Post Secret Agents Prognostication and Speculation

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wookstradamus is super busy finishing up the last couple of weeks of school for the year so I’m here to pinch hit for him with the latest speculation about what may be ahead for us in TSTO.  Don’t worry though all of my thoughts are Wookiee approved…we texted about it earlier today.

First though I want to give a shout out to the Wookster.  He’s bustin’ his butt with school, finals and papers, and still found time to write a TON of WDTCFs for the Secret Agents event (I still have a bunch I need to post).  Wook is such a valuable part of the Addicts team & his Simpsons knowledge is second to none, so I’m super appreciative of him managing to knock out all of those posts for us. And we should get Wook back at full strength in about 2 weeks.  So good luck with finals buddy!

So another major event take down hit our App Stores yesterday, and every time one event ends (sometimes before) the speculation immediately begins about what’s next.  We’re Addicts, we can’t help it. Fortunately these days EA makes things EAsy (just for you Pat) with teasers in the App Store descriptions.  Here’s what we saw with the Secret Agents Removal:

Initial reaction is we’ve got all new clues.  None of the new teasers seem to be referencing back to the most recent ones (French Fop is really what comes to mind), looks like three new clues.  So here’s a little Addicts Prognostication about what could be headed our way…

So the three clues in this What’s New Description are “A face-paint focused collegiate experience?  A temporal trip?  A quicky wedding?”, let’s break them down one by one…

“A face-paint focused collegiate experience”

So of course the first thought that pops into my head, given face-paint and college is Krusty’s Clown College, from “Homie the Clown”, S6 E15:

I think this is the most logical choice (and likely for a mini event), but it’s hard not to get excited about a couple more options with the word collegiate in there…

We got the nerds, how long until we get Springfield U and Springfield A & M?  Could there be an upcoming update where they finally hit Springfield?  I hear face-paint I also think of college kids painting their faces for big football games…

A temporal trip?

So this makes me think of time travel.  I have a couple of ideas with this one, but one Wookiee suggested is Homer and his time traveling toaster from “Treehouse of Horror V”, S 6, E6

My theory on this comes into play with the next line “A quicky wedding”.  Could this be a time travel back to Homer and Marge’s “shotgun” Wedding?

Of course this could just be a trip back in time to the younger years of the Simpson Family, we got future Bart and Lisa why not young Bart and Lisa?  In particular from “Lisa’s First Word” S4, E10 

Some sort of time travel event might make for an interesting summer event, but we kind of already did that with the Sci Fi event from last summer…

And finally…

A Quicky Wedding

Aside from Homer and Marge’s true shotgun wedding I mentioned above, another quick wedding that comes to mind is that of Troy McClure and Selma, from “A Fish Called Selma”, S7, E19  While there have been plenty of weddings in The Simpsons history this one jumped out at me because of the nature of the marriage and episode…

Could this be the time we finally get a Phil Hartman character?  Would EA do that?  Could be possibly see Troy McClure grace our Springfields?

So many possibilities from the episode, and it would give long time players something to stick around for…Troy McClure.

So that’s it for my speculation, so many things.  Maybe I’ll be right about some, probably be wrong about many…but the speculation is still fun!

What are your thoughts about what we may see next?  Do you agree with my assessments?  What would you change around?  Anything you’d add?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

51 responses to “Post Secret Agents Prognostication and Speculation

  1. Indiana P.R. Underwood

    What’s this “Pinsetter Pt. 1”? Is this an indication of the next event?

    “Make burns scheme a new tax evasion strategy” ….I have him doing an 8hour task for my daily challenge (3 donut reward today! Woo!). I am a newer player so I don’t see anything on it online but this might just be old news to you seasoned tappers!

  2. illihC._.feeB

    I just got a new questline involving he pin pals!
    It is shown to last for limited time, and this seems to be the new event!

  3. Aaaaaaand…looks like we’ve got a Pin Pals event 😀

  4. On my phone, they just added pin pals quests

  5. Lesleydrap988

    In game update “pin pals”

  6. I kind of hope nothing happens for a while, I’ve had to send my phone away for repair so can’t play! Heh, no, I’m betting on the college one.

  7. What are the chances EA would rEAlly (for Pat) try and bring back interest in Krustyland? I have also noticed the collection radius has been added to the Park. Is this new? There is something there that has potential for fun, but so neglected after release. I have several rides there but layout and decorations have been null on my part. Is there any potential there?

    • I think the radius increase with either the Winter Removal or Destination Springfield….it’s not brand new but it is new in 2017

  8. SouthParkIsBetter

    After the Pokemon Go parody episode I except there to be a Peekemon Get mini event

  9. I hope we will get this year a chance to get King Snorky (summer or halloween) I need him O.o

  10. Reddy Rachael

    You know what I would love? EA to do something fantastical – and give us a breather before the next event (mini or otherwise).

    Of course, that’s never going to happen. 🙁

    • The last couple of mini events have run for two weeks but it’s been possible to complete them in half that time, if not less. They’re a good little break.

  11. Troy McClure, don’t tease me!!!

  12. Whatever we get, I won’t be sending any of the main characters on tasks today. Always seems like I think we have a little time, I send characters off to earn some cash…and BAM! Next event starts.

  13. The removal of “Destination Springfield” also came with three clues in the description: “Military misfires? A covert convention? Or maybe a visit from a fake French fop?”
    And we got Rommelwood – which would correspond with the first clue. So I will stick with the first clue again, and predict a clown college mini event.

  14. wonderpikachu

    I still say if we get young-anyone, it should be young Homer and Marge, whether kids or in high school. I don’t really think we should get big adult AND toddler versions of the Simpson kids before we get the more prominent younger versions of the parents.

    A clown college event would be awesome. Good opportunity for a Krusty Homer costume.

  15. That bit where the family turn into clowns is so funny!

  16. Since they said a quicky wedding my first thought was the kwik e mart and we already have manjula so maybe we could be getting the octuplets?

  17. Troy McClure would be an amazing addition thiugh obviously invoiced due to circumstances I would imagine. Wouldn’t imagine itl happen though:(

  18. I missed out on last Halloween event unfortunately so any event would be great!

  19. Mona Simpson’s college (or was that a high school?) days were a bit trippy (but since she’s a side character it’s hard to believe an event/mini or otherwise around that)

  20. Great predictions!

    And aren’t we still waiting on the “fake French fop”? (Jacques?)

  21. Hopefully a college event. That sounds fun to me!

    • The college event would make sense now, being graduation time. But would also make sense in the Fall as a back-to-school mini event. We could get Lisa bringing home her British boyfriend and Homer running the Union Jack up the flag pole and it bursting into flames! So many options…hard to pick. But making Krustyland relevant would be awesome too.

  22. I personally could see the quickie marriage referencing “Something About Marrying” in season 16 where Homer is ordained and officiates same-sex marriages. The timeline would fit for North American Pride recognition events at the end of June.

    Maybe this would get us Jon? or Karl? Of course you couldn’t have this particular event without Veronica.

    I soooooooo hope the temporal trip is with the Time Toaster! I want a Time Toaster I can use in Springfield to change all character skins!

    Another hypothesis for the face-painting collegiate experience (and this is a little bit of a stretch) could be when Marge goes to Community College in a “Brush with Greatness”. She does focus on painting people… But I have to agree that the Clown College seems far more likely.

    That is my speculation 🙂

    • That would be nice.

      Dunno if they’d go down that route again – there was a Pride tie in a few years ago and it brought a load of angry homophobes out of the closet :'(

  23. Time trip and quickie wedding could also be to the future to Lisa’s Wedding from (s6e9) “Lisa’s Wedding”.

  24. How many donuts would I pay for Troy McClure? All the donuts.

  25. Please please don’t be clown college. I really don’t like clowns, so an entire event around them would be a complete pass for me.

  26. The clown college will probably be a mini event before the bigger time travel event.

  27. I hope it’s an event for Troy. But soon I’ll also be on vacation at a beach for two weeks – so I hope I wouldn’t miss out on him because of that.

  28. You people have stood in my way long enough….I’m going to clown college!

  29. Troy Mcclure would be incredible levels of awesome.. there is no logical reason, unlike in the show, why not Hartmans characters not be in our games

  30. I read “collegiate” and “wedding” and hoped for Lisa’s wedding.

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