TTT-Egyptian Era Calendar

Well…I feel partly responsible for the fact that lots of people didn’t complete the last era.  I assumed that if you logged on every 4 hours, 3-4 times a day, you’d get it all. But, you know that they say about the word, “Assume” right?  (Makes and Ass-out of U and Me). But, then again, even I didn’t finish in time (was still 12K off when it flipped), so I was one of the “victims” of Freemium Players who didn’t “get it all” and am wondering if we will be able to get everything this “era.”

So far…so good…I’m on track so far after a day. BUT, let’s not forget that EA changed the payouts in the middle of the Era (bastids!)…so who knows?  All we can do is try...right?

Let’s see what we have to do to keep up…

And for those that like simple digital facts to measure their “Toaster Time.”

I’m not sure what I think…we’ll see!



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  1. I was at one point early on 2 days ahead. Now coming up on final days, looks like I will finish with a day to spare. I have the dig site prize many days ago, So currently digging every square to max out currency. My press is at 3hr cool down so all good there.

    I have booberella and that is it for extra currency/shovels. I even sent her on some of her quest line as well, once i finished dig rewards. Haven’t spent any donuts to rush characters or extra shovels. will go in conservation mode of shovels after today. I make sure to only earn currency on daily challenges.

    Act 2 I haven’t visited friends once, sorry friends. Been very diligent about 4 taps a day, Probably only missed 2 taps.

    Im averaging just under 8000 event currency a day according to my fancy spreadsheet.

    • You don’t need to dig every square. Whether you go for the treasure or go for every square, you get the same amount of papyri. In fact, going for the treasure gives you more tachyons and specimen, so my advice is to use that method. But hey, do what you want.

  2. Looks like I’m 5000 behind and I was short on caveman Moe in the first act (65 donuts). I’ve been playing as often as I always do, minimum 4x/day (early morning, mid morning, afternoon, and bed time).

    This is the first time since I started tapping in 2014 (first Superheroes event) that I didn’t get every prize in every act, including all those first months where I had hardly any characters or cash.

  3. In my game, the number of papyrus needed to get each prize is about 6000 less for each prize than what Patrick states in his calendar. Did EA change this or did I get a lucky glitch?d

  4. Freemium player here. Finished Egyptian prize track this morning. I did spend my hard earned donuts on booberella & grave digger which helped massively & have been getting 4/5 sets of shovels a day. I also saved over 200 shovels for act 2 & will do the same for act 3 which was a massive boost. Definitely feel as though this event is a real hard slog though especially the crafting track. How much for a camel? Good luck to you all.

  5. Thanks for this! I am about 2 days ahead (just got the 1,000 specimens today) with no premium characters so I am in pretty good shape. I am not really enjoying this event at all though – I’m finding it very boring and the crafting is driving me nuts it seems to be taking forever to get enough crafting currency to make the things I want. I guess they can’t all be winners but I am looking forward to this one being done.

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