Secret Agent Act 1 Mishaps…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So Act 1 is now over and Act 2 is underway in Springfield.  For those looking for information about Act 2 you can check out this post from earlier this morning.  Right now, even though we’re in the midst of Act 2  I want to take a minute to talk about Act 1.

I’m seeing a lot of reports from players (regular players here, who never have trouble) saying they missed out on getting the last prize (or even the second to last prize) or it was really tight for them.  It’s more than we usually see after an event.  In fact I don’t know that I’ve see this many complaints since 2014.

Sure, we always have a few complaints here and there, but usually they’re from players who didn’t log in frequently (and we all know events take multiple log ins every 4hrs to complete). This time I’m seeing complaints from players who logged in every 4hrs, 4-5 times/day, did as they were supposed to and still fell short, or nearly fell short.  Complaints from players who never have issues during events, yet with this particular event…they struggled.

Personally, Act 1 was like any other event for me.  I didn’t even log in regularly some times and still managed to finish before the weekend.  So I’m a little perplexed that so many of you struggled.  Sure, I have a bunch of premium characters, but I skipped neighbor visits (sorry neighbors, I just ran out of time each day) and often only logged in 3 times/day sometimes only 1 or 2.  So I’m seriously scratching my head over how so many of you (who regularly have no issues) struggled.

So I want to take a minute to see exactly what happened.  What went wrong.  Was it you.  Or was it the game.  So if you fell short, or nearly fell short, please take a minute to answer the  questions below in the comment section, so that we can all take a look and see what happened, and determine if we can offer any advice so you don’t fall short on Act 2.

Here we go…

-How many characters did you have at the HQ?
-Any of those characters Premium?  Any of them super premium?
-How often did you log into TSTO to clear your town?  How many times/day?
-Did you complete the Act 1 main questline?
-Did you visit your neighbors?  Every day?  How many did you visit?
-Did you complete the Dossier Tasks each day to earn the extra 1,000 intel/day?
-Did you get any Daily Challenges for Intel?  Did you skip other challenges (hitting the x) to earn Intel or Schematics?
-Did you play the Drone Scan game every 4hrs?  What was your average score like?
-Did you start the event late?
-At any point were you ahead of the Calendar?  Or were you always behind?
-Did you unlock all of the prizes?  Last minute? Missed out? (which ones did you miss?)

Appreciate y’all taking a minute to answer the questions!

203 responses to “Secret Agent Act 1 Mishaps…

  1. Are u sure? What’s the % to donut ratio, cuz knightboat was 10 donuts to 1 %

  2. Just FYI the reason ppl had problems was an iceberg issue, you don’t see that 70-80% of available Intel was from premium characters- way more than half the tasks available came from prem/super prem jobs. So for ppl who don’t have all the extras from grinding or straight out forking over cash get creamed trying to keep up at any reasonable pace and that’s where the vast majority of Intel came from. As an aside, is there anything that even gets close to the donut to % ratio of knightboat currently? Cuz I’m trying to bump my percent up as efficiently as possible and you have no new info on the event page or really anything since it came out originally.

    • mystery box, over the long run through billboards and vans, gives the best % to donuts return

      • Ok whats the % to donuts ratio, cuz right now knightboat is 20 donuts for 2% garunteed, I think that’s .1, what’s the avg on mystery box? Cuz you’d have to be garunteed a van every 4 boxes to get close

        • here is a link to a pdf of a spread sheet I created to track my progress in 3 games

          basically there are cycles the contain either 3 billboards followed by 3 vans or 2 billboards followed by 2 vans. They begin with a fallout shelter and end with 10 donuts.Thus either 9% or 6% (or 15%) . The most expensive is 9.7 donuts per 1%, The least is 6.4 donuts per 1%.

      • You got some numbers to go with that? Right now knightboat is 10 donuts to 1%, I don’t see how the mystery box can come close; if it doesn’t is there anything else reliable?

  3. I don’t know what happened at act 1.
    Normally I get everything on time plus bonuts.
    This time I had to tap extra (every day 4 times instead of missing a turn once or twice) and even tapped some nights a 5t time..
    Still, I had to spend KEM donuts to get Bont.

    Act 2 I was 2-3 days ahead easy-going…
    (1 got 2 times bonuts)

    Act 3 seems harder again but not as much as act 1. (Now I’m only 1,5 day ahead..)

    But why?
    Tapped as usual.
    Even got 2 extra persons with helps but its not a big difference…

  4. Missed out on Bont for act 1. I rarely miss a weekly prize but this time just seemed to be really hard to get the points needed. At the moment my drone scan is messed up so act 3 will be another challenge……grrrrr. I’ve been in this game as a freemium player for over 3 years now, and I can’t imagine staying with it if this continues to happen. It has become a real life distraction and more of a chore than a fun thing to do! I ask myself routinely why I even bother. Maybe it’s time to leave. Oh, and btw EA, what the heck am I supposed to do with all these monorail tracks since I can’possibly use them in my town, and there is no provision to sell or trade them in for in game items or cash or even XP?

    • As a 3 year player you should be KEM farming for donuts. That way you will not miss any items. Also when they expand land again you will be glad you have all those monorail tracks. Hopefully they will add more stations and maybe some switches,etc like real model trains.

  5. Seems from what I’m reading here that I have no chance of finishing any of the acts. I have no premium characters, but I’ve been tapping like mad for the whole event. And I’m still days away from finishing. It’s coming across as a cynical exercise from EA in forcing people to purchase donuts for the premium characters just so they can finish.

  6. FYI, Finished Act 2 in all 3 games.

  7. I finished Act 1 early with diligent tapping, but I had several premiums and, by the end, 4 super premiums, which helped immensely. My husband, however, struggled. I play his game during the day, so I’ll talk about his results. He started with the 7 regulars and 2 premiums, but over the course of Act 1, he got 2 more premiums but 0 super premiums. He did the drone scan game and reset his intel tasks 4 times a day. He visited neighbors most days, but he only has 9 neighbors. Most of his daily tasks were for extra intel (I know I dismissed schematics tasks in favor of intel twice when he missed it), and he completed all the dossiers. He started the event on time but was always behind the calendar. He did complete the Act 1 questline, and he got Bont with only a few hours to spare. Compare this with his current Act 2 progress. One week in, and he is a day and a half ahead of the calendar. We were traveling most of last week, so his Act 2 tapping has been much more sporadic than Act 1, yet he’s doing much better.

  8. I logged in 3-4x per day and initially had 7 reg characters to send but after a couple of days I was only able to send homer and moe and then after I completed the dossiers I couldn’t send anyone for 2days…. so I didn’t even complete the 200 schematics 🙁 I really wanted bont too :'(

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