Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

No new Simpsons this week, they’ve got a 1hr episode of Bob’s Burgers on instead.  But you can still watch FXX or another Simpsons streaming option and check out “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson” (S8, E25) to check out most of the Rommelwood Academy items.


Speaking of Rommelwood, the mini event ends on Tuesday…have you unlocked everything yet?  What are your thoughts about the mini event?  Ready for what’s next?  What do you think it’ll be?

Don’t forget Springfield Showoff will be up on Tuesday, so don’t forget to submit your Rommelwood designs by tomorrow night.

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

182 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Hey guys! I’m back in action. That was a strange week… but I’m finally feeling like myself again. Woo Hoo! I wish my story was way cooler, like getting hit in the head with a baseball or fighting a rogue grizzly bear. Instead it’s about me being clumsy, getting in the car in a rush to get to work on time and missing the door. I smacked my head so hard on the door frame I almost knocked myself out completely. Ouch. And after I sat there for 2 minutes waiting to stop spinning I drove to work anyway where I was incredibly busy and running around in circles for 8 hours further adding to the vertigo and messing me up worse. Ended up concussed with a little bit of whiplash to top it off. I only moved from bed to go get some pt on my neck once a day all week. I thought I’d be bored but it was actually really relaxing once the headache and spins went away thanks to the sound of the beach and Bob Ross.

    • I’m happy that you are doing better .

      Rock on !

      See ya bye . Stop by and we will make a movie in black and white . 👽

    • Bob Ross does have a good voice. I could listen to him for hours…except it always puts me to sleep. Glad you’re feeling better! 👍

    • Glad to hear you are doing much better now! 🙌

      I personally think we don’t take ‘car injuries’ as serious as we should and I would like to share with you, that one time when I got my thumb slammed in a car door and I end up in E.R. (hoping this make you feel a little bit better about clumsiness, lol 😜)

      At first I though it was nothing and, the same as you, managed to go through my workday just with nausea and a killer headache but my blood pressure went up and down and, long story short, I didn’t break my bone but I had to say goodbye to my nail! 😭👍

      • Also smashed my thumb in the car door 😭 Still sat through all my classes that day but in complete agony. I was still an awkward teen then and was too shy to just leave.
        When I got home instead of going to a&e i did some googling and ended up…drilling a tiny little hole in my nail (with my left hand btw) to ease the pressure. It worked and i was no longer in pain. I would not recommend this foolishness tho. Ahhh the things we do when we’re young lol.

    • Ouch! I am glad you are feeling better. Years ago I managed to give myself a concussion by throwing myself into bed in the middle of the night and smashing my husband’s elbow directly into my temple. Nothing sexy, just coming back from the bathroom and being my usual clumsy whirlwind self as he was putting his arm up to accomodate me laying against him. The ER staff were suspicious of the story at the time and my husband still worries that if I get hurt again they’ll see that in my file and assume the worst but for me the real tragedy was that we had to miss the first of the new Star Trek movies in the theater – for like a month every bump or jostle from a vehicle or even walking too fast made my whole head – and even my teeth – just throb with pain.

      Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks so much to everyone for the kind well wishes! Even though I didn’t read them all (including the last thread) till now I believe there is something to be said about putting that kind of energy into the world and it must have helped! This is an awesome community. 🙂
      Monserrath and Quoylah, thanks for sharing your silly stories! It does make me feel better about my own clumsiness knowing I’m not the only one things like that happen to!

    • Glad your feeling better…no fun getting the spins without a great party to earn it…take care 🤕…

    • Happy little clouds 🙂

      Glad you’re feeling better!

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Happy to have you back & better 😀 I swear I’ve knocked myself silly a few times getting in the car 😬

    • Hi Lekitty, glad you are feeling back to yourself. For us that are not on lazy side bed rest sounds horrible. Actually mine went pretty fast & was nice to lay & relax for a change while our bodies heal. I’m having harder time with the “light duty” part which ends next Monday. What the heck is light duty? When explained by doc sounded like blah blah blah then take a long rest in between doing nothing, might as well do nothing as pretty much allowed nothing. Only thing keeping me sane is arranging move, but other hand, must pack!
      Take care and slow does it, allow your body to heal completely so you don’t have more problems!

      • And you the same, Lady! Doctor’s orders! I do hope your move goes smoothly. Moving is the worst!

  2. mydadlookslikeFlanders

    A free donut Easter egg that EA included that immediately gives you 10 donuts and a Jebediah Springfield statue can be accessed by making Homer use his 45 second “Play with his myPad” action and tapping on his body ten times. It is much easier if you wait until he is walking somewhere in the open while doing the task so he doesn’t get hidden behind a building or something before you can tap him ten times. I did it today and it was really cool and worked! *You don’t need to do the task ten times you tap on his body while he is doing the task itself ten times* Just wanted to pass this info on. Cheers

  3. Level 132 ? Now you’re as
    special as me !

    Level Up !

    See ya bye . Stop by and we will make a movie in black and white . 👽

  4. Hello Tappers,

    I’m relatively new to the tapping world, and the Simpson world for that matter. I never was a fan until, not long ago, I found myself at Universal in Orlando drinking Duff beer and eating a Krusty burger in Moe’s with a Lard Lad doughnut for dessert. I started watching the show and I’ve been hooked since then. Fxx has it on five days a week which makes it my new favorite channel. Most of the shows are so brilliantly written I see why it’s been on for 30 years. And TSTO is a nice extension of that. I’m not creative but it is entertaining. Anyway thanks for your time and happy tapping!!

    • Funny that you bring this since I did not consider myself as a Simpsons fan until I started playing TSTO. Like, I used to watch them only when there was nothing else to watch on tv but now I’m always looking for them. Enjoying every single detail!

    • Nick….Your town has some super creative sections…your new Rommelwood section is wonderful! It inspired me to redo and expand my own area. Don’t sell yourself short…lots of creativity there waiting to get out👍😄.

    • Welcome! Just be forewarned that the game’s tagline, “life ruiningly fun” is all too true (especially if you compound it by hanging out here, which is also addictive, like the game). 😉

    • I love to see new fans. Keep em coming and we may get another 30 years.

    • Hi Nickcst, welcome to our crazy lil world. Sandra speaks truth, the game can offend some people, just have to remember it’s a game about strange yello people you never age…already that’s weird, but awesome.
      This site is hosted by incredible people, who give freely of their time, literally. They don’t get paid and don’t work or get compensated by EA. So they guide us, keep us informed and care about us, but they can’t do anything about our games.
      Those are main suggestions for a happy game. I’ve been here for 3+ years, hard to believe eh, Alissa been driving you crazy for 3 years!
      There are incredible people here full of information, doesn’t even have to be about game as long as you stay on “open Thread”.
      I have friends all over the world, fun learning new cultures. God luck and happy tapping.

  5. I wonder if the game will ever add a “collect all cash” button? I would pay 200 donuts for that. Even with the radius big, there is a lot of manual collecting.

    • I go back and forth on this one. On the one hand the game is called “Tapped Out” so a button like this would be removing a lot of tapping. But on the other hand, as our Springfields get bigger, it does take time to collect all the cash/XP.

      • I know what you mean. But I guess we still do a lot of tapping on characters and things for their tasks. Maybe the collection button could do building money only.

        • If it could only do one or the other, I’d rather it collected tasks, rather than buildings, since sometimes it’s more critical to be able to do that quickly, like when I’m trying to get things to time out right for my sleep schedule, etc.

    • Between a “collect cash” button and the unemployment office, I don’t think there would be much “game” left to the game. Earning and collecting the cash and donuts is the part of the game we have to complete in order to buy fun stuff and design with it…sort of like life…
      For me, without the challenges, things would get boring pretty quickly.

    • I’ll echo the comments about the button to clear and pay out all character tasks. I wouldn’t want it to collect from buildings, hence I never upgraded my IRS past level 2. Gotta leave some buildings for neighbors to tap.

    • Some days I would like this too, but on the other hand sometimes I feel like my tap radius is too big, like it will be clearing something that’s off my screen and then I’m wondering if I missed a handshake. I haven’t fully upgraded my IRS building because I don’t want to make my tap radius bigger! But it would be helpful when you’re at work, quickly trying to tap while hiding at the same time! 😂

  6. Still waiting for Gil’s Spring-field Cleaning!! 🙄😭

  7. TSTO comment: so who thinks the game developers really need to introduce some new element to the game, besides events and mini events?

    Non-TSTO comment: this week I’m heading to London and then Paris for the first time ever. Does anyone have any suggestions with what I should go see or do? I’m staying a week in both cities

    • Or at least shake up the events. They are all so similar and they are starting to feel like a grind.

    • Paris is loaded with great art museums. My favorite was the Rodin Museum. Of course you should go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk the Champs Elysees, and visit Notre Dame de Paris. Don’t pass up the chance to visit Versailles. It’s just a short bus ride outside of Paris. I don’t want to give you my impressions so you can visit without expectations. Have a great trip!

    • MICK- If you like ice cream be sure to visit BERTILLON in Paris (ile de Paris), if you love art then Musée de l’Orangerie, for a lovely walk Place des Vosges. There’s just so much you could do. Better you say what interests you then we can suggest. I spent many wonderful years there & know it like the back of my hand. Prefer to suggest the unusual rather than the obvious (also beautiful) venues.

    • Sounds like a great vacation! 🙂

      One tip though…while Paris is lovely, their pickpockets are no joke. Make sure you have a lock on any pockets of your backpack (or whatever) in which you’re carrying anything you want to be sure to keep. Paris was the last stop of our multi-country, two week trip and my husband, against my advice, decided to keep the camera (this was in the days before smartphones) in an unsecured pocket in his backpack. The only pictures we came home with from our trip were the x-rays from our trip to the hospital when he fell and dislocated his finger. 🙁

    • You got some good Paris tips – just one more. Skip the taxis and bus and take the metropolitan ( subway ). Not expensive and quicker. Just watch pickpockets

      For London most is in one small area. You can see Big Ben and also Westminster Abbey in one spot ( go inside and take tour of Westminster Abbey, best spot in London ). Also most museums are free in London. The national gallery is great and free. Go see buckinghan palace and go drink a pint at the Bag O Nails pub. Very close. Also recommend if you have time to go see Stonehenge. There are busses that can take you out there. I was lucky enough to be in the U.K. For 10 days and had a car a good part of it and drove out there.

    • Pere Lachaise. Yes, it’s a cemetary, but it could easily be an outdoor sculpture garden…its beautiful. Many famous people are buried here, including politicians, artists, writers, actors, and musicians. And many of the grave stones are true works of art. It is easily accessible by Metro.

  8. Hi, everyone. Just a little something I found amusing while playing Tapped Out today:

    When assigning people jobs for the “Make Springfield Elite Attend Fundraiser” task for Martha Quimby’s level 53 questline, Cleatus the FOX football robot was among those who could attend.

    So, apparently, Cleatus is considered “elite” in Springfield. Go figure.

  9. Happy Sunday
    Had a good weekend saw a Mozart opera great music and getting ready for a few days at the ocean.
    Got Notre Dame with Irish stuff had to place it next to my football stadium when in the tag line is:
    “Teaching to be Football Champs” . I am a big football fan especially of my college alumna mater part of the Big Ten. Even though spring here looking forward to that season again.
    Good week to all.

    • Happy Sunday Carie, hope you have a great time @ ocean. I’m hoping to get to one of coasts for a day trip or over night if I go South, not sure till I see how things shake out around here.
      Feeling much better, to point back is giving me more fits with packing than surgery recovery.
      Spent most afternoon packing garage with both doors open like being outside, all the dogs played outside all day. Played in yard with doggies and accomplished lots towards move, can’t beat that!

      • I’m happy you are doing better .

        Rock on !

        See ya bye . Stop by and we will make a movie in black and white . 👽

      • Hi Hank, glad to hear you are feeling better. Good luck with your move, always a big job. And good to get outside.

        • Hi Carie better everyday, if I could only get a miracle for my back. I work till back hurts, then lay down on ice for a bit with the % furry ones. Still sad I’m leaving 3, trying to be happy when with them, so they don’t get upset.
          Every packed box is 1 step closer to move.

  10. When I visit my neighbors towns, after I tap the 3rd building I get that sound when you’ve completed a quest. Anyone ever have that happen to you? It doesn’t happen all the time only on occasion.

  11. Hi, MAB!
    Well, I’m back from the Bahamas. Was an OK trip but I spent the last three days not eating and trying to force water down. Yup, the flu. Of the twenty or so of the friends that go there every year, seven of us ended up with the flu. Still bodily sore but happy I got to go. I was able to lay out on the deck in the sun and keep warm. Great weight loss plan…


  13. Happy Sunday to all and I hope your week ahead is full of good health, many smiles and great happiness.

  14. Decided to make neighbor visits into a mini game (between mini games😁) by searching for certain items each day of the week:

    Squidport/Springfield Heights Sunday…really great designs out there!
    Municipal Monday …schools, library, post office etc.
    Tranquil Vistas Tuesday …parks, shorelines, lakes, woods, farms
    Halloween Humpday …so much Halloween stuff, easy pick’ns 😈
    Thirst-quencher Thursday…anywhere you can get a 🍺
    Frivolous Friday…date night…movies, restaurants, live entertainment
    Small Business Saturday…shop till you drop…no chain stores, please

    Visited a lot of Squidports today…I think this one area has the highest level of creativity of anywhere in our towns…we really need a Squidport Showoff ✨🦑👍…hint, hint…

    • EBRON- Wow! I do that too when time allows. I’ve pinched so many designs from my neighbours too…..💜X

      • My Squidport redo was all about my neighbor’s wonderful designs…saw “a little of this, a little of that” and then (shhhhh, don’t tell anybody) I pinched it all 😄👍…

        • EBRON😂😂😂Even funnier…some of my neighbours have pinched from my SF what I pinched from a neighbour eg. using the SH palm tree decorated, glass door entrances as entrances to the airport. (I pinched that from ‘granm…..dar’ so thanks for that) 😂😂😂….💜X

          • I just redesigned my airport and stole the same idea…I added a couple modern mansion pieces (also seen elsewhere)…thanks, everybody for the inspiration…between us all, we do good work😄.

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            What’s funny, is I probably stole it from one of my other neighboreeno’s towns 😂😂😂

            • Yes JK, I stole it from you. When I first saw it I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s the best I have seen so far. I just had to copy it. Now I have EBRON & you to copy, tho Ebron and I are not neighbours (….yet☺️). Thanks for the inspiration….💜X

    • That’s an awesome idea. I just randomly go around scrolling through and visiting different parts of neighbors towns. Anywhere besides the landing zone or house farms. Never thought about giving myself a challenge to find in each one . hmmmm….

      P.S. My municipal downtown will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow.

    • Hi Ebron, I always like visiting your town, it is creative. 🙂
      I like exploring my neighbours towns, but when it comes to leaving handshakes, I usually like to tap on:
      The Pet Shop, The Animal Shelter and the Puppy dog/ Fireworks factory.
      (I Love animals, so they are my favourite buildings to tap) 🙂
      But of course, if I can’t find those buildings,or if they have already been tapped by someone else, I will just explore their town and choose other buildings.
      cardsflyinghigh- I also like visiting your town, I like riding your monorail and having a look around. Your town is also creative.

      • Thanks! Yours is one of my favorites as well. I love your crossword.

      • I ride the Monorail in other towns, too…some of the stations are amazing! One of my neighbors has his Monorail weaving in and out of builldings…must have taken forever to get it right.
        My favorite things to tap are the bookstores and the library (avid reader 📚) and the Squidport boats… and I love the Coconut Babaloo🏝, I imagine Desi is singing and Lucy is trying to get on stage in a costume with a giant headdress 😂. Oops, showing my age, again…

      • That’s funny, I thought I was weird because I always try to tap the Cool Brown House and Flannagan’s Pub if I can find them.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      How creative! 😃 I love that idea 😊😊

    • With tapping finger trembling, alas E, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The police station and city hall looked so inviting. Darn you Municipal Monday! I’ll be bock!

    • Had to expand the definition of municipal today to include transportation, churches and anything else publicly funded…other people had already tapped the Municipal Monday stuff before I visited 🙀. Tomorrow should be easier…lots of beautiful parks and green spaces in my neighbor’s towns…🌿🌺🌲

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    Happy Sunday everyone ~ 💜🌵🌸🎵🐠🌸🖖
    ~ granmamaDar

  16. I hate, hate, hate the questline that came with Greta Wolfcastle. I think I’m near the end, and it’s taken a *slightly* better turn, but it’s been the most depressing and unpleasant questline I’ve ever gone through in this game. (And now I’m stuck with forever sending Greta on some of those depressing tasks.) Sophie and Krusty have a model father-daughter relationship compared to Greta and Wolfcastle.


    • I usually send her directing…I agree, not much to choose from…and then there’s “Poor Violet” and her brother…sheesh….

      • Poor Violet and Patches don’t bother me as much, somehow…I think because they’re less realistic and more like a couple of Dickensian characters.

    • I’ve had her a while Sandra very depressing indeed. I send her on the 12 hrs direct film or text other children those aren’t too bad.
      Hope you are having a great Sunday. I’m done with day, I hope, back is done. I accomplished so much, emptied, sorted and repacked 5 boxes. Through out big garbage can of stuff.
      I know I’m pushing too hard so catching up on DVR & talking to TSTO friends. Currently watching “Once Upon a Time” 3 episodes behind. I’m antsy want to leave…..want to pack………sitting is wasting time…..catching up on DVR helps feel like I’m accomplishing something. Big huge plus dogs are happy & sleeping.shhhhhhhhh

    • Agreed,
      It’s a moral dilemma thingy, I avoid any duck teasing or bullying


    • Worst. Quest. Ever! I usually love reading all the text for quests and such, but this one…uhg! I think nearly half way through I was just scanning the text. It really sucked all the fun out of getting her. 🙁

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I agree about Greta… they need to at least give her 1 outside task. I usually send her flying or bounce

  17. In the UK it is Mothers Day when we celebrate and wish all those mums who were there for us from birth and continue to be with us no matter how old we are. I wish my mum was still on this earth so I could tell her how much I love her but I know that she is always watching out for me and she knows how much I love her still


  18. Couple thoughts this week:
    Hour of Bob’s Burgers is acceptable. My wife is my Linda/Tina Belcher.

    If you utilize Googolplex for SH resources, there is no regard for cap limits? After yielding about 500 ads, I finally noticed. If this isn’t a glitch, then the transaction seems worthy of the $50k-$200k charge. If it is a glitch, and it becomes fixed, then I should be permanently banned from this site. And if this was pointed out in a previous post, then I’m just a sorry, slow dude.
    Well hello there, it has been long overdue, we finally meet, ornate tiles…
    Also prompts me to make something of my shoddy construction of beach hideaways.

    Temple Beth Springfield’s chess table can be placed anywhere in Springfield?? During my redesign, Rabbi Krustofsky will be playing in front of the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. Anyone think of a better place to have him “chess down”? Springfield Church, in support of Brother Faith at his van, Hamburger Heaven, at the pagan festival, Classy Girls Strip Club (ayyyyyyyyyy) – surely there’s better. When I think about it, though…I guess the best location is Temple Beth Springfield. :’)

  19. My simple design, just need the obstacles to finish the design but can’t afford them

  20. Non TSTO
    Dentist tomorrow.
    Tuesday Lunch with a former coworker
    Wednesday renew passports
    Thursday morning coffee / tea with the neighbor
    Friday (holiday forstate and some municipal workers) an afternoon and evening of debauchery with two college chums
    Saturday – TGISaturday

    hoping for a couple week break before the next event. Building my donut supply. I want Jesse to help with Recycling, Tatum to help in the Heights and I want to maintain a supply to purchase the “limited time must haves” that will appear at the next event.

    July 4th is 3 months away. Can’t be that long.
    Easter / “Spring?” is 3 weeks, hopefully not that short.

    Something in between? Since I missed both, I would love to see a reappearance of Stonecutters skins, or, perhaps, Clash of Clones.

    Thoughts? Hopes? Desires?

  21. Happy Sunday ☀️

  22. Hello all.

  23. Firstly, to our fabulous hosts and their families…
    Hi Alissa, Mr Alissa & Miss Riley
    Hi Patric (He’s alive! He’s alive!) 😃 & Mrs Patric
    Hi Bunny, Mr Bunny (?) and any baby bunnies (?)
    Hi Wookiee, Mrs Wookiee (?) and baby Wookiee’s x 3 and Wookieemama

    And then to all neighbours, friends, and friends to be…
    Hi all
    Hi Lee
    Hi Brooders
    Hi Safi
    Hi Sandra
    Hi BigPhil
    Hi David
    Hi Simp7fan
    Hi ellieg
    Hi Rachael
    Hi MikeyMoore
    Hi Chatonka
    Hi HandsomeHank
    Hi Chewfred
    Hi Sally Athey
    Hi HappyTapper
    Hi gbullock01
    Hi chezledent
    Hi Tracy
    Hi Sillyboy
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    Hi Feliciafancy
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    Hi toxicshark
    Hi sraige
    Hi alunited
    Hi DaPimp
    Hi Tapebelt
    Hi Ryan/Winston/Moloch
    Hi ibuylow
    Hi swissyoo
    Hi 168sean168
    Hi Ciara
    Hi justinmwat
    Hi Totbox
    Hi shmoopski
    Hi simpsonsmomma
    Hi flutterbyhigh
    Hi joco
    Hi Bnfire
    Hi Tim
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    Hi Nathan Hatch
    Hi ebron
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    Hi TSTO Addict
    Hi jjleigh73
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    Hi DrTyler
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    Hi brittj87
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    Hi D3M0N_HUNT3R – South Africa rules! 😃
    Hi dobiindy76
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    Hi Logan Tobin
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    Hi pushubuu
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    Hi prankmonkey
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    Hi Hatty
    Hi Hondo – Shine on you crazy diamond. See ya bye! 😃
    Hi Jeff Z
    Hi badbrad2723
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    Hi aabend380
    Hi myalinann
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    Hi Bugman
    Hi cpuworks
    Hi The Dog
    Hi David Billington
    Hi TDill76
    Hi Scotty
    Hi Mike
    Hi CrazyCatLord
    Hi Rubykinsdog
    Hi demitrisha
    Hi Repo982
    Hi strgzr4

    Had a lazy weekend recharging for the busy week ahead. Did spend some time in the garden today cutting back bougainvilleas and other trees and bushes that are trying to take over. Also spent some time playing with my puppies – always fun 😃😃😃

    Spent some time sorting the Rommelwood stuff to try and be ready for the Showoff on Tuesday (Note to self: remember to submit it on Monday!). Still need to place the other two schools that I got. Looking forward to the next event whenever and whatever it may be – I’m ready to shop! 😊

    I see there have been some hectic storms in the US – hope everyone in those areas are safe. Also a slow moving cyclone approaching Australia (Queensland?) – stay safe! We are having typical early Autumn weather – switched between 35°C and 17°C last week but heading back to low 30’s later in this week. Fortunately, no serious storms!

    Have a good week, everyone. Time for a bath!

  24. Hello fellow addicts! Hope you are having a happy Sunday. I haven’t been able to look at this thread for several weeks because we have been in the process of major life decisions. We are moving to Hawaii Island (the Big Island) mid to late summer, and I am excited and somewhat terrified. I’m not a big fan of change! It’s likely only for a few years, but it’s still a major change. So love the Big Island and go several times a year but never for more than a few weeks at a time. Anyway, I’ve managed to keep up with our game and check this site here and there for event info, but just barely. Hoping life will now be a bit more sane. Have lots of cleaning and packing to do but no more stomach-tangling decisions to make. Hi to our fearless leaders, MAB, and all of my TSTO friends!

    • Good luck with your move! 🙂

    • Hey MAB!! Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

    • Wow…that’s a major move🙀…Kona side or Hilo side? I lived in Hilo for a while, a longgggg time ago, but always loved the sunny Kona weather. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize either side after 20 years away…hopefully Liliuokalani Park is still unchanged in Hilo, such a beautiful place to just chill…

      • Kona side — South Kohala coast. Looking forward to the chill lifestyle but a bit concerned about island fever.

        • Maui is just a short hop away…my favorite place in the world🤙😄.
          Never have seen a more beautiful sunset 🌅.

          • Luckily our place out there is oriented so that it has yearound views of the sun setting over the ocean. Sometimes it’s fiery and sometimes it’s glorious shades of pink and violet, but it’s always a stunner. Def want to hop over to Maui so that we can snorkel at Molikini. We can see Maui from our place if it isn’t cloudy on that side of Maui.

    • The Five O protects that place. Have a good move!

  25. Happy Sunday everyone!

  26. Hi everybody


  27. Hi, MAB *waves*

    Hi, everyone who’s not MAB *waves more*


  28. Hey MAB and everyone else!
    Question for y’all. For an animated show sometimes The Simpsons have some scenes that are just disturbing and/or gross you out like Marge walking in on Burns naked after bathing.
    Which moment really gets to you? For me it’s the episode where Homer gets marge the candy machine and he makes a giant ball of caramel covered cotton candy ball and he enjoys watching Bart and Lisa suckling on it.

    • Blood and gore don’t gross me out. I donate blood every 8 weeks and am one of the weird ones that likes to watch the needle go in. But what does gross me out are the eyes.

      I get the queasies watching others rub their eyes, using eye drops, changing contacts, etc. Despite the Xanax they gave me last August for my laser vision correction surgery, I was a compete wreck during the procedure with the surgeon saying he’s never seen anyone so agitated before. Using eye drops the week after the surgery was also a chore for me.

      That all being said, the moments that really get to me are Lenny and his eye (especially the slinky scene):

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Ewwww Burns naked!!! 😵🙈

  29. I finished the mini-event quite quickly, Just trying to work out where is best for the stuff I earned. Wish I had enough donuts for the training plane as that bit of the episode was funny.

  30. Non-TSTO comment:
    One week till MLB Opening Day. I had my first of three Fantasy Baseball drafts this past Tuesday; the second last night; and the final one is tonight. Pretty happy with both teams so far. Tonight is an auction draft, so hope everyone else is not a bid driving idiot. Jays start on the road for the first week.
    I also signed up for adult co-ed softball in Toronto on Monday nights starting May. I was too late last year and spent the whole year on the waiting list. Played the year before that when I was living and working in Windsor. So hopefully I’m not too rusty after a year off. My secret weapon? I’ve got a “magic bat” and an “enchanted jock strap”, lol (my favourite The Simpsons episode)! Anyone else play in any softball leagues?

    TSTO comment:
    A lot of new features have been added to the game over the past 3.5+ years I’ve been playing. I’ve also aged over 3.5+ years since I started playing, so my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. The list of extra features in the game has grown drastically and is getting hard to keep track of. Aside from sending characters on tasks, what other aspects of the game yield in-game currency, premium currency, or in-game items? Here is my list of what I do every day, aside from sending characters on tasks or KEM farming, when I’m in the game tapping (please add anything I forgot):
    – Cletus’s Farm (30min-90d) yields money and XP
    – Drive-In Theater (45min-3hrs) yields money and XP
    – Channel 6 News (1hr-7d) yields money and XP
    – KBBL Radio (1hr-24hrs) yields money and XP
    – Googolplex (every 3hrs) yields SH currency
    – Great Wall Tower (3hrs-24hrs) yields tower or wall pieces
    – PolyVac (every 4hrs) yields XP and Monorail currency and SH currency
    – KEM Scratch-R (every 6hrs) yields money
    – Springfield Downs (every 8hrs) yields money and XP
    – Go Kart Track (every 8hrs) yields money and XP
    – Krustyland Sideshow You (every 8hrs) yields tickets and XP and random donuts
    – Insanity Cauldron (every 8hrs) yields money and XP and random items
    – Rocket Launch Pad (every 12 hours) yields money and XP and random items
    – Where’s Maggie (every 16hrs) yields XP and donuts every third time
    – Bigclaw (every 24hrs) yields random money or XP or SH currency
    – Neighbour visits (every 24hrs) yields money and XP and random donuts
    Other items that don’t affect me include:
    – Squidport Entrance (time varies) yields Boardwalk tiles until you’re maxed out like I am
    – Ornate Pier (time varies) yields Ornate tiles until you’re maxed out like I am
    – Yellow Submarine (premium item I don’t have) yields Boardwalk tiles beyond the max
    I of course didn’t include things that require characters sent, like Monorail, Bouncy Castle, Open Air Stage, etc. Am I missing out on any other form of special income/item earning?

    • Safi ♡
      Winner winner chicken dinner!

    • “Am I missing out on any other form of special income/item earning?”

      Yep. When do you have time to work? Or at least cash your pension check?

    • The leprechauns earn currency or xp when tapped.

    • Need to add the newest one – The Eliminator (which, for me, after the initial training dummy that everyone gets, has only yielded barbed wire fences so far) and an older one, the rail yard. 🙂

      • Thanks, but I intentionally left those off as you need to send characters for those. I was focusing on stuff after I’ve sent all my characters on tasks.

        • Oh, sorry…I missed that distinction. But didn’t you include the chili cauldron game? (I’m answering via email and am too lazy to go through the pages of comments to check.) If so, that requires Homer….

          • True, you do need Homer for the Cauldron game. Likewise Maggie for the Where’s Maggie game. But it’s just for that brief 30 seconds for the Cauldron or 72 seconds for my Where’s Maggie.

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              I’ve been trying to schedule Maggie’s tasks to end right after the timer for Where’s Maggie, otherwise I miss it 😊

    • There’s is also the turkey that you can tap three times a day 🙂

    • Played a little Softball while I was in High School – back at the dawn of time. Mainly because the kids from the nearby American barracks had no one to play with, and donated all the equipment. Wasn’t really a challenge playing us, though, because there wasn’t much “talent” there. I always counted it as a win for me when I hit the ball at least once. And even after a year of playing I still was a bit foggy on the rules…

    • TSTO Special Features: I regularly play Springfield Downs and the KEM Scratch-R for in-game money, mainly because that has been around forever (i.e. almost the whole 3.5 years I have been playing), they are on auto-pilot by now. Everything else that only gets you more in-game money I have given up by now, because I am not into farming, and I have more money than I know what to do with. Since the 8h-jobs in SH came around, I also quit using the Googolplex, PolyVac and Bigclaw. So easy to earn that currency now, even if I spend some on more decorations, I am soon maxed out again. That leaves all the jobs and mini-games that give out more „stuff“. In my opinion, you can never have enough „stuff“ – you should see my inventory 😉
      – Great Wall Tower: Since I am done with the mini-event, I am producing more towers now, one every 24h. When the next event comes around, with the usual 3 or 4 hour cycle I will focus on the walls again.
      – Insanity Cauldron: I am still hoping for more cane fields, but they just won’t drop. I have earned more elder gods than cane fields by now, even though they are supposed to be the rarest item. And you can’t really use more than two or three, there are not that many decorating options for those weird looking things. Whereas I do have a couple more ideas for the cane fields.
      – Rocket Launch Pad: I keep playing for the mini-nukes. And because I want at least a thousand “Hail Ants” signs 😉
      – Where’s Maggie: Donuts. Do I need to say more?
      – Yellow Submarine: More Boardwalk and Pier tiles. This was so worth the purchase! It really is good to have loads of tiles to expand into the ocean, especially since EA granted us more of that recently. Even though you only get one a day (less even, since sometimes you don’t get anything), over time those tiles sure do accumulate. I already used way more than the maximum number of Boardwalk tiles, and still have about 50 in storage. Pier tiles not so much yet, looks like they don’t have the same drop rate.

      Beyond that I regularly complete the weekly monorail challenge, fabricate more SH currency as needed, and have Akira grow more Bonsais. No idea yet what to do with 150 Bonsais, but you never know. I did use quite a few in my new Japan-area. The Eliminator would fit right in, but to tie up Lisa for 12h hours is not really worth it, especially since she is needed for a lot of other tasks, and most of the prizes are readily available for in-game money.

      • I don’t do Bigclaw and the Polyvac for the Springfield Heights currency – I do it for the XP. More XP equals more donuts, so I try not to pass up an opportunity to earn XP.

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