Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the rock fest has begun!

As with almost all events, neighbor actions play an important role (some events more important than others).  So let’s breakdown the neighbor actions available for Act 1 of Homerpalooza, so you can know all you need to know to earn that precious event currency and unlock all the rockin’ prizes…

First, a reminder…THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO ADD FRIEND REQUESTS.  If you’re looking for friends in TSTO add your Origin ID to our Friend Request page which you can find here.  Do not put your Add Me Requests on this post (The one you’re currently reading), they will be deleted. Thanks!

Second, a little honesty.  Neighbor Actions for this event SUCK.  Plain and simple.  They can be tedious (to find fans to tap in neighbor’s towns) and take forever.  Not to mention it’s pretty difficult to find lawyers roaming your own Springfield if it’s a large one.

So it sucks.  We all know it, and there’s nothing we can currently do about it.  So now that it’s out there hopefully we’ll stop getting the “neighbor actions suck” comments in the other posts… 😉

Now on with those neighbor actions!

When Do Neighbor Actions Unlock?

For this event Neighbor Actions unlock at Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 5 of the Act 1 questline.

What Are the Neighbor Actions Available?

You’ve got TWO types of Actions available for this event…

First, you can tap Fans in your Neighbor’s Town (similar to fans in your own town).  3 Fans/Town will be available to tap…

The second action available (a little more complex) are Lawyers.  You drop Lawyers in your neighbor’s town for them to tap.  As a result you both earn event currency.

More Details Please…

Let’s start with the Fans, since they’re easier to explain…

Fans in your neighbor’s town look just like they do in your town…

You’re allowed to tap and clear 3 fans/neighbor’s town that you visit in a 24hr period.

Now I know what you’re all thinking…”Before you tell me what they earn, how many of these dang things can I tap per day and earn event currency?  Because I sure as heck ain’t getting 90 actions/day like other events!”

Am I close to what you’re thinking?

Ok so with this event you’re only allowed 30 Actions/Day that will pay out event currency. 

That’s not 30 neighbors/day with 3 taps each.  No, that’s 30 Actions/day.  Meaning 10 neighbors with 3 days each (or 30 neighbors with 1 tap each). Not a whole heck of a lot, at least compared to other events. (but fortunately, there’s another neighbor action you can do that helps both you and your neighbor…lawyers.  We’ll cover it below)

So now, what do they pay when tapped?

Each fan you tap, until you’ve maxed out your currency taps, will earn 5  guaranteed.  100% of the time the Fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (For those first 30 actions) will drop 5.

So what about tickets (for crafting) and lawyers?

25% of the time the fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (for those first 30 actions) will drop 2  (for crafting)…incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

And last, but certainly not least, 20% of the time fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (for those first 30 actions) will drop 1  (Lawyer)….incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

And a couple more notes:
-No, you do not have to leave fans untapped in your town for your neighbors to find.  Clear all of your fans at any time in your own town, it won’t impact your neighbors.

-No, tapping fans in your friend’s town won’t impact the number they see in their own town. And no, it doesn’t add any benefit to their currency total.  Tapping fans is purely for your own benefit.

-And finally, yes.  Yes, it sucks finding them in a friend’s town to tap.  I 100% agree with you, totally sucks.

So now we’ve covered everything there is to know about tapping fans in your neighbor’s town.  Onto those Lawyers…

First up, let’s cover the payouts on the lawyers.  The Lawyer’s are fun because they benefit you AND your neighbor.  Your neighbor taps them and earns currency and you, in turn, earn currency back for each one you’ve placed.

Lawyers payout 12  and 2  100% of the time for each one.  If you find one in your town and tap it you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one you tap (and the neighbor that placed them there will too). And if you place one in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one they tap (or don’t tap).

Basically look at every lawyer you have as 12  and 2 , and every lawyer you see in your town that you manage to tap as 12  and 2 .

Make sense?  Good.  Moving on…

Timer on the Lawyer..

There is a timer in place on the Lawyers once dropped in a neighbor’s town, or your own town.  Once dropped you (or your neighbor) have 4hrs to find them.  If you don’t clear them in 4hrs you’ll miss out on the 12  and 2  you could have earned from tapping (clearing them).  HOWEVER, your neighbor will still earn 12  and 2  regardless if you’ve tapped their lawyer or not. (and you will too if you dropped one in a neighbor’s town)

FYI: Other Springfield has a 24hr timer.  So if you drop them there you won’t get credit on them for 24hrs.

How Do I Earn Lawyers..

You’ll earn Lawyers randomly through tapping fans in your town or in a neighbor’s town.  Every fan you tap has a 20% chance of dropping a lawyer..the icon for which looks like this 

You can also earn them via Daily Challenges.

How Do I Know How Many Lawyers I Have Available to Drop?

There’s a counter in your Springfield right above your XP meter that shows your Cuff Count, Ticket Count & Lawyer Count…

You’ll also see the Lawyer count in the same spot when you visit neighbors. 

How Many Lawyers Are Allowed In My  (or My Neighbor’s) Town At Once?

Max of 10 Lawyers can be in your (or your neighbor’s) town at once.  Once there are 10 Lawyers in a town no one will be able to drop more until either the 4hr timer runs out or you (or your neighbor if dropping in their town) clears some.

How Do I Drop Lawyers In a Friend’s Town?

Simply visit a neighbor and in the top right corner you’ll see the Lawyer Brief Icon

Simply tap that icon to drop Lawyers in their town.

What does the Number In Orage Mean?

When visiting a neighbor you’ll see that Icon has a number in orange on it.  That number represents how many Lawyers you can currently drop in that town.  If it says 10 that means you can drop 10.  In the case of the image above it says 7, which means only 7 are available to drop in that town.

If it says 0 that means that neighbor currently has too many Lawyers in their town and you’ll have to drop again later.

How Do I Know If I Have Lawyers In My Town To Tap?

You don’t.  There’s supposed to be a notification, it doesn’t currently appear.  Hopefully EA will fix it.  So unfortunately for now you’ll just have to be on the lookout for them roaming your Springfield.

How Do I Know If I Got Credit For the Lawyers Dropped In A Friend’s Town?

If you’ve dropped Lawyers in a friend’s town every time you sync your game (hard close and restart/visit Krustyland,/visit a neighbor and go back to your Springfield) byou’ll get a Lawyer notification.  This will tell you what you’ve earned from the Lawyers dropped, and in most cases tell you who dropped them..

And I think that covers all of your burning Neighbor Action questions for Act 1.  And yes, minor spoiler, currencies are expected to increase per tap (fan tap, not Lawyer tap) for Acts 2 and 3.

What are your thoughts on the neighbor actions for Homerpalooza? Getting the hang of Lawyer dropping? What’s your neighbor strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

106 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 1

  1. I’m not getting the rewards for dropping lawyers. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug , should I be reporting it to EA ?

  2. Having lawyer bugs last few days, I get notifications that lawyers have been dropped, but most times they don’t appear in my town

  3. I wasn’t sure if I was getting the rewards for dropping lawyers in a friend’s town so decided to test it on my B game. I’ve tested it twice…I’ve dropped x10 lawyers in B game then I’ve logged in to B game & cleared them all. Neither my B game or my main game have received a reward for clearing them. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it a bug & should I be reporting it to EA. thanks

  4. I started out 2 days behind, but finished Act 1 today (yay!). With only 29 neighbor taps to help out, I give credit to the lawyers. Which brings me to this… I’ve got 100 lawyers to drop off. Will they be used in Act 2, or should I go ahead & unload them tomorrow?

    • Lawyers will not be replaced.

      You can save lawyers for Act 2. However, if you comfortably completed Act 1, it would behoove you to be a good neighbour and continue to send some lawyers to those neighbours struggling to complete Act 1.

  5. In the last picture the message says 24 cuffs and 6 tickets were cleared by the neighbor meaning that the neighbor tapped 2 lawyers if the payout would be 3 tickets per neighbor but the post says “…if you place one [lawyer] in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12 cuffs and 2 tickets for each one they tap (or don’t tap)”.
    Perhaps I’m missing something? Is my math ok?

  6. Does anyone know the maximum number of “banked” lawyers we can accumulate? I’m currently at 80

    • 939! Oh, that’s the cap for levels? Nevermind then.

      I’m not sure if their is a cap for lawyers. I’d recommend just dropping off lawyers to your neighbours who are behind the calendar and keep the rest to help neighbours out in Act 2 and 3.

  7. I have a friend who also plays tsto. She has told me on several occasions that she has left 10 lawyers for me. I have only found three or four of them each time. I’ve spent 30 minutes looking for them, using the editing tools to gray out the buildings. Where are they hiding, and why should it be this difficult to find them? Makes this part of the event be frustrating, along with only getting 30 actions from neighbors. Come on, EA! Don’t be so cheap!

    • They give you more than enough to get all of the prizes for the event. I quickly fell behind in this event and have turned it around easily so I’m done with two days left. With the difficulty in finding fans to tap on, I’m glad there are only 30 per day!

  8. Neighboreenos Activities are my (and I guess everyone’s) biggest 👎for this Event …. EA isn’t making it easy, but Tapping is still fun! 😄

    If you work a lot (and have limited access to the Game App)? It’s impossible to obtain every Event Prize without buying Premiums (you’re getting some cool Characters though)!

  9. lucyscommnsense

    The timer for lawyers sucks especially when living in a different time zone to some ‘neighbors’ because they arrive in the middle of the night so I mostly miss out. I hope EA takes the timer feature off!!

  10. Here’s an idea: If EA is only going to give “push notifications” when Lawyers appear (really didn’t want to turn THAT back on), at least they could have given us an in-game notice when you FIND them all…j/s :-I

    • Yes! I hate having to count to 10 each time. 😉

      Seriously, though… sometimes I lose count when I have to suddenly turn my attention to something other than tsto… like my needy little children. 😜 😂

  11. If you have notifications turned on in IOS it will tell you who dropped a lawyer in your town and ‘to go get that lawyer!’.

  12. an *easier* way to find the lawyers is to send everyone onto a task (either via bulk or individually to building tasks), then go to the edit screen and hide everything except characters. Now scroll around and the lawyers will be the only things left aside from non task characters.

  13. johnnyicemaker

    Got BGM this time around. Don’t mind paying the extra Donuts now, as he is beneficial for this event and I don’t want to chance that a future offer for him, although likely for less Donuts, might be in a Mystery Box. Really don’t like those things.

  14. I noticed if I drop a Lawyer in a neighbours town that there are often fans nearby the drop.

  15. Not getting any lawyers. I dropped 6 in a friend
    ‘s town he never got them. He dropped 10 in my town and I never received them. I have received notices of drops from other neighbors but still no lawyers.

  16. This is a flashback to the “not a bandit” problem from the wild west event. I did not realize how many characters had cellphones or were taking selfies until roaming my neighbors towns 🙂

  17. My God,
    Let’s hope they never make these events actually difficult eh.
    Sorry but cannot believe how many players are struggling with the concept of lawyers & visits etc, thought it was pretty straight forward.
    At least it’s keeping you busy Alissa !!!

  18. Weird…there’s a lawyer in my town that when I tap, nothing happens except the sound of shuffling paper. Other lawyers disappeared like they should…

  19. How many of you click on the blue hair lawyer thinking it must count as a lawyer 🙂

    • And Dr Bob. 🙂

      • Janet Rodriguez

        Hope no one else asked, but I didn’t see it…

        Do the fans hide from the lawyers? For 2 days, I was filled with lawyers and didn’t have any fans near the stages. Could not find them roaming either. This was after getting multiple notifications that I was filled with fans.

        Today out of pure luck, I was looking around and found them all hiding in bushes away from the lawyers.

        Food for thought??

    • Janet Rodriguez

      Eisenhower always get clicked because they are always near him.

  20. Help who do I talk to at EA. First I couldn’t drop any lawyers in neighboring towns. I had 28. Came back later and collected some more lawyers which took my count up to 43. Started visiting neighbors dropped 8 lawyers and my count dropped to zero.

    • it drop at zero for that neighbour because you reached the limit of that neighbour. Go seen another neighbour.

      To have the counter you need neighbour that installed the update. I have some of them that did not play since some weeks and I have no counter on them

  21. Dieter von Dusseldorf

    All the lawyers in my town are congregating around ambulances, the hospital, Flanders’ frozen car, Richard Nixon, and sidewalk corners, most likely because they are not ADA compliant. I have no idea how Laird Ladd has not suffered any personal injuries from falling off the curbs.

  22. To help find the lawyers…”fade out” (use the binocular function in the lower right of your screen) everything but your characters…then look thru your town…they will jump right out at you…no joke, it works😁.

    • Also, I’ve started just hitting whatever fans are easily spotted in my neighbors towns and moving on…I don’t worry about finding 3 per visit. If none are visible when I land, I move on immediately. We are only getting credit for a total of 30 fans per day…and there is no benefit to your neighbors whether you find one or not (only the lawyers benefit them) so if you can’t find one quickly, my suggestion is to move on.

    • Ebron that strategy is brilliant!! Works like a charm, I say thankya!

  23. EA please place counter in my town of how many lawyers I have wandering around. This seems like such an easy,no brainer, fundamental design element. I don’t mind searching but I need to know I’m not chasing ghosts. P.L.E.A.S.E.!!!!!!!! My town is huge.

    • If you create a second town (and have it be far enough along in the game to play the event), you can switch between towns to see how many lawyers are available in the other town. If there are 0 (or whatever count), you know you have 10 (or 10 minus the count) lawyers roaming around to find. Even if you can’t get your town up to speed for this event, maybe it will help in a future one. Good luck!

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