Addicts Poll Question: How Would You Rate 2017 in TSTO So Far? The Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So last Saturday I asked y’all to rate TSTO in 2017, so far.  To get some honest feedback at where the game sits in your mind nearly 6 months into 2017.  As usual y’all didn’t disappoint with responses!

Let’s take a look…

Not surprising most of you fall in the “Middle of the Road” Category, while the vast majority of the rest think it’s “Amazing Content, Flawed Game Play”.  That kind of speaks volumes to me.

Doesn’t seem like EA is succeeding at “Raising the Bar” so far this year.  Most of you think it’s just “eh” so far. And I suspect the biggest issue is overall length of event…they’re just too long.  6 weeks is too long for an event, where most of the event is repeating the same game play over and over.

6 weeks may not be bad if it was a new style of game play every 2 weeks, but if it’s the same thing over and over it’s hard to stay engaged over a 6 week period of time.  We notice it here, players start dropping off halfway through act 2.  They either just fall into a tapping routine and forget the fun aspects of the game…and the game begins to feel like a grind.  Or they just stop playing the event all together (or only tap once a day).  We’ve been seeing it more and more over the last 6 (even 8) months.

What do you think of the results? Surprised?  Not surprised?  Ready for what’s next?  Think EA will change it up for the next event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


31 responses to “Addicts Poll Question: How Would You Rate 2017 in TSTO So Far? The Results

  1. Seriously i ve got bored of the game now. I have not updated the new event. And may not even do it.


  2. Rick in hell id

    One thing is true, the best way to play is not just the event,it also building your resources and trying to max them out.When your playing the event bulging rail road building free donuts and level then it becomes more than a yawn.


  3. Oh my… ‘my lvl 939-oooh-yaaaawn’. Be glad! Its a game. Just put in some new examples/ideas for the game…maybe EA has the ears for it. For the rest, keep spending those bucks cuz I like it that way (maybe spend some more, so that EA can add more fun stuff) 🙂


  4. I have been playing for several years. I have spent more money on this game than I care to discuss. Sometimes I wish I had just spent the money on expensive Lego sets…my other guilty pleasure. I believe 6 weeks is too long for an event. I would like to see MORE characters utilized throughout the event…meaning every two weeks a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT batch of characters are utilized for event. You do not need the dialogue or multiple animations here…keeping the character list changing allows you to do more fun things with other characters that have funny outside job animations…this goes especially for the premium characters. Knowing I can send a bunch on different tasks without having to stay in 4 hour window would be great. Come to think of it…let’s phase out the 4 hour window for a two hour one. Make the events 3 weeks long with 2 hour windows for gathering prize content…I’d tap more often but be justified in doing so. Coming up with excuses every 4 hours at work is not easy.

    My biggest gripe is storage accessibility. I HATE running through my stored items when everything is NOT alphabetical. I HATE having items that’ll never be used. All that rEAlly needs to be done comes down to 2 things.

    1. Let me permanently delete undesired content from storage. I don’t care if I get reimbursed with in game cash. If EA will not be using it in future events then I don’t need it (6 months max on unwanted crap would be ideal).

    2. Please please please EA…learn how to alphabetize content and give us a letter scroll option. When I want a tree…I go to “T” and every tree regardless of name is there…when I go to “C” every stored character regardless of name is there…how hard is this? Simplicity is key. The storage is way too complicated. Give us an index with better categorization!!!

    …drops mike and descends from soapbox.


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