Should I Spend Donuts On the Super Collider, Buckingham Pay-Less Motel or the Knightboat?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The spies are invading Springfield!  Yes, the Secret Agent update has hit our games.  We’ve got hacking, drones, dossiers and a shrinking donut bank account because there are LOADS of returning items in our stores just tempting us with those sprinkles!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Super Collider, Buckingham Pay-Less Motel or the Knight Baot to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your Springfield (although technically the Knight Boat is not a throwback)…


Building: Super Collider
Donut Cost:
70 Donuts
Earns: $200, 22xp/8hrs Should also come with Black Hole (unlocked via questline) which has a .50% bonus on cash and XP
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Should I Buy
My Opinion On it Now:
One of those oldies but goodies buildings.  Originally came around October 2012 and was highly requested to make a return.  When it came back in 2014 it was a great grab. But now, it’s been back A LOT.  So this is kind of one of those buildings I would suggest thinking about.  If your TSTO priorities rest on getting old/original buildings from when TSTO first launched pick this up, it’s well priced and includes the bonus % from the black hole.  But, if you’ve got your eye on other things pass.  (I own it…always forget I have it.  Patric has it and it’s one of his favorite buildings.  Just depends on your style and priorities…)
Leaves Stores April 14th

Building: Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
Donut Cost:
55 Donuts
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs (originally, not sure if it’s jumped to the premium $220, 22xp rate)
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Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
My Opinion On it Now:
Not a bad price for a stand alone building in Springfield.  This was originally free in 2015.  It’s a fun looking hotel motel, so another one of those if you like it get it items.  Priced fair as far as donuts go.
Leaves Stores April 17th

Decoration: Knightboat
Donut Cost:
40 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, Net 20 Donuts
Bonus: 2% bonus on all cash and XP
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Should I Buy Knightboat
My Opinion On it Now:
While this isn’t a returning items in Springfield, the Knightboat is always available for 40 donuts, the rebate is a nice incentive to buy now.  This is the best rate for bonus % to donuts spent at the moment.  Buy if you’re into upping your bonus %.  But it’s also a cool boat for the water in Springfield…too bad it doesn’t talk.  Opinion is still a buy.
Leaves Stores April 19th

And that’s it my friends, the quick Should I Buy recaps for latest returning items..

What are your thoughts on the Super Collider, Buckingham Pay-Less or Knightboat?  Will you be adding them to you Springfield?  Do you already own them? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

50 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Super Collider, Buckingham Pay-Less Motel or the Knightboat?

  1. I want to buy the super collider in a mystery box. The picture and the text say there is no black hole with it. Can it really be unlocked in a questline? Do I need a special character for this, the collider perhaps?

  2. Well i have them all already, tbh it is worth the donuts, all of them

  3. I’m pretty sure there is a character that uses the super collider but I’ve forgotten which one. Does anyone know?

  4. Hey can anyone clarify this for me? Does the collider really come with the quest line to unlock the black hole? The post says “should”. Thanks!

    • I have two black holes (because one is not enough xD). First for free after completing quest line and second bought for 10-20 donuts.

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    So … hard … no … more … argh, must buy more Knightboats!!! (Only while I can still “hide” them) 😂😂😂

  6. Be very careful which knightboat you tap on. I got enough donuts to buy it from bloodmobiles and accidentally bought the one listed under decorations that was listed first and grouped with other event decorations. That one does NOT give you 20 donuts back 🙁

  7. Here’s your opportunity noobs – us long time tappers can shrug these off 🤔

  8. Not sure if this has been said already but I think Declan Desmond has a 7 hour task at the Buckingham Payless Motel. It might not be specific to the Buckingham, though. I don’t think it pays out at a premium rate but that could change

    • The 7 hour task for Desmond uses the Retro Style Townhouse.

      It might be interesting to do a post on premium paying tasks for non-premium characters like Jay with 6hr at Quick & Fresh, Kirk 8hrs at Cracker factory, Princess Penelope 12hr at Studio, etc….

      • I mentioned this in a previous comment, but I do wonder why some of the tasks at premium buildings DON’T pay out a premium rate. For instance, Bart & his ‘Stomping Grapes’ task; I would think it pays out premium, as the Grape Stomping Vat was part of a donut putchase. Alas, no. (In a similar vein, how come when Bart is in his Casino Boss Bart outfit, he has a 6hr task to Go To School, but it pays out the non-premium rate? All other tasks in that outfit pay out premium…)

        I, too, would love a list of Premium Payouts for Non-Premium Characters!

        And I think this may already exist (or was being talked about, at least?), but a list of all buildings that have a task would be nice too! Like how Wise Guy & Babysitter Bandit have tasks at the Bad Dream House (although I believe Alissa recently mentioned that some of the Simpsons family members now also have tasks there too!), & some of the newer buildings we’ve crafted in recent events have tasks associated with them (iirc, Krusty & Cookie Kwan have tasks at buildings from the SciFi Event).

  9. I’m left with 39 Donuts, bought 1 Knightboat already – when the 40th Schmalzkringel appears the second one will be mine 😀

  10. Knightboat: Net 20 donuts for 2%? Yep. Insta-grab.

  11. Now that we have the A-Team van, it would simply be wrong to not get Knightboat. I wish it played the opening bars of the Knight Rider theme when tapped though.

  12. Since the supercollider has a 16 hour task for the collider from the superheroes event, does anyone know if there is a task at the motel? (I won it from winter 2015 when it first appeared). Might get another knightboat since its 50% off.

  13. Got the Knight boat. Was on my list for the long term, like many permanent things are; the event items often get in the way of buying things like that. So with the 20 donut rebate I went for it.

  14. I brought two boats for the price of one 🙂
    4% bonus hike…not too shabby!

  15. I bought the Collider Building last year with donuts last year, as it looked great, earned money, comes with black hole for a bonus, and has a task for The Collider. Recommend to grab it if just to choose between these 3 items.

  16. Sorry – off topic – but I have an App Store update – I wanted to wait to hear if there were any bugs b4 I updated!

  17. Way off topic but I keep hoping Shari Bobbins makes a come back. I know she returned in 2015 but had no donuts.

    • I am right there with you. I have a sinking feeling the Easter stuff will be in a mystery box, though. She might cost a lot if she is the best one in the box.

  18. I didn’t have the knight boat in one of my games, bought it. received 20 back. Went to a game I did have, did not pay attention, cost me 40 donuts, nothing back, D’oh!

    • You probably need to buy via the secret agent menu. The standard menu is priced at 40

    • There is a glitch with the KnightBoats, if you buy multiples at one time, the rebate does not trigger. If you want more than one, buy one…get the rebate…then buy another…etc. I have contacted EA, so they know about it.

  19. Spent almost 1000 donuts on Knightboats. Got almost 100% bonus boost. I saw the previous should I buy post for Knightboat for 40 donuts and it was still a great deal, so how can I say no to the same item for 20 donuts.

    • You would been off buying mystery boxes, unless you really want to look at 50 boats.

      • I’ve been seeing your comments and decided to get it a try. First attempt: 30% + lard lad at a net cost of 6 donuts.
        Second attempt: 20% with a net gain of 6 donuts. I’m following someone’s advice to stop once you hit donuts. We’ll see what the long term results are. So far, I’m glad I tried it. I Still bought 5 boats for 10%

        • Nothing wrong with buying a few boats, or other things that give you pleasure. I bought the whale. But if you doing it for the bonus %, billboards and vans can be hidden behind a lot of buildings. I great way to to use land that otherwise that would go to waste.

      • You’ve ruined me for things like this, Charles…. Normally, I would have snapped it up for the bonus, but now I don’t know if I want to part with donuts that can be used for mystery box rounds, instead. The downside to the mystery boxes, though, is that they’re boring….getting a new boat is a little more interesting (even though I’m not craving boats)…

        • Sounds like you all have better luck than me. I only ever end up getting Bomb Shelters and Chalmer’s ONDA from the mystery box. Now I only ever get it when it’s the bonus prize.

          • There are cycles of prizes starting with the bomb shelter. A full cycle contains either 3 or 2 billboards followed by 3 or 2 vans and ends with 10 donuts. Start with 100 donuts and you should complete any cycle.

            • A full cycle (which I consider the one you posted a while back, which end with the third van followed by 10 donuts), always yields 3 billboards and 3 vans (as your earlier post said and as I’ve confirmed a whole bunch of times by now). The only thing that varies is the number of donuts you get back during the cycle.

              • I have one cycle of 2 billboards followed by 2 vans (7.33). I have 6 cycles, 3x 9.7, 1x 7.33, 2x 6.44

              • To quote you:

                “My usual cycle is NIP (non important prize), NIP, BB (Billboard (1%)), NIP, NIP, LL/10FD (Lard Lad or 10 free donuts). NIP, NIP, BB, NIP, NIP, LL/10, BB, NIP, NIP,Van(2%), 30FD, NIP,NIP, Van, 10/30FD, NIP, NIP, Van, 10FD. Repeat.”

                That’s 3 BB and 3 Van, and it’s what I get everyone I go through the 25-box cycle….exactly as you describe above.

              • As I have recorded more information, I found the 2 billboard 2 van cycle and the over all master cycle of smaller cycles (kind of like finding your galaxy belongs to a cluster of galaxies.) The different in cost 9.7 versus 6.4 is dependent on how many Lads your get.

              • Interesting…. I’ve never gotten anything but the 3+3, and I hope I never do….besides obviously yielding a smaller percentage, it’s how I keep track of where I am when I’m going through the cycle – once I hit the third van, I do one more box to get the 10 donuts and then I’m done with the cycle.

                Although…now that I think of it….there was one time when I realized that I had missed the end of the cycle and had gone into a second round by accident. I thought I must have just miscounted on the vans, but maybe I had gotten one of those 2-van cycles and that’s what screwed me up!

          • There’s a set pattern to the boxes, which Charles posted a while back. If you go through one whole cycle (25 boxes), it will cost you a net of between 60-100 donuts for a guaranteed 9% (three billboards and three news vans). The only luck that’s involved is whether you get lard lads or donuts and, at one spot in the cycle, whether you get ten donuts or thirty donuts — that’s why the cost of your 9% varies.

      • See, the thing about bonus % is that you don’t see a direct payoff right away like mystery boxes do. I’m in this for the long haul where I’m getting in-game cash faster everyday, and I’m leveling up and getting bonuts faster. I have all the good prizes from the mystery box and already own 5 Lard Lad donuts.

        Having a higher bonus % also allows me to recover the donuts I spent when I start farming in about 3-4 months.

        • Tony, buying mystery boxes allows you to get 1% bonus at less then 10 donuts per. If you get a cycle with 2 Lads, it will cost you 9.8 donuts per 1%. The best cycle cost 6.5 donuts per 1%.

          • Hey, I actually went and splurged 200 donuts and tested out mystery boxes, I think you’re right. The payout is very similar to knightboats. I ended up getting a lesser % boost than i would if I bought knightboats, but i got donuts and lard lads to cover for the lesser %. Cool stuff, thanks. 🙂

        • I think you’re missing the point…what Charles is saying is that, by going through one round of 25 mystery boxes, you can earn a guaranteed 9% bonus multiplier increase (via billboards and news vans) for a net of somewhere between 60-100 donuts, which is a better return on donuts, bonus percentage wise, than anything you can buy, including the boats. (Plus, you end up with a bunch of crap you can sell back for cash and, if you want (I don’t), a sizeable Lard Lad farm, after a few rounds.)

      • Thanks for the advice Charles. I just tried it, the first 3 were nothing but sell items (Bomb shelter, ONDA, and forgot the other), the next was 30 donuts, so I figured 1 more for an even split and got a billboard for 1%.

  20. mydadlookslikeFlanders

    I bought Knightboat today and don’t regret it at all, but completely agree that they should have made it talk a bit

  21. There is an in-store update available that patches some of the recent glitches with the zombie sandwich and a few other things, FYI.

  22. My yacht club sure needs a speedboat…

  23. I was waiting for the SIB on the Knightboat. I already have the other two. I thought a 50% donut rebate was a pretty good deal.

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