Road to Riches…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s finally come time for me to sit down and write the long awaited Road the Riches post.  Many of you have been asking for more details for a while & have been patiently waiting for me to finish this post.   My apologies for not getting this done sooner.  It started as being too busy from the Time Travel Event to get down to the full details of it, but then turned into I was REALLY enjoying the downtime & really needed the battery recharge….and it was getting increasingly hard to have a desire to sit down and write a post like this.  But I’m here..and I’ve got it knocked out for you now…

(Truth be told…after nearly 4 years of doing this site (and writing over 2,700 of the over 4,500 posts on this site) I’m just tired.  Some days it’s a struggle to find the desire to write about or even play TSTO.  Of course I know that’ll change when the next event hits, but for now I’m enjoying the downtime..)

So, I’m sure most of you have already finished the Road to Riches waiting for me to get you the details…but for those that haven’t (or for those who are just getting there) here’s the 411 on Cecil’s expensive improvements….

Ok so let’s first start off with the basics…how do you trigger the Road to Riches?

Well, once you have $2,000,000 in your TSTO bank AND you’ve built at least one Aspirational item i.e. Escalator to Nowhere, Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, Cubic Zirconia, The Sunsphere, Sit-N-Rotate, Krusty Burger Oil Rig  or Fortress of Choclitude…you’ll unlock the Road to Riches tasks.

So bottom line?  If you’re looking for your cash and build one of those items (I recommend The Sunsphere…it’s one of my favorites and comes with fun tasks for Bart, Milhouse, Martin & it’s a reasonable price)

Now onto the finer details…what’s involved, how do you get it & what does it do…

It’s started with this dialogue:

Cecil: Fair Springfield, I’ve done you wrong in the past; but I hope you’ll forgive a young Terwilliger his foolishness.  Allow me another shot at adding to the beauty of your humble burg.
Bart: Get lost Sideshow, Jr. Last time you left the place in shambles.
Cecil: Thus driving down home prices! A positive boon for any young couple searching for their starter home.

As a reminder you can access the Road to Riches tasks (once you’ve unlocked them) at any time via the Daily Challenges tab (just click on the green icon (that looks like money))…

So what is Road to Riches? It’s similar to Money Mountain (in that you throw money at these items) and a prize track (in that you follow along and unlock different prizes for completing each task).

Cecil Terwillger is the key to all of the tasks.

So BE CAREFUL sending Cecil on tasks without checking first…otherwise you may find yourself out 10 million bucks.

And send Cecil on tasks that make sense for you.  Obviously 10 million over 8hrs is better than doing 1 million/hr…but otherwise do what makes sense for you.

Now onto the items!

The first item you’ll unlock is the Springfield Dam…because every town needs a Dam.  Mostly so you can have Dam tours…and make other fun Dam jokes.

Cecil: Citizens of Springfield, I have decided to right my previous wrong by completing the promised hydroelectric dam. I will make Springfield the greenest city in all of the lower forty-eight!
Mr. Burns: We tried this “green” madness once before. And were nearly destroyed by that visionary super-genius Elon Musk!  You sound just like him! Minus the near-indecipherable accent, of course.

Item: Springfield Dam
Unlocked At: 20 Million Invested
Size: 16×16
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: It’s a Dam, it Dams. Animated when tapped, but also always animated.  (water runs) (when tapped the dam gets a crack)
Cool Thing About It?:
It lines up REALLY nicely with 1 row of the river…won’t work 2 rows thick.

From there it’s onto…

Cecil: A responsible society must from time to time embrace the redistribution of wealth.  Come on ninety-nine percent. Time to give, give, give to your betters!

Item: Mansion Gardens
Unlocked At: 40 Million Invested
Size: Multiple items, so multiple sizes…
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100 EACH component
What Does It Do?: This one is multiple parts.  It comes with a bunch of little accessories to make up the Mansion Gardens.  Included are: Mansion Gardens Statue, Mansion Gardens Gazebo (2), Mansion Gardens Square, Mansion Gardens Pillar (8), Mansion Gardens Planter (8), Mansion Gardens Pond, Mansion Gardens Tree Line (4) and Mansion Gardens Platform

This prize is all decorations, not as glamorous or “classic” as the other 2 items, but still LOADS of design possibilities with these.  Nice addition.  

And this leads to our final Road to Riches prize….

Cecil: The outcry was negative on my last project, now I build for ALL the people.  And I’ll leave it up to the populace to decide the direction of my next project.
Bart: Blow up Springfield Elementary!
Otto: An arena! Where Deep Purple is forced to perform day and night for the rest of their natural lives!
Barney: So long as it has a bar, with free liquor and a strict no-AA Sponsors allowed policy, we’re good!
Cletus: And make Shelbyville pay for it!

Item: Rock and A Hard Place
Unlocked At: 80 Million Invested
Size: 9×14
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: Nothing on it’s own, BUT Homer will have a 8hr task here (Experience Irony) and yes, it’s animated. 
Fun Fact:
Mythbusters did an entire episode all about The Simpsons & Homer on the wrecking ball was one of the Myths they explored..

And that’s it my friends!  Once you’ve unlocked those 3 items (which will cost you 140 million in game cash…) there’s nothing else in the Road to Riches..for now.  Looks like they may add some more items in the future, but for now that’s it.  Just those 3 and call it a day…

What are your thoughts on the Road to Riches?  Have you finished it? Working on it? Just started it? What have you done with the items you’ve unlocked?  What do you plan to do? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Road to poverty more like🤣. Did the dam, now in storage until Ebron has it and I can poach the design🤣! Will get around to doing the others at some stage. No bonus %, so no hurry. Once upon a time I had 50 Billion in game cash. I purchased all land and converted the rest into donuts. I’m now building my cash back up.

    Thanks for the article Alissa. Put you and yours first, always. We’ll still be here for you. If ever I need info in a hurry there are other sites that I can access the info, so no worries. I always come back to you tho☺️……💜X

    • Actually, I submitted the dam design for the show-off, so not long to wait😄. (Not swearing at you…really!)

    • This can’t be true. I would think it is 50 Million you mean? Current game limit is about 4.3 Billion

      • I had 50 Billion before the limit was introduced (and when the Friends site was still operational). I have played from the start. There were many others players with the same amount and more. It was one such player who asked me why I had so much cash and suggested I do something with it. Glad I did….💜X

        • I never knew that was possible then! Amazing!

        • This is both amazing and yet perplexing, Ella. It is so difficult to earn game cash when just starting out, with so few buildings and multipliers. Are you able to shed some lights on why players in the early stage of this game can amass such amount?

          • Tappa- Tappa- Tappa 🤗…..💜X

          • For me 1) 100 neighbours visited daily without fail. 2) Play all events for the freebies. 3) Purchase multipliers asap and put Otto to graft his butt off. Then just keep tapping. I didn’t house farm or spend any real life cash in these early stages either. I think having Witch Marge later on may have helped. It was all so long ago, I can’t remember. There were also long periods between events so it was easy to save cash. Maybe other billionaires can chip in with their stories…..💜X

            • I read stories before that some players were misled by third party website that assured legit purchases of game resources and later realised that it was not true. That was what came to my mind.

              It would probably take about 140M income per day to get 50 B in a year, without the game income cap. I dont see how a player can earn that much in the initial stage of a game.

              • 1) I never have, never would, nor neither know how to cheat with this game. 2) I never said I got to 50B in one year😂. It was over the course of 5 years of play. Yes, in the initial stages it’s a grind but then it gets easy peasy to accumulate cash. Over on the Friends site we used to chat a lot about how much cash we had but nothing to spend it on. Then EA introduced all the money draining items. Anyway, I’m now bored of this thread, sorry. £50 Billion it was….legit.😎X

              • Since you were there from the start, I wonder if you can help answer a question. I saw a town with over a hundred reindeer. Besides a cheat, was there a way to get that many? Could you buy them or earn them? I earned a couple in my town.

              • I don’t remember when the reindeer first entered the game, but, a while back, there was a glitch that allowed you to duplicate some items. (I forget what you had to do exactly to do that, but it wasn’t anything “illegal” our any kind of hacking…it was just exploiting a temporary glitch in the game and, IIRC, didn’t work on premium items.) So, it’s possible that how they got the large number of reindeer.

              • I see. Dont get me wrong. I just want to understand what kind of changes have taken place in the game. I mistook that you made that 50B in the early stage of the game, not knowing that it was attained over a few years

  2. I plan on getting them all in time. I’m at $24 million spent towards the gardens. Most of the time I put $1 million a day, sometimes 2. I take it nice and slow as I need my cash for farming and new land. I keep about $4-$6 million in my bank. I did take a break after earning the damn and probably will again after I get the gardens.

  3. Loved that Mythbusters episode.

    And yep got everything thus far.

    Thanks for the post, took my mind off something I can’t talk about here for a moment

  4. Thanks for the write-up. It cleared up a few lingering questions for me.

    You know, if someone is going to commit to spending nine figures of in-game cash on decorations you’d figure the least EA could do is attach a decent multiplier to this stuff. Nope. Not even a questline like we got for money mountain and the redwood. It’s all a bit underwhelming.

  5. Thank you very much, Alissa! I was waiting for this post.Thank you very much for all the posts and the years you dedicate do TSTO. The game without you would be a empty thing 🙂
    I’m spending only money above 120 million.So each time I have 125 million, I invest 5. It´s really to much money for less return… but, there is nothing more to do with the money. For now, I have only the Dam.

    • Wow $120M is a huge reserve to keep! Why so high? I keep a $40M reserve now (was $30M and I could go back to that), and even I don’t know why I would need that much in reserve. I think you might want to look at the opportunity cost of your strategy to make sure it really is the wisest choice for you, if you haven’t already.

      • Well, Sandra, is kind of a … well, a beautiful number LOL. But you are right, no need of all this money. But have less than 100 million make me feel poor LOL

    • For me, I keep a reserve of 4.3 Biilion. Or rather, I am forced not to earn beyond 4.3 Billion 😛

  6. Bought all on the day it was offered. Have a lot of game cash saved as I am a long time player. Can’t wait to see what would be the next expensive item. World’s largest toilet bowl?

    • I’d love to see a Gambling Cruise Boat or a Party Catamaran for Squidport with its own gangplank and ticket office.🎉⛵️🍹😎

  7. I’m finally at the point where my income somewhat exceeds what I spend on farming (including extra tries at the bonut boxes) and the pace at which I buy new land. So, when my cash reserves make it to the $50M mark, I send Cecil on the $10M 8-hour task. I just sent him on one today, which will pout me halfway to the Mansion Gardens.

    Problem is, I don’t think I’m at all interested in Rock and a Hard Place, but it looks like I’ll eventually have to get that if I want to be able to get whatever will be next beyond that.

    • I think the appeal to the Rock is Homer’s job…heard it is pretty funny. I haven’t seen it yet, but one of my neighbors has it so I’m hoping to catch him bouncing off the walls soon. Off topic…hows the back doing? And the hubby? Everyone back to normal? Sending happy thoughts☺️☺️.

      • You’re so sweet to ask! My husband’s back is slowly getting better, but still has a way to go. My back is okay, but my shoulder is really hurting and doesn’t seem to be getting better. (It may be getting worse, but today it’s hard to tell for sure, because I got very little sleep last night and that airways makes me feel pain more.)

        Thanks for asking…I really appreciate your concern! 💜💜

  8. Tony Da Tiger

    The irony with finishing Road to Riches is that once you finish the whole thing like I did, you end up flat broke with lots of regrets cuz $140mil could’ve been converted to a boatload of donuts. I guess i did it cuz i wanted to own every item that’s free or on sale via some donut deal…

  9. Hi Alissa,
    Been playing this game addictively for several months now, currently Level 107 but I’ve still only got $5,000,000 in my balance so this Road to Riches along with Money Mountain has always seemed a ridiculous waste of in game currency because unless I’m doing something wrong it’s going to take me absolute ages to even have $20,000,000 to spare for the Dam.
    Is there a trick I’m missing to grow my in game balance quicker? because the in game cash investment required to unlock both these quests are way too high I think
    and yes I’m also thinking of storing Cecil because of the likelihood of me one day playing whilst still half asleep and ending up accidentally depleting my cash.

  10. Oh, Alissa….I feel so bad for you! Is there anything that we “regulars” can do to help? I hope you know how dearly appreciated your efforts are here!

    • Wasn’t written to make you feel bad for me 🙂 Just an explanation as to why it wasn’t done sooner..

      • I know that wasn’t the intent, but, nonetheless, I still wish we could help you out in some way, because it’s hard to drag around a millstone all the time, without ever really getting a true break.

  11. I found the Road to Riches game play a complete waste of time and money .. the dam is nice but all 3 components fail to give your town any real upgrades in play and are useless once purchased

    I’d rather have seen a post like this first BEFORE investing over $140M in ridiculous game play

    Timing IS everything

  12. OrdinarilyBob

    Another great article Alissa, thank you.

    I nuked my town just hours before the launch of Secret Agents back at the end of March, and I still haven’t had time (or honestly inclination) to reassemble it… so while I’ve finished my Road to Riches, and acquired all the goodies, they’re just sitting in a pile near all the other character-required buildings I’ve got dropped-in so I can continue playing…

    Some day I’ll get back to rebuilding… It’s just a little daunting at this point with over three years worth of stuff to take out of Inventory… It’s worsen by the fact I hate the way Inventory now always resets to the beginning of the list of items (almost always, except when it’s inconvenient not to), instead of staying where I left off as it used to.

    • Open your inventory, find the items you want, and close your inventory using the “x” – do NOT back out of your inventory using the arrows. Open your inventory again and it’ll be at the same place.

  13. I ended up storing Cecil. I tapped on the 10 mil by accident and lost almost all of my money. Took me a while to restore my in game cash. Not worth it in my opinion. The only prize I wouldn’t mind having is the dam.

  14. I’m leaving this be for now. I spend much of my cash farming for donuts, but I might throw a million at this every now and then.

  15. Thank you Alissa for EVERYTHING! I rarely write in, but I have been following you and your team for about 4 years now. You’ve gotten me through grad school, the bad times, and helped me build the best Springfield I could! I always look forward to logging on and seeing this community. ALL of your work is appreciated and all of us on this site love you for it. It has been great to watch you and the others grow and contribute to the site. Keep up all the great work and know that the community stands behind all of you! Thank you again for everything.

  16. It’s sad I’ve played on and off for 4 years and I never knew about tonight farming. Yup, I’m one of those suckers that paid full price for everything. When I returned in January, I found this site and the heavenly sirens have shown me the way. I got my cabanas for the 100% xp and cash bonus

    Unfortunately, this means that I am busy farming to get the rest of the houses I need and cannot waste my money on this, right now…

    I will though, just not now.

  17. The Dam was worth every dollar! The garden was disapointing and at 40 million a Huge ripoff. No way would I do 80 million on the next one!

  18. Thanks for the Mythbusters clip!

  19. About the only aspirational item that’s really worth completing is the Money Mountain, because Monty Moneybags is worth 2 premium characters by himself. I did Treehugger Lisa because it’s not terribly expensive. The other aspirational items are quite frankly, useless, but aside from the popsicle stick tower and Escalator To Nowhere, the rest can look pretty nice in your town.

    For Cecil’s tasks, I unlocked the dam, and accidentally spent a few more million, but I’m not particularly keen on getting the other stuff since they offer no income or bonus whatsoever. I’ve saved close to $80 million, so I can afford the mansion gardens at least. But as I’ve learnt, that amount buys a LOT of donuts if I decide to splurge on Bloodmobiles. During the time travel event, I used about $40 million, and combined with my donut reserves, spent well over 1000 donuts. Pricey, but pretty worth it. I spent a lot of donuts on the superhero mystery boxes as well, so I’d rather just let the money pile up in preparation for the upcoming event.

    • The problem with Money Mountain, in my eyes, is that, while I’d love to have that skin (even if it were just regular premium), that mountain does not fit in with my town’s aesthetic, and, if you store the mountain, the skin goes away. Fortunately, BoBo is very cute, so I don’t mind having him permanently in my task book (and I’m not OCD about having an empty task book, either).

  20. Hi Alissa, no apology needed, you do an amazing job 😊

    I had to google 411, being from 🇬🇧 this was an unfamiliar term – I just love language 😊

    My strategy has been to spend 1m every time I get to 41m to keep some money in the bank… just in case. I realise it’s more costly this way.

    I’ve placed the Dino lake in front of the dam, lines up well.

    I’ve got the mansion garden items but not placed them into a design yet.

    Currently plugging away at the last prize.

    Like others, I do wish there was premium / super-premium / % reward for the in-game cash and effort involved.

    I’ve fully completed Burn’s mountain of gold and Lisa’s 🌲

  21. So far I have the damn. The best thin about this is you can take as much time as you need to get there. I think I have only spent 1mil on my b game.
    For the record I really like the damn 🙂

  22. Love the video clip

  23. KEM farming in anticipation of the upcoming event, so will have to postpone for now – the dam looks very cool, as does the Rock and a Hard Place – too bad we have those pesky mansion decorations in the middle.

  24. I think this is one of those things that separates the addicts from the regular players. Several commenters on here are saying how they still have plenty of money left over after this, yet I suspect a casual player (who doesn’t love the game so much that they have an app on their phone for a (great) site about the game) will likely need many months to work through this.

    I had to work to keep up with the Money Mountain and the World’s Tallest Redwood, and since then have tried to keep at least $50M in reserve for whatever would be next. I was at $80M when this was introduced and after completing the first two am down to about $40M. So I’m hoping it’s a while before they introduce stage 4.

  25. Thank you very much for the article.

    I don’t have much available land, so I’ll stick with KEM farming for the time being.

  26. I unlocked this without having an aspirational item. It popped up when I reach $2million.

    Even so, I can’t be bothered with this, I’d rather get all the land first.

  27. Have $40m in cash and all but one of the buildings but nothing has triggered. Purchased the Sit-N-Rotate to try and make things happen. Otherwise….

    • Do you have Cecil? (Sorry if that was a dumb question, but I figured it was worth asking, just in case…)

      • I do! I just checked him out and his Road to Ricjes tasks are there. I guess I’ll send him off on one and see what happens but there isn’t an icon in my task book for this.

        • Oh, no, sorry…I didn’t realize that you didn’t know that this wasn’t a taskbook task thing.

        • It won’t be in the task book. It’s accessed through the daily challenges screen – when you unlock it a third tab appears there (under the monorail tab) that looks like a flip calendar made of dollar bills. Tap it and you can see your progress

  28. Finished a long time ago…’ll be like friend prizes and die quickly..

  29. Thanks!! Very timely… Should finish the last one today!

  30. Having loads of trouble getting into the game today, loads of Bart screens…anyone else?

    • Same here. The problem seems to have been fixed now though.

    • Yup…a spinning donut…over and over and over (you are getting sleepy…sleepy). Finally deleted and reloaded game (yikes, that took a while!) and we’ll see. Seems to be ok now.

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