Simpsons Secret Agents Act II – Calendar

All right…time for a little pragmatic realism here…

This ACT II is a bit EAsier than Act I…but not by much. rEAlly! 

As we have seen, some folks had no problem finishing on time, with a few rounds of Bonuts thrown in (myself included), while others struggled. It is clear that playing Freemium, unless you have played for a long enough time to have a number of the bonus characters acquired through the years, makes it rEAlly hard to stay on schedule, unless you log in every 4 hours- 4-5 times every day. No skipsies….

I’m looking at who is available to do tasks…and it is pretty much the same list. So…we’ll just have to see if the same numbers prevail in Act II.

HERE IS THE CALENDAR…in two formats…I start right off today…no sugar coating. You are supposed to be rough, tough, spies…right?

CLICK THE GRAPHIC TO ENLARGE...(anything more than one click is excessive! If your graphic remains large after more than 4 hours, seek professional help!)

And for all of you who process information in a Linear Fashion… 

I’m not gonna lie…(or admit to lying…no good agent would), this is only going to be slightly less painful in the GRINDING mode than Act I.  But, I have faith that you will accept the task…and grind diligently.

ON ANOTHER NOTE…(perhaps slightly more important?)
THE TSTO ADDICTS COMMUNITY IS ROCKING IT in regards to our project to acquire and install a water/rain collection tank for our village in Uganda.  And yes…I am saying “OUR village,” because YOU are the people making this happen.
I am overwhelmed with the response so far… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


And for you graphic processors of goals…(like fundraising thermometers)…
HERE IS OUR PROGRESS SO FAR… GREAT JOB.  Almost 2/3 of the way there in just a few days!

YOU GUYS ROCK…keep up the good work!

82 responses to “Simpsons Secret Agents Act II – Calendar

  1. Do the hacked buildings roll over to next act or will they go away?

  2. For some reason my character Wayne Slater is missing and I can’t find him anywhere, can someone help me and tell me where I can find him.

  3. This might be odd and/or me-specific, but I’m wondering why the G.H.O.S.T. enforcer guy (with the metallic arm) has been awarded me for completing the dossiers, shows in my inventory of characters, but is otherwise unavailable. I’ve seen him in other players’ Springfields, so I know it’s not a timing thing. He is nowhere to be found. Is this odd? Am I not looking in the right place? Any help is always appreciated.

    • What do you mean by Unavailable? For Tasks? He is an NPC so he just walks around. You do have to search for him. He may be hidden behind buildings in your Springfield. Just keep looking and you will find him.
      It took me a bit to find him and toss him into storage…. since he doesn’t do anything much no need to have him taking up memory space.
      For me.. it’s not being able to find my Gnome in Your Home.. he got out after the event was over as I as going to put him in storage.. but didn’t notice I didn’t have the select function on and he got out. Now I can’t find him. So.. much the same as you.. hard to find characters.

  4. Today(16/4) i get UnderGround HQ

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