Simple Town Designs: Rooftop Bowling

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we’re knee deep in the Pin Pals Event, with loads of fun prizes and premium buildings!  With this mini event I can’t help but notice we’re once again left trying to make room in our Springfields for items that typically belong inside!  In particular the Bowling Lanes.  I don’t know about you, but where I come from Bowling Lanes are typically INSIDE the Bowling Alley…not outside.

Often, when we’re faced with items that typically would go inside, many tappers would simply stick these items in their inventory and never think of them again.  It can be fairly daunting to find room and a decent design for these types of items.  But, in this case the Bowling Lanes earn a bonus % AND are required to complete certain visual tasks for Pin Pal characters.  So what’s a Tapper to do?

Use a little perspective to create some fun bowling alley designs of course!  So, there’s no better time than the present to share with you all another Simple Town Design all about those Bowling Lanes….

So I must confess…this idea is not my own.  No, I saw this design from a good friend and fellow Tapper Shelfcleaner!  Shelf, Wookiee and I go way back to the days before Addicts…so he didn’t mind me sharing his design & showing y’all how to recreate it.

Here’s Shelfcleaner’s original design…

As you can see, Shelf has used a little perspective to create the illusion of a Rooftop Bowling Alley.  A great way to keep that bonus % active, provide the space for your character’s tasks and keep things looking like they should be there all along.

So let’s see how you can recreate this in your Springfield…

First off, in no way to I claim to be an expert at TSTO designs.  Second, tweak and change things to make it your own.  Feel free to get creative.  This is just a simple guide to help spark some inspiration in your own Springfield.  So have fun with it.

To recreate this particular design you’ll need:
-Concrete Walls
-Bramble Hedges (can use regular hedges if you prefer)
-Parking Lots
-Some fencing (can be the white fence (premium) or the wooden ones (freemium)
-Dirt Road
-A few cars
-And of course Pin Pals Bowling Alley and at least 1 lane

I don’t think a huge Step by Step guide is needed on this one.  Mostly because EA has made things pretty easy with the full move tool.  It allows me to select my entire design and show y’all exactly where each item is positioned and which direction it’s facing.

So here’s a look at the highlighted version with spacing…

Without the Parking Lot, Pavement and Dirt Road:

And here’s the design with the Parking Lot, Pavement and Dirt Road…

This particular design is 20 wide by 29 long.  Of course you can make this larger or smaller based on how large you make the parking lot.

One big tip on this is pay attention to spacing.  Because the Pavement can be tricky (read as annoying) to get just right, it may be easier to lay out your Pavement first and then place your Bowling Alley and Lane..

And here’s my final design…

Of course Rooftop Bowling isn’t your only option.  I’ve seen loads of great designs, including a great ones with the bowling lanes setup behind the building…

Kind of like this..


So there’s a bunch of different ways you can make those bowling lanes seamlessly blend into Springfield…even if they do belong inside! 😉

Have fun with the design, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  As long as you’re happy with it that’s all that matters!  And be sure to look out for the next Showoff Announcement…so you can share your designs with your fellow Tappers!

What are your thoughts on the bowling lane designs?  How have you placed them in your Springfield?  Get any inspiration from this post?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


21 responses to “Simple Town Designs: Rooftop Bowling

  1. Hey guys so I was curious how to go about to get helping design a 3 d design for the holoween update like I have an idea where i want to go with it but can’t get it executed right and getting frustrated any help would be really appreciated thanks in advance

  2. Kudos! Such a brilliant idea. Time to put some love back into my town; as it grew and grew, design (civil planning)😉 got pushed to the wayside. As we said in childhood, “I’m going to copy you.”

  3. Thanks for the fun idea!

  4. I didn’t like the idea of an outdoor bowling lane at all, but seeing this and all the other designs readers have submitted, I might just pick up a few more of them. One lonely lane looks out of place, but add a bunch more, and all of a sudden it looks so much more natural.

  5. Sean Harrison

    Hi guys, please add me, seanharrison94. Just started playing again and looking to add as many people to visit each day

  6. i might be biased, but i like the setup with the lanes behind the building… 😉

    much respect to shelfcleaner for the rooftop design though.

  7. I take it that the Dirt Road was from a previous session as it is no longer available. Is it likely to return as it does make a neat addition

  8. Will borrow this great look!

  9. Shelfcleaner is one of my favourite designers…..

  10. Okay – I’m stealing one of these ideas in the post or comments…. only question is, which one? (Or maybe bits from each?) Please don’t sue me! 😉

  11. I totally love how it looks behind the building! It really looks like a scene from inside. Nice!

  12. Awesome idea. I only had one lane, so I took up the extra space with a Tiki bar.

  13. The non-weiner walls work great with the pin pals building…

  14. I like it — though, it occurs to me that Barney’s Bowlarama deserves a bit of love, too… 🙂

  15. I made this on Sunday and it was so hard because the picture was a my only reference. I had to spend doubts but it makes the design much better

  16. Thank you for sharing this! For those of us who are spatially challenged, it makes it easier to have some very cool layouts in our towns. 🙂

  17. That is a really good design/idea. Brings back a lot of memories around the 2d and 3D designs. Great work shelfcleaner!

  18. Vou tentar fazer¹

  19. Mine are just staying outside, it never rains in Springfield!!!! 😀☔️☔️

    Snow? I am assuming they have underlane heating! 🌧☃️❄️

  20. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea and plan to steal it! Now that makes spending donuts on the bowling lanes worth it!

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