Secret Agent Event Is Nearing The End……..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Secret Agents Event Ends TOMORROW May 9th.  

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.

As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Lol. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the Event will go. Like the Main Questlines that pulled you through all 3 Acts.
  • However, the questlines linked directly the the prizes you’ve won will remain. (so Bont, Wayne Slater, Stradivarius Cain etc)
  • The event removal will require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game…  It will require an app store update to remove everything.

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of collection as far as you can. If you turn OFF the auto update feature in your App Market, you may give yourself an extra day or so just know that ANY time after the 9th is borrowed time and you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK. EA can force the update at anytime after the 9th and make you update. So use any extra time wisely and get what you need before you have to remove the Event completely.

Also, we’ve seen with a few recent events EA shuts off the ability to earn one item or another.  So don’t bank on being able to get that extra time.  Try to earn as many intel as you can until the event ends.

And don’t forget to craft! Use em (the Schematics) or lose em!

So tap those last few agents and relax and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Additional note:

Some of you are asking what you should craft with all of your extra crafting currency.  There’s no magic item to craft.  There’s no way of knowing what EA might make premium in the future, with a bonus %.  Best advice I can give you is craft at least one of everything.  If there’s something you think you could use in a particular design (like Manholes, Non-Weiner Walls and Flowers) craft a bunch of them and stick them in storage.

If you feel like you’ve crafted everything you want, then it’s ok to not use all of your crafting currency.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to spend it.

Crafting Post, with item breakdown

A few others asked me about which gives the most XP when placed in Springfield…it appears as if each item (you can craft multiples of) gives you 100xp when placed in Springfield.  So there’s no item that gives you more of an advantage.

Also, the premium items returned last Friday they WILL BE LEAVING THE STORES TOMORROW FOR GOOD.  (or until EA brings them back at some point in the future) So if you want something get it before it’s gone.  Because these items WILL leave the store once the timer runs out.  (with or without an app store update)

Here’s a list of the Premium Items Available and their Should I Buy Links.

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


68 responses to “Secret Agent Event Is Nearing The End……..

  1. Agustino Arroyo

    I’ve got a question. Are those spy buildings leaving my town too,? Because they take a lot of space, but I can’t put them on storage. And I need that space


  2. Event ended, and the prize track is closed now. You can still buy the prizes with donuts, but no chance to earn them with intel collection any more. The main quest line is still there, and you can still earn intel and schematics. Crafting is still possible, and the event section of the store is still open, too. I guess EA is not passing up a chance to separate you from your donuts. 😉


  3. Just finished my last Bonut Round a few Minutes ago. Update isn’t in store yet so I’ll continue and see what happens.I’m at 120k Intel 380 Donuts now, so Barney would be an option. Do you guys think we’ll get a Barney discount in the next time ? Would be frustratringnif he shows up like Hank wirh a Costume and for a cheaper price


    • That’s​ the risk you take. I paid full price for Barney and don’t really regret it because I enjoy having him and the bowling alley in my town that much.

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  4. Will EA deliver a Mother’s Day ? a Father’s Day? an Independence Day? (4th of July) Tune in and see what occurs this year! 🏃


  5. I ended up buying some donuts to help me get the Duffman offer with only 3 hours to go before it disappeared. It seemed like a really good deal that I would regret if I passed on it. I enjoyed this event and all the spy gadgets but agree with everyone that it was very repetitive.

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  6. I’m fortunate to have got Mastermind Hank Scorpio. I also am fortunate to have Gabbo and Arthur from the Casino event. I also have Drederick Tatum. Of course I had to buy him after I earned the Boxing Drederick Tatum skin during the Tap Ball event.

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  7. Actually, from a purely XP earning aspect, if all items earn the same 100 XP, then there’s a BIG advantage in buying the cheapest items possible.

    That said, although I’m big on take advantage of ways to earn XP, I’d rather craft stuff I’m likely to actually use, like the non-weiner walls. You can never have too many different types of walls or fences! 🙂

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  8. RedRodriguez

    So now that we are coming near the end, am I right in saying that the Tap minigame in actually only gives you 19 seconds instead of the shown 20? At first I thought it was a glitch, or I wasn’t tapping right, but nope, the game literally stops registering your taps at the :01 mark.

    Not that it was a big deal, just thought it was pretty dumb none of the devs caught that.


  9. I got all the prizes with act 3 being the easiest and act 1 the hardest. I have got 5 bonus donut rounds in this act (6 if the update is late or if I choose to hold of on updating), I hope I can still craft some items tomorrow after the timer has expired because I want a bunch more walls, bus shelters, spy-acinths, manhole stations, mailboxes and benches, a few ATMs, billboards and nothing to see here. There are also over a half dozen questlines that have been waiting during this event for me to complete. I hope there is enough downtime after tomorrow so that I can redesign areas of Springfield including the spy items. Overall it wasn’t a bad event that had some nice items to offer that can blend in anywhere in Springfield or in its own section (I hope to finish it to make the show off), there are fun characters available and complete their quests, another mini game that is fun to play that I would want to stay after the event (I hope it has a timer that allows it to play every 6 or 8 hours instead of 4).

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  10. I’m ready for this to be over. While it had a bunch of great prizes with incredible animations the game mechanics were not very interesting. Every 4 hours go in, clear the headquarters, send the same characters back in for another 4 hours (even the daily challenge folks were from the same pool). Tap some Men in Tan. Tap wildly in the mini game. I would’ve liked to see more characters used in different locations, in a more interesting and longer questline. I have a lot of premium characters, so I finished every Act early, and have just been collecting bonuts with Intel, while my other 100+ characters go on 24 hour tasks. I’ve crafted multiples of everything. I hope EA starts restructuring event gameplay soon, maybe adding a little challenge (like the Stonecutter riddles). This one got boring real fast.

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  11. Which item could become a bonus item? What do you think, guys?
    In my opinion maybe the secret agent tree/bush or the wiener walls could become bonus items (coz of their shematic prices). The non-wiener walls are quite nice for future building but too cheap for becoming bonus…

    What do you think? Got 2k of shematics for spending left… thx to everyone for his/her opinion 😉


    • Or parachute target?


      • I used the walls to surround the parachute target, with one opening in case the guy ever manages to crawl off the target in time… The men in tan seem drawn to it and I keep finding them inside the wall.


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