Secret Agent Simpsons- FINAL ACT CALENDAR (Finally)

I know, I know…I’m supposed to be a “Kinder, Gentler, Less-Cranky-OldGuy.”  But, HOLYFREAKINSHIRT these events are loooooooooong… tooooooooo looooooooong!

See what I did there?  I just held down the “O” key and let the computer do the work of filling up space. Kind of like the EA programmers did for this last Act…which literally had almost the same prizes…falling on the same days…with minor alterations.  Talk about EALPish behavior!

But…if I am really honest, I have to give a salute (and not the one-finger kind) to the programmer/animator who is making all of these “Spy-worthy” decorations.  I think the characters are kinda, “meh”…but the buildings and decorations simply crack me up. I actually Laugh Out Loud at some of them. They are clever, well designed, and because they are clustered in my “Homage to Langley” section of my Springfield…I can tap a bunch of them and watch them all go nuts. It is hilarious.

So….yes….this last act is even EAsier (sorry…now that someone complained, I’m gonna do it forever), and everyone should get everything by simply logging in 3-4 times a day.

Here are the Calendars…

CLICK the Graphics to enlarge them…

And for you Linear Processors…

I have a solution for EA…it’s rEAlly EAsy… rEAlly!
MAKE THESE THINGS SHORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and yes…I just held down the “!” key).
These events should be no longer than 4 weeks…tops!!  Pack all of the great stuff into 4 weeks…make us tap our little fingers off…WAY less grinding…the same fun rewards…and nobody is going to nod off in the middle of the final act!

Make it like a REAL Bond movie…the kind they make these days…with so much action that you are so charged up and awake, that you hardly notice that there is about 2 pages of dialogue and a thin plot.

I’d go for that. rEAlly!

Have fun. Get it ALL (even though a lot of it seems very, very familiar).

Stay safe…the rEAl world is getting scarier by the minute!

81 responses to “Secret Agent Simpsons- FINAL ACT CALENDAR (Finally)

  1. I have found that to hit the most men with the drone scan, on my phone, it has more to do with the number of taps than with seeing and actually tapping the men. So, I put my phone down on the table, start the scan. And tap like crazy with 3 fingers on each of my two hands, or 6 total fingers. As fast as I can, not even watching for the men. If I do this I can get over 40 every time. If I seek and tap, I get 25-35 max each time.

    Also, the auxiliary HQ is cool in that it can wear any skin you have earned for the hq. they don’t have to each wear the same skin.

  2. I tototally forgot. Thanks for the calendar.

  3. There’s a typo for Lake HQ in the calendar. Says 39700 when it’s 37900.

  4. I know this may be boring for some people, but i actually like a relaxing event like this one where you know you will get all the goodies before time runs out.
    Soon i will work 12 hour shifts with no access to my phone, which means i can tap about 2 times a day (and 3-4 times only on occasion when i have a day off!). That also means that i will never be able to get all the goodies in more time consumming events without having to spend a ton of donuts.
    What is boring for some, can be great for others. Not everybody has the dame ideas or the same amount of time :/

    • I meant to say “same ideas”, not “dame ideas. Sorry.

    • You and me both, first act was a fail, had to use doughnuts to acquire Bund, not the first time 1st acts prize has had to be purchased, the plight of a working kindler 🙁 . 2nd act fell into place. Just popped in to check the calendar as work load has been heavy, and shall be getting heavier from next 3 weeks, to find to my great surprise I’m at least 4 days ahead and should be bonutting it by tomorrow 🙂 .
      That first act is always a killer though :/

  5. Should i get the mystery box for 70 diamonds? ive 72 diamonds im freemium player im very low on % 101% im lvl 109 i have none of the items in box i just got 1 beach hide away & its fully upgraded

  6. I got bored after week and have barely been playing. I didn’t even log in the last two days because it’s so boring. My first event was the Barbarian event and that was fun. Going through random Springfields was great. Now you only go to your neighbor’s Sprinfield and do the same actions every single time. It’s so repetitive that it’s predictable and it’s no longer interesting. I’ve felt this event was a fail. I did like the previous event and building the airport. Though they could have made that better by traveling to random Springfield’s and tapping tourists. I feel that EA has become very, very lazy with ideas.

  7. Nice! as of today, the 28th, I am basically a day ahead.

    Thanks as always for the calendar Patric!

  8. I just want this event to end now… :/

  9. In order to make it less boring, I think they should really do something for the mini-games. In many events, there is one and only one mini game that remains for weeks and gets so boring. The best event in my opinion was the Casino event as all the mini games were really fun.

  10. ps. adding this. the events should coincide with irl events. i mean really some ppl take 2 weeks off for christmas/new years. but not everyone takes 4 weeks off for ….. easter, im just saying. it’s fun when you can find the time otherwise its just another time consuming errand. /endrant

  11. i agree. it takes way too long to play some of these events. after 3 days i am starting to lose interest.

  12. I have been playing about two years now and I still like the events. Some, like Tap Ball, really sucked, but I am enjoying this one. I think it’s almost as good as last year’s casino event. I think six weeks is an acceptable length of time as all I am doing between events is marking time to the next event.

  13. I cut it a bit close with act 1, but had no problem with act 2 and act 3 is going well.

  14. I just broke 1000% bonus (I am currently at 1001.86%)

    • Congrats🎉🎉…buying x-ray machines put me over the top, and now I am focusing on Mystery Boxes (have gained another 60 percent with them)…it only gets easier from here on…😄…have fun…

      • And it gets dull because everything is that much easier. Donuts can be ‘bought’ for about 50k each so you can afford every single premium item there is. Events take half the time they should because you have all the characters and buildings that help. Nothing requires any thought or strategy, the only problem you will have is how to spend the masses of money that you will quickly accumulate.
        Welcome to my dull world!

        • I am kind of a design nut, so it never gets boring to me. Right now I am pulling out all my Monorail stuff and trying to come up with a better design. Was first installed when my town was half it’s current size, so I want a more inclusive plan, with stations on the perimeter and tracks that don’t obscure everything. Anyway, like I said, it never gets boring…the fact that I can buy all the new stuff in an event is great, and the fact that I can now store something that I don’t really love (without worrying about losing a couple of XP percent) is even better. My town is always a work in progress…isn’t that the point of the game?

  15. Well, all my main characters for other quests are blocked, no progress for over a month because of the event, no monorail, nothing. So I’m all for shorter events, or events which are more relaxed to finish, specially for newer players.
    I don’t expect everyone to get everything after like 2 weeks of playing with a handful characters available, but I played as much as others likely in three years, for around half a year, and am at 77 chars already (not all freemium), only missing some from past events. Yet still missed out on Bont with a login pattern of every 4h. Which is freakin’ much for a casual game, or if you happen to have a job or play other games.

    Now if older event characters really were required to finish current events, and the final character rewards you get from these are required again to finish forthcoming (which you missed out on, because you were not playing in 2013, in the first place) it would be pretty much pointless for anyone to start the game.
    So this difficulty threshold is the main thing I would not like to see again. If I had double the amount of characters to play the event – 7 of mine could, now with Wayne 8 – and finish couple days early before next act starts I also would not mind the length; but this way I actually can’t wait until it is over.

  16. Toooooooooooo loooooooooooooong!

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