Next Event Speculation, In Game Clues…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

On Saturday another round of the Lunar New Year questline was released and this batch of dialogue was FULL of hints and “tip offs” for the next event in TSTO.  As promised in my post Saturday, now that (I hope) everyone has had a fair chance to read the new dialogue.

Between the app store description and the Facebook teaser (from last week) alone, I think by now it’s safe for all of us to assume/anticipate an “Around the World” event.  So when will it start?  What will it do? And what the heck are we supposed to do with those dang pins?  Well let’s look to the in-game dialogue for clues/answers to all those questions and more.


So let’s start with some clues from the Lunar New Year round 2 dialogue..

From Year of the Rooster Pt. 6

We see a Tourist appear…

Bart: Hey, who’re you?
Tourist: Oh, just an out-of-towner who stopped to enjoy your Chinese New Year festival.
Mayor Quimby: A tourist enjoying our fake foreign festival. That gives me an idea.

Then we see this system message popup:


So this tells us a couple of things:
1) the new event will start this week. (as next week applies to Saturday, which was last week).  My guess is it’ll start Tuesday.  As I do think the Lunar New Year event will end and lead us right into the new event.

2) (As was already confirmed by the Facebook teaser) the new event will feature various world cultures. Something for Mayor Quimby to attract the tourists with.

Which also tells me that it’s unlikely that we’ll actually be going “Around the World” (the Facebook post alludes to this as well), instead the world will be coming to us.  As Mayor Quimby will do/scheme various things to create different reasons to celebrate in Springfield to attracted the tourists.

This also strikes me as a full event, app store and all.  Not just a series of mini events.  Based on years of playing TSTO and these in-game teasers it’s not likely that we’ll see 3 mini events in a row.  So I do suspect this will be a full app store update event.

Now let’s jump ahead in the dialogue a little bit for some more clues….

From Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 3

Bart: Heh, heh. Sucker paid me to watch my Dad behave like an idiot. He could get that for free at Moe’s every night…Wait, pins? What the hell am I going to do with these?

At this point you’ll be awarded the pins


And this system message pops up:


As we’ve discussed on Saturday, these are currently not a tangible item for Springfield.  You won’t see them or have a real use for them…not yet anyway. (and no, they don’t appear in your pin stand)

I do believe that these pins are the currency for Part 1 of the upcoming event. So they’ll likely play a role in the new event.

Now to a little pure speculation from me…

touristmale Tourists- These guys I believe will be the tappables for the event.  Similar to the Pagans for Winter, tap the Tourists to earn more currency. (of course, again, that’s just my speculation.  Won’t know for sure until it is released by EA)

menu_francepins French Pins- These are in fact coded as French pins.  I believe this means for the first part of this event we’ll see a lot of French influences (likely items from “The Crepes of Wrath” (S1:E11) or “To Courier with Love” (S27:E20)).  This makes sense considering Valentine’s Day is about 2 weeks away.  I think they’ll tie together.

As far as what other countries the “Romp Around the World” could cover, check out Wookiee’s Prognostication post.  He gives you a full list of Simpsons episodes to check out from various “romps” around the world.

And there you have it my friends, a little speculation for a Monday morning!

What are your thoughts on the next event?  When do you think it will hit?  Have different ideas about the pins and tourists? What do you think we’ll see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


97 responses to “Next Event Speculation, In Game Clues…

  1. I’m hoping the tourists will have patterned Bermuda shorts, sandals with socks, and fanny packs…oh yeah, and foldable canvas hats (from the picture, it looks like the hat thing is a given).

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  2. HELP! I can’t find my bowl of pins? They gave us those right? Are they small? Also! I made an “international zone” on my Springfield prepping for this event!



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