Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Simpsons are back this week with an all new episode, one of the few left in Season 28.  Will you be watching?

The Secret Agents Event is (finally) winding down in our Springfields.  As Act 3 is set to end this Tuesday (May 9th).  What are your overall thoughts on the event?  How did you fare with the prizes?  What were your highs and lows for the event?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


112 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Also with that last post jobs aren’t showing up as well like when I finally go the Overpass Diner, jobs for Grandpa and the Old Jewish man are still locked so I really don’t know whats happening.


  2. Hello Everyone,

    Currently, I’m at level 102 but when I recently went through the store I noticed quite a few businesses (SField Country Club, Woosterfield Hotel, Seething Sisters, Shotkickers, etc.) that were still locked. So I checked this website and it says that all of these businesses should’ve been unlocked already but for some reason they haven’t, has anyone else encountered this before or have any idea why this is happening? All storylines for the items are Pt. 1 so there’s nothing I can do jobs wise to unlock the items. Any help would be great. Thank you


    • Do you have any tasks at all pending in your task book?
      If you do, it is probably the task or tasks that are stopping you from being able to unlock the mentioned buildings.
      usually, you will need to complete a task and then it will lead on to you being able to do another task (relating to a new building)
      I think with certain jobs being locked (how you mentioned the Overpass Diner) I think a task should trigger once you are up to the required level and you have completed all tasks before it.
      when i first started playing, I didn’t build the Krustyland Shuttle straight away, and then once I did, it prompted other tasks.
      I hope this helps 🙂


      • I do have some task left and I’m getting them finished but they don’t seem to be linked to any of the locked items but I guess I’ll find out.


        • The same thing has happened to me, even if they’re unrelated tasks, I still think it will delay the next one starting. I hope it works for you. 🐱🌸😀


  3. I like the mini update. Saw the fire station in someone’s town and would love a second chance for some of that premium stuff. Someday.


  4. since April 12, 2017 I have been trying to get ea to help me with missing content….numerous emails, a phone call and now they have closed my case with no resolution … any suggestions? I have sent a new email requesting help and a review of the original case, but I am feeling very sad and just want my stuff back…Here is a list of the items that are missing:
    Botanical Garden, Quimby Compound, Woosterfield hotel,Springfield Slaughterhouse, Municipal House of Pancakes, D’amico Summerhome, Gold Navy, Classygirls Strip club, Indoor Tennis Courts, Ziffcorp Office Building, Honest John’s Computers, Itchy and Scratchy Stuido, Vulgari Jewelry store, Ah, fudge! Factory, Sanjay’s House, Springfield Grocery Store, court House, Pachelor Arms, Noise Land Video Arcade, DMV, Spinster City Apartments, Springfield Knowledgeum, Springfield High School, Springfield Wax Museum, Calmwood Mental Hospital, Sir Putt-a-Lot’s, All night Gym, Wolfcastle’s Mansion, Zesty’s, Red Blazer Realty, Burns Slant Drilling Co., Herman’s Military Antiques, Businessman’s Social Club, Adult education annex, Springfield Buddhist Temple, El Chemistri, Pimento Grove, Burns Manor, Springfield General Hospital, Hibbert Family Practice, Springfield Post office, Channel 6, Karbappel Apartment, Muntz House, Springfield Penitentiary, Skips diner, Luigi’s, King Toot’s, Police Station, Springfield Downs, Gilded Truffle, Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace, Control Building, Reactor Core, The Sunsphere, the irish pup, Madams Chow’s, Gulp and Blow, The tunnel from Springfield into Springfield Heights, The gym, coffee shop, drug company, furniture store, and electronics manufacturer that makes items for Springfield Heights area, the bouncy house, the Stadium, stands and walls where we battled other neighbors for prizes during the olympics, Jedediah Springfield and Jedediah Springfield with the cape, The stone cutters lodge, Burn’s Prison, The Gypsy fortune teller building, the Dare Devil and his pool, the beer truck with the squirting hose, Homers castle from the medieval event and all the walls, Lisa’s junk castle and the walls, the Simpsons Farm house, the black box, Wally Weasel’s, The stage where sideshow bob sings opera and the ticket booths and stadium seats

    Things I have already bought back to able to keep playing the Spy event:
    Moe’s tavern, office of unemployment, Springfield Retirement Castle,
    as you can see I have been playing a long time and well I just want what I have worked for….Thanks for listening.

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    • wow, that’s a lot of items to go missing..

      This might be a silly question/suggestion but did you check your inventory/storage box properly?
      when you open the storage/inventory box rather than clicking on a certain category- press the arrow and it will show you ALL l the items you have in storage.

      You may have accidentally hidden the buildings/items behind other buildings and maybe you just can’t see them.

      Regarding the buildings that are missing that come with a character, you could try tapping on the Town Hall and searching for the characters name there,

      It is likely that your items are there somewhere and possibly that is why EA have closed the case… (it might be a known glitch due to the recent update/event)

      As long as your game isn’t a ‘hacked or modified’ game and you have bought the items with game cash or doughnuts properly. EA should help you…

      i hope you get the missing items back or hope these suggestions work..


  5. Hiya everybody!! Feeling quite shattered after a weekend on Guide camp. We were very lucky with the weather and at least we didn’t have a nearby lightning strike this time.

    Job interview tomorrow for a new teaching job in September. Wookiee might be quite envious, the school is very near to Elstree Studios where Star Wars was filmed.

    Finished the prize track with 4 days to spare so now trying to get another bonut round in before the event ends. Might also craft a load of the town squares, bus stops, benches and manhole covers to use in future town designs. I really need to nuke my town, it’s a right mess but I’m waiting until the summer holidays when I will have lots more time to spend designing.

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  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    👋 hello all, a lot going on, but I’m still around 😊

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  7. What you say is the best buy of this event?


  8. Howdy Tappers and Feliz Siete de Mayo!

    As this event comes to a close let me first say thank you! To all the nice Addicts who added me to their friends list. I was able to drop a lot of dead weight. Now, if I can only convince the 1/2 of you who don’t clear your buildings! You know who you are.

    Next, I confess to using the XP Collider with rat trap trucks to get enough donuts for Duffman. I figured that 130 net donuts were as good as he was ever gonna get, and I blew my donuts on early purchases of the bimbo and the nerds. I can see a Bachlorette event in our future!

    Lastly, I have a question. I want to surround my lake HQ with water, and I can’t get the dern mechanic to work. I tap the water icon at the bottom left left of the Arrange screen. It says to drag your finger over the desired area, which I do, but when I let go…no water is there. Any hints, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

    And a rousing Huzzah! To the TSTOAddicts team for yet another excently endeavor mentoring us through this event. I seriously don’t grok how I played this game without them. You guyz Rock!


    • Excuse me… bimbo? Please watch your language, it’s 2017.


    • The water problem is intriguing… Should work exactly the same as with roads. You have to place the first square somewhere first, and then you can drag from there. Works on the same 4 by 4 grid as roads, and you can’t place it under or over something else, the space has to be free. Oh, and sometimes, when you activate the water, the game places the first square randomly, and more often than not it will be under a building or some such. It will be highlighted in red, and you can drag the square around to start your river/lake. Or give the space where you want to start a short tap, and the first square will be moved to there. Then tap the check mark, and the first square is placed, and will show blue arrows in the directions where you can extend it. No arrows if something is in the way, in that case you might have to move around your buildings/decorations to make room for the water.

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      • Thanks for the comment. I also tried putting water n a 4×4 open plot, and it still wouldn’t work. No structures around to hide a tile under or obstructions. The water never appears. I can place a river, but not the effect for which I was looking. I will keep trying. Again, thanks.


        • Have you tried placing 2 rivers next to each other?? You know you have to ‘make a street’ of water around the HQ, not a lake you plop the building onto, right?

          (Don’t be insulted if these questions seem really basic – it took me to figure out how to get bridges, so I try not to assume anything! 😁)

          I couldn’t get my water to go riiiiight up to the edge of the Lake HQ, there’s always a little ring of grass. 😕 If I ever get motivated enough, I may play around with making that look more natural, maybe leaving a plot of grass here and there, adding bushes/trees/flowers to it. Hmm.


    • Placing water only works when there is enough room for it…it takes up the same amount of space as a road. If you can place a road around your hdqtrs, you should have room for a moat in the same space. If the road won’t place either, then something is in the way and will have to be moved.
      Also…you have to tap the water icon in the menu, then tap the spot you want to start placing it, then tap again on the + sign to pull the water in the direction you choose. A total of 3 taps to place it…hope this helps.😀

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    • Same here – turned on the XP Collider and got rat trap trucks so I could get Duffman, along with Scorpio and Otto (both of whom I got earlier in the event). Some great deals for characters I’ve wanted for a long time!


  9. Hello fellow tappers!

    I don’t post very often here but I feel I should now for the simple fact that I’m going to be leaving the game. It’s been a great run but my life is getting rather busy and I’m finding that Tapped Out for me is not what it used to be. The events I’m finding are the same thing, log in every four hours and reset things again for another four hours. I’m over it and finding that I just need to take a time out, not sure I’ll come back to the game at this point but…never say, never.
    I have a busy summer coming up so tapping isn’t going to be a priority and then I’m leaving once again for the Dominican Republic in October. I’ll be gone longer this time, won’t be back until the end of January. I might pick up the game while I’m laying around the beach but I’ll know more when the time comes.

    It’s been a great adventure playing along with Tapped Out since it came out. I have some neighbours still that I’ve had since we were able to add neighbours. I’ve been very fortunate to have such fantastic neighbours and I say thank you for being my friend.

    I want to say thank you to the whole Tapped Out moderators, without you I would have left long ago. I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done and without you, I’d be lost on many events!

    Alissa, thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us. I admire you because being a Mommy, working and taking care of a household can be demanding and yet you still make time to make sure the Tapped Out site is running smoothly.
    Patric, thank you for your humour and all you add to the Tapped Out family….you’ve made me laugh and I must say your work outside of here is quite admirable!
    Wookie, good luck with school and wishing you the best!
    Bunny, be well and all the best to you! Sending hugs to everyone and again….thank you for all you do!

    To my fellow tappers, I’ve been deleting friends the past couple months and I’m down to 68 friends. I won’t blow my town up, gosh I’ve put in lots of time so won’t be doing that! I’ll probably delete friends so if my long term friends notice please know it’s because I’ve quit the game.

    Be well everyone, it’s been wonderful playing Tapped Out and being a part of the Tapped Out community.

    Val ( vpaton )

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    • Sad to see such a long time tapper leave. I’ve been around for quite some time, too, and was on the verge of leaving a couple of times, especially since the game mechanics changed so drastically, and you can’t really play on your own time anymore. After a little time out I always came back, though, not least because of the addicts-community here.
      So you might consider hanging on to your friends, even if you will only play once in a while. In my own experience, I like to hang on to long time friends in my game, even if they don’t play very often, or at all. It’s just a handful, but I still like to visit their beautiful towns in which they put so much time and effort. It’s like looking at photographs of old friends you don’t get to hang out with anymore. Not sure if any of your neighbours are as nostalgic as I am, but maybe a couple of them would like to hang on to you, regardless. 🙂


      • I’ve thought of just keeping my longer term friends but I know there will be an other event around the corner and I’m flying out in two weeks and won’t be back until the middle of June. I don’t like not visiting neighbours especially if there’s an event, not fair to neighbours.

        That being said, I’ll miss seeing the towns and all the creativity that’s gone into them.

        Tony, you’ve been my neighbour since we were able to add friends…..take care my friend!

        I’ll be winding things down over the next two weeks……

        Val ( vpaton )

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    • I totally agree with your 1st part. The game is so repetitive & derivative of itself. Same old motions, different window dressing.

      I hope your trip goes well.

      You’ve been my neighbor for a long time. I’ll miss you.

      Tony (tonflo1)

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    • You’ll be missed, Val, but I hope your future holds lots of grand adventures and lifelong friends…have fun…ebron
      PS…will miss your town, was one of the first “designer towns” I found and has always been fun to visit…

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      • Ebron……I’ll miss your town, you’re very creative and I love looking around your town to see what you’ve done with the new events.

        Take care…..

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    • Sad to see one of my best neighbours go! I will miss your visits. Good luck and take care, Val.

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    • Hi Val, we have been friends/neighbors for quite some time. I alway enjoy seeing what u r doing in ur town. If u like, I will just hide u because I never have a 100 friends anymore, so u will just be on the side. When I see u in my town…hopefully down the road…then I will bring u out of hiding, so to speak.😉😉😉. Understand about life getting in the way of The Simpsons Tapped Out.😃😃 I pray all goes well for u and that u enjoy ur ventures. Mary Jo

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      • Hi Mary Jo!

        We’ve been friends/neighbours for quite awhile and I know you can relate to “life getting in the way”. The past year has been full of ups and downs and I have other things in my life that are pulling me in a new direction. Tapped Out kept me busy when I went through two shoulder surgeries and was laid up for far too long and then Dean’s heart attack. I played Tapped Out to keep me sane and so enjoyed being a part of the TO community.

        I’m leaving for the DR the middle of October so maybe once I’m settled in I’ll pop into the game, I’ll see how it goes.

        Sending you warm hugs Mary Jo and thank you for being such a great neighbour, I love visiting your town and seeing how creative you’ve been with it.



  10. I watched Death Note Light up the New World Japanese Movie over the weekend. This is the sequel and reboot of the first two classic movies many years back. That first two movies were better for me. There is an animated character that looks like William Dafoe and I realised that coming Netflix’s Death Note indeed has cast William to voice the character.

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  11. Yeah, I know about the button but I want an easier way of designing every again. Doing it on the screen of my iPhone is tedious. Wish there was a website I could login on and do it on the computer.


  12. Flutterbyhigh

    I have 14000+ schematics. Haven’t crafted anything yet, not sure of I want to.


  13. Look at the a bomb button on your control/info panel. Boom boom, out go the lights.

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    • Yeah, I know about that and want to use it but putting everything back using only the screen on my iPhone is tedious. Wishing there was acesss through a website so I could do it on my computer.


      • With the new drag and outline you can move huge blocks, sell them, or put them in storage. If you have a large swath of empty land move everything there in bulk, jammed together jiggle try pigglety, and move individual buildings and decorations back in a better design. I do this after events to make an event specific area as best as I can. Let us know what you wind up doing, please. May be a help to the next Addict.


    • Omg…..a total Skid Row reference…..even if it was unintentional!!! Love it!


  14. I don’t think this exists, but I wish it did and if it does and I just don’t know, someone please tell me! I would love to blow up my Springfield and start from scratch. I have so many buildings and little items from all of the events, that I feel like my town is really crowded and messy. It’s so hard to do this on my phone. Is there a way to sign into your account on your computer so you can have a bigger screen to arrange everything??? I wish, wish , wish!!!


    • There are Android system emulators you can put on your computer, but they don’t have reliable updates so it can be problematic sometimes.


    • I like the Nox emulator. There’s another one I’m using now too, but can’t remember the name offhand.


    • If you get an IPad (used ones for really cheap on eBay…got my first one for $130), you can download the IOS version and then log on to your current game. Can’t imagine trying to play this game on a phone screen, although I know a lot of people do. I suggest storing sections at a time rather than nuking…you can then rework that section and pull in things from other areas. Haven’t ever heard good feedback from past “nukers”…it is a huge undertaking…Good Luck🙂.

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      • That’s a good idea. We have an iPad that no one uses anymore. How do you store sections?


      • That’s a good idea. We have an iPad that no one uses. How do you store sections? Thx!!


        • Hold your “tap”and drag to outline an area…when you have the area outlined, a pop-up will give you the choice to “store” or “sell” or just confirm(checkmark) or negate the action(an X). Or you can drag the whole area to somewhere else. Good luck with your re-design😁.


    • Jen, you can definitely play on your PC. I do it a lot. Just install BLUESTACKS on your windows PC. Then when you start it – it’s like Android and you go to PLAY STORE, install TSTO and away you go. Simples! The updates work fine for me (ref another comment below). I have not tried Nox that someone mentioned but bluestacks works very well.


  15. A dear friend just tapped on a monument of utmost importance to me. No one else would have noticed. Louis, if you still read this forum, thank you.

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    • Cheers! I always enjoy visiting your Springfield. I appreciate all the thought you put in designing your town. It often inspires me as well.

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    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      I’m not sure if it’s the monument to your Dad that Louis tapped but I wanted you to know each time I’m in your town and I come across the hellfish monument where Abe is saluting the fallen, the American flag is waving, and Dad is written in bushes, it warms my heart. Such a sweet homage Janis!!!

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      • AnothrAddict! I had no idea anyone else had noticed! Thank you! My dad, Donald W. Corey, served in France in WWII. He was the smartest man I ever knew. He came to live with me during the last few years of his life, when Alzheimer’s had stolen even his memory of me. I am humbled and honored that you noticed. So much appreciate your post.

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        • My father was also a WWII veteran who served in France (along with other parts of Europe). After his passing I found a wallet he had at the time where he logged the locations and dates (see photo below). I’m sorry to learn about your Dad’s Alzheimer’s illness. That is so hard to go through (for everyone).

          In honor of Veteran's Day, I photographed the inside flap of my late father's wallet, a WWII veteran.

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          • That’s a treasure, Louis, thanks for sharing it. My dad found a diary of a German soldier on the street in France. When I was a child, I used to look at it and imagine the awful things that soldier probably wrote about the American soldiers. So, I asked a neighbor who spoke German to translate it for me. All the poor guy wrote about was how he was cold, tired, and missed his wife and child, just like my dad did. What an eye opener for me. I still have my dad’s army trunks, helmet, canteen, and the diary.

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  16. I miss level updates…..💜X

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  17. Happy Sunday all! Not much to say. Glad the event is wrapping up. I thought it started out very interesting, but just fizzled for me. I do like all the new buildings and prizes, but the format is old, and I wish they’d put more effort into the quest/story lines. Will need to spend some time tomorrow plotting out my final crafting, and if I will be making any more donut purchases. I will have enough to buy one more thing of my choice.

    In personal news……RAIN! Way too much of it. Fingers crossed for sunny days. Have a great day everyone!

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