TTT-Egyptian Era Calendar

Well…I feel partly responsible for the fact that lots of people didn’t complete the last era.  I assumed that if you logged on every 4 hours, 3-4 times a day, you’d get it all. But, you know that they say about the word, “Assume” right?  (Makes and Ass-out of U and Me). But, then again, even I didn’t finish in time (was still 12K off when it flipped), so I was one of the “victims” of Freemium Players who didn’t “get it all” and am wondering if we will be able to get everything this “era.”

So far…so good…I’m on track so far after a day. BUT, let’s not forget that EA changed the payouts in the middle of the Era (bastids!)…so who knows?  All we can do is try...right?

Let’s see what we have to do to keep up…

And for those that like simple digital facts to measure their “Toaster Time.”

I’m not sure what I think…we’ll see!



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  1. For me, this feels way easier in comparison to act 1. I am (without any donut character) at 53k papyrus right now which is already over 1 day ahead of the schedule by playing much less as I’ve played in act 1.
    While I played at least 5 times/day in act 1, I had a few days in act 2 where I wasn’t able to collect more than 3 times/day.
    I have to say, I had a head start in act 2 with 98 shovels hoarded, those and the progression I made on my press are probably the reason, why I am a day ahead right now. I try to avoid to click on any Egyptians running around in my town to gain the max bonus % I can achieve out of those.
    Today I started hoarding shovels again, so I probably will end up with 200 shovels (or more if the bug of the last act isn’t fixed already) to run straight trough act 3 aswell.

    Good luck on this act to everyone!

  2. Thanks for the info, this is great. Currently on track, thats if they don’t reduce the payout again. 😛

  3. I’m one day ahead. 44k how. Last erase I was 1 day behind right up until the end. Keep tappin

  4. Thanks for the calendar Patric.

  5. johnnyicemaker

    Have been diligently tapping at least 4 or 5 times a day and am almost a day behind on the calendar. Seems like the overall concept of being able to get all the prizes in an event is not happening this time around. I am not too disappointed that I missed out on Caveman Moe, but I hope this is not a trend for all future events. I have stopped playing FGQFS, and buying premium items, (aka spending real $) for that same reason. The dynamic of that game changed and it is impossible to earn all the prizes in an event even if you are a diligent tapper. I sure hope EA isn’t going down the same road.

  6. Keith1Roon991

    Will calander be update with new totals with all the ea payout changes?

    • Why? The goal each day is still the same, doesn’t matter what the payout is. The prize totals didn’t change. You still have to earn the same amount per day to get to the end prize. And they didn’t change the payouts after June 2nd, at least not event currency. Something is bugged impacting the payout but it wasn’t a physical change in the files.

  7. Hi everyone,

    This is Dennis from support. I’m so sorry that some of your are having issues with the ads on this site. I’m going to do my best to get this fixed, but if you don’t mind, can you give me a bit more information first? We’ve been trying to replicate the issue from our end, but we’re not seeing it, so it would be helpful to have as much detail as possible:

    1) From what I gather, the issue appears on Chrome for iOS. Safari is fine. Is this correct?

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    @brittj87, I see you already attached a screenshot, so if you could clarify the above three questions as well, that would be great. 🙂

    Thank you so much for being patient with us on this.

  8. wordsleadmeon

    It’s so not your fault EA changed the rules mid-era, Patric! Your calendar actually helped keep me on track as best I could manage and I eventually realised I needed to search for every single dino, not just the ones that were easy to find.

    I somehow managed to just barely get Caveman Moe totally freemium. That being said, I broke down and spent half my donuts on Gravedigger Billy today because there will for sure be two days this era and at least one the next that I won’t be able to log in more than 3 times best case and I feel like this era will be utterly impossible otherwise. Figured in the long run a premium character was better than the water slide once the event ends.

    • You don’t have to search for them. Go to the the toaster prize tab. Go to the springsonian museum tab. Tap level up, it will say use donuts or do it. If you hit “do it” it will take you to every available character.

      • where was this tip last act!
        Thank you sir, you made my life easier today.

      • wordsleadmeon

        That works until you’ve maxed out what you need to collect to level up crafting and a saving up for crafting item that’s more than a level like the camel or Bart Sphinx. Life will be simpler as soon as I hit Level 14 on the panini press. Thank you for the tip, though! Much appreciated. 🙂

  9. I had to spend a few doughnuts at the end of the last act just to get Moe’s caverns. And I feel I am really behind on the second act. I am a freemium player and log in at least 4 times a day. Which gets me though every event EAsily. I feel the event currency for mom and pops is low. Especially with only 5 characters. That’s 10 shovels every 4 hrs. It’s the randomness of digging I feel that is keeping me from success because I’ll use anywhere from 2 to 20 shovels trying to find the gem. To make up for this I feel they should give shovels for tapping time invaders as well, so I can always be digging… I dunno just a thought.

  10. Has anyone noticed lower payouts for papyri from the digging site? I’m at level 18 for the panini upgrades (so I’ve done 4 of the increase excavation levels, taking me to what should be 40% more papyri). So the normal 36 plus 14 = 50 per square uncovered. It seemed to be working yogis morning, but the last 10 shovels or so I used all produced 43 shovels instead. Did EA reduce the baseline amount again? Or are other people seeing this? Thanks.

  11. I’m hoping to unlock the specimens tonight or tomorrow. That’ll hopefully put me 4-5 days ahead of schedule…plenty of time to save shovels, to get a jump start on act three.

    I really need those bonuts…

  12. Freemium player so only had the O-G 5 Lisa, Willie, Milhouse, Apu and Cletus shovel collectors, also I started the event 2 days late.
    Following a sustained bout of furious tapping though, I managed to get Baby Rex OK –
    ….Caveman Moe however I earned with just 10 minutes to spare !

  13. I finished a day or two early on Act 1. Didn’t bother trying for donuts and just saved up my shovels to get a head start on Act 2. Might get the school tonight, probably tomorrow morning. Sitting at 28k+ right now.

    • Haven’t been visiting neighbors much either as I just got back into Contest of Champions and have been playing Transformers: Forged to Fight.

  14. This looks even tougher than Act I – as a free player I see a serious challenge – but will have to try – already heading to the orb – and need 2 more gems to get the temple

    will have to see

  15. My progress in Act 2 so far is precisely zero as I’ve been locked out of my game with a “Land Error” since Friday. After a promising response from EA support on Saturday nothing has changed with my game and there have been no further replies or updates despite my sending several additional emails. Tried the telephone approach and they have promised to escalate my issue. If I go cold turkey much longer I may just break the habit and find something constructive to do with my time instead…

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    • Yup, but then we don’t earn money for you viewing the site. No money=no donuts. No donuts= no ability to run this site. No ability to run this site= site shutting down.

      So it’s a double edged sword. Ad dollars are already at an all time low and I’m having to feed a TON of my own personal money to keep the site functioning. I can only do that for so long..which may ultimately lead to this site shutting down as it exists today.

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      • My apologies, it looks (at least from what I’ve see of it) it still shows site ads…perhaps just not the popups? (although the above still rings true for those using Ad blockers lol)

      • I have no choice but to use a ad blocker here from time to time. The popups and redirects make it impossible to use this site. I typically don’t turn on the blocker until it’s nessecary and unfortunately it’s completely nessecary here at times.

      • brandonhunt868

        I’ve been on this site since the beginning and would hate to see it go away. Lots of the independent podcasts I’m listening to are using Patreon as a way to raise funds. That might or might not be a good fit for you, but I’m sure there are lots of people here who, like me, would gladly kick in a few bucks a month to help keep the lights on here, especially if it could give us access to an ad free version of the site.

        • I thought about doing a version of this site Ad free that’s paid, but then I figured that may discourage other people who don’t want to pay and we’d have the same issue lol.

          Our biggest thing is we’ve never asked for donations here and never want to, it may take away from the fun of writing if we feel in-debt to people who read..if that makes sense.

          • You wouldn’t have to change the site if you opened a Patreon account. I know some YouTube folks who operate via their website (with ads), YouTube income and Patreon income.

            One of my wife’s favorite channels is for aquarium hobbyists. Within a year, the guy went from a new channel to quitting his day job with income earned from YouTube views and Patreon “producers.”

            Have you guys thought about making a YouTube video to correspond with most of your posts? While I enjoy Addicts Live!, I think that you guys could rack in the hits with explanation videos for each new event.

            I know that it can take time to do this, but some YouTube videos for Simpsons: Tapped Out hit upwards to 500,000 or more views. While the amount of money per 1000 views varies, it can be lucrative. In addition, I think that EA would love to get on board to help “support” your channel since it is basically advertising for them anyway.

            All that you would need is a HD camera, microphone (I recommend a Blue Yeti [~$109] or Blue Snoball [~$49]) and software — and I think that many of us would help contribute for them.

            Even if you decide against YouTube, I think that many of us would love to contribute via Patreon anyway. My wife and I have donated to quite a few YouTube Patreon accounts (mostly on a one-time basis).

            • If it was 3 years ago I’d probably consider the YouTube end, but at this point I’m looking for less work not work 🙂 No plans to quit my day job for TSTO…

              But yea I still maintain our position about not asking readers for donations..just not our style, never has been 🙂

      • Sorry, wasn’t thinking (obviously🙃) about ad revenue. I would be happy to donate also to help keep the site humming along. If there was an account on kickstarter (or something along that line), those who wanted to help could do so without it being like a subscription fee.

  17. Historyguy303

    I cant believe my luck. It just Tuesday and I’m already at Thursday’s level. I wasn’t even able to play yesterday since I was helping my brother move a bunch of furniture. Cave girl Booberla was the only thing I bought. I really wanted her. This game is some much more laid back than that TinyCo game.

  18. I am surprised at the big difference between the calendars for premium and freemium players. I just got the 1,000 specimen prize and I expect to get Taskmaster Willie no later than saturday. I got te final excavation prize earlier this morning because I was able to have 190+ shovels in storage when act 2 started. I am tapping at least 4 times a day but I’ve managed to squeeze in a 5th round almost every day. Still, if people who can’t or don’t want to spend their hard-earned donuts on premium items are struggling to finish the prizes on time the way they appear to be, there seems to be quite a big gap between the two play styles. Is this game becoming pay-to-play instead of free-to-play?

    • Or a KEM Farm to play…

      • KEM farm = play-even-more-to-play…. I’ve relied on KEM farming for the past year. But with Cecil’s new ‘spenive quests I ran out of KEM farming cash… 🤥

    • This event definitely has significant bias in favor of people who can afford the premium items.

      4 taps per day means Boobarella generated 16x extra shovels plus 800 event-currency per day. That’s over 20k worth of event currency over the course of 13 days. The ability to double-dip by earning BOTH shovels and event-currency makes a huge difference and gives premium characters a bigger impact than during, say, the secret agent event.

      • What you say may be true and probably is but let me throw in another aspect that some people may not have considered. I earn a lot of game bucks, enough that I can farm Rat trap trucks as much as I want – used to farm KEMs but it was too labour intensive – so I basically have access to as many donuts as I want and buy whatever premium stuff I want without needing to spend any real life cash.
        The result is that the game has become really boring without any challenge. I’m seriously considering nuking my town to lower my bonus percentage just to bring a bit of interest back.
        Being able to buy everything sounds really attractive but for some people there might be a down-side too…

        • Exactly, Iv’e been banging on about this for a while now. Surely the point of these type of games is that they are only a game & meant to be a slow but sure progress through the tasks, levels & events.
          If you have everything by speeding things up then naturally there is no incentive left & the play becomes tedious.

  19. i started this era as soon it went live. yes i was awake. it’s the beginning of tuesday and i already have more artifacts that Tuesday’s goal (21726) and am working on Wednesday’s. i’m a fermium player. it’s possible.

    user ID: 7O457

  20. Patric, don’t beat yourself up over it. No one’s fault that EA changed payout halfway through Act 1. TSTO really imitates life’s unpredictability and sometimes helplessness when things happen!

  21. Maybe a poll can be thrown up to get an idea of how many people got Caveman Moe and the Baby T-Rex?

    And if that goes up, it’ll give the EA site-creepers a look at what the users are running into. Maybe then, they’ll restore the original currency levels.

  22. I’m going to make a lot of ppl angry here but …… when events are too easy they are boring and everyone gets everything. Surely the fun comes in the long haul which is rewarded. If we all get everything why would anyone bother? Same as cheating, I honestly wouldn’t want 10000 donuts – I like having to choose carefully

  23. For those who encouter some problems completing this event : you realy need to visit neighbours as the 30 first tap make you earn 19 papyrus each and 9 papyrus for the 60 next. It’s 1110 a day. More than 10 000 per act !

  24. In my freemium B game, I spent 5 donuts to get Caveman Moe, kind of OK, but still… My A game was way ahead, as usual, because I buy almost everything that helps. I saved over 200 shovels for act 2, so I am way ahead again from day 1. The B game isn’t though, because I tried up to the last minute to get the last prize, so nothing saved. What threw me off the most ist the long cool down time for the panini press. I might get a little tapping in during working hours, but there is never enough time to hunt down all the critters manually, if I can’t nuke them, I have to leave them. This hopefully will be better now, since the cool down is now down to 5h. My experience so far tells me that usually the first act is the hardest, so I am still hoping the remaining acts will be doable.

    • Probably doesnt matter at this point, but often during events, when you go to the Crafting menu, you’ll see a ‘Do It’ button to the right of your Crafting Level Up bar. So long as you don’t have more Crafting Currency than is needed to level up, tapping the Do It button will bring you to the event’s ‘Tappable Bad Guy’. Yes, it’s still 1 by 1, but it’s guarenteed to find them, vs looking around & hoping. Maybe it can help you at least find a few more in your limited play time?

      Annoying in this event, is that once you’re in the Bonuts Round, tapping the icon in your Notebook brings you to the Excavation Field, instead of to the Tappable Bad Guys! ARGH! Frustrating! Thank goodness for that Do It button in the Crafting menu!

      (Unfortunately, I am trying to save up to craft the Camel, and am thus waaaaaaaaaay over the required level up amount atm. So, I’m sure there’s plenty of Ancient Egyptians roaming my Springfield, but it can’t be helped. Just 1200 Specimens to go!)

  25. Thank you for the ACT 2 Calendar, Patric
    (it’s going to be another tight finish with no chance to earn Bonuts)

  26. Thanks Patric
    It’s harder than Act 1!

  27. To everyone who’s struggling, here’s what you should do:
    1. Send Lisa, Willie, Milhouse, Apu and Cletus to earn shovels every 4 hours. These are the 5 characters you must keep free for shovel earning tasks. If you have the premium characters, they will help significantly, but are not a strict necessity.
    2. I’m not going to give into excavation strategy, as it’s already been thoroughly broken down in previous post. But essentially, don’t hoard shovels until you’ve cleared the prize track. Keep using them as each square you dig gives you both event and crafting currency.
    3. Keep crafting! You may not want the ferns or tents, but they’re cheap, and they give you tachyons, which you need to upgrade the Panini press, which in turns makes your event easier. You can worry about getting the big prizes like the Homer lizard or camel later, as their cost versus tachyon payout is pretty bad compared to the cheap stuff. And remember, you need to actually place the crafted item to earn tachyons!
    4. If your panini press isn’t sufficiently upgraded, make sure to tap the Eyptians as often as you can until you can upgrade it to the point where you can send out mega-blasts every 4 hours or less.
    5. Make sure you visit your friends’ towns if you’re falling behind! This time, you get nearly 4 times as much event currency per tap at your neigbour’s town than in yours: you’re getting essentially 57 papyrus per neighbour. If you have 11 neighbours, that’s already 600 per day. It might not seem like a lot, but if you’re tapping every day, that can be the deciding factor in being able to clear the prize track or not.
    6. Lastly, events can be quite demanding on your time. It’s understandable everyone has real life commitments, but it’s roughly expected that you’re checking your account every 4 hours, or 4 times a day except when you go to bed. You can miss a couple of check-ins, but if you’re not managing the minimum of 4/day on average, you’re not going to be able to clear the prize track.

  28. I’m really struggling to complete on this event. What’s really bugging me is the huge gulf between items when collecting butterflys. Is there a reason for this? Really disappointed as History and arcaeology are so interesting to me.

  29. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked that they’ve made it harder for everyone to get everything. I’m a completist and enjoy the competition from my completist neighbors, to see who has everything.

  30. I finished barely and I don’t ever purchase the extras and I’m terrible at visiting if I don’t think the payout is worth it. Usually I have a couple days grace but barely got it this time.

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