Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Finally the Simpsons are back this week!  After what’s felt like forever, our favorite yellow family is back this week for an all new episode.  Will you be watching?

We had an all new episode of Addicts Live yesterday, did you watch? What were your thoughts on what we discussed?

Secret Agents Act 3 hit our devices last week, what are your thoughts on Act 3?  Ready for the event to be over?  How are you doing with the prize track?  Crafting your items?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

182 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Hey Everybody, haven’t been here much so thought it might be time to hop in & say hi.
    Most of you already know I moved across country back to my real home, CA. The last year has been long & difficult, but I survived and am so much happier even amongst a never ending piles of boxes.
    Trip took 7 days due to my back & traveling with 3 dogs, have to say hope I never have to do it again. The end was worth it, living outside of very small town (don’t blink) right on a beautiful lake, private beach & boat dock, mountains & water everywhere I look. The road to house is not for those faint of heart, extremely narrow & curvy not to mention the wash outs, yikes from all the rain. We are very isolated, so takes some getting used to, can’t just run to the store when we go into town we have lists of what we need.
    Hope everyone has remained safe in all this crazy weather! Love to all, I’ve missed you!
    Having to use hot spot on phone till we can get cable & internet installed, there has never been either in house so we r still a week out. Who cares it’s drop dead beautiful out, listening to lots of music way more relaxing than TV.

    • Glad your move went okay, I have moved cross country once from the Midwest and can say I definitely prefer the West coast. Sounds like place is beautiful. Good luck with the transition.

      • Thanks Carie! Yes being a native Californian it’s so nice being back where I belong, especially here. I’m still in awe of surroundings, it’s so beautiful!

    • What a place that sounds. Very envious, ok it might be remote but to get up each morning to the beauty of surroundings like that must be heaven.
      Hope all goes well.

    • Hi HH 👋 Your new place sounds wonderful. I bet your doggies love it too. You’ve been doing a lot of moving lately. Hope you settle down for a while there. 😄🏡❤️

      • Hi Sue, sorry for delay I missed this post somehow. Yes I agree too much moving,& I hate to move. Hopefully I’ll be here for awhile now. Doggies love it now, still adjusting, most people don’t know or care that moving is stressful on dogs. Was a long trip for them different room every night, but they are settling in, the more I get organized the better they get.
        Hope you are doing well.

    • Say hello for me to Yogi and Boo-Boo . 🌲🌲🐻🐻🌲🌲

      I’m glad that you guys made it safe and sound .

      See ya bye . Stop by and we will make a movie in black and white . 👽

      • Thanks Hondo. We are in process of setting up house, boxes everywhere.
        No bears yet, but a deer &bunny ran across the street on our trips into town.
        Love being back in CA, well worth the long trip.
        Shine on you crazy diamond!

  2. So I’ve noticed that people have said the buildings/items offered during the whole spy event will all come back at the end of it, is this a certain thing?

    I now have enough donuts for the tank so would love another chance to get it.

  3. Hooray the yellow submarine is back in the store today. I’ve been waiting for it to return so I can increase my sea tiles.

  4. FYI-The Yellow Submarine is back in the store for a few days! It’s one of the items I’ve been wanting since starting this game several years ago. Yay!

  5. Um…
    Thanks Kitty, couldn’t help but notice.
    Big smiles 🙂

    • Hi Cube,
      you’re welcome 🙂
      I’m glad it made you smile.
      See you in Springfield Cube land 🙂

  6. Isn’t there an app for the TSTO addicts. I used to use an app and I thought it was for this. I can’t find it anymore. I’d like to download it from the Apple App Store but don’t see it. Can you help me?

  7. If his is a thing, my apologies. I had an idea for a weekly thread separate from the open thread. Call it first opinions, or something. When a new item is released, it would be a place for everyone to comment on it. Particularly those who purchase immediately and want to share their first opinion on it. Then those who are on the fence can read other addicts initial reactions while waiting for the official SIB post. I would be happy to post on my immediate buys, and curious to see what others think about a fresh item.

    • I like the idea…lots of times I post pictures days before the
      SIB comes out… anybody looking for pictures would have an easier time finding them all on one page.

  8. On pace to unlock Strad this afternoon and then 6 days left to snag as many bonuts as possible.

  9. Got Mr. Cain early yesterday, I will probably tap a lot less during the remainder of the event. I will try to clear the hacked buildings regularly, in case anyone wishes to visit, but apart from that I am little “tapped out” right now. Good luck and happy tapping to everyone who is still working on the prize track. 🙂

  10. Woop woop! I just unlocked the last prize (Cain)… leaving 7d and 5.5 hours to let the bonuts roll in 🙂

  11. Did I miss the post on the mystery drop box? I looked but to no avail. I really want number 51( little alien guy) he’s the only stone cutter I don’t have and I tried twice but haven’t been successful yet. Any tricks that I could use? Also, are the other items in the box worth the 70 donuts at this point? Do they offer bonus %? I have some donuts to spend but if it’s a long shot and no added bonus…. I may just not bother. Ho hum

  12. Current event is boring, but easy. I am trying to identify a Decoration that looks like a Pirate type ship in the middle of a swimming pool ?? HELP

  13. I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. After extensive google searching, I couldn’t find anything. After the Rockets Red Glare questline for Rex Banner, a ton of my Springfielders still have a 1 hour task to “buy fireworks”. So many in fact that I cannot use the unemployment office anymore for 1 hour tasks. Which I do frequently. They overload one KEM (although I have several) and my game crashes on collection. I’ve finished the questline entirely, and most other questlines, save for new characters this event. So my question is, is this task still being there a glitch of some sort or is it permanent now? I’d really like to see it gone.

    • Try storing Rex, go to Krustyland and back, then pull him back out and see if that clears it. I had a similar problem with Kumiko (and a task for Homer) that wouldn’t go away…storing her and replacing after Krustyland did the trick. Good luck…no fun when the employment bureau is on the fritz…

      • Thank you. It didn’t work yet but most are on tasks. I think I will try again when everyone who is eligible is off task. I hate having to reinstall, it uses so much data.

        • Can you switch your phone over to “internet only” when you re-install. I keep my “cellular data” always turned off for the App Store, that way I have to turn it back on if I really need to use it. Most times I can arrange to do downloads thru the internet and save my data.

  14. Josephine Kick@$$

    The past 2 days I’ve had in my store items not mentioned by anyone. The 1st one was a house for donuts (don’t recall how many), that is a “Cypress Creek Home”, I bought 1 real quick because I was in a hurry. I looked to see if I was able to buy more later, saw it was a limited time 6+ days. Now it’s nowhere in sight in the store 😕. Late last night I was offered a “spy” building, -“Knot What It Seams”. I bought it right away since the houses had disappeared. Both are cool, but I wish there were more houses available 😐 I do highly recommend the spy building, (also don’t remember the donut cost-sorry), the animation that you can see through the large front window are cool & very visible, the outside of the building is attractive and it does go on the boardwalk/pier 😊😊 Love the play on words also 😂😂

  15. I posted on calendar but thought this may reach more people.
    I get best results in drone scan the more total taps I make during the timer. I set phone on table then tap with 3 fingers on each hand at same time (6 total) all over screen as fast as I can. I clear over 40 this way every time, where if I use one or two fingers and tap at the agents I see, I get closer to 30. Good luck.

    • I thought everyone was getting ~40 each time? I just click frantically everywhere with my mouse and end up with 35-45 (including the special guys)

  16. I got the lake skin for the HQ last night, I can’t decide what it reminds me of, possibly something you might find in a garden centre, only with extra parts

    Any ideas on what it looks like folks? 😛

    • A really elaborate Samsung washing machine😁…one with 112 cycles to choose from (one cycle will have the machine burst into flames and incinerate any “evidence” you need to get rid of)😆.

    • It kind of reminds me of a jellyfish. A mechanical one, though, not your garden variety jellyfish. 😆

    • Legion of Doom headquarters?

  17. Happy belated Sunday!

    I feel like I was productive this week,,.somehow I managed to finish up Springfield heights and get the quest done. I also managed to max out friendship level and finish the storylines for krustyland (yup all in the same week) while still keeping up with the event.
    Somehow I also managed to clear out my quest log from 20 at one point down to 7 ( still have the gold mountain and tree to work on).

    It feels actually bittersweet, it’s like finishing up a good book, you get the satisfaction that you have accomplished something great but st the same time …it’s over :/

    I still plan to visit my neighbors everyday and try to get max on every building left on heights …just now taking it more slowly. There are still some level 50 quests that I still have left to unlock since I’m only making 50k a day if that, and somehow I managed to fall behind on the event (still have to unlock the last 2 prizes but with a week away I’m not too worried about it).

    On a personal note , insomnia has kicked into high gear with me being able to get 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night.

    Hope your guys Sunday was good. Hopefully since all that stuff is done, I can actually put in the time and do some spring cleaning/purge stuff around the house

    • After reading the post I did some math and apparently i was wrong I’m actually getting around 100k per day.

    • Hope the insomnia doesn’t last…that can really take a toll on your health☹️…as for TSTO, don’t forget to turn on the XP collider when you work on Money Mountain…it can be a donut bonanza🍩🍩🍩. Enjoy those quests while you still have them…they will be over before you realize😯and then you’ll become one those dreaded “939 players” 😳…oooooh noooooo….

    • Congrats on your accomplishment neighbor. If you want to get more money send as many characters on the 1 hour tasks you can as many times a day as your schedule allows.Thats what I do to collect the most money I can and also keep collecting Kriustyland tickets. Every time you get 30000 tickets you can trade them in for 1000000 in game cash at the Kriustyland entrance.

      • Ooh nice tip!
        Yeah I decided to deep clean the house yesterday including windows, screens, hand wash cars, clean the fridge, reorganize drawers and do about al, the laundry I could to exhaust myself. I went to bed around 8 pm and slept until 2 am…aaaaaaaaargh at least it’s was more than I was getting . Anyhow thank you all for your well wishes and tips!

  18. Like everyone else I only have the last prize left to collect, I’ve managed to get through all 3 acts with 7 days to spare for bonus. Pretty happy with that. 😉 however, no break for me. Crafting has become such a challenge I don’t think I will be able to craft all the items I want. I have chosen to focus on Non Weiner walls because I love their look, and I need a ton of them to make my design work. I hope we get some extra days instead of automatic update.

    • Still have the last two of the prizes to collect but finished crafting. The crafting was easy for me but you do not of course get the same assistance for having more relevant characters to collect currency for the prizes. You have to work for it.

    • The non-wiener walls also go well with SH Institute of Tech and with the salmon colored Globex buildings…haven’t found anything else yet, but will keep experimenting…

      • I’m using the walls to start building my perimeter for Springfield University. I just know we will get that event at some point. So I need to craft a LOT of walls to make my design work by the time limit.

        • They seem kinda expensive🤑, compared to other things offered for schematics…they are way more than the bus stop, which is larger and has more going on…no logic that I can see. But I still want them…no logic there, either🤷‍♀️.

      • Try them with the computer store… Honest John’s is it called? (That shows you how much attention I pay to that building).

  19. Charlotte865

    Hello everyone. First time stander upper on the Open Thread… After a couple of years of lurking and occasional posts I thought I’d share a bit about me. Maybe make things less weird. I’m Charlotte, I’m from New Zealand and I’ve been playing for a little over three years. The Man I Love plays as well – he started before me and it was waiting for him that got me into it. We live in the capital city, Wellington and love rugby, cricket and going to concerts. It’s just the two of us at this stage – some things aren’t as easy as they look. My favourite characters (outside the core cast, because how can you choose?) are Sideshow Bob, Belle, Lurleen, Rex Banner and Hank Scorpio because I love the episodes in which they appear. So that’s a bit about me…

  20. Mother

    M is for the million things she gave to me .

    O means only that she’s getting old.

    T is for the tears she shed to save me.

    H is for the heart of purest gold.

    E is for eyes with love light shining.

    R means right and right she’ll always be.

    Put them all together they spell


    A word that means the world to me .


    We all love ya and will see ya one day . See ya bye .

    See ya bye . 👽

  21. It would be nice if EA would put a quest in Krustyland. They could have a summer/school’s out quest for the kids or a 4th of July party. It would be nice to use Krustyland for something other than picking up XP.

  22. Josephine Kick@$$

    Happy day all 😊

  23. Happy Sunday 🌞☀️🌞

  24. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    ~8,000 left until I’m finished with Act 3 Yeah!

    I’ve got about 32 “spare” donuts – spent 18 on 3 Mystery Box purchases. Got a ‘onda’, Donut Mart (certainly not worth the retail donut cost) and an Itchy Scratchy Billboard (yeah – multiplier)
    Last week I got a bomb shelter, another useless item and an Itchy Scratchy Billboard
    Mystery Boxes seem to work for me – multiplier~450% is helping KEM Farming

    My wish – that we could design folders to segregate by MY design how to store items.

  25. Heres a idea for 4th of July could have trump in the game and/or Obama. One could cost cash and one cost dounts. But I don’t know how 4th of July works because I dont live in USA

  26. BurningBlaze360

    Update on Futurama. So they released the game in some areas like Ireland and Norway and… sorry to let your hopes up… THE FUTURAMA GAME IS EXCATLY THE FAMILY GUY GAME WITH A NEW FEATURE!! Same way to unlock characters, same speech way, same overly expensive characters!! Oh, It’s also being made by the creators of the Family Guy Matching game, WHICH PEOPLE HATE!! If we got EA, we would be saved! Don’t even look forward to this upcoming May/Summer. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • It is what I feared once I learned it was being made by the same developer of the FG game. I’ll still try it out once it comes out.

    • Thanks for the information , keep them coming .

      See ya bye . 🎥🎬🔫🐒 .👽

    • I guess that means there will be an obsession with events in it as well then.

      I shall try it when it comes out in england, but if Bender is premium I won’t be keeping it for long.

  27. Almost done with the event. One prize let in the prize track, the dossier prize and craft the castle skin and I only need about 800 more schematics. I was hoping to craft a third or fourth HQ but since that’s not possible I can now play when I feel like it instead of when I feel I have to!

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