like Death Mountain) in water – jonbecker123
Ability to turn off all the voices at times – Louis Trapani
Single donut scratcher – lekittynoir / Princessasq
Ability to turn snow on and off – p. / scowor / bulletproofest / wildthornberry88
Rain – p.
More Krustyland Tima / tapebelt / Etamni / Kimberlyah794 / ddfromatlanta / Homer J Simpson / cjbrown.lv / Monolith / Steven / happytapper
More Springfield Heights – Homer J Simpson
More Squidport – Tima
Tasks for all buildings that animate them – Mairead / ThatGuy / bulletproofest
Ability to rotate buildings four waysEtamni / TheJungle7 / Matt S.
More things placeable or available in Krustyland – ThatGuy / alunited1961 / Etamni / cjbrown.lv
Upgrade to ticket cash conversion in Krustyland – cillathefish
Seasons in Springfield to be opposite – Sandra Shill
All four seasons in Springfield – L M
Inventory be broken up into events – jubiedog
An X days since they last played notice above the neighbor in the neighbors screen – 9hazel
A Cancel Task button – TommieTommie
The ability to send everyone to visit Krustyland – Etamni
When there are tickets to collect in Krustyland, the ticket icon should appear over the KL bus – Etamni
Ability to orient vehicles in four directionsEtamni
Ability to click one button and collect all the money generated by buildingsCooperK379 / ELLA
Ability to place roads/pavement anywhere (not locked to the current four-space positions) – Sandra Shill
Option to be able to corral NPCs with fences – bill_fish_on
Change the building sound for Wall-E-Weasel’s to the “Birthday Boy or Girl” song – Bugman
NPCs available to purchase after every event – ELLA
Ability to tap a building & characters who have jobs would be listed & be assigned from thereELLA / bwtayl2004
Upgrade the Nightmare Pile to work like Zombie Sandwich – CCTang
Overhaul of how Office of Unemployment Works – CCTang / Amy / sillyboy
NPCs in Town Census – Amy
Monorail X track so two monorails could cross each other’s tracksZtirnats
A way to give my neighbours things I don’t need Jane
Take all the tasks and do a spin on the hours and the tasks i.e. randomize it – nannyfodder / ebron

Dang it was hard for all of us to pick favorites. Surprisingly we came to a little consensus even not knowing what others picked. There are so many amazing ideas here and while it breaks my heart to know I missed a ton in the last two years, I’ll beg your indulgence.  If even just a few of these items make it into the game (especially the gameplay stuff), TSTO will be better for it.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what your fellow Addicts (and possibly you) wanted. Apologies it took so long to do another one of these dedicated posts (although Totbox did a character one January 2016) and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas. It’s obvious there is so much to keep this silly mobile game going. Sound off with your thoughts. Feel free to add anything you felt was missed below. I’d really be curious to see what folks’ favorite things were. Try picking just ten and see how you do. Take care, thanks for stopping by, and much love for being the classy people I know you to be.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

238 responses to “Hey EA… it’s been a while but WE still want things!

  1. I just accidentally spent $2,000,000 of my $2,025,000 on upgrading the IRS tapping radius. I’d really like a way to undo that, and an “Are you sure?” button too.

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Another thing that might have alrEAdy been mentioned, the ability to tap a building & choose who has a task there that animates it. I know this would be insanely time consuming to code, but we can drEAm, can’t we? 😁

  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    1. The option added when acquiring as well as storing of “sell”… 3options, place, Store, sell.

    2. When storing an item with a bonus %, a warning saying “are you sure you want to store this bonus item?”

    • Forgot about Bonus %…..so I would add to your suggestion that any item with a Bonus % that is currently stored in inventory, then there is a little symbol or star or highlight that visually shows at a glance it has a Bonus %.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        That would be awesome, I was storing a bunch of stuff the other day, condensing, redesigning, forgot there was a bonus on the rainbow balloons, figured I had so many I’d cut back. Well I looked at my bonus %, it had dropped enough to notice, so I had to scroll & scroll through my inventory, trying to figure out what it was.

  4. Here is my wish list…….

    1) The ability to take any creation and make it a set. I could then move that whole creation as one object if I was rearranging my city. I could also be able store any creation as a set. For example if I make the perfect Christmas village then I could store it as a set and place my entire Christmas Village already created in my town as I stored it the year before as my starting point every year.

    Then if I could also store all my holiday creations as sets it would be easy to have one area for the current holiday and always swap out my Valentines Day park / Easter Park / Christmas Village / Halloween Town / w my regular city center park throughout the year.

    2) in storage be able to make my own two levels of folders and sub folders. I would love to make a storage folder called Holidays, and then under that have a folder for my Easter, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas, etc…..

    3) Show all XP bonus that I have, including my XP bonus from my SH. So I don’t have to manually figure out my hidden XP bonus from building my SH.

    4) Have the Employment Office Job assignments
    — choose the highest paying (premium) jobs for the task hour selected for each character
    — starting at 1 hr then have EVERY hour available to choose…sometimes I was to assign mass assign 2 or 6 hr tasks
    — The ability to set it to prioritize inside or outside tasks
    — have the ability to choose all crafting tasks. So with one tap all SH or railroad crafting tasks are assigned where possible

    5) Ability to place
    — stop signs on the sidewalk
    — all water items be placed on either Ocean / Lakes / Rivers / Ponds

    6) Ability to zoom out completely (or at least 2x as far as we can now) which would make it possible to do a single screenshot for designs without stitching multiple screenshots

    7) Ability to place roads/pavement anywhere (not locked to the current four-space positions)

    • WOW!!! Hobbes has really got a list going. I agree with most of it, altho I think some of it is a bit of a stretch. I would LOVE to have more folders or whatever they call the boxes in inventory to separate things more rationally. Holidays is certainly the one that comes to mind first. I’ve gotten to where I hate putting anything into inventory now because I know I’ll have to search forever to find it or perhaps not ever find it. And rather than being able to place signs on sidewalk, I’d just like to have a sidewalk. Houses either have to sit right on the road or else have a big piece of “concrete” going from the road to their front door (or from the garage to the front door). Why not have all the roads be the concrete tiles and then give us maybe a little two-squares strip that could be used to get to the house from the road or garage.

  5. I wish my waterfront homeowners didn’t have to swim to get to their piers. Couldn’t EA make a boardwalk tile that could rest on sand and extend out to a regular tile? Even charge donuts for it. They’ve made three connections already – first one to get onto the boardwalk and then the same thing for the Heights plus finally the yacht club or whatever it is. So just make a little tile that has that capability. Please!

  6. Jeanette Rodriguez

    Loved reading this list. Many items came out after it was created.

    The walking dead event sounds awesome if they do it right.

    I would like the ability to use the unemployment office to select a timed task and the system automatically puts everyone with a skin on the largest payout talk.

    Ie, if Mr Burns is on a bat skin, I do the 12 hr task and changes him to “frollic in currency” since that makes more than the bat skin.

    Brockman has a premium 8 hr at night, but when I do the 4 hr task, his regular skin pays more than his stonecutter skin.

    If I can’t do that, at least an option to send all characters without a skin on 4 hrs and then I just do the remaining ones, instead of having to look for the skin characters.

    Also, if a task says “send Springfielders…” I wish I could send as many as I need and then have the ability to send the rest on a regular task by stopping just that task.

  7. Why has Troy McLure never been mentioned?? Or Lionel Hutz? I know they’ve avoided the Phil Hartman characters, but they were a huge part of the original Simpsons. And very special characters for some of us.

  8. A send all button…. that way we can send all our characters on a 6hour, 8hour, 12hour task etc. Instead of clicking on each character individually

  9. Frank grimes Jr and tow truck. Task on stilts

    • Suggestion – next time, instead of 11 separate comments, how about one comment with all 11 ideas in it? Less work for the moderators (and the readers).

  10. 5 corners animation task with sideshow Bob and bart

  11. Side show Bob’s blimp, captain hap hapablab, the Wright brother’s plane, krusty’s shack where he broadcast during the episode.

  12. The ability to move characters. I know you can move them while assigned a task. It would be cool to move them to a location

  13. No more going to airport and news every time you touch Norbert and arnie pie

  14. Homer sliding down the cut glass cathedral naked

  15. Linguo, the grammar robot

  16. Using the episode of the homer clones. Give us multiple homers, he has a ton of skins and tasks but we can’t afford to have homer occupied long enough to assign them

  17. Flanders bomb shelter

  18. Burns sun blocking machine

  19. Ability to put boats on lakes and rivers

  20. The ability to stack houses. Instead of 50 houses taking up land multiply the payout x the amount of houses stacked.

  21. 6) Allow characters to return to their costumes after performing tasks at the Moonbounce, recycling centers, nightmare pile, zombie sandwich and Springfield Bowl. I forgot!

  22. ! It’s annoying that Fatov and The Parson don’t have their own 1 and 8-hour tasks.

  23. I need the kang and kudos Twirl ‘N’ Hurl that I missed in 2013. It’s the only thing my krustyland is missing. Why are we not doing anything at all with Krustyland? Makes me sad!

  24. A “daily double” prize if you correctly choose the winners of both Springfield Downs and the Go-kart Track in the same cycle.

  25. I was never given the option to buy Duff Gardens and I’m still bitter about it!
    I was told maybe they will have it again someday….

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I too was affected by the glitch & was unable to get Duff Gardens, so yes, EA, please offer it again. 😊

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