HomerPalooza – Act I Calendar

Whoooooohooooo!  Or should I say, “Whoo-skiddly-dope-deedly-bop!” instead?

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have the chance to finally get Murphy and the Jazz Hole in my town.  I am so excited about this…that I can almost ignore that the rest of the stuff in this event seems to require a TON of tappin’…and I ain’t talkin’ no toe tappin’ here.

I started almost the minute the update hit (it was a weird time of the day to start, for sure…with half of the world dead asleep, or at work, or commuting, or getting ready for golf league, like me). And after a few hours (had to sleep), it seems like it is going to require consistent, diligent tapping, to get everything.  But…hey…I got BG Murphy. So…all is well. 

What follows is the basic daily math you are going to need to hit, in order to get the Sungazer Studio and Peter Dabbruzio. I have to admit…after buying Murphy, I’m not nearly as excited to get the B-List rockers. But, I know most of you will want it all…right?

As always…for those that just want the numbers in linear format…here is that version of the calendar.

I am truly sorry for only one thing,..(at least one thing that I will admit), and that is the fact that getting the Jazz Hole, and Murphy is going to completely blow up Safi’s brackets!! That is the risk you take when you start doing a bracket that in my estimation clearly had to end up with “The Jazz Hole” as the winning building. It was “pre-ordained” and fully “Crankified” (that’s like bona fide” but better.

Have fun. This update has music for everyone!

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  1. I got off to an extremely slow start, but I think that I’m actually going to get all the prizes for Act I. It’ll be closer than in recent events, though.

  2. I ran low on donuts, so it looks like I will miss out on BGM… Very sad player here.

    Is it me, or does it seem like Dr. Nick is the most obvious character that should be tied into a rock and roll story?

    Kinda irritated with the huge cost for Rockin Otto, when I already have regular Otto.

    Oh well.

    • Farm farm farm donuts lol or there is Google opinion rewards ( in Australia) dunno where u are but that has helped me with donuts tho take a while for decent amount

      :'( bout bgm but he’ll prob be back alot cheaper in future (arent they all :/)

      Yeah Dr Nick does seem an obvious choice vut eh i suppose why he in the vault to buy lol

      Im lucky i hadnt got Otto yet tho i understand i would be peeved if i was soending that for a skin….. and yes i woulda got skin much to my bank account disliking lol

  3. It took a while but now I’m back on track, I was 2.5 days behind, it is possible

  4. Pros:
    Bleeding Gums Murphy and the Jazz Hole Building (easiest Donuts Bonuts I spent on this Event!)
    Earning Weird Al Yankovic as a Freemium (thank you EA!)
    Otto the School Bus Driver getting to shred on guitar (yes!)

    Not enough Event Cuffs / Tickets generated per Hour!
    Not enough Fans spawned per Hour!
    Half the Craftables not worth the effort!
    If you work a lot? You’ll need Premiums to get everything!

    EA isn’t making this Game App easy anymore, but it’s still Fun to Tap (I’m a day ahead earning in this Event)👍

  5. OK, I got Nick in two games and no bonuts glitch.

  6. This calendar has been quite useful! Currently one day ahead, as I unlocked the shed yesterday morning. Working to get Nick! Everything gets easier as you advance.

  7. Just a thought, help your friends without premium characters by sending your lawyers to them.

  8. Is there any requirements to send weird al on jam sessions? Unlocked him but can only do his regular tasks, no option to perform at any of the venues

    • If you click on him, his tasks won’t include sending him on Jam Sessions. However, if you go to the Jam Sessions page of the Event Hub (where you normally send characters from), Weird Al should be listed as one of your characters that can jam. You can then add him to one of the four Rock venues and have him jam to increase his Star Rank.

      • Thanks but he doesn’t show up on the jam sessions page either. I only have the option to send Homer, Lisa, Apu, Rev Lovejoy, Dr Hibbert and BGM! He does appear on the star management page though

        • That seems like a glitch. Try hard closing your app and restarting it. If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact EA. Because he should be showing up with the others you mentioned.

  9. I purchased BGM as well, but none of the other premium characters, and I am just behind where I should be according to the calendar. I have 30 neighbors and as I scroll through, most of them are just under, or just over the amount of cuffs I have, except for one. One of my neighbors has over 50,000 cuffs already! How is that possible?

    • While not me, I have many neighbours who spend donuts right away to unlock all Act prizes. Some do it for their blogs, some for competitive juices, some for impatience, and some be just craz-eee!

      • Oh, ok that makes sense……or maybe it doesn’t because who would want to waste their donuts like that! I didn’t realize that rushing prizes with donuts adds to your event currency. I always thought it just gave you the prize and that was it. As you can tell, I’m not one to rush with sprinklies. Thanks for explaining that to me Safi, I thought I was missing something.

  10. Otto isnt in store? Help pls

    • Otto should be in the store if you don’t have him already. Rockin’ Otto is not yet available.

      • Hes not ive looked in characters buildings and premium i dont have him already where else could i look? Or would he of been pulled out to be only available in vault or ?

        • They might have taken him out of the shop in preparation of releasing Rockin’ Otto! Time will tell.

          • Thanks Safi Im hoping he will be available soon before i blow all my donuts lol do you think there might be other regular premium characters i might need ?

            • Based on what you can see in character collections, as shown in the very first post, I don’t think so.

              • Um not sure where i would post this but why would moe have his fire task n earning medals have i missed something? Its in yellow

              • That is odd. The only task Moe should have yellowed is to help unlock Weird Al. (Note, I’ve already unlocked Weird Al, so I can’t check and might be mistaken. Moe may not be one of the characters required to help unlock Weird Al. But if memory serves correctly, he is one of them.)

          • Ive already unlocked weird Al but still seeing yellow i sent all characters to 1 hr task he is always not sent coz of the yellow even if he not in his character fireman just simply moe

        • He comes with the school bus, so he may be listed as that rather than as himself? Or he may show up again when the rockin’ version comes out, as a bundle.

  11. the number for the day on the list, is that at the beginning of the day or end?

  12. Only got the update Friday afternoon, this is going to be interesting -_-

    • set an alarm every 4 hours and train yourself to wake up in 4 hours to send jammers after going to sleep, it’s the only way to get even, but it is possible, quite a challenge but possible

    • Here we go again

      Me too. Had no idea an event was starting. Awesome. Thanks EA.

    • Me too! Looking at the calendar is a bit depressing. Not sure why it took so long to update, I was playing everyday this week 😞

      • Just remember, with most events, progress has an initial exponential phase. So you’ll be behind initially, but as you progress and unlock more characters, your progress will improve exponentially.

    • Me too. pissed at EA. better give us extra days at the end of Act 1 to get the studios. i’m at 9854 cuffs at the end of Saturday. should be at 17250 😡😡 had to go get the two characters (Freeman and the other guy) to help bring in more prizes faster. think i’m doing okay in the other tasks though.

      • look in you neighbors for the ones with the smallest town, 3 should be enough, then first drop 1 lawyer on each of the towns, check on yours for the one who assisted you finding them, then you should send all lawyers you have to him/her from now on, if another one also assisted you then split and send half and half, with a small town is a piece of cake to find lawyers

  13. I purchased Bleeding Gums Murphy and I tap every four hours. I am still a-day-and-a-half behind. I really hate it when the game updates are delayed (even with auto-updates AND trying to manually update). I will be exceptionally frustrated if I don’t unlock Sungazer Studio because the game didn’t update. However, I will give it my best effort.

    • same here, 2 days behind, neither my ipad and my cellphone auto-updated until late Thursday, last 2 events I started same 2 days behind and barely made it, I recommend you to cancel any donut daily challenge in order to get event currency, if they offer tickets do the same, cancel until getting event currency, it’s like 1000 which helps a lot, save the lawyers until you see someone just dropped theirs in your town, you’ll get more chances of him/her findings yours, good luck

      • what do you do with the lawyers?
        I see en in my town. tapping them does nothing

        • Tapping them should earn you event currency and crafting currency.

        • sorry for delayed answer, try this:
          look in you neighbors for the ones with the smallest town and that are actually playing the event , 3 should be enough, then first drop 1 lawyer on each of the towns, check on yours for the one who assisted you finding them, from now on you should send all lawyers you have to him/her, if another one also assisted you then split your lawyers and send half and half, with a small town it’s a piece of cake to find lawyers and that will help you a lot.

  14. Unlocked the shed.

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