Weekend Getaway – Concert Promotion Skills Come In Handy In Life

I admit it…while there are a few hiccups in this event, I have to say, I am LOVING the concept…with a few exceptions. Yes. I am one of “those guys,” who is always looking for ways to improve something…

And I guess at the top of my list for this event, is the ability to watch the performers perform, on ALL of the stages! How hard would that be?  I mean…if you are going to have a stage at Kwik-E-Mart, or Moes, or even a “House Concert” at the Simpsons…LET’S SEE THE PERFORMANCE!!  Right?

I just won Peter…and then was bummed to remember that unless I place him on the Main Stage…I don’t get to see him perform. It’s kind of like producing a real concert, and then having to listen from backstage, while you clean up the dressing room that was trashed by the band…before the venue owner sees it.  And yes…if this sounds like something that was real…it’s because it was…I wasn’t happy, but it’s part of the job.

Real Concert promotion is a high-wire act that in the end, is really not intended for anyone other than those who understand that the “music business” is just that…business. It’s for the fans…and the performers…not for those working to make it happen. But, I digress…

There are some “magic moments” that happen in the promotion business. Most of them are little moments when you realize that the “stars” are just people too…and for the most part…just want everyone to be happy that they are there.

Unless they are being complete %&@ tools… Like the time…
I had a famous folk singer (known for her amazing blue eyes and a song about clowns), demand that we order a limousine to take her from her hotel, to the back stage of the venue…which was literally 35 feet away. Not kidding.

Or the rock crooner, whose name I won’t mention, but it rhymes with “Hiss Flysick” threaten to sue the production team, because we only had ONE follow spot on him, instead of two, during his big “mirror suit” routine. He was wearing a suit made of mirrors…do you think we had a hard time following him on stage??

Or the time that the lovely, talented, and amazingly down to earth Joan Baez, decided she needed to cool off, just before going on stage at an outdoor venue, on a hot summer night. And decided that would be be served best by jumping into the river behind the venue…and then going on stage dripping wet…to the shock, and horror of everyone that knew that the was going to come into contact with a zillion volts of equipment as she dripped her way across the stage. She didn’t die. It was a “cool” way to start a show…but dammit…we would have brought out a couple more cooling units!

Yes…there are hundreds of stories like this from behind the stage, as well as on the stage. But, in the end, I think it was those years of “tightwire walking” that allowed me to stay calm and collected during the little bumps in the road that life wants to throw you.

Life is full of events…and the big ones require you to stay calm…and keep the goal in mind as you move forward, even when the “star” is being a jerkwad.

And speaking of goals…IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN…

It’s time to start raising funds for the next round of school supplies for our adopted school in Buyijja. I hope I don’t have to remind you, that the School Supplies are the Lynch Pin of what we do there. The basics that keep it all moving forward.

The SOLAR LIGHTS are installed and working great! And…as promised…we were able to get three beds for the teachers who end up staying at the school.
VERY COOL!! You guys rock! (without being prima-donnas)

I’ll talk more about these projects and the school supplies in upcoming posts…but, those of you who want to help, can do so…

And, as a bonus for reading this far, many of you who are Facebook Friends, know that I recently posted a video from Katie’s wedding, of the song I wrote for the Father/Dad dance (a tradition for the Miller girls).  Some have asked that I share it here…so I will.

My girls…my greatest “achievement” and best “production” in my life…no doubt about it.  It starts with a Very YOUNG me…”walking Katie and Ali down the aisle.”  Enjoy…I know I did.



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  1. A beautiful song for a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing that with us, and my heartfelt felicitation for the newlyweds!

  2. Yes! Yes!
    Love the concept and the graphics of this event!
    But I was thinking the same thing, wish we could see them at the alternate venues.
    And weirdly I’d like to hear a bit of them!
    Was hoping Sungazer studios would have a visual stage.

  3. Wow, beautifully written and orchestrated. What a wonderful tribute to share with family for years to come. Made my morning. Thank you so much for sharing! You are a man of many surprising talents 🤗 Congratulations to your daughter and all your lovely family.

  4. Fillygillydilly

    Is saving lawyers worth it for act 2? Will they replace the lawyers?

    • Lawyers will not be replaced.

      You can save lawyers for Act 2. However, if you comfortably completed Act 1, it would behoove you to be a good neighbour and continue to send some lawyers to those neighbours struggling to complete Act 1.

  5. girlchild4tapping

    Just beautiful…. Thank You again for sharing…

  6. Wow! Magnificent! Brought tears to my eyes! I loooooved the song! A day to remember. Congratulations to the newly weds too. From Oz with ❤️

  7. talon8770 // rick medeiros

    Patric , that was a beautiful video and song. It brought up memories of my sons wedding last June. They just had their first anniversary and finally took a honeymoon cruise to Alaska last week. As I’ve mentioned before I was divorced when he was six months old and I had him every weekend. It was pretty tough because I was only 23 at the time . But as he got older he stayed longer and I had him almost full time. Now he’s 31 and he visits me on Thursdays for lunch (its only 45 minutes but at least I see him). We as parents know the heartaches and happiness watching them grow up and learn like taking them for ice cream because they struck out in a ball game or like myself watching him get inducted into the International Society of Scientists after college. The memories of their lives are something no parent would ever forget (God willing). That video was very a special memorialization honoring your daughter that I don’t think could have been a better interpretation of the love you have for her. Well done and God bless them. P.S. That video even made an old hard ass like me tear up. Thank you for sharing that with all of us here. Also I’m sorry I cannot donate as I’m on a fixed income after two back surgery’s and my HVAC company decided that could not do the job anymore and retired me . Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you for the kind words… the ladies in my life are my true inspiration, no doubt about it! Congrats on your own “job well done!”

      • talon8770 // rick medeiros

        Thank you Patric, on a lighter note speaking of music I did get to see Aerosmith before the were famous in 1974, I was 9 and they played not far from my house in Fall River Massachusetts North Park as a free concert on a Sunday afternoon it drew a couple of thousand people. Back then it was safe for kids to be out. I think they backed either three dog night or Santana.

  8. that was amazing – as I wipe the tears away

  9. I really wasn’t expecting that to be so good. I am sitting here in tears after having watched your video and listened to such a beautiful song. Very well done!!!!

    I am afraid I am a bit short of money this month so I can’t afford to donate to your Buyijja fund at this time, but I will hopefully be in a position to give something when I get paid on the 25th August.

    • Not sure how to take that first line…but I’m glad I surprised you? LOL!
      And as far as Buyijja…not to worry…every dollar helps, at any time you are able to donate. We are in this for the long haul!

  10. Omg … Beautiful!

  11. 😭😭😭😭BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭video. Well done you!!!!

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