Turbo Tappin’ The Great Phatsby: Jay G

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow may have melted in Springfield, but the party is just getting started!  Gil arrived in our games recently to bring us the king of fun and parties Jay G.

Of course new premium character means new questline to work your way through. So let’s take a look at the questline for Jay G and his goose sidekick….


Ruthless Rungs Pt. 1
Burns starts

Make Burns Torment Power Plant Workers- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Make Jay G Be Mentored- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 2
Burns starts

Make Burns & Jay G Harass the Wait Staff- 3hrs, EArns $335, 90xp

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 3
Burns starts

Make Burns & Jay G Glue Money to the Pavement- 3hrs, Earns $335, 90xp

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 4
Burns starts

Make Burns Go to Jay G’s Mansion- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp
Make Jay G Go to Jay G’s Mansion- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp

And there you have it my friends..the short questline for Jay G..and Mr. Burns.

What are your thoughts on the questline? Have you picked up Jay G? Thoughts on his mansion and pool?  What are your thoughts on the Great Phatsby episode? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ The Great Phatsby: Jay G

  1. Finally saved enough donuts to buy this! So excited to place it in my newly acquired SH land! I love the look! Put it right next to my Gold Mansion!!!!

  2. Can Alyssa or any of the addicts confirm or deny the secret bonuses for SH buildings?

  3. Kinda disappointed they didn’t make a skin for Power Plant… would have really liked Blinged out PP from latest episode.

  4. I don’t know who designed the Springfield Heights buildings. They’e too tall and block everything around them. My SH looks like garbage. The Heights buildings don’t complment any other buildings in the game. So far I left them in storage but I would like to have the hidden bonus XP.

    • I only have a few displaying at their full height (level 5). The rest I just toggle to display at their first or second levels. The tallest stuff and resort stuff that can’t be toggled I have running along the northern boundary, so it doesn’t block anything

    • You can have then at any level after you’ve reach level 5 and still get the hidden bonus.

    • You get the most bonus for the modern and classic mansions (after you reach level 2 on them). If you leave only the base units out, they are fairly compact and not very tall (you can even store them along one edge, if you really don’t like them…that’s what I did). The 20 pieces (10 of each) will bring in 90% additional XP. For me, the rest of the items take up too much space for the amount of XP they generate. I’ve used a couple of parking garages where they fit in (monorail stations and business centers), but the rest …yuk…

  5. I think there may be a new glitch, just depends if anyone else has it. For the last 3 days the only thing I’ve been getting in the Daily Task’s is Collect Krustyland Ticket’s.

    • You don’t have to complete the Daily Challenges. You can hit the “x” in the top right of each day’s Daily Challenge icon once per day, and keep doing this until you get a Daily Challenge that yields 3 or 6 donuts.

      On a side note, I too have been getting a lot of Krustyland ticket collection Daily Challenges. When the Daily Challenges yielded lots of Heights rewards, a Heights update followed shortly thereafter. If it’s not just us two, perhaps EA is foreshadowing a Krustyland update?

      • I know that I don’t have to complete em.

        I hit the x and get another Ticket one.

        A Krustyland update would be nice. EA has ignored Krustyland for toooooo long.

      • actually i find you can do it a couple times a day sometimes. This morning at about 7AM i did it and again about half an hour ago (4:30 PM) i skipped a task

    • If you haven’t tried it, hit the “x” in the right corner of the task, you will get a new task …if you don’t like that one, wait twelve hours and do it again. You have a couple days to complete it and meanwhile the next daily task will still pop up tomorrow. If you trade out, you can usually come up with a “donut” task more than half the time…good luck.

    • I noticed that in my game also!,,, hadn’t really thought it might be a problem,,,but I’ll keep an eye on it.

      • I think I may have the same problem. Not sure, I’ll watch it too. Usually it comes only every so often and now I’ve seen it quite a bit too.

    • Yeah, I x’d out a Krustyland ticket task only to have it be replaced by the same ticket task. Don’t know if it’s just a coincidence….

    • I got a Krustyland task today, also, but since it was for 3 donuts and took about a minute to complete, I was happy with it 😁(they can send me anywhere they like for 3 donuts…I won’t complain)

    • I’m getting them too. Yesterday for money and today for donuts. I’d be pumped if Safi’s prediction is correct! We need more K-Land content. 🤡

    • Me too. Definitely seems like there’s a bit of a common theme going here.
      I’d bought a couple of new rides so thought it might be related to that but apparently not

  6. I thought the quest line kind of stunk. The dialogue wasn’t very funny, and it was really short. It ended abruptly. I want to get a non-limited time character. These are the combos I don’t have: Springfield Museum, Plato’s Republic, Powell Motors, Powers House, Malibu Stacey, Lovejoy’s, Prep School, Manjula and Florence of Arabia. Which one do YOU think has the funniest, most entertaining quest line? What would you, TSTO Addict who’s reading this, recommend?

    • Bought Manjula the other day and so far it’s been a fun questline. I like the interaction between her and Apu.

  7. Just nuked my Heights and 🦑port and emptied all my water (except for 🐳s and submarines…ya gotta have 🐳s and submarines).
    Lots of room now for Jay G, the mansion and the pool…yaaaaay!!
    Will rebuild 🦑port first…going to have an actual plan this time🤔
    (will be much more ship-centric and park-like…lots of entertainment stuff).
    Worked all my functional Heights stuff (theater, furniture store etc) into my regular Springfield, so I now have a blank canvas to play with in SH. Took a big hit on XP percent…dropped a couple hundred points…but it will be worth it in the long run.( How much money do you really need, anyway?)
    Thinking of moving all the upscale restaurants over there first…maybe along the beach…hmmmm…we’ll see…

    • Don’t forget Heights buildings all give bonus…

      • I know, but I just hate most of them…I have all the modern mansion and classic mansion base units stacked and a few of the parking garages in my Springfield and decided to let the rest go…I’m still at 800%, plus the hidden for Mansions, so I’m good with that.

      • Am I the only one who does not get the HIDDEN bonus for the Springfieldhight buildings

        • The buildings give xp bonus that is not reflected in the conform-o-meter. If you collect a building without the SH buildings out and collect again with all your SH buildings out, you will see the difference in the XP.
          Deluxe Condo: +1% Per Building
          Business Center: +2% Per Building
          Valet Parking: +3% Per Building
          Classic Mansion: +4% Per Building
          Modern Mansion: +5% Per Building
          Private Island level 2-5: +1% per Island

          • Also, the building has to be at level 2 or above to get the bonus, but you only need to leave out the main building. Accessory pieces for the modern and classic mansions can be stored and you will still get a bonus for the piece.

          • Thanks for letting me know I just always looked at the meter as the final result

    • Good luck with the redesign. I agree that you can use only use so much money once you get to a certain point in the game. I store everything I do not like or have a good place for. Always a work in process.

    • I’ve been contemplating doing something similar, I love getting as much cash as I can though, it’s pretty much been how I’ve always played the game. Now I’m maxing XP too.
      But it’s very much to the detriment of how my town looks. I just need to be sure I’m going to be happy with the change of approach before I push the button.
      I’ve got a bonus north of 1300% before the SH buildings so I can afford to drop quite a bit but it’ll be a wrench to do that. Conflicted.

      • Was surprised how easily I was able to build back xp% without cluttering my SH area…most of the large buildings there have a low % payout. Nothing out now but the classic and modern mansion bases(20 pcs, stacked together at the far border) and I reconfigured my 5 Beach Hideaways to take up less space in the water. I am actually enjoying designing new areas over there now…it’s been a long time since I last said that😀.

  8. SIB?
    1. Superfluous
    2. Extraneous

    Big Phat noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  9. Can’t afford this amount of donuts on the Gil deal but hope those tappers who can enjoy these additions to their game.
    Anyone have an idea when the next update will hit & what it might entail ?

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