Around the World Is On The Way…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know that the Around the World update has hit the files…which means we can expect to see an App Store update on this very soon.  Keep your eyes on this site and the App Store for more fun in our pocket sized Springfields!


44 responses to “Around the World Is On The Way…

  1. Wow that’s a lot of posts stating the obvious


  2. Be careful when you’re tapping in your friends towns, I tapped the shield over buildings and hit the Town Hall and it vandalized my neighbours building. I’m wondering once everyone has downloaded all the content and have started playing tapping on any of the buildings that normally have spray cans will be okay. My apologies for the vandalism!

    I used my free land on the most expensive land available…..


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  3. So I am not seeing how to get the free land! Everytime I want to get and buy and and or get the airport I can’t buy land. it wants me to put the airpower on land that i already have…
    I will try that and then see if I can get the land were i want to put the airport…


  4. Oh goodness! Land and ocean!! And a first prize is a free spot of land. WARNING! I accidentally used it on one of the cheaper plots so be careful purchasing them and don’t get a 162,000 one instead of a million plus one. LOL I hit the wrong buy? icon…


  5. Airport confirmed


  6. And there it is! Time to download!


  7. ITS HERE!


  8. Update to my previous post … After 10 tries with the same thing happening … I hopped on the App store again … this time, the update appeared with a new logo … and things worked.


  9. The update has hit google play


  10. Super weird. Here is a pending update in the Apple App Store, but it has a Jan 18 date. It updates but there is no change in the game. Wonder if the wrong update went into the store!!


  11. finally


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