Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza: Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsa!  Homerpalooza has made a big ol’ splash in Springfield!  What better way to cap off the summer than with a huge music fest in Springfield?!  Complete with not only the character we’ve all been dying to get in our games but another Helpful Guest Star in Springfield…WEIRD AL!  For Act 1 of Homerpalooza you’re tasked with working your way through the introduction of all things musical in Springfield…including Jam Sessions, funding Weird Al’s Hawaiian shirts and selling loads of Kwik-E-Merch to the fans scattered across Springfield…

As was mentioned on the run down post Act 1 of Homerpalooza runs until August 15th (when Act 2 will start), and you’ll need Lisa and Homer to get things started.

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…

Let’s take a look at the quick walkthrough for the first Act of Homerpalooza, as we sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of Jazz….


Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortunately Pt. 1
Auto start

Make Lisa Play Jazz Music- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Jam at Moe’s Tavern- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 3
Marge starts

Build the Rock Stage- Free, 6s
Make Homer Jam on the Rock Stage- 10s, Earns 75

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Tap Festival Fans- x5. 

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 5
Lawyer starts

Drop Lawyers in Other Springfields- x3. 

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

At this point you’ll start the Weird Al questline, Weird Al-Truism….

Weird Al-truism Pt. 1
Weird Al starts

Make Milhouse Imprison Weird Al in His House- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Weird Al-truism Pt. 2
Milhouse starts

Make Lisa Create FriendMoocher Campaign- 4hrs, Earns 40 , 45xp

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

At this point you’ll start the Weird Al prizes…

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 6
Homer starts

Make Performers Jam- x2. 4hrs. You can select from the list of performers at the Rock Stage to complete this. 

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 7
Apu starts

Build Kwik-E-Merch- Free, 6s Build
Craft an Item at Kwik-E-Merch

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 8
Apu starts

Make Homer and Apu Argue About Pointless Rankings- 4hrs, Earns 80, 90xp
Unlock Nick Delacourt- 4th prize in prize track….

Completed Task Earns 25, 10xp

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 9
Apu starts

Make Nick Delacourt Jam on the Rock Stage- 4hrs, Earns 37

Completed Task Earns 50, 10xp

What are your thoughts on the Act 1 questline of Homerpalooza?  Any items you’re excited about getting?  Which premium items will you be adding to your musicfest?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

147 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza: Act 1

  1. I also didn’t get the venue, whatever it was, when I won the land expansion. Very down in the mouth about that.

  2. How come, in prize track one, it says we get a free land upgrade and a stage (expansion is it) ? I only got the land upgrade

    • You should have also opened up the ability to jam at the Simpsons’ house when you got the land token.

  3. Love the update so far
    I heard a spoiler that Rachel Jordan will be a Gil deal with praiseland
    I do feel ea missed crucial musical characters such as Mary spuckler who is known for her music and went to broadway to try and make fame and is one of barts girlfriends
    Also Rita lafleur and the exdivas hotel from gone abie gone should be added
    She was an ex waitress and wife of abe Simpson she can play the piano with her feet and is voiced by Disneys princess and the frog 🐸

  4. Act 1 Event

    Easy Quests (most are only 60 minutes to 4 Hours)
    Quick Builds (6 Seconds)

    You don’t Earn enough Leather Cuffs / Tickets per 4 Hours
    Fans spawn at Low Rate per 4 Hours

    It’s a fun New Event (I hope we’re not stuck with NPC’s)
    We earn Weird Al Jankovic (yes!)
    There’s a new Character / Building Prize

  5. What’s the deal with not being able to place roads, rivers and such on the right side new land? Just my game or a known issue?

  6. Cool event! A little something for everyone. I think for crafting they should add port-a- potties and security officers with the devices in their ears!! Haha! Only so many lights we need.

    • Love the port-a-potties idea! We do have those tent ones from the Egyptian stuff, but they wouldn’t really fit in that well. I hope modern port-a-potties get added to the crafting later!

      • dunno about you, but i duped several of the sani-john smokehouses during the inventory glitch, and use those whenever i need a port-a-potty in my town. works well, so long as you don’t mind seeing a bit of meat hanging out…. 😎

  7. I added the cheering crowd and accidentally tapped them and part of the crowd disappeared. I can’t find the rest of the cheering crowd and they are not in my inventory. Is this a glitch?

  8. I’m bummed the new side strip of land hasn’t been fixed to allow roads, dirt, and water.

  9. crap. got no notification that there is an update. two days behind!!

  10. Has any seen their Star Management levels go up? Or is it only by spending donuts?

  11. Thanks for this. Love this update.
    I only have 5 characters available for jam sessions – so, enough to fill-up the main stage and then one person left to play at Moe’s. Is it the same for everyone?
    Does anyone know if there is a way to get more (non-premium) characters for the jam sessions (and which ones they are?).

    • As far as I can tell they are just ways to earn more rewards. Neighbours drop them in your town and when you tap on them it gives you tickets, etc (and in tiny faded writing tells you which neighbour dropped them). You can only drop 10 per neighbour by the looks of things, and you have to have legal papers in the first place (the third type of event reward currency) to be able to drop them. One paper seems to equate to one lawyer drop.

      Only thing I can’t work out is why every so often it tells me all my lawyers are “cleared” and lists who “helped” me clear them. When I’ve visited others’ towns and tried to tap on their lawyers nothing has happened. So I don’t think you can clear lawyers for others. Weird.

      • Whoops. This was supposed to be a reply to the question further down about what the lawyers are for!

      • “Your” lawyers are the ones you have dropped in other towns, so the message tells you who is actively tapping the ones you leave. When a lawyer is tapped, the tapper receives benefit and the dropper then receives a benefit also. So tap away on the lawyers, both parties gain from it (also, with the limit of 10 in your town, tapping the ones others leave makes room for more neighbors to leave lawyers.

    • You get a bonus for filling up. So with 5, I do KEM and Moe’s first. Then leave one for the stage.

    • With my 5 characters, I put 1 on the Rock Stage, 2 at Moes, 2 at Kwik-E-Mart. Earn 250 Arm Bands. (you get 2 fill bonuses)

      If I were to till the Rock Stage and 1 else where payout is only 200 Arm Bands. (you only get 1 fill bonus)

      I will always fill the Main Rock Stage last to maintain that 2 fill bonus.

    • You would be better off sending two to Moe’s and two to Kwik E Mart and one to main stage. Get as many bonuses as you can.

  12. There are comments about playing music at KEM and Moe’s, but how is that possible?

  13. Anyone know if during events if you still need to visit friends daily or as needed to earn prizes during this event??

  14. I can’t get past part 5. I’ve dropped lawyers but I’m not getting it completed. It just keeps saying to drop lawyers for 2 fats now. How do I get past this glitch?

  15. Looks intentional, but I’m inside of a week-long gap during the main questline. It was going very fast, now it’s not. Looks like after I get Nick (not Dr. Nick), there’s only a short task to finish. As always, I wish there were more steps, more characters, more dialogue and more plot within the main quest line of the event.

  16. I love this update so far!! I had a bunch of empty space near my squidport, so I’m using the beach ad my festival hq. There’s just one thing I don’t understand– what exactly are the lawyers for? I’ve been dropping them on my friends, but since I don’t have any in my springfield yet I kinda don’t get it. Do they generate currency or something? Or are they just there for funsies?
    Also PRAYING that I can make the donuts to get BGM!!!

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      Yes, they generate in quest/game stuff. (Tickets and the spike things, I think), if you can find the little buggers.

  17. So I think I figured out the symbols beside the jammers. They are for rock (the hand), pop (the headphones) and hip hop (the $). This denotes where a character can jam. The stage is rock, and I am not sure if Moe’s is pop and Kwik e mart is hip hop or vice versa.

    • That’s what folks here have been saying, but I’ve just been sending characters to jam where I want without paying attention to that and haven’t had them rejected from a particular venue yet. Maybe I just lucked out and sent them to the right venue by accident?

    • I agree with the meaning of each symbol. Currently I have Homer & Freddy at KEM, Lisa & BGM at Moes, and the rest (Shredder, Lovejoy, Apu & Hibbert) at the Stage. In past iterations I have had Shredder & Freddy at Moe’s, Lisa & BGM at KEM and the remainder on the stage. A possible alternative use may be in effecting who you can group together, rather than location limitations. Since all my current characters I have atleast the Rock symbol, I can’t test the theory.

      • How do you get more characters to do jam sessions I only have homer, Lisa, Dr.h, apu, rev, says u can unlock Marge plus numerous other spots available I don’t have premium characters.

    • I read a theory on EA board that symbols are what acts they can be used in
      Act 1 – Rock
      Rap and Pop acts to follow.
      Homer and Rev. Lovejoy only used in Rock Act (Current)
      Lisa and BGM used in all 3 acts.

      Don’t know just theory. Probably wouldn’t spend donuts leveling up Homer as only good for 1 act. Lisa through all acts Level Up.

      • I am barely earning enough with these characters. Thanks for the heads up. This may be first event that I do not earn prize (stargazer). If I am close, can it be bought for low amount of donuts? Maybe, I will have more musicians for act 2 (as a freemium player).

        • Yes, you can definitely buy any outstanding items for donuts. Keep tapping away though. As with all events, the initial go is quite exponential, and you’ll make more and more progress the further along the Act you go.

  18. Has anyone figured out if there is a correlation between which spot you place the character to where they will stand on the stage?

    • Yes the first is centre stage front, and the forth is elevated on the platform. I didn’t really pay attentiin to which 2 and 3 were (I think 2 may be tothe left of centre stage). I only cared about the platform position and centre stage as I wanted Apu centre stage singing with Hibbert on the platform on the drums.

      • Yep, thanks. Just figured that out.

      • LOL.

        “I only cared about the platform position and centre stage as I wanted Apu centre stage singing with Hibbert on the platform on the drums.”

        That’s the same thing I did!!
        Course now I’m thinking of switching them and have the singer on the platform.
        Going to rotate Homer and Rocker Maggie..
        Have been putting BGM in the other spot, but it looks like Lovejoy plays the bass. So might change them up.
        Didn’t get the other two premium characters.

  19. Thanks but I figured it out on my own. Not liking this update but I love that you can receive donuts in krustyland at sideshow you .

  20. May have been mentioned already, but I think they missed by not placing whoever is playing at Moe’s on the ROOF!!!

    Actually same with the KEM. Afterall, there is a garden up there. And Apu did once sing a song up there for Sir Paul, his wife, and Lisa.

  21. I’m anxious for Alissa’s SHOULD I SPEND DONUTS for this event. I’m lagging on the calendar slightly. Will we need to spend donuts to get all the prizes in this event? If so, this would be the first time in years. I would prefer to get the prizes in the mystery box, but if I need to spend donuts on BGM or other to get all the prizes, I should do so sooner rather than later- get them working and earning event currency as soon as possible- every day iI hesitate reduces the value of the purchase. I don’t mean to rush you Alissa, but as usual you are indispensable!

    • The nice thing about Tapped Out/EA is that generally they reward hardcore freemium players by making all prize track prizes attainable without spending donuts. Don’t worry too much about the calendar for now, as with most events, progress is generally exponential at first and you’ll quickly catch up to the calendar.

  22. I’ve tapped all 100 of my neighbors and didn’t get a single layer. Can someone help me please. Where are all the lawyers ?

    • While visiting neighbours, YOU can drop lawyers in THEIR Springfield by clicking on the legal briefs file folder in the top right. (This icon only appears in Other Springfield, or in the towns of any neighbours who have downloaded the update).

      Lawyers only appear in YOUR Springfield if your neighbours drop them by tapping THEIR legal briefs file folder when they visit your town.

    • I like the concept of the lawyers, but my name starts with r and my neighbors have probably ran out of them by the time they reach me. I haven’t seen one in my town yet.

      • I blame your parents. They should have named you Arje, instead Rje. You’d definitely get lawyers if they had named you Arge.

        To paraphrase Homer: “To parents! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!”

  23. How do you drop lawyers???

    • While visiting neighbours, you can drop lawyers in their Springfield by clicking on the legal briefs file folder in the top right. (This icon only appears in Other Springfield, or in the towns of any neighbours who have downloaded the update). In the bottom left status bar, you can see how many lawyers you have in total to drop. No neighbour can have more than 10 lawyers in their town.

      Lawyers only appear in your Springfield if your neighbours drop them by tapping their legal briefs file folder when they visit your town.

      • how do i tell how many lawyers i have to give? maybe i missed that info somewhere i can’t figure it out… thanks!

        • You’ll see it in the bottom left, next to your total event currency. That’s how many you have total to give out. This will grow as you tap fans or lawyers, or complete quests.

          As for how many you can give each neighbour, each Springfield can only house 10 lawyers at once. So it depends on how many lawyers are already roaming your neighbours town.

          • So do I have this right…the number of lawyers shown in the bottom left is what I accrue from tapping fans in my town. It grows as the day progresses and I keep tapping fans. So, say I have 8 lawyers ready to go when I do neighbor visits…the first three towns are already full of lawyers, so their upper right tab will say zero, so I leave no lawyers there. The next town says 7, but I only leave 3. The next town says 6, but I only leave 2 lawyers. Last town says 9, and I only have 3 left, so I leave them…now I have no lawyers left and my lower left tab will say zero. When I am done with visits and return to my town, I start to accrue for the next day by tapping fans and my lawyer count will build up again. Am I on target?

            And this lawyer count I accrue has nothing to do with the lawyers dropped in my town by my neighbors…as long as I keep tapping them, my neighbors will be able to leave more lawyers for me to tap…right?

        • note to self.. re-read post and stop asking stupid questions! i was not getiing that the scales were the symbol for the lawyers D’oh! and thanks for the answer to the question I didn’t need to ask- sorry! 🙂

  24. Bit off topic, but how do I add a photo to my post?

  25. Well, I finally got Bleeding Gums Murphy. Otherwise, I’m not psyched on this event. The lag when tapping fans & lawyers is painful. Another mindless routine of logging in every 4 hours to reset the same tasks is just not interesting in any way. The crafting items are mostly trash and retreads. I don’t see much in the prizes that is worth grinding for. And what in the name Rock-and/or-Roll is up with Otto not being a stage performer? This may be the first event in 4 years of playing that I just ignore.

  26. BLEEDING GUMS MURPHY!!!!! And the artwork!!!! Seriously, I don’t do merchandise, but I’d buy a poster of that in a snap!!! I think Otto is coming, and the Michael Jackson guy (my fave character!!!). There are LOTS of characters already in the game that could jam.

    However, has anyone else noticed they can’t put roads, concrete, etc, on the new eastern land? Northern land works, though.

  27. Am I the only one “not feeling” this update? I find it extremely tedious trying to find groupies, and I hate the sending characters to “jam” feature. Same format as Superheros, which I also didn’t like. (Sigh!)

    • Nope. I am also meh

      • Honestly will tap if im on but wont go out of my way to come on every 4 hrs and earn like last events…this same task every 4 hrs monotony is just ridiculous and needs to stop if they want to keep fans interested.

  28. So idk if this is a glitch or not but I have unlimited lawyers on my iPad.

  29. I love the event!!!
    Hate the lag on tapping festival goers in neighbours towns and they are really hard to see!!!

  30. I can’t believe Otto isn’t used for the jam sessions. What a waste! Other than that, cool update so far.

    • I moved my school bus next to the stage so at least he can jam with the performers off to the side!

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