Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 4

Hey hey there friends!

So… in case you’re new to this post series… we launched a new feature on the site where I do an audio recap of Seasons of The Simpsons plus whatever other stuff comes out of my mouth. Basically it’s all The Simpsons stuff from the weekly podcast I do. With Totbox on a hiatus from the amazing Throwback posts that I’ve come to love, this is my way of keeping some sort of throwback going and while I’ll miss the hilarity that is Totbox covering episodes of the Best. Show. Ever., I like this format. Shoutout to Alissa for even thinking of this amazing example of the power of double dipping. NOTE: Do not double dip Cheetos… not a good example.


Said overpowering of my taste buds by cheesy poofs aside, one of the goals we’ve had on the site is to provide a variety of different formats for content for y’all.  In case you missed my blatant self-promotion from a few months back, I have been recording a podcast of my own where I ramble on about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. I’ve been having a great time and somehow have kept the show going for 29 episodes.

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Long and short of these throwing back season with the fuzzball posts is that I cull all of The Simpsons stuff from my podcast into a shortened version just for the readers of the site. Long versions of Laugh It Up Fuzzball are always available but I’m well aware that the universe and our lives don’t always have the time we’d like for all the entertainment available. I also know everyone doesn’t necessarily want to listen to me ramble on about geekery for an hour or more each week. That being said, I figured (and hoped) some of you might be interested in my thoughts about older seasons of The Simpsons so here we are.WookieeIn this edition, I cover Season Four of the Best. Show. Ever. It’s a longer one just because this is my favorite season. Ostensibly, one of these will be up every week as long as I do a long format episode that includes the Kwyjibo Corner (what I call my Simpsons segment on the podcast). Ever so often I do guest episodes which don’t cover the usual geek news, comics, The Simpsons, Star Wars, and whatever randomness finds its way onto the recording so gaps will happen. Anyhoo… without further words since the goal is just to supply an easy listen, here is this week’s Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball.

Congrats on completing Level 4 of this experiment. For more info about Laugh It Up Fuzzball, you can check out the website ( There’s also a Facebook page ( if you want to join or you can reach me on twitter (@wookieeriot) or the website and of course, as always, here in the comments. Feel free to subscribe to Laugh It Up Fuzzball over on iTunes, googleplay, the stitcher app, or PlayerFM. Several other apps pull from all these so there’s a plethora of ways to listen and/or comment. I hope to see some of your thoughts, comments, and ideas.

Hopefully you like this addition as much as I did putting it all together. If not… blame Alissa and Totbox. Thanks so much for listening, I remain the Wookiee, your resident walking carpet of Simpsons geekery. You stay classy and thanks for stopping by.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

3 responses to “Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 4

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Another great job Wookiee! Such wonderful memories brought back, reminding me why I love this show 💘 I’m really looking forward to season 5, but you probably already know why 😂😂😂 😁

  2. RussianTigger

    Another enjoyable trip into the mind of the Wookiee, keep them coming.

  3. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    This was a great listen! I have been a Simpson’s fan since the first season and love the video games, cards, toys and comics etc. It is still my favorite show, Hit & Run is still my favorite GameCube game and Simpson Arcade is my favorite arcade game to this day. I was blessed with a tablet for Christmas and am a new TSTO addict. I still have dozens of my old VHS tapes I recorded from FOX with sloppily yet lovingly written paper episode descriptions I glued onto the VHS cases. Great Podcast! The episode you discussed where Laura Power rips out Bart’s heart and throws it in the trash was something that I always related with and had thought about the other day. Powerful stuff. Simpsons covers it all man. LOL! – So classic

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