Around the World Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 4 Santa Teresa Tram

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Pack those bags and grab your boarding passes because it’s time to go Around the World with The Simpsons!  The Around the World Event is in full swing in our pocket-sized Springfields and that can only mean one thing….all new prize tracks to work our way through!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Third Act you’re tasked with collecting Brazilian Pins (ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg) to unlock each prize!

The fourth Act 3 Prize awarded at 26,484 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg is the Santa Teresa Tram, because Virgin Mary Twinkie has to be stored somewhere….


So let’s take a closer look at this fourth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…


Once you’ve collected 26,484 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg you’ll automatically be awarded the Tram and you’ll see this message popup:


And you’ll have the option to place it in your Springfield immediately or store it in your inventory for later.  Remember if you store it you’ll have to go back into your inventory to retrieve it.

The Santa Teresa Tram does come with a little dialogue. No questline or tasks, but some dialogue.  Here’s a look at the dialogue:

Bart: What’s everone packing onto the tram for?  Does it even move?
Milhouse: Nope.  They’re just getting in to see the Virgin Mary.
Bart: She’s on the tram?
Milhouse: She’s on a Twinkie on the tram.

And that’s it.  Not tasks, no quests.  Just “set it and forget it”…


Here are some quick facts about the Santa Teresa Tram:

Size: 3×7
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Animation: When tapped the lights flash

And there you have it, the details behind the Santa Teresa Tram, the 4th Act 3 prize.

What’s Next?

ico_aroundtheworld_skycredit_pack3_lgTechnically the 750 SkyCredits are next….awarded at 30,898ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg, but since that’s not a tangible gift for Springfield (just more crafting currency) the next prize we’ll cover is…

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_sambaschoolandtiago_lgSamba School Awarded at 40,829ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg.  This will be the next prize we breakdown in the prize guide post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the fourth Act 3 prize!

What do you think of the Vicious Monkeys? Have you unlocked them yet? What are your thoughts on their tasks?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “Around the World Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 4 Santa Teresa Tram

  1. I started playing in the middle of the event so I am wondering are the skycredits event specific or are the used in the regular game? I maxed out on the levels and have a lot of skycredits so I am wondering do I load up on trees or do I save them?

  2. Anyone having problems with Bonus level? I was like 500 points away from achieving 7500 points and it started me all over last night around midnight? I’m getting Tapped Out!

  3. Santa Teresa Tram
    “Set It and Forget It” until EA does something (ie add Character Tasks for it) 😐

  4. The Santa Teresa trams are lovely. This would actually be quite cool if we got some kind of track for it to run on. But hey, this is Springfield, where we can’t even place vehicles on the roads.

    Off-topic: upon my last login, I got a message (probably like everyone else) apologizing for the recent connection SNAFU. I’m left wondering… is that acronym considered PG?

  5. What should I build with all the Sky Credits? I’m just buying a ton of the Japanese trees to improve my tree-hugging rating. Is there something better I could do?

    I liked in the past events that there were income-generating buildings you could by multiples of. I have 120 “spooky houses” in one corner of my town.

    • I plan to buy a few of everything just in case they add a bonus later. Then I am buying Taxis for my roads. Yes I know they don’t fit on the real roads. But I break them up with concrete/pavement with cars on them to make them look like roads.

  6. I was hoping for a % bonus. Utterly dissapointed.

  7. Anybody else having problem sending people on journeys, I’ve only been able to send two on every trip today. Tried going to Krustyland and powered iPad off and on but no joy. Any other idea to try. Thanks.

    • If you send one of those two on a trip and then find the other eligible character (you can use Town Hall) and send them on a normal (non-trip) task it should add more characters to the list. I’ve run into that quite a bit and this workaround seems to take care of it.

    • It does a 1 time generation of up to 5 characters that you can send on the Plane Tasks based on the number of free/not on a job characters you have at the 1st time you tap on the Airport after you clear the tasks there/open the Task tab in the Event Window.

      ie if you only have 2 characters free at the time you tap on it, it will only give you 2. So next time you clear those DO NOT tap on the event window or the Airport until you clear out more character’s tasks.

  8. I like it. ..but I just do not know where to put it?

    • I have it as a tram that conveys visitors from one end of my Effcot Center to the other, down the main thoroughfare.

    • I put mine by the rail yard, like to imagine Sebastian Cobb is scrapping it for parts.

  9. I am less than 1,000 pins from the Samba school but I already have the task for bonuts. So as I chip away at that amount, my total for first round of donuts is already building. Anyone else have this happen to them?

    • Yes but I actually reached and exceeded the need for the samba and it was not awarded, but bonita were counting. I went back in to check and then my counter showed less than needed for samba so I had to earn more to get it but got the head start on bonuts. My counter actually changed. Strange but happy to get bonuts!

  10. I don’t understand why we have cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles in the game and they can’t drive on the roads. The Tram should move like any other NPC in the game. How cool would it be during a winter event the Plow King is going up and down our streets. Even the Covered Bridge from Halloween doesn’t work as a bridge at all.

  11. I like the tram…maybe place it in the casino area after the event…or next to Effcot as a tourist tram…hmmm….

  12. I was disappointed in this prize. I thought it would move or have tasks…..something…..anything.

  13. I LOVE the Viscious Monkeys!! I wasn’t expecting them to be full playable chracters.

  14. It would have been awesome if they had made it move like the street cleaner.

  15. I love the tram, being a train 🚂 tram 🚋 aficionado.
    Well on the way to the finishing line (samba school)

  16. One of my neighbours has a double length section of runway with a red bi-plane sitting on it. I’m assuming this is a glitch, but it looks like this may be a final ‘flight prize’ of Act 3, much like the leather plane was previously.

    • It’s not a glitch. In my B-game I didn’t reach the globe. Then it went into Act 2. When I should have reached the globe I got the leather planer instead (way earlier then anyone else). Same with the plane.

    • It’s Norbert’s Plane. Comes with Norbert. Final Prize of Act 3 other than the Golden Train, which is part of Norbert’s quest.

  17. 4kidsandacatdog

    Too bad it doesn’t move. I would have been Ok with just a little track, just to see it go back and forth.

  18. I got enough pins for samba school, and the icon for the travel with count for earning bonuts is active and counting. BUT I am unable to claim the samba school. It shows I have enough to win it, but says “get now” 5 donuts.
    Anyone else?
    I know I can contact EA, but if they have it set this way so we can’t get all the prizes before it’s over, I’ll just wait…

    • Go to krustyland and back

      • Should have added the things I tried before posting.
        Went to Krusty land and back
        Visited neighbors and back
        Hard close and back on
        Phone powered off and on
        Did NOT re install game

        The solution:
        Finally tapped on act one tab, act two tab and then act 3 tab and all of the side tabs for prize track, flu, purchases..: Counter in prize track act 3 went back below required amount to win final prize, but game still showed added bonut track pins.
        Earned 300 more pins and got the prize.
        Very strange.

  19. Meh, I’ll find a use for it, maybe as a seating area for my drive in. Since most New Yorkers don’t have cars, they just opened a drive in that you can’t drive to. They already have the cars there. You just “rent” it for a bit. Maybe open some old subway cars and use them as bleachers.

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