TTT Event – Pirate Era Calendar

Well…I am hoping that all of you “got it all” during the Egyptian Era portion of our little Time Travel Toaster Update.  I took my own advice, and bought the TreeHouse Slide…which seemed to help propel me to an early finish, without buying any of the other Premium Items.

I am hoping the same is true with the Pirate update, as I really do love things that float…and nothing floats my boat like a Pirate Ship! (the sexy pirate not so much… but fair is fair…right?)

This last segment is a tad shorter (thanks for listening EA) but kind of overlaps with the 4th of July…so here’s hoping EA didn’t forget the 4th!

The Calendar looks do-able. Batten the hatches…hoist the jib…and set sail for TREASURE! (or at least an animatronic facsimile thereof~).


And as always…a handy graphic/chart representation for those who just want the facts…

It’s an interesting mix of stuff…Gallows and a Parrot?  A fire pit and a sexy pirate?  Sound like a heck of a beach party to me!

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  1. Oh crap. Just realized that being on track for the calendar isn’t good enough if you are going to be out celebrating the Fourth with friends and family. Sucks that EA wants us to hop on our phones while we are with family to “keep up” when they made it so hard to finish on time. At least take a break for the holiday!

  2. ack. i might be able to get the last prize sometime this morning! so tired, from all the tapping.

    • ps .. i wish they would give us the option to finish up any previous acts if we still have time left over… ugh. almost had baby t-rex and moe’s cave

  3. I’m about two days ahead of schedule. 4x a day and I haven’t been visiting neighbors at all this time since there is no benefit to them.
    I don’t know, this event didn’t seem any more difficult to me than any other event. Note I do have the one premium character, Cavegirl Booberella.

  4. Just completed the last prize. This event was OK but the prizes were not worth it.

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not behind the calendar. I haven’t been able to log on as much the last couple weeks, but it looks like I’m right on track.

  6. EA … I’ll say it again … we NEED more eye patches!!! A LOT more!!!

  7. Nowhere near the final prize in acts 1 or 2, and progressing slowly again. It has gone a bit TQFS! The prizes are not of interest to me and I cant be bothered with random neighbour visits so I am probably not pushing as hard as I could be, but normally the prizes are pretty easy even if only playing at 80% effort.

  8. I’m also having problems getting the main quest lines done. It seems much harder this time around. Since the pirate quest now started, I’m visiting maximum neighboureenos every day, clicking rats as much as I can throughout, and logging in four times a day for the shovel quests. Is it enough!?!? I’m not sure!! Plus all those other quest lines I’ve been trying to keep up on. Whew! It’s been tough this time around for some reason.

  9. The last event with Hank Scorpio was my favorite non-holiday event. This one is cool though, just no more comic villain ones. The 4th of July with another president? should be good too. Glad they keep the monorail & options to earn donuts for all of these things they charge donuts for.

  10. Did everyone​ get the skin for 1000 in pirate era ?

  11. I got the wisecracking parrot

  12. I think the 4th July is in hand as I have a shaded out character in my collection and I’m sure it was complete last 4th July.

  13. I’m terribly sorry, but this third act is such a bummer. I tried my best to get everything in the second but failed. But with these ‘prices’ I’ll only login so I can get extra stuff from the second act.

  14. Cory Castleberry

    Already got the camp fire , so far so easy !!

  15. Thanks Patric. The calendar is more difficult than Act 1 and 2 ! 😫

  16. I got the free land square today. I guess I’m ahead of schedule.

  17. I think this proves that we can tell how excited Patric is about an act by how fast the calendar gets posted 🙂

  18. This has turned out to be one of the most uninspiring events ever. Parrots? Gallows? Another campfire? Plus the other “prizes” from excavating? I don’t even feel like getting this “turd”and final act started. They’re really running low on ideas. This has all been a mix mash of a couple of Treehouse of Horrors episodes (Bluebeard “This chair be high! Says I!!!”) and the time traveling toaster). A couple of episodes: Simpsons Bible Stories and Lisa the Skeptic w/ all the excavating. A small but insignificant fantasy of Marge’s from Lisa’s Enemy is the final prize after accumulating 88,600 eye patches?! Yawn…

    • petshopboy1980s

      Other than the character and land token, these prizes are all garbage.

    • Yeah, they could’ve done way better. I mean come on. Pirates ffs and this is what we get?

    • Okay Ryan A., what are your ideas then for the game?

      Not sure what’s with all the critics on a fairly free game.

      Could they have done a young Homer/young Marge thing? Sure. Or Stonecutters part 2? Perhaps. But give them a little credit (I enjoyed the event).

    • I am a fan of free land tokens. Keep them coming.

  19. This be wha oi’ve been lookin ferr…. Yaaar! 😉

  20. That parrot is just F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. I can’t wait to get him.

  21. Yey, it looks like I’m 3 days ahead already… I already have 18145 eyepatches, and will unlock the land token prize in a couple of hours.

  22. I’m curious to see what the parrot will be like…. I’m thinking one possibility is that it’s like the globe we got during the Around the World event, except that, instead of getting a fun geography fact when you tap it, you get a fun wisecrack!

  23. Saving shovels and daily tasks really helped and now only 6 hours in, I’m 3 days ahead.

    • OrdinarilyBob

      Yeah, I’m with Okden… I’ll get the Free Land Token today.

    • This is definitely an event optimized for premium/KEM-farmer players. I finished the Egyptian era prize track with ~6 days left, and also save 400+ shovels after 5x bonut rounds. 29k eyepatches within 12 hours of event start means that it should be possible for me to finish this final era before the end of the month.

      The way premium characters allow double-dipping on event currency plus shovel creates such a HUGE advantage since it’s not a 50% premium like in most past events. For example, Boobarella is worth 3x as much as one of the free characters when it comes to event-earning potential since she earns double-currency plus double-shovel. With Boobarella (3x) GraveDigger (1.6x) Waterfall Treehouse (2x) – a premium/farmer-player is generating currency at +130% compared to someone who has only regular characters.

      That’s why, iMO, EA is likely to be looking carefully at the stats for this event and build similar events in the future which favor premium players by a greater margin. After all, they don’t make money when people don’t pay cash for donuts…

      • I’ve spent about $100 last year and missed out on last 2 act prizes. Act 1 I started couple of days late. Act 2 played every day 4-5 times standard player and was 20k short. I’m furious. Not only will I spend no more money. I’m done with the game. Only missed one act prize in close to 2 years playing

  24. Got everything again without Treehouse Slide or premium characters (just the same 5 we all have earning shovels). It was close this time around, with 17 hours to spare. I login 4 times a day most days, occasionally less or one more, if I happen to be up at night. I do make sure to get my friend rewards everyday!

  25. I have to get all prizes by Sunday 2nd. It will be overtime for me to get there as a freemium! It was good to be ahead with the shovels.
    Thanks for the calendar.

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