Time Traveling Toaster Update is Here! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s been teased in game..and now we finally remember what Homer forgot….it’s update time!

This is an APP STORE update, so check your app stores to update.  If you don’t see it as a pending update search your store for Tapped Out.

Currently this is only live on Android…waiting on iOS and Kindle…

Live on all Platforms…

As always I’ll be back with more details as I go through them, but for now…I’ve finally had a chance to go through everything, pull all the data and images…so here we go, details below the fold

Homer kicks things off with a 6s task, followed by another 6s task, followed by another 6s task, that last one will trigger the event and the event buildings…again back with more in a bit.

Side note…once you do the first 6s Homer task you’ll get a side quest from Bart.  Initially you’ll be instructed to unlock Cecil…but once you have you’ll get a new daily challenge system…Road to Riches.  From what i can tell this isn’t part of the event…I’ll explore it more in a bit…

As mentioned above you’ve got several 6s tasks for Homer before you’ll see event content in the store and your games.  First thing you’ll see is…

Followed by a task to build the Excavation Site….

Excavation Site- Free, 14×14 in size

You’ll initially start with several shovels, because you’ll have a task to dig at the site…but the premise of the Excavation Site is to use the shovels you’ve earned to “dig” at the site until you find the gem.  Once you’ve found the gem you’ll unlock all of the rewards that go with the site…until then you’ll earn rewards for each dig you do.

To dig simply tap on a square, as long as you have shovels you can dig.

For the first task Buried in Time Pt. 1, you’ll have to find the gem.  You’ll be given more shovels (for free) until you do…since you can’t progress in the game without it.  This is the ONLY time you’ll be given additional ones for free like that and you’ll see this popup

I’ll have another post up that breaks down the excavation site in detail…

You can earn more shovels at…

 Mom & Pop Hardware- Free, 9×10 in size.

This unlocks via the questline (Buried in Time Pt. 2) and you can send characters on 4hr tasks there to earn additional shovels.  (initial task for questline is 6s…it won’t stay like that after you’ve finished the questline)

The Panini Press unlocks with It’s About Time Pt. 4…

Panini Press- Free, 2×2 in size

This is another one of those “tap to clear all tappables” items, but this has a little twist.  You’ll have to upgrade this one to earn wider tap radius and decrease the cool down time (more on this in another post)..the starting cool down time is 24hrs

To upgrade the Panini Press you’ll need Tachyons, .  You earn Tachyons from crafting, purchasing premium items and occasionally from the dig site.

Neighbor Actions

You’ll get 19 Fossils for your first set of Friend actions and then it’ll drop to 9 each until you’ve reached 90.  Once you’ve hit 90 you won’t earn Fossils until the day resets.

Act 1 Prizes

Currency for Act 1 is Fossils 

You can earn Fossils several ways
-By tapping dinosaurs
-Digging at the Excavation Site
-Neighbor Actions
-Daily Challenges

Here’s the list of Act 1 Prizes…

Mammouth Statue– 9,100 

Free Land Token-16,700 

Pterodactyl Nest- 28,100 

Darwin Fish- 39,500 

1,000 Specimens– 47,100 

Dinosaur Lake– 60,800

Moe’s Cavern -79,900 

You’ll also notice the prize screen is no longer “Acts”, instead it’s sections.  You’ve got Prehistoric (which we’re working on), this will be followed by Egypt and that’ll be followed by Pirates.


Crafting for this event unlocks with the questline, It’s About Time Pt. 5.  You’ll be tasked to Build the Springsonian Museum

Springsonian Museum Free, 7×13

Crafting currency is Specimens .  You can earn these through the dig site and tappables.

Crafting will be available for the ENTIRE event.

Once again we’re in a level up system…level up crafting to unlock more craftables….

As always, I’ll have a FULL crafting post to breakdown each craftable up later. But here’s the quick list of what you can craft:

Prehistoric Fern– 250 (Level 1)

Dinosaur Skeleton– 2,500 (Level 2)

Triceratops Statue– 5,000 (Level 3)

Tar Field– 2,500 (Level 4)

Homer Lizard– 10,000 (Level 5)

Egyptian Column– 1,500 (Level 6)

Egyptian Outhouse– 800 (Level 7)

Egyptian Tent-900 (Level 8)

Camel -10,000 (Level 9)

Bart Sphinx- 5,750 (Level 10)

Skeleton Pile- 1,000 (Level 11)

Pirate Cannon- 2,150 (Level 12)

Rowboat- 6,000 (Level 13)

Siren Masthead- 7,000 (Level 14)

Mermaid Petting Zoo- 10,000 (Level 15)

There are 15 total levels for crafting…

And then there are items you can find at the excavation site, and once you find them there you’ll unlock them for crafting.  They are:

Prehistoric Foliage- 700

Dragonfly Rock- 2,200

Egyptian Pillar- 1,500

Egyptian Sundial- 1,500

Pirate Treasure- 1,500

Grog Barrel- 700

Important Dates

Here are the important dates for the event…everything starts/ends (right now) at 800 GMT (4 am ET).  This is just main event dates, we’ll breakdown when items leave the store etc when we post about them…

Act 1 End/Act 2 Start June 11th, 2017

Act 2 End/Act 3 Start June 23rd, 2017

Event Ends July 5th, 2017

Crafting Ends July 5th, 2017

Items in the Store…

First thing you’ll notice is a popup for “the Vault”

This is something for everyday, not just during the event.  EA has cleaned up the store a bit…you’ll notice icons in the store have really lowered…

The Vault is a way for EA to make regular items that are always available in the store “limited-time” to entice you to buy them when they are available. The nice thing is they are offering rebates on a lot of the items.

What’s in the vault appears to vary from town to town…so your vault may not be the same as your neighbors.  It’s nice that the items will be available on discount…BUT keep in mind this will remove a bunch of items that have always been available from the store.  So you’ve got to watch your vault and see what becomes available for you.  (i will have a post up about what’s in the vault/what can be included)

Here’s what’s in my Vault:

And now onto the new items…

Pertaining to the Time Travel Event…

New stuff…

Velvet Rope- $500

Cave Wall- $500

Waterslide Tree- 100 Donuts

Curvaceous Cave- 100 Donuts (if you don’t have Booberella it’ll come with her and cost you 50 donuts.  You get her skin as well)

Springfield Historical Society– 150 Donuts

Certified Time Traveler Card- 90 Donuts during Act 1 (unlocks after you’ve completed the first round of friend actions.)  This doubles your event currency you get from tapping neighbors.  Don’t buy it…it’s a waste of donuts.

3 Shovels- 3 Donuts

25 Shovels- 20 Donuts

50 Shovels- 35 Donuts

Remember Shovels are used for digging at the excavation site.  You can earn them for free by completing tasks at Mom and Pop.  Don’t buy them unless you have some kind of shovel emergency…


Small Iceberg- 8,500

Medium Iceberg- 15 Donuts

Large Iceberg- 25 Donuts

Murderhorn- 250 Donuts, with a 125 Donut Rebate..Net 125 Donuts.

Cemetery Plot- 100 Donuts (Earns more shovels…so if you already have it be on the lookout for shovels from it)  (Update: Sorry guys this was a little vague…the Plot doesn’t earn Shovels, Gravedigger Billy will.  He’ll have a task at Mom and Pop’s to earn Shovels.)

Mystery Box…

Costs 80 donuts, and each prize originally cost at least 90 donuts.  Here’s what’s inside…

Wes Doobner’s Rib Hut

Hootenanny Barn

Mount Carlmore

Sneed’s Feed and Seed

Wild West Film Set

Frink’s Mechano Spider

Old Mine

And yes, before you ask…Should I Buy posts will be written…they always are. 😉

Donut Day

This Friday (June 2nd) is Donut Day!  And once again TSTO is celebrating by making it rain donuts!

Yes, that’s right..for a brief moment (unless you buy the donut boat) it’ll rain donuts in Springfield!

You’ll also get a nice little Donut Day gift from EA…15 free donuts!

Beyond that you can purchase donuts and get a Scratch-R bonus…or buy donut themed items on rebate (the boat makes it rain donuts)


Act 1 Tappable… 

Each one you tap yields 5 and 7

Here’s the detail on the Spawn Rates/Banks:

Spawn 1 every 3 minutes
Max in your town at once 30
Bank 50

So your town and bank is full every 4hrs….

Road to Riches

I’ll have a FULL post up detailing this.  What it is/what each prize is/how you unlock each prize…

For now this is an additional daily challenge system..like a list of Aspirational items to spend your in-game cash on.

They’re not going anywhere.  You’re not forced to do it.  But should you chose to you can.

New Land

New strip of land available across the bottom of Springfield…runs from the Ocean to the right.

And that’s it my friends! Whew!  All the details you need to know to get started on the Time Travel Event!

As always we’ll be back with more in-depth posts as we break each element of the event down ourselves.  So, yes a calendar is coming.  Yes, Should I buy posts are coming. Yes, the walkthrough is coming (tomorrow morning).  And more!

What are your initial thoughts on the TTT (Time Travel Toaster) event?  Any items you’re looking forward to getting?  Thoughts on the slightly different gameplay? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

362 responses to “Time Traveling Toaster Update is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Alissa, are you still planning to do a full Road to Riches post?

  2. What do the time travelers look like??? And what are the things the I’ve been tapping that like an octopus?

    • The current time travelers are rats. The other is probably and elder god, has bonus percentage.

  3. Do u get 1000 specimans ? I earned it yet not in my storage

  4. I think my app broke after the update, I reinstalled but still the same. Can’t go to characters using the icone on top left corner, panini press updates don’t work, I keep getting back to 24 hours! Some histoical event currencies are back like the Nasa stars and karma coins! Anybody else have the same problem?

  5. Weird…I earned the Tar Field at the Springsonian Museum, but it never appeared…not in my inventory, not in the town. I contacted EA support (I’ve been doing for various things recently have a HORRIBLE opinion of them and their “service”).

    After repeated emails back from them asking for the same information over and over (including “When did this happen” and “what does this item cost”) They told me ” Thank you for contacting us again.Please let me share that we don’t have an option to add tarfield into your account.” What?? That’s quite ridiculous, though I’m beginning to expect the ridiculous from them.

    Did anyone else have a problem getting the Tar Field?

    • You can craft them. EA does seem to have a problem adding items. They can give you donuts, but not special items. And they can restart from a point in the past, where you usually lose a lot. Probably something in the user interface.

  6. Can someone explain the “bank” for the tappables to me? Is it like a reserve of dinos waiting until you clear the ones currently in the town? So if your town is full with 30 dinos, if you clear all of them, they’ll keep coming until you’ve tapped 50 more? That seems like too many. Maybe 20 more, so 50 total?

  7. Thomas Anthony

    4 or 5 hours aint that hard lol but how do you add friends

  8. These events are increasingly more difficult to get through each segment. The last few I’ve had to spend a few of my donuts to make sure I don’t miss anything. It seems to be a requirement of logging in 4-5 times daily to safely make it. Too much IMO.

  9. They make these so freekin hard. I am on 3/7 with one day left. And I tapped a lot every day!

    • But how many times a day? This game is calibrated such that, to completeevent prize tracks , you generally have to play 3-4 times a day (at least four hours apart).

      • This update… if you’re playing totally freemium without buying any of the extra skins, it is proving to be almost impossible unless you login at least four times to five times a day every four hours. It seems a bit punitive to me.

      • This is a 5x a day event, with neighbour visits being more important than usual too. And we’re used to ignoring tappables between the ‘clear all’ function now but that works against us this time – freemium players needed to visit 5x, visit 30 neighbours each day, and clear all dinosaurs every 4 hours.

        Missing any one of these will hurt a lot – one round of neighbour visits is 1100 fossils, one 4-hour cycle (shovel generation and dinosaurs) is 920 fossils, one day’s worth of shovels used to dig is 1800 fossils. Over the 11.5 days of this act there’s not been much leeway – miss a few neighbour visits due to time creep, miss a few cycles due to real life, or start the event late ’cause you didn’t download the update right away, and you’d need those daily challenges just to keep up.

        And unless EA increases event currency payouts the next acts will probably require the same time commitment. If you want all the event prizes and can’t commit to this level of time investment (and let’s face it – most of us can’t), Booberella or the tree are your best bet. This is definitely an event that favours seriously dedicated tappers.

        • I never (or at least very rarely, and not during this event) get in five rounds in a day and I completed this act with about four days to spare. However, to be fair, I did have premium shovel earners and I did upgrade my panini press during the glitch. (Taken out of context, that last sentence would sound REALLY weird to someone, lol!)

          • The experience of a freemium player is very different from a premium one. It’s tempting to think of this event as fairly equal as there are only two premium characters that help. But there are only five freemium characters that contribute to this event. Gravedigger Billy boosts fossils from shovel production and excavations by 30% all by himself. Cavegirl Booberella boosts them by 40%. Both of them together give a 70% boost. And fossils from shovel generation/use account for over half of the fossil generation of this event.

            And that’s not accounting for increases to excavation payouts from earlier panini press upgrades or contributions from the treehouse or the time travel card.

            • Agreed. (Although, for the record, I don’t have the treehouse and never, ever buy those “licenses.”)

  10. Any craftables that will become premium items later? (giving % that is)

    • That’s never known *during* an event, so there’s no point in asking, unfortunately. I always craft at least one of everything (even stuff I’m not excited about), just in case it gets a multiplier or I have a use for it, decorating-wise, at some future time, and then just craft multiples of things I actually want and am more likely to use down the road.

      Besides, these days, EA has often taken to having two versions of some items in their file…the crafted version and the premium version (if that item returns as premium), so, even if it does return as premium with a bonus multiplier attached, the ones you crafted still may very well not get the bonus attached to them, anyway.

      Hope this helps with your crafting decisions! 🙂

  11. Seems like Frink is doing alot of commentary. Any advantage if I buy him?

  12. What’s up with only getting fossils from half of my neighbours. Afterwards i get just regular currency and experience?

  13. Has anyone else had issues with getting Wes Doobner to show up in your town?? I won him and the Rib Huts building in the mystery box, placed the building and got the notification that I got Wes and 25XP, but no Wes anywhere to be found. Tried putting the building in storage then replacing it, and just completely logged out and back in (including re-installing the app) to no avail. 😩 Any tips would be appreciated 🙃

    • It’s a skin for Sideshow Bob. Do you have him? If so, look through your inventory and then select “Use” to add the skin to him. If you don’t, you’ll need to wait until you have him to use that skin.

  14. Did anyone else not get a dinosaur skeleton? I paid for it, and I got the level up credit for it, but I can’t find the skeleton anywhere in my inventory, not had an option to place it.

    • Two things come to mind: It is hidden. Or you advanced the count without purchasing the item (highly unlikely).

      • I thought about the hidden and made my buildings see through and searched for it. I couldn’t find it. It’s possible I missed (these towns are absurdly cluttered now).

        • Marjorie Valmonte

          I’m having the same problem you are. I checked my entire town and still can’t find the triceratops statue!

  15. Omg, is there some kind of glitch? 😱
    I just log in and most of my money is gone… And there’s no way I have spent it, sending all my characters to one hour task… right? 🙁💸🍩

  16. Is there going to be a post about upgrading the panini press? “more on this in another post”.
    I’d like to know how it works with the bank (my question went unanswered on that…. :/ )
    Also, I’m noticing that it doesn’t seem to make any sense to further upgrade the Tap Radius or the Cool Down time after the level 14 (4 hour Cool Down time upgrade). The only meaningful upgrades are the Excavation Site upgrades past that point. The rest seem, to me, to waste Tachyons needlessly.

    • The only upgrade past the 4-hour reset that seems valuable to me is the last excavation site increase (level19?). But it’ll upgrade with tachyons from event prizes so if you’re happy with it as it is now don’t fret too much.

  17. Did anyone else not receive the rebate donuts packages for the higher quantities? I only got the first three with the scratch off offered to me 🙁 I already donut boat & didn’t even get my free 15 donuts… Is that why? I would really like to buy the higher package with rebates – more than the silly scratch off. Also… Did anyone else notice you cannot store the cave walls! 😮

    • I had no problem storing a cave wall.

    • I misunderstood the donut thing – only small quantities had the incentives. Also I unloaded and reloaded my game and i’m now able to store the cave walls. As for the 15 donuts – I guess I’m OTL

    • SubmarineWand

      I didn’t get the free 15 donuts either, but do not have the donut boat. the rebates on the higher cost items do show up for me. I’m using iOS, curious if you’re on the same.

  18. Did anyone else’s Springfield dam go poof when they tapped it in the store? I can’t find it on the map, in storage of in the store… I’m probably missing something obvious. Thanks for your help!

  19. With so much going on in the store, I’ve noticed many items with timers and many of the new/returning items without timers (such as gravedigger billy, booberella bundle, historical society and the icebergs). Are these non timed items here for the duration of the event or are they gone after the first act? I can’t imagine them being permanent additions to the store. Especially now that many long term items are now limited time in the vault.

  20. When you do the panini press “blast” after 4 hours, do you get credit for the full 30 in town plus the 50 in bank (80 total)? Or do you only get credit for just the 30 on screen in town?

    Basically, do I have to tap until the bank is emptied and then “blast”?

  21. Doesn’t let me dig to start buried in time quest I have excavation area and mom and pops hardware store

  22. I just noticed that the mystery boxes have been getting more expensive. The Date Night boxes in February were 60 donuts. The Mystery Drop Boxes during Secret Agents were 70 donuts. Now the Time Capsule Mystery Boxes are 80 donuts. Hmm… I sense a trend.

  23. Excellent job with this post, Alissa! (Swype tried to turn “excellent” into “excrement,” lol!)

    And I like the new banner, too… nice design and it finally removed the image that I’ve been thinking should have been removed for some time now. 😉

    • Thank Patric, he came up with a great design! I really like it a lot, very fitting for this even. And he and Wook both finally shoved me in the right direction 🙂

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