Homerpalooza Act II – Calendar and Daily Earning Minumums

As we have now determined (and as has been discussed in the recent Addicts Live), it apparently my job to “take one for the team” as it pertains to “FREAKING OUT THE PLAYERS!!” at the beginning of every act.  Let me assure you…this is not my intention. I simply print the facts…the numbers…and a bit of “pragmatic earning wisdom” as it pertains to each new act in these major updates.  In short…DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER (or even yell at him!)

But, if I have learned anything about life…”haters gonna hate…” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and “what goes up, must continue to go up” (as in quantum physics, “up” or “here” or even “what” are all relative terms).

What I am getting at, is that I AM NOT GOING TO CODDLE YOU…by making this seem EAsy. It isn’t. These numbers seem daunting…but, if you are diligent, work hard, and stay focused and disciplined… you WILL get everything.

As you have figured out…I don’t start the numbers a day late like my predecessor (the now, relatively extinct Bunny) did. Starting a day late is making you believe something that isn’t true…namely, if you make the numbers seem friendlier, it will make everyone happy. It may seem easier, but in fact, it may coddle you into being lazy. It’s why coaches make you run wind sprints during daily doubles in football…because they realize that you most likely won’t need to have trained your body to have “extra gas in the tank” (which has nothing to do with training day meals) but, that it makes it easier to endure the long haul, without gassing out (don’t even get me started on the whole “wishes/unicorns/and what happens to the other hand, that Wookie brought up during the last Addicts Live).  But, I digress…

I prefer to run on a full 24-hour clock…so the numbers on the first day, are for whenever the update starts for you (time is relative…just like time zones). So…in the first 24 hours, you need to hit 7536 Sunglasses… I didn’t make that number up. And yes…these sunglasses were clearly stolen from Elton John.

To get Alaska Nebraska (and who doesn’t want a Hannah Montana rip off…that doesn’t turn into the cautionary tale that Miley Cyrus has become), you will need to continue to earn 7536 Sunglasses a day. Which seems like a lot…because it is.

You will get more stages…and will get the chance to BUY (with donuts and money) more performers.  But, you WILL get to use a goodly (I almost said bigly, but thought better of it) number of existing Freemium Characters. More on this in another post (the Math Post I will do later)…but suffice it to say, that it will be a lot of performing…practicing…upping your star power…to get to the daily limits. But, it is doable…


And for the more “Linear Calendar Folks”…

And YES…that is Leon (Michael) Kompowsky (Jackson), being offered up right away. Donuts WILL be spent!  This one is a no-brainer for me…as again, like Murphy, it is one of the sweetest episodes in Simpsons’ History, and has an amazing backstory…

For all of you who curse me now…you will be happy with my insistence at looking at the numbers straight in the eye, getting over your fear, and just GETTING ON WITH IT!  You’ll be happy you did, come the end of the update.
Four logins a day…minimum…use your Star Power wisely!

Let’s do this thing!


65 responses to “Homerpalooza Act II – Calendar and Daily Earning Minumums

  1. First time that an event disgustes me that much…. It’s like EA wanna real make the players HATE the game. First of all: You can’t put anyone on a stage. Example: Bard, Milhouse, Lisa, Ralph, Nelson and Maggy Rockstar can be used ONLY for the pop stage (4 places), Moe’s Tavern (2 places) and Springfield School (2 place). And there you can see the dilemna….. 6 charachters for 8 places. Second fact: It seems to me that for these event EA are really pushing the players to buy new (overpriced) characters. Until now I could finish almost every event without buying one (although for some events I did). And last fact: It is almost impossible to keep the pace…. I tried hard but I couldn’t. So in the middle of act two I stop playing as a protest against EA’s new politicals. And I have been playing since Tapball 2….


    • Progress in these events is generally a quadratic equation with a significant exponential curve. The calendars that are posted on this site are linear.

      Generally most people start out behind the calendar and then catch up and surpass the calendar as the event progresses, so long as they tap frequently (like 4 times a day).

      On a side note, I’m not sure you stopping to play mid-way through the Act really hurts EA. It probably hurts you more, especially if you opt to come back and play in the future and then have to spend more donuts to get items you could have had for free had you not ‘protested’.


      • I understand your point but I think I am not the only one who dislikes this event because of it’s hardness. And if more people stop people, well, I guess that isn’t in EA’s interesst. When the next event will start, I will check it out. And if it is in the same vein ass Loserpalloza well then… I will ignore it too. I remember with nostalgia on the time when events where possibly to be finished without stress and spending 300 bonughts.

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    • EA has done a lot to allow people to generate donuts for free. They gave us the 5x XP multiplier. You can convert cash into donuts by buying bloodmobiles, generate XP to level up, then selling your bloodmobiles to earn cash to buy more. Or you can KEM farm for an even cheaper method to earn donuts. And the gave you a cheap way (Mystery Boxes, Beach Hideaway) to increase your bonus percentage to earn cash and xp even quicker. And you can earn your first few donuts by finding Maggie, monorail, cleaning up debris and visiting friends beside the occasional free donuts they just hand out. I have 4 games and never spent I dime. Three long term games that are generating all the donuts needed to buy all the premium items. The fourth I started to prove the value of KEM farming 81 days ago. It is currently at level 272 with a bonus of 75.25%. I haven’t bought any items related to the current event yet have 101418 sunglasses and thus should get all the prizes plus bonuts.


  2. It’s been a while since I struggle as much in a event, for what I have been reading everybody is already ahead in this event, so probably I have just missed a lot of 4hr tapping. Since this is an scaling event it really hurts to step behind in the stars earned for each character. Third Act will be tough to complete for players that fall behind during Acts I-II. Thanks for the calendar


  3. Just got Alaska Nebraska! 5 days left, wooohoo! 😀


  4. I am about 5,000 behind. It’s slowing down now that I can’t send all of my characters to perform at times due to the location randomly switching from rock to pop.


    • That shouldn’t be an issue. If the switching kem and moes require pop performers, simply send your pop performers there to switch them up.


  5. Im close to 3 days ahead. The event is not that hard. They require more points only because the characters are leveling up and getting better. It’s obvious that at Act II, our characters are better than at beginning of Act I. This said, I admit I bought Freddy and Shredder and Maggie mostly because I started to play Act I 3 or 4 dsys late ahahah. They are surely a great help but someone playing with no premium and playing everyday since the first day, they should make it without trouble. I would be only worried for those who skipped Act I because they will be missing characters like Nick or Peter and the levels gained from making all characters playing.
    Ill get the plan in 3hours. So excited 😀


  6. I can happily say that I am already a day ahead, which is nice. Cause I got BGM, Freddy Freeman and Shredder Stevens its gonna be a walk in the park (Aswell as Peter D’abruzio and Nick Dellacourt).


  7. Blake Watts-Pierson

    Why do they keep changing up who can play at which venue? It will be the rock people can play simpson house Moe’s kwik mart then pop stage comes along and rock people.cant play at kwik mart or simpson house then it will switch What’s going on?

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  8. One day I would really like to see that “holy freaky shirt” of yours – must be one awesome shirt! 😉


  9. I always check tsto for the calendar when a new event/act starts and I appreciate the lack of mollycoddling – makes it easier to keep track and notice if I’m falling behind


  10. For Act I, I was about 1.5 days behind initially, but finished over 3 days before it ended.

    I usually take a hit in my numbers each week while I try to juggle earning those 5 donuts that come with the monorail yard, but overall, not horribly worried.


    • And its a scaling event, as your performers become bigger stars and we unlock more places for jam the more sunglasses we earn. Simple or should i say EAsy(tm)


  11. Do not freak out, I was 2.5 days behind on act 1 and end up 3 days ahead, just try to tap every 4 hours and send lawyers to active neighbors


  12. This might be a knuckle head question, but are any of the other stages used for this event in Springfield? I don’t have any, so was just wondering if I should spend donuts.


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