TTT Pirate Era Excavation Site Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Raise the Jolly Roger as the Time Travel Toaster has flashed us into the Pirate  Era!  We’ve got roaming Rats (ugh..), Animatronic Pirates, Ghostly Ships and lots of Booty (apparently TSTO is trying to keep up with the Kardashians)!

You can tell EA is trying to do a few things different with this event…for starters the overall event is a week shorter and there are more prize elements, but it’s really the Excavation Site that people are digging…see what I did there? 

The Excavation Game has Tappers everywhere talking…about the best strategy, how many moves they can find the Gem in and apparently it’s become almost as addicting as this site !;)

So let’s breakdown the details of the Excavation Site changes that rolled in with the Pirate Era….

As a reminder we broke down, in great detail, the how tos of the Excavation Site during the Prehistoric Era here. Not much has changed for the Pirate Era, except instead of Papyri or Fossils now it pays out Eye Patches and the prizes have changed. 

Now let’s breakdown the Pirate Era Excavation Site Prizes…

These prizes are just for the Pirate Era and they will be gone when the event ends next Wednesday…

There are 5 total prizes….

Pirate Treasure (3 )

3 Shallow Graves (9 )

Grog Barrel (16 )

Pirate Booty (23 )

Pirate Bridge (48 )

And here are the quick details for each…..

Pirate Treasure
Vanity +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|dirt|beach.

Dialogue when placed…

Krusty: Now THAT’S what  call a big booty! Anyone…?  I like a big chest, but this is ridiculous! BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LAUGH NOW I GOTTA FIRE MY WRITERS.  AND ONE OF THEM JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE.

Item: Shallow Grave x 3
Vanity +5
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info: 
Can be placed grass|dirt|beach|pavement.

Item: Grog Barrel
Gluttony +5
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach.

Dialogue when placed..

Homer: Pirate beer is terrible!
Lisa: Gorg isn’t beer, Dad.  It’s a mix of rum, water, sugar, and sometimes spices or aromatics.
Homer: Shhh.  Daddy’s trying to drink the bad beer, sweetie.

Item: Pirate Booty
Vanity +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach.

Item: Pirate Bridge
Vanity +200
Build Time: 4hrs
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach|over river|over road|over cobblestone.  Can be placed OVER water.  Really neat.  Simply build a river and it’ll span over it…


And that’s it my friends!  The details behind the Pirate Era changes to the Excavation site!

Thoughts on the Pirate Era changes to the Excavation Site?  Thoughts on the prizes?  How far along are you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “TTT Pirate Era Excavation Site Prizes

  1. I got a second homer barbarian statue. It’s not in my inventory. Are we limited to the one. This also happened with me in the claw game with that stuffed bear?

    • Yes, you are only limited to one Homer Barbarian Statue. Being awarded a second is a glitch in the game.

      • It happened before with the Squeaky Voiced Teen. I have a second one in my inventory. The cause it was that I opened the Mysterybox when I was in Krustyland. No 30 donuts. The only EA could solve it was a rollback, which I refused.

  2. Im sure this has been asked but can’t find. What are the post event prizes you can in cover with the excavation? Thz

  3. Pirate Bridge

    Best part of my cheap Cedar Faire knock off of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Flume Ride (for now). A shame it’s not Interactive – am I asking too much from EA based upon prior Event Prizes over the years?

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    I absolutely love that the bridge can go over water!!! Made me so happy 😁Now I just need to do some remodeling 😃😃

  5. Lee Whittaker

    So,I have a job…so this event is soooo boring! No really good prizes!
    I have been playing for years. Most people can’t do every 4 hours. EA think about the people who work and can’t do every 4 hours to do stuff.😊

  6. I was hoping the bridge could go from the beach to a squidport tile, but no such luck.

  7. I love the bridge. I’d love it more if I could take the pirates off. I like all these prizes.

  8. Carmen (gameid5000)

    For all the talk of strategies for the dig site, I got to the final excavation prizes without issue by generally being random. Now I’m deliberately avoiding the gem, since I get eye patches without the cycling of the dig. They are the only thing left of value to me from the dig.

    • I think you get all the prizes if you hit the gem. Even if not, you will get the prizes on the next dig.

  9. Just wish the row boat could go on rivers. Then my Pirates ride setup would be complete. Now it’s just a moat with decorations around that I pretend has a boat in it.

    • My thoughts exactly! I set up Dinosaur land and Pharoah plaza behind my museum and then put in place Pirate Lagoon……except I have no pirates and my only boat so far can’t be placed on freshwater!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Every time a boat or other item is released for the ocean, I try placing it in the river…just HOPING they would allow it. I’ve been wishing hard for things like ducks or sailboats that can be placed in the river. Even more so if they could float with the currents and traverse the length of the river or pond. Maybe one day.

  10. Tried to put the bridge from pier to the beach, won’t go

  11. Does the bridge really earn income? Mine doesn’t show any sign of it.

  12. I love to dig! It’s my favorite part of this event. I hope they make the excavation a permanent mini game.

    • Me too

      • Like tapping soldiers in Surveillance Post, playing Claw machine, playing Insanity Cauldron, playing PolyVac, (also sending kids to Moonbounce, using Nightmare Pile, using zombie sandwich, finding and tapping leprechauns, finding and tapping that big bird – well, those are not minigames, but nevertheless also used them about dozen times and that was it) – never do that, once event is over, they have no use and no incentive to make me play them – the only one I play is find Maggie as it gives donuts, collecting waste and creating rails again for donuts and sending rocket to space (to get debris with chance of donuts, slight chance of bonus multiplier nuke). To make sure ppl play these minigames, they should add at least slight chance for donuts or some exclusive items that cannot be obtained otherwise (like Duff gardens or the Happy Sumo – just with more items to choose from, maybe some with multiplier).

        • 4kidsandacatdog

          The only one I really do on a regular basis is the one that came with the spy event, because it allows me to accumulate trash for recycling beyond the limit. I think they ruined the polyvac by not permitting it to pay out if the materials are full. If they do that with the dig site, I’ll guarantee a place for it in inventory.

    • Might be fun if there was a Shovel Mystery Box to save towards.

      • I like that. (with maybe a better payout then 5 donuts for six months of popping balloons)

  13. I have found an adaptation to the excavation strategy(picking 5 and picking 4)…I rotate the 5/4 pick each time…so if it was 5 across the top and 4 across the bottom, next is 5 down the right side with 4 down the left side, then 5 across the bottom with 4 across the top, and finally 5 down the left side and 4 down the right side. I also skip every other spot when picking 5 or picking 4, and then go back and pick up the skipped ones. I am averaging between 5 to 7 picks now per gem…rarely do I go to 9 or higher and quite often I am under 5 picks. Try it out and see if it doesn’t increase your gem harvest.

    • Ps…I had the bridge by the second morning of the act…started with 180 shovels saved.

    • the other strategy averages 6 if the gems are evenly distributed. BTW love the gallows.

    • …Also please find It helps to listen carefully where you dig, a dull thud tells you are nowhere near & a ringing sound gives away the row or column of the treasure booty… hope this is useful…

      • The ringing sound does not work for me.

      • As someone who plays with the game muted 99.9% of the time, I had no idea it actually made a useful sound! I can usually clear them in 4-8 shovels though so it’s not really a problem (I unlocked all the prizes a few days ago)

  14. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Speaking of eye patches….
    A pirate was being interviewed.
    How did you wind up with a peg leg? — canon ball
    How did you wind up with a hook for a hand? — sword fight
    How did you wind up with an eye patch? — Soon after my hook??
    What happened? — Sea Gull

    I know, old, lame, but there’s SOMEONE out there as weird as I.

  15. TallSpiderCandy

    I’m loving this event…the prizes, the digging, the music, all of it!! I always get concerned about not finishing but did fine the previous 2 acts so no worries now : )

  16. I want more pirate bridges…purr lease EA 🙂

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