Secret Agents Act 3 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Act 3 has arrived….so have at it my friends!

Your mission this morning, should you choose to accept it, is to enter the realm   of Secret Agents Act 3.  And try not to forget your tapping skills over the next two weeks…

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Hank, Frink & Homer will start this for you with dialogue.  This will be followed by a 4hr task for Homer.

Act 3 runs until May 9th

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

New Prize Currency for Act 3.

 Corporate Intel

Ah we’ve finally upgraded to USB Drives…too bad there won’t be an option for Cloud Drives

So the ability to earn Personal Intel is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 3 has reset to zero because you have zero Corporate Intel.  So forget about those hand written notes, it’s time to leap frog to the early 2000s with USB drives!

You’ll earn Corporate Intel very similar to how you earned Personal Intel in Act 2….

-Tasks at the HQ (Remember Mastermind Hank, the Nerds, Femme Fatale and Russ Cargill all earn super premium. And Agent Bont & Wayne Slater (regular rate) can earn intel there too)
-Completing Daily Dossiers
-Daily Challenges ( Earning Varies)
-Tapping MIT (Men In Tan) throughout Springfield
-Hacking Buildings in a neighbor’s town
-Clearing Hacked Buildings in your town

You’ll also earn intel from the questline…

Men in Tan

They’re still there…for Act 3 they earn 12  and 6  Remember not every MIT will drop Schematics..

Dossier Tasks

Situation Room Tasks are still there, the C.I.A. track is still going on. Although the next (and final) track should be starting soon.

Act 3 Personal Prizes

Secret Agent Car- 6,450

ico_stor_single_freelandtokenFree Land Token- 13,850

Painless Dentistry- 24,950

Lake HQ- 37,900 (this is a SKIN for the HQ, not a separate building)

1,200 Schematics- 45,300

Knot What It Seams- 56,400

Stradivarius Cain- 70.250

Bonuts are still there after prize track is complete.

Act 2 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT TWO PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)

Act 3 Crafting

Crafting remains, as it was during Act 1 and 2, for Act 3.

Schematics for crafting are earned via the prize track, Daily Challenges, tapping MIT & completing the Dossier track

New Items in the Store..

Adil Hoxha- 75 Donuts

Returning stuff

Police Tank- 60 Donuts

And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 3 Calendar
-Act 3 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content (inc Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe)
-And more!

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Secret Agents Act 3!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through Act 3 ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.  If you need help with the basics check out the Secret Agent Event Page in the meantime.

Thoughts on Act 3?  Just like Acts 1 and 2?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 2 prizes, better than Act 1?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

78 responses to “Secret Agents Act 3 is Live!

  1. I can’t get the quest line to trigger, any ideas? Everything switched over, currency, prize track and all that. No questline!

  2. Does anyone have a problem with Men in Tan not being there when you open the game? When I went back to my Springfield this afternoon, about 5 hrs since I last accessed it, I only had 2 Men in Tan!! Play on the iPad. It happened a couple of times before.

    • That happened to me in act 2. Visit Krusty Land or friends and then come back and your town will be full of MiT.

    • I have started shutting down (hard close) my iPad in the evenings and restarting in the morning. I noticed that I have lots fewer glitches and “lagginess” now…something to try?

    • Are you doing the drone scan first? This gets rid of the MIT too.

  3. I play the game well and make all the stuff days in advance, but I always seem to be having a problem getting that last prize for stage 1. Anyone got a hint to what else I have to do.

    • You will need more premium characters…I can’t think of anything else except buying the neighbor visit passport which doubles the intel you receive when you visit neighbors. Problem is, at 90 donuts, you could get a premium character which would probably earn more than it does every day…so we’re back to premium characters.
      If you can sock away 100 donuts and hold on to them until the event starts, you can then buy one or two characters that are used to earn that event’s currency. Also, they’re usually discounted, so you’ll get a better deal…Good Luck

    • It seems from some comments that long time players who had extra characters that could work at the HQ found getting all the prizes easiest. So maybe buying one character that can produce currency would help. I’m saving up all my free sprinkles for the next event so that I can keep up, as I missed out on Agent Bont and it really bummed me out.

  4. I sort of understand why, but I wish the currency would convert from act to act. I believe during the second act I had 6,000 floppy disks of currency. And now I have to start completely over.

  5. Apologies if this has been discussed in other areas, but nothing is lost by holding off on new character’s tasks and having them earn event currency instead, correct? I understand that the main quest, in this case, ‘Mission Unpossible’, is a must and earns event currency. I guess my question is, does the questline remain the same after the event? And by waiting to complete it, it offers something to do during the in-between event lull.

    • You are correct…it makes no sense to complete character quests during an event… keep them earning intel and complete the quests after the event.

  6. Can anyone who’s bought Adil Hoxha tell me about his visual tasks?

  7. Warning! I feel a rant coming on… I don’t comment much on here but EA are starting to get on my wick and I thought here would be a safe place to express my feelings towards them, so here goes…

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I really wish EA would reduce the length of the main events by 2 weeks! It becomes too much of a grind for prizes which are becoming second rate and will only end up in my inventory! Consider the prizes from the wacking day event (the first event I played) compared to now – they were so much better and relivent to the game and the show!
    I’m also getting tired of the same set up for each event (3 parts, crafting and a mini game), it’s time to mix it up a bit and give us something we are excited to explore and investigate, not the same thing regurgitated with different items.
    IMHO the quality of the events is also lacking of late,
    It feels like EA are pulling events from nowhere when there are so many better storylines they could go with, such as a Hellfish event and instead they do that as a Gill deal – WTF EA, not cool!! And on the same thread, the questline is so short per 2 week part! At least give us something that we can sink our teeth into if we’re invested for so long.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m an addict so will keep playing, the thought of not getting all the prizes is a little unsettling, but I do wish EA would change it up a bit and bring back the memorable content.
    Maybe I’m getting ready for a break – as I said I started playing just as the wacking day event started and haven’t taken any kind of break since. If someone could just wake me when something new comes along that would be great!

    Sorry for the rant, I do feel a little better now.

    • LOL…you read my mind. I did a “mini-rant” for the upcoming Calendar post…but, held back from saying it like you did…because I afraid of being labeled “too Cranky” by any remaining EA-Bliss folks. They rEAlly need to listen to this!!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I thought your calendar post seemed a bit short and mild-mannered 😂😂😂 (still a GREAT post, thank you 😊)

    • That’s what I thought about the Gil deal for the 3 nerds instead of having a college event that would’ve been so cool!

    • I was literally about to post the same thing. How many times are we going to play this same type of event? Tap people, mini game, send same 8 characters on tasks. wash rince repeat. I don’t think we have seen anything really different than the wHELL of disfunction 2 Christmas’ ago. I’ve literally been playing since close to day 1 when EA had no idea what it was doing and reset everyone’s town and gave out 100 donuts as compensation, the social function is basically non-existent and stuff is becoming more and more out of place in the town that I am not sure what to even do with it

    • I still want my Rock n Roll Camp event, darn it. SimpSOOOON!!!!!

  8. Side note: Does collecting cash from my buildings leave less available buildings for my neighbors to ‘hack’ into? I’ve noticed some of my neighbors going much further out from the HQ to tap buildings. I’m wondering if that’s because I’ve collected from those buildings or if they’re just exploring?

    • From what I have seen collecting income from your buildings doesn’t not affect neighbours from hacking said buildings. If you noticed in your town you will have income icon and hack icon on the same building.
      One of the reasons friends may be hacking further away maybe because you haven’t cleaned up your town when they were visiting and the buildings close to your HQ could have been hacked causing them to venture out further.

      • Thanks for your help 🙂
        Unless I’ve been asleep, i clear out the already hacked buildings regularly. The buildings near the HQ won’t be hacked at all, but the ones further out will (from time to time).

    • I don’t think collecting rent has any effect; as evidence I note that some buildings you can hack in a neighbor’s town don’t even pay rent. I’d guess they’re exploring our looking for design ideas.

    • No effect. I have buildings with 12 hour cash-cycle which have been “hacked” by neighbors 2-3x during a single 12-hour cycle because I clear the buildings for hack-purposes regularly.

    • I tend to wander in my neighbors towns…just looking to see what they are designing. If you find tapping in remote parts of your town, you can take it as a compliment…it usually means you have a town worth exploring.
      I also have my own mini game when visiting neighbors (when I have time), where I look for specific areas…like Western Wednesday or Squidport Sunday…you always see some really great designs. Thirsty Thursday is also fun…trying to find 3 places where you can get a Duff Beer…and Friday is always Date Night (3 places Homer can take Marge on a date). You can make up your own hunts, but for me, the hardest is always Municipal Monday…finding 3 government buildings not already tapped.

      • What’s on Tuesdays and Saturdays?

        • Tranquil Tuesdays…parks, woods, gardens, private islands
          Small-Business Saturday…Wooly Bully, Zesty’s Pizza, Howard’s Flowers…owner operated businesses(unique, and not part of a chain or corporation)

      • That’s a fantastic way of tapping! Thanks for your reply 🙂

      • How many neighbours do you have? If it is the full 100, it sounds like it will take you quite a while going through them all. I like to explore, too, but that usually means I only visit a handful of towns (maybe about 10-15) each day, before I run out of time.

        • I visit all my neighbors (85 of them) every day and it usually takes 30 minutes if I just “tap and go” or over an hour if I play the “where’s whatever” game. Admittedly, I have more free time than most players (retired last year), so I am free to explore at my leisure…👀🏘😁…good fun!

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      Hi, I go “outside” the near to HQ on the regular..sometimes because I can’t find the Wi-Fi symbol, but mostly because it’s fun to check out everyone’s setups.. ;p

  9. After all of Act 3 is completed keep in mind we still have EA’s last content update in regards to the “Visit from a French Fop”. I’m guessing it’ll be a mini event. From all of the events I’ve done I’ve never had so many rounds of doughnuts after all the prizes were unlocked. Apart from buildings I’ve been able to get all the new characters except the University Nerds, me and Ol Gil have never been on good terms LOL.

  10. Even if you are not excited about the prizes, just completing everything to get to the bonuts round should be an incentive. Act 2 gave me 8days of Bonuts days, so although the prizes might not be that great for a long time player (LTP) the bonuts possibilities are. at least that’s my 2Cents…

  11. Is Adil a voiced character? Thanks!

  12. Those 1200 schematics will certainly be welcome. This is the first event in a loooong time that crafting wasn’t way ahead of the event. Just got the parachute target, and it’s a hoot! But I wonder if the last 2 craftables are even worth the angst. Well, at least they made the level ups for crafting reasonable. Won’t have tons of stuff to put in storage.

    Thanks Alissa for rising and shining so early…again. I would hate to have your coffee bills during events. Maybe it helps to have a little one, them being such great AM alarm clocks.

  13. I got all of the act 1 and 2 prizes, this event is pretty easy for me. I’ve got loads of the extra characters, earnt them in previous events or bought them with the donuts I’ve earnt by xp-farming. During act 2 i’ve managed to get 5 rounds of bonuts. 8 hours into act 3 and I just got the second prize. Going fast at day 1, because i saved up 7 dossier-task and 3 daily’s.

  14. Thanks for all your hard sleepless work

  15. Anybody buy the Sha-boom Ka-boom cafe?? Any character tasks there??

  16. Good fun! Got Adil (spellcheck keeps wanting to write Advil…stupid spellcheck😬) first thing this morning and have everyone back at work. Working on three different dossiers concurrently and neighbor visits already completed ✅. Took a 5 day break other than neighbor visits, so good to be back tappa tapping🤗. Was really hoping for the Yellow Submersible this morning since I’m currently on “hold” for any more 🦑tiles…oh well…🎶We’re all hoping for the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine….🎶😁

  17. Looks OK. At least the 3rd dossier will have a playable character (to my sleuthing).
    And thanks for the tip on keeping dossier 2 unfinished until Act 3 started. Getting the 1,000 intel rewards will help with my short run!

  18. So much for saving the best for last. Was really hoping Sparrow would be a prize….not a donut grabber…..

  19. Has anyone grabbed the Sha-Boom-Ka-Boom Cafe? None of my neighbors have. Looks like a fun building.

    • I have it on the Squidport…there are a few pictures on the first page of this weeks Addict’s Thread…

  20. I’m only working towards the free land token, maybe collect schematics bundle. Anything after that just isnt worth it. Like many others have said, this event is crippling any fun out of the game,such a low yield.

  21. alex - aabcampos2

    Cloud Drives ???? Please don’t give them any idEAs for an act 4……

  22. “The Sparrow” is very tempting.

  23. Up at the crack of dawn again Alissa! ☆

  24. Adil was an instant buy for me!

  25. Got Adil Hoxha, he earns super-premium (80 intel/4h). Another questline that has to wait till the event is over. I have about 10 open quests now, that will fill the time between events nicely. No chance to get bored… 😉

  26. @alissa
    Wish list please:
    Can we have the SIB on Adil before the Nighthawk Diner disappears in 3-4 days.
    Don’t know which to buy. Thanks 👍🏻

    • In my opinion – you are weighing a premium character and an income earning building (90 donuts) vs a premium character for 75 (Adil).

      I’d go for Rex. 90 donuts for premium plus building is a great deal!

  27. A Vehicle
    A Building Skin
    Two Buildings
    A Character

    Well, they’re all freely obtained, and there is nothing taking up too much space …. the dialog starting off Act 3 is quite funny! 🤘😉

  28. The main prize track is a little underwhelming with yet another building facade, a couple of buildings that likely only have someone doing a 1 hour task…at best, and another spy vehicle. The land token is okay. I can use that to pick up another piece of expensive land. I really can’t say there is anything totally new and interesting to tap towards, other than a new spy at the end. To me, it looks like someone simply decided to use the same template on each of the three prize tracks, with this last one being something of a disappointment. Oh well, I’ll tap along anyway…and then after the event is over a lot of the spy items will probably end up in storage, unless they do something nifty like earning donuts.

  29. I’m gonna save for Adil. I just can’t resist having a gem from such an early episode in my collection. We got the Pawn Shop from No Disgrace Like Home last act too. And then with Rommelwood we got the Enriched Learning Center. I just love how much focus they’re giving to Season 1 lately.

  30. Thank you Alissa looks like fun and just think another skin for a building that has to many now lol. I am enjoying the event thank you for all you do for us . I was very surprised to see a post so fast. Thanks again

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